Rate my gf /10. 15 posters and I'll share her nudes

Rate my gf /10. 15 posters and I'll share her nudes

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7/10 but could be higher with nudes


7/10, higher maybe with nudes

6/10 dont like the Hair


10/10 if op delivers




6/10 looks like a boring person, but decent fuck



I see too many people in UK with this exact style of makeup

>lady gaga photos on her wall
>more than just decorative purposes
>she wakes up every morning to that

4/10, any bitch with celeb photos on their wall are pretentious bitches in my experience of dating

Whew, be careful, OP. Bone structure and body type isn't so great, but it all kinda works in a hot way because she's young, has all that firm skin softness. Don't marry her or anything; the wall's going to rape her whole face and body hard.

Oh, and 6.8/10

7/10, around there. Looks like a twat tbh

She got a butthole for a chin. She can blow her nose and wipe her ass at the same damn time. 7/10 wood bang for nudes.

That’s 16 OP pay up sucka.

8/10 bitch


Great job everyone, well done. I'm a man of my word, so here you go

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She's exquisite!

weird tits

Torso is longer than her legs, looks kinda chimpy

gonna needa see spread pussy

Love torpedo tits. U got more?

Not what I expected. I mean its good, but something is weird about this. Post more

"nudes" plural

OP here. Seeing as how this thread doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose any longer, how about a trade? 5 of your girls pics for another one of mines nudes

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eh, for me is maybe 7/10. Not a woman I would procreate with but I wouldn't mind fucking those filled in eyebrows off her face. What is her ethnic makeup?

I'd give her 8/10 with a smile on her face. Now it ends at 7/10