What do you think of my body? If I wasn't so afraid of what my family and friends would say...

What do you think of my body? If I wasn't so afraid of what my family and friends would say, I always thought it could be fun to try and do porn. Looks like so much fun :D I also fantasize about being kidnapped and put up for auction and have to show myself and be judged in front of a group of rich guys. Just like in that movie Taken. Am I fucked up?

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Not bad show your asshole

sounds incredibly fake. good body though

make a sign saying

"robeys fuck toy"

also nice body=)

Would fuck/10

nice photoshop

Basically perfect. More?

you are fucked up, but that is exactly what I like!
your body is excellent, great mole placement, none of them ruin your tits.

just try porn

Obvious fake


that's not you, you lying ass mf
anyone who looks like you is being wrecked by chads on the daily or hates men. what theyre not doing is looking for validation from spergs on Cred Forums

Write property of Carlos spicy weiner on a piece of paper.

sorry it takes some time to write and take the pic and get on the computer and all that. hope you like :D

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i want to eat you up num num num

can you write "im your fuck toy james" and post it


screwdriver up your pussy now

no nigga


oh. that is you. would date and treat like a princess until you cheat on me with chad

i want to have sex with you

#1 You're pretty, would smash

#2 Don't get into porn, it's sex trafficking without the fun parts. At best, i'd tell you to get your boyfriend and start an onlyfans or some shit where he fucks you, but I'll go ahead and tell you that beyond really basic amateur that's just you and the guy, it's not safe to get into the world of porn


I think so much about it but Im also so scared what my family (mostly my parents) will say :/ wouldnt even know where to start to try it either haha

You can post more pics to show yourself off here. So far, you're looking damn good !!!

Sahrpie in pooper for the veterans in the house

i think its better if you just sell yourself locally instead of going into the porn industry. But yeah youre pretty fucking hot

lets see that pussy upclose. Body seems great

Shoe on head

aww thanks love :D but why don't you think it's safe if its more than what you call basic amateur?

Are you drawn to doing porn because you have a high sex drive.. Or for the cash? If its the cash, try escorting. If its the fucking, then why bother with porn? Just post an ad somewhere, you won't be short of offers.

You look fucking amazing x

Spread that pussy

We need a shoe on head post to confirm you're real. Your body is fine as I've always pursued petite girls. I'm not 100% certain but you're not the type of woman I would settle down with so your fantasies make more sense than those saying they would settle down with you.

And you're a faggot x

I guess its really really hard to explain the difference but selling myself like on the street or so doesnt say anything to me at all. but I can't really say why I think its different than doing porn... you know what I mean?

I guess it's the thrill of having so many look at you and try to challenge myself on what I dare to do also a bit maybe

You're gorgeous. Let's see one of you ass up, face down with my initials... EH
youre delicious.

Propably ugly face or something

fuck off faggot

don't get any more tattoos.

no? been thinking about getting one more on my angle but don't know :D


You have a nice body. How does your ass look?

you enjoy being exposed by potential thousands of men? You will be known for your naked body. If you sell yourself somewhere privately its a different case


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agree, your body is OK but that tattoo is straight up retarded

wauv okay. fuck you

Cute. Would certainly /10

its the thrill of all the attention I guess. but I see that it wont only be positive. thats really tough to read also. but I do like getting kinda judged or so :D

I'm going to end up sounding like an incel but you're exactly why I don't date western women. Not saying I wouldn't kidnap you. I just couldn't marry you.

My fiancée is a retired pornstar. A few things: Have boundaries and stick to them, know your worth. Too many girls jump into porn blind, give up all monetary leverage, and drop out of the game early. Certain on-camera sex acts pay better than others so make sure you’re getting paid. If they’re paying base prices they’re getting base sex.

If I could pass advice along from my fiancée, it would be to cam first. If you like that do some nude modeling. And if you’re still diggin it hop into porn. You’ll get to feel out the industry a bit and have some stock going into a first shoot. Good luck out there.

