Her name is Jasiri

her name is Jasiri

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Any proof for that?

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hey wmf, the proof is right in front of your eyes

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Well thats some evidence i cannot question

Is this second thred today?

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yeah, third was made a few minutes ago aswell

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pineapple pizza is the best pizza

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Ah, and it wasnt successful i assume?

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nah, they are always successful, i put in extra so everyone has a chance to be in one

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and they were all tied up

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Ah, did you eat dinner already?
I ate pizza once again

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not really, ate a small piece of chicken, gonna prepare better food soon, image is a test, ignore it

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And whatchu gon prepare

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don't know, i'll see what interests me, i try to keep it mostly protein and stick a few veggies on the side, i try to minimize my carb intake

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Sounds nice, i just eat whatevers in the fridge so oof

Ru listening to music whil working on that project?

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