House sitting for friend. Found his sisters (18yrs) old deactivated phone & took pics of what I found with mine...

House sitting for friend. Found his sisters (18yrs) old deactivated phone & took pics of what I found with mine ...kik me tributes a jay_wallace00000 or post them here for more of her

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Little preview of what was on her phone.. (excuse the broken screen it the old phone I found)

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she's hot af. did you sniff her panties too? post moar

I was in the house all alone surrounded by her and her moms panties & g strings

Couple more shots of what I found

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damn she has a big ass. can we see her pussy?

Kik me jay_wallace00000


how'd they smell? who smelled better, mom or daughter?

Both so fucking amazing

I mean just look at her how do you think they smelt

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I don't have kik. you can't just post here?


Op stop being a fag and post them here.

Then you will receive tributes ITT

Just post here you faggot.

You know what you’re right I’m being annoying. Okay y’all tribute like crazy after I post them please. Also her screen is cracked nothing I could do so give me a minute and enjoy

Don’t use kik but post here and I’ll definitely tribute. She’s sexy.

so why didn't you just connect the phone to wifi and send the pics to yourself instead of taking pics off her cracked screen? derp

So let’s start off with some selfies and panties and get worse as we go

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You should post regular social media pic screenshots too

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Cant tribute without the proper pussy pic OP

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I will get there hold up

girl needs to moisturize

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Fuck she’s got a nice body

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Op why didn't you just bluetooth these to your phone. Such a wasted opportunity with these cracked screen bullshit pics.

What ethnicity is she

What she needs is some cock

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This chick is fiiine

Actually digging those stretch marks

Smart move OP she is a dime piece. Keep em cuming

You hit a goldmine OP

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Now some nudes

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Fuck yea

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you know you could have just bluetoothed them to yourself... retard

Look how cute her fucking pussy is

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Just shut up and enjoy the pics of a girl who would never fuck you

skip to the butthole pics so i can coom

Damn any more???

Any doggy style pics?

Looks fuckin delicious. Moar hole shots?


Came buckets OP DONT STAP NAO

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you are a god amongst men. we thank you for this contribootin haven’t seen OC in awhile

how long are they away? are you still house sitting? look for a laptop

Now let’s take one more look at this cute face before you see her fucking asshole

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my gf is hotter lmao. but yeah this girl is hot too.

Love you OP

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Thanks OP

nice LARP faggot

Post her Instagram so I can save all her pics off it before one of you white knight fags tells her someone stole her nudes

Now look at her little fucking asshole

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looks like black and asian

10/10 would taste it


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Fuck. This is hella sexy. You’re the ducking best op

that's about 2.5 inches long, my butthole is much smaller than hers. she's been rekt.

Thats a nice pooper 10/10

virgin detected

Have any social media pics in socks of any sort? Knee socks, ankle socks?

or she just takes big ol shits lol

there's no way her tits are better

nigga why the fuck are you not taking the phone back home and extract all the pictures to your desktop? the fUCK?

that's a tranny

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is proportion to her body they are better.. for me personally. she's tiny, and although she's only a C cup, they look big on her.
But i do agree this girls tits are really nice too.
I was going to post a picture but i just cant bring my self to

You’re welcome Now Posts some fucking tributes here or kik me with some jay_wallace00000

Basically theyre bigger, but the nipples are a bit darker

>tfw op shares his oc 10/10 and you love buttholes

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share one without the face if you're into it
she's got great legs

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That's because she doesn't even know you. Her nudes aren't in your possession. Be gone, faggot

why didn't you just bluetooth transfer all the photos off the phone...?


Post uncensored pics or gtfo faggot


many thanks my brother we all thank you for sharing this glorious whore

Nice try lol. that reverse psychology.
I just cant man, i would feel cucked. Call me sad or whatever but i love her too much.

Dude i know this girl lmao!!!! About to hit her dms to see who is house sitting ahhahaha

No this isn’t recently

op, you say she's 18 now but I wonder how old the phone is

Get rekd OP

OP on suicide watch.

Virginfag, quit pretnding to be a simp. You're nothing more than a faggot who's still a virgin. We don't want your roleplay story here. Be gone, faggot

yep looks like an iphone7 which released 2016

actually it's a 6

Oh fuck off man, i'm gonna marry her one day i dont wanna be posting her tits. wtf

Shut the fuck up, virginboy. If she was real, you wouldn't be talking about her nor showing a single picture of her. Instead, you posted a random picture of a girl and pretends to be more than what you truly are. Yeah, go ahead, pretend to be mad, that's what you internet virginfag white knights do anyway. Even when there's a guy pretending to be a girl, you'll defend "her". Pathetic.

jesus christ, found the virgin

son, i love your mother but ill post her fuckin nudes any day. learn from your father life is short you gotta do what you gotta do lil nigga. -og yo daddy OUT!

you must be hurting inside.
life gets better

Ironic the virginfag tries to deflect the attention but it's backfired. You already declared how much of a virginfag you are by your previous posts. Be gone, faggot

Coming from a virginfag who tries to pretend he has a "girlfriend" on Cred Forums? Hahaha. I'm glad you learned that last phrase, except, your life won't get better, faggot.

ur a newfag if u cant even tell this fag is trolling u hard

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that wasnt me

Yeah i can tell, i fucking love and hate you bastards at the same time. i aint posting her tits lol.

Nice try though guys

id like to know if thay called js

I'm not the poster with the fake gf. I saw your post and felt embarrassed for you.

Lmao. Here we go with the roleplaying again. Noones on your side so you pretends to be two different person. Let me spell it out for you again, virgin. P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C.

are you being bullied at school? is this your outlet?
it's ok to tell a teacher and move to a different desk. the other kids can't think any lower of you at this point already.

he's trolling man, dont fall for it lol.

Motherfucker is a master baiter

Oh, so now you're describing your life story on Cred Forums. My god, virginfag, how much more pathetic can you be? Do you think Cred Forums is your friend? Be gone, faggot