If you pay attention, you'll find a bunch of fucked up stories about actresses and really well known pornsites.
A few women that've worked in Brazzers have said that the producer will make them do scenes they didn't sign up for, or be way too rough. In one ocassion, one model said that the producer, who was just supposed to direct the shoot, pushed her to the floor and analed her while she hadnt signed up for anal, and the rest of the crew didnt really seem to mind

If that's not good enough, they can refuse to pay you if you say you didn't enjoy it or were uncomfortable

Then with pornhub there's that one thing where they had the pics of a kidnapped 15 year old getting raped featured on their front page for a while. The girl was only rescued because someone recognized her in one of the videos and found out she was the missing girl

So the big porn industry doesn't really care about your limits, and is willing to feature CP. It's better for everyone if you keep things within people you know and trust, even if your platform isnt as big as it would be with those freaks

Looks like CGI shove a spoon up your ass and I’ll believe you’re real.

you first

Plus, "basic amateur" is the same you'd do in more high end porn, but with somewhat lower quality of camera. People go nuts over that kind of shit anyway

post more tho OP

don't anymore after that. small tattoos on an ankle etc. aren't so horrible. don't get big tattoos on your arms, chest, ass, legs, etc. they distract from a woman's natural beauty.

I asked first faggot


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Thank you so much for sharing. That is really nice to hear someone from the inside share some tips on how they got started and what to look out for if I decide to go for it. Still not sure I dare because of my family and so. But its really nice idea to try out with cam first. I have done some nude modelling already, but just private for photographers I know :D

Honestly that taken roleplay you fantasize about I actually seen happen ( I was one of the rich guys in the audience ) not bad and the three girls involved all went home with their bfs after being sold.

Post pic of your sex toy

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you look perfect from those angles

need a doggy pose though to see full potential

Sexyjobs dot com if you wanna try it. I use it to shoot porn, i edit and give them the vid and the girls can sell it on their interwebs however they want

You're lucky I have a Liam Neeson costume on hand for this exact situation.

You have a very nice body, I'd probably be attracted to you in real life.
Out of curiosity, how would you describe your ideal penis?

oldfags? shoe on head

how did this happen? how did you find it? and is there a way to sign up somehow? or is it really underground and secret so its not really possible? Sounds exactly like something I would like to try one day :D was it their 'real' boyfriends or the guys who won the auction?

post shoe on head OP


All I need is to see your toenails, then I can judge your entpre character, income and social status

wanna trade on kik? happy to keep our faces out of it if you'd like

Kik: MrMister_uk

had an ex who was a cam girl and that was one of the worst experiences of my life. if you can set healthy limits and film b/g content with your partner, you should be fine. if you're single you should do it but be aware of bisexual women with HIV.

A good friend of mine was a dominatrix so she was my connection. I dont know how the idea started but what I do know is that mulitple people around the BDSM scene where asked to ask around for people who wanted to participate.
What happened was as far as I know the girls gave the person who ran the auction a list of names ( or name ) of people who they wanted to be sold to. The people in the audience just had their phones and send if they wanted to 'buy' the girl. Then they did a little show pretending to have a real auction and sold the girl to the people on the list she gave herself ( the higher on the list the higher the bid that person did thus winning ).
I think only one girl went home with her steady boyfriend the others with people she knew. But thats just an educated guess

what would i do with u?

at first i would chain u up in my basement, there its dark, cold and moist
cuff hands on ur back and ur feet so u cant stand/walk
+ a really tight collar that chokes u all the time
for my style u are kinda fat, so i would starve u a while
and force u with a cattle prod to harsh workout until every muscle burns like fire

to mark u i will shave ur head and tattoo, pierce and brand ur boby like i please
(u can be sure u wont be able to live a normale live after that)

besides ur workout i would keep u as torture and fuck pet ... i hope u like anal streching

You're in luck, I like them feminine

i like what i see so far, id definitely place a few bids. how about a spread pussy pic?

