How does this breeding image make you feel?

How does this breeding image make you feel?

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Like breeding big black mamas

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Call PETA its animal abuse.

That poor man is being raped by a nigress

How he found the hole?

He isnt even in the pussy

like you spend too much time shitposting on the internet and should get a job

>enslaves your white cock for reparations
What do?

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First post is best post. Big black mamas are for impregnating.

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Ask her how many female black friends she has, so I can impregnate them too.

This thread is draining my balls

That's a big piece of chocolate.

i wanna be a part of that breeding program

It would be such a dream come true, just breeding and breeding.

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Horny and sweaty

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Time to deploy the milking team.

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not particularly horny, i honestly envy any man who could be aroused by a woman whose ass is bigger than most of his actual body

I am aroused by such women. More to love and hold, more to breed.

wwyd to this broodmare fuckmeat?

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true chad
large penis energy
mad respek bro

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he'd have to be 12" just to make it to the hole

Milk her mainly.

Bleach her bloodline and make her a breeder

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Good choice

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She needs white cock

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I want to turn Nikki into one of my breeding cows. It'd be so erotic to see the former singer impregnated over and over.

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Yes she does

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Excellent "stock". Would add to harem.

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And see her grow into the role.

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Imagine her getting dominated and bred by a big white guy, cumming deep inside her

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She was born to be a white man's fucktoy and baby factory

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She'd love it, it would fulfill her

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Imagine having dozens of big baby-factory black women.

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Her first one, of many.

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Uncomfortable. The man in the photo isn't the spitting image of peak male performance but the female really makes you wonder what sort of child they will brew. This is a good thread as to why sterilization should be implemented

A harem assembling for breeding.

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This is a good post as to why antinatalists should be gassed

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oink, oink

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i fucked this nigger girl several years ago before i was married and now she hits me up once every couple months asking if I'll fuck her again even though she knows im married
she bloated up and doesn't like sucking dick
i just reply with "lol" every time she txts me

Why do I find shit like this attractive

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Scout goes looking for black women to bring back to you for eventual impregnation.

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Those tits are for white babies only

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Best guess? Instinctive desire to breed the exotic, and black women are quite different from white chicks in many ways. Ways I find extremely arousing.

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If you’re in the Michigan area you can join in a group and watch me breed Black women every Friday, this is serious

That humans should be destroyed

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Wanna milk her.

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>Imagine having dozens of big baby-factory black women

I could finally get my cotton picked on time.

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He followed the stink

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Anyone knows good search terms for finding black cunts bred by white on porn sites? "Ebony breeding" either gets you gay porn w. black dudes or black dudes fucking white cunts

Taking bleaching to another level

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Sweaty and horny

There unfortunately just isn't very much porn involving black women relative to other porn.

That would be my perfect way to die. Impregnate her then die under her watching as she takes my breath away.

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Kinda horny. First woman I ever fucked was a big ass black girl. Not nearly as big as that in the picture!

Long and short of it, I went to an inner city Boston public high school. I was a skinny little white boy in a predominantly black school. Became best friends with this black girl, and we'd hang out a lot and study together. Her folks were both involved in medicine (mom nurse, dad an anesthesiologist, so plenty of cash), and they had a big house where the top floor was basically this girl's "room". We'd hang out, do our homework, then watch animoo (she was / is a bit of a weeb).

One time while watching, out of the blue, she starts cuddling me. We'd NEVER even held hands, and never had any conversation about attraction. I was mostly into just your average little nerdy girls (I mean how can you not, amirite?). Anyway, next time we hung out, she did it again and actually got her face right by mine and kissed me.

I tell her some bullshit story about not wanting to mess up our friendship, when really I just wasn't interested in a relationship with her. She was my FRIEND. She tells me she doesn't want a boyfriend, but does want someone to kiss and have sex with the first time, and she thinks I'd be a good choice.

Then she makes the Proposition: She wants to maintain her hymen, but wants to suck dick, get her pussy eaten, and have someone cum in her, just not her pussy. Now, I was skinny little virgin basically being offered free, non committed blowjobs and anal sex. Why say no?

So yeah. My first time and the 30 or so times after that were with someone who was basically just my best friend, and was anal. Though she was expecting I'd have a tiny dick when in fact I had a slightly bigger than "average" cock at 7", but we figured out that getting her to cum several times first and using a butt plug while we made out got her nice and ready.

So yeah. Now I see big black asses and I just wanna pound them.

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thumbs up