Dated this girl for 3 years.. reply with what type of pic you wanna see, I'll post if I have one

Dated this girl for 3 years.. reply with what type of pic you wanna see, I'll post if I have one.

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I dont care

No u didn't


chopsticks in her ass




puss spread

show us the girl dick


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where are the chopsticks?

She seems like a nice person to me, why would you do something so horrible to her?

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Let's see a pic of her happy with her new guy!

cock inside her

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The pic that most reminds you of what you have lost.

you ever share her physically?

feet and/or creampie

Photo you've fapped to most since she dumped you.

She cheated on me. We had a very messy break up just about a year ago. Honestly I don't know. I'm not the type of person to do this.


bent over ass spread

How long was she taking another dick before you found out? Where they using protection at least?

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It didn't get that far. We study at the same university, and she was back at her home country for the summer. She made out with one of our ex-classmates. She does have genital herpes though, I didn't get it from her.

hate to break it to you.... she didnt just "make out".

from ? old ?

Anymore pussy shots?

Lingerie shots!

Last pic I gotta leave the house

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Kazakhstan, 22


Her pissing or pooping

Actually hang on, I have a good one for this. Might take a while to find it

clearly you are since you're doing it lmao

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Alright I do gotta leave now though, so ya Cred Forumsros

anal pic ?

Her cosplaying as the Guildmarm from monster hnter 4U (pic related)

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иди нaхyй

more ass