Egg in vagina like eggchan now!! My digits demands

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The dubs demand it

checked, fuck off now

nigga lover

you put on the floor then you will put it in your pussy? that is unhygienic.

yes :D

idk why you'd be interested in a whore in the first place

I definitely think you look good enough for porn

I always put a condom on it when I use it :D

where are you from

I feel like doing one more sign for one lucky one. How about dubs decide what I write on it? :D

How about your home adres so we can kidnap you

Northern Europe :D

good thing you didnt get dubs :D :D

Sign says "I fuck dogs"

Dubs ftw


I'd make porn with you - probably tie you up spread eagle, totally expose and fuck you. That way if you're parents saw it you could just say you were tied up and couldn't stop it ;)

Make a sign that says "Greg's webslut" please?

can we get one more pic of your ass?

please us horny boys are thirsty


Worth a shot :)

Win rar


I love micropenises

How old are you?

this. any white wimmin posting their nudes in 2020 isn't worth your time. There are millions of traditionalist women who would be a much better investment of your time.

And I get dubs on my next fking post XD

Maybe :D

Nooo OMG guys!! Really??

You must have nasty toenails, you wouldn't bring a large sum at an auction. No matter if being a footfag men notice this.

If you want to be judged then Show us your asshole. Need to see all of you before we make a decision

uhhhh I like being tied up :D Almost feel sorry you didn't get the dubs :D

yes. do it. also, do you have a dog there? get a pic of you holding the sign with your dog.

you can't deny dubs

My lucky day I guess :D

Spread your ass

edit: trips, i demand to see your ass

Shame, thats just too far to kidnap you and put you up for auction. I drive as far as denmark, nothing more then that

I never got this fantasy of staring at assholes. An ass is nice but staring at a gaping hole is just plain odd.

Do you like this dick?

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Take a close up of your nipple, using your nice camera.

I'm not a footfag but I agree. Ugly toenails is a sure sign of low level character.

I’m with trips, whatever the sign says ass is key

You know what you have and that it’s great. Thanks but we need more just the same.

She already did by not showing her nasty feet. OP is a fagnette

Escorting is a great way to start. Let me know if you're ever in Austin, TX. I'd pick you up for the night... maybe even auction you.

Very nice body. On that alone I see 8/10. Actually though, recommend against career choice. Usually a downward spiral, not a psychologically positive community. Yes, some make bank, but thousands just get fucked and barely pay bills.

You could make the sign regardless if you want to be nice.

I'd save it and post it around a bit, and you'd be powerless to stop me

Yes you’re fucked up and I’ve got just the place for you whore. Kik or discord?

sharpie in butthole

Do you have any favorite pornhub amateur channels?
If you want to do porn, you should do a channel on pornhub. You set your own boundaries and can still make money.

Write "lot #137" across your stomach and pose yourself like a sex slave patiently waiting for your lot number to be called.

Feet together, back straight, hands by your side, better hope you sell, or it's off to organ harvesters for spare parts.

Fødder tak

Don't forget to write a capital "S" over your womb, s for sterilised, lower grade pleasure slaves get their tubes tied at a young age. Slightly raises the value of C-grade stock.

Post one with your face and tits and a sign that says "I'm a dirty webslut" - it'd be your fantasy come to life.

On couch. Laying back with one foot on floor, legs spread with other foot up on couch, as if waiting for that fine pussy to be licked

Dog request got dubs so rules ya know

NOT my proudest moment :/ but my own fault for suggesting dubs challenge

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Well done you op X thanx

well, can’t wait to see this in EVERY thread for the next month...

id really like to see that pussy spread open, you could take a picture from behind or just pull a shirt over your head or something.

Do you like sucking dick?

I guess your home address would have been better

Show another pic without the sign

looks like you have an innie cunt. care to show us the particulars?

