Whats your fetish?

Whats your fetish?

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red lips stockings and high heels


Cred Forums not being constantly full of thirsty faggots

Girls with abs

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Will agree

I like feet, gangbang, tied and shared with strangers, and ballbusting... luckily so does my wife

high heels and armpit

the one that goes boom dun dun dun tsst

Tickling. It's insanely hot.

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Chastity and abdl are the big ones

Can I fuck your wife


based taste


Rough Intense Cowgirl Position

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I'm into zoo porn. Specifically chicks fucking dogs although I do watch chicks with horses. I don't dabble with that shit though I think its fucking repulsive and anyone who does should be shot. But yeah find it hot as chick watching a babe take dog dock


"Hot as fuck"

There's a user on this site who keeps posting the same picture of a girl over and over again. I like to shit talk this user as I'm pretty sure I know the girl irl. She's a lot uglier irl and tried to convince me to help her murder someone while drunk at a party. She let fuck her in the ass that night, but I didn't help her murder anyone. Mostly she's really annoying and so is the user who posts her.

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Femdom, women with tight dresses, feet an shemales.
Also, if evens I make a fetlife account.

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Who’s the girl

After I'm done shit posting I masturbate to thought of said user seething before going to sleep. It's my current fetish and I'm not sure if I can top it.

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I like big black cocks in my ass, while I lick a cats asshole, I'm getting hard just thinking about the taste of the cats ass

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Women wearing wedding ring

Are you asking about the imagine or the one I mention in my post?

Im a cuck

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If so and that’s your girl let me fuck her

Smelling and rubbing my gfs feet in nylons

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This. Who is she?

Beautiful hapa slut

Fucking cats is so hot

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She changed her name a few times, but if you really want to see her nudes, she sells them through reddit as spookybae.

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Only if youre disgusting ugly

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I kind of am can I talk to you though kik or disc

my younger sister

girls getting sprayed by skunks and skunk scent in general

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eating girl, skinning her, or just cutting parts of her off, alive would be best tho
i love idea of breaking her jaw with mace and eatig rest of her lips hanging there, also while kissing with tongues in, biting her tongue off

about fantasy, i guess it would be undead girl, i would want her partialy rotter, probbably with maggots in her holes

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Yeah I like to eat there poop as well, it's fucking amazing

Pass your kik

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tongue punching the fartbox of a cheerleader while listening to the cure


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I miss Kimmy

That's so hot, I'd like to cut one open and stick my dick in the wound while she's screaming I'd continue to stab her with a Stanley blade and hopefully she dies while I'm fucking the stab wounds so I could end up cummin in a dead sliced up bitch

Fucking girls with boyfriends or that are married. Preferably while they're still in the same building

pic related

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Asian girls, they're so damn cute.

well i would like her to survive tho, as i would like round two when she get better

also i would probably lost my pleasure when she wouldnt be alive, as her screaming is music for my ears

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13 year old girls the way God intended

2.5D porn (2D_vs_3D)

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Interesting, post more

But actual elementary schoolers not old hags in costume

I'd loose interest if she stayed alive.
Maybe next time I'll keep her alive to see what it's like.

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Crossdressing, anything sissy/beta male related stuff, chastity cages, latex, etc.

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Whos dis teen?

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my man knows whats up

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I've always wanted to get a room full of girls to take ecstacy and lady viagra and just rape the fuck out of me

I wish they still made these. But they are discontinued.

this is exclusively what I use my subs for

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Buttholes are best fetish.

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My girlfriend not be an argumentative cunt


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Lol yeah life is like that isn't it

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Younger dominant with older submissive

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2D tomboys in spats are a miracle of the universe.
(other miracles include: fluffy hair, brown (2D) girls, lonely Christmas cakes, underboob, thick eyebrows, shark teeth and Yuuki Aoi)

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There should always be more tickle fans around.

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Oh and cosplay, love me some cosplay

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Very nice user, I like it too.

Pixies. Not the haircut.

Rape. Although I'd never do it without consent, which is as ironic as it gets I guess

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Who's that?

Also: Feet.

I will never understand this. I like fit girls and muscular but abs on a woman are gross. Why not just be with a man at that point? Long tubular an muscles are okay but not a fucking 4/6/8 pack.

>as ironic as it gets
Not really. Old man advice incoming.
Real rape is about some loser trying to assert power, perverting sex into something disgusting. Fantasy rape is about fetish games with safewords, the woman's pleasure and safety is as important as yours. You can relax and enjoy the experience, knowing that she won't try to bite off your dick or crush your nuts.
Next time you're with a woman, pin her hands over her head with one hand, hard enough so she can pretend but not so hard that she gets concerned. Half pin her body with yours. Run your free hand over her. If she plays the game you found one with fantasies. If she backs off continue as usual.

Chastity blowjobs, especially with married couples. That sort of loving torture is so hot.

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girls with a lisp.

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Here's a tickling video archive I've been keeping since the 90s. There's some good stuff in there, old and new.

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