If only it were true with that body mmmm

would you show us your ass?
like doggy style etc?

or maybe your spread pussy?

want an audience / trade partner on kik?


dubs gets that dildo in butt

lets see your feet already wtf

show holes

might as well try

Anyone else notice the pose to always the same??? Photoshop much pmsl fake

Can you please write uncut cock only

nigga its my bday write "happy birthday Ro from your hot slut" and spread your pussy lips for me! Thanks.

This please

nigga you dense?
also rolling


Show face

spread ass for trips

spread your pussy and show us that delicious hole =)



I love it :D love the feeling when the guy likes what I'm doing and I can feel it grow in my mouth :D

yes maybe

These together

I dislike your tattoos.

Spread that pussy for us


the holy grail

No this

Feet ffs

some doggy style? dubs? :)


You've already exposed yourself by showing the tattoo, so you'll be easily identified, so yes you should do porn. What state are you closest to and I'll recommend an agency to contact.

4 pics in one hour, she is not as hot as you think. She had taken hundreds thus last hour, and these are the ones not showing her true colors. If we had seen the feet you would know

Fellow femanon who likes being naked. You have a body that looks like it could actually do porn, unlike me. Do what you want and fuck your way to an early retirement! Also you’re super cute could you pleeease take a pic with time stamp that says “Hey Ivy ;)” for me. Really wet right now lol

You’re just a whore like any other gal who isnt far yet

Fuck off

Post tits and timestamp

A sublime body.... I'd love to kiss your stars....

What do you think about this penis?

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We need to talk


I would fuck this shit out of you. I'm a good looking guy and have contacts in mainstream the American porn industry (can easily prove this) so if you feel like you'd ever want to give it a try, respond to this post with a sign that says "Hi Chris" and let me know.

OK, but answer me this. How many hours a day do you spend on taking the perfect photos for insta with just the right filter. You're a tart

Just get on chaturbate like the slut you are and perform for the other monkeys you total fucking whore

Have in the past. Just get berated with “pig” variants or “slampig” whatever you name it. If it’s a deal break sorry girl, but not going to get shamed more lol.

too many stretch marks

want to try being a sugar baby instead? nobody needs to find out

pics of you using that bbc dildo?

rollin for bday puss

Nice and uncut is best

start pornhub channel of you fucking your ass with the toy and link it here

15 being "cp" ok fag


obvious shoop

lurk more newfags

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... user you know fifteen year olds are still legally children, right?

The moment someone said anything bad about her she left. She and most of you guys should not be here, you are ruining this board

I think train has left the station but it was fun while it lasted. Thanks op. A mystery thread is always fun. Will she send more? Better than the usual content

I agree, the moment it got to instructions he stopped posting. No feet no anything else, just a big faggot dildo that has been up OPs ass to many times, and now even more when he thinks of you guys flapping to it.


Made you look

>the game

Haha made you look
Y o u l o s t

So they give children drivers permits now? Get real, its bullshit

>imagine being this much of a faggot

just because I like how it is kinda like my fantasy :D I tried to imagine how I would stand if it was real :D

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belly button close up please

post your holes

now why not get on four, licking the floor and have a "meow" written? would be something new, with all the pics standing up

Will you help me catfish my hot lesbian friend by timestamping nudes for me to send her for trades?

Hi Ivy :D Thank you so much :D I feel like you are cute too babe :D Don't make anyone think you are not!

Write: uncircumcised cock only

Do this please

could you write that you want someone to lick their own cum of your tits

no. I hate catfish people. I cant know for sure but I think I tried someone doing that to me once. Feels horrible when you hope so much but have this fear that its not real

Would you suck n fuck my cock? It’s red raw after jerking for about and hour and a half

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it's not bad :D to me? or just random porn? :D

What do you think you would be sold as? A breeding slave? Maybe a concubine or a practice girl for some dictators sociopathic son? Or just a high use brothel slave

Neckbeards, as long as the eye can see. Mad paint skills though. But Neckbeards

don't ruin this thread with cock pictures you dumb asshole

Do I have to pick one of those? Not sure any of them are super exciting or maybe its just the words you use :D brothel slave maybe?