When was your last hard day of work

When was your last hard day of work

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Yesterday when I worked overtime, I had to do an inventory audit.

A few months ago, I worked in a warehouse collecting orders for delivery vans.

Couldn't even tell you its been years....

This past Friday. Replaced the batteries and cleaned the cables on a big diesel portapotty truck, then tracked down a busted horn contact on the steering column of a similar diesel truck.

Yesterday (Saturday) cleaned the house all day, continuing from when I got home from work Friday. Thursday was a 12 hr day. Today's the first day I can relax in like 2 weeks.

Hahaha fuck hard work. I do 20 hours a week and get by easy.
Hard work is for chumps like you. Keep working betaboss.

pretty much everyday for me as a constructionfag

I second this, I've never really worked. I live on benefits. I've never been more happy, fuck work.

Last day as a dishwasher
I've gotten lots of ear fucking damage and I'm leaving then getting private health care

>neets mooching off the system, using the government to rob the high earners

I'm not leaching the fuck
I will be buying this health care myself and will have a retail job in 2 months
>not in welfare or handies

After spending the last 12 years in shitty menial jobs, i'm so happy to have become a neet. The government pays most of my rent and enough cash to lay around getting stoned making music. I honestly don't know why the fuck I've wasted so much time being told what to do by miserable management cunts. Now I'm on welfare and after rent, food and bills i'm hardly any worse off. Also I don't have to trade 60% of my time for it.

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State your occupation


Yesterday and the day before. Pressure washed a driveway for 9 hours and cut trees down for 8 hours the day before.

Depends on what you think hard work is.

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In the future when I'm dead.
Follow the rules, obey the laws, and you'll retire as a walmart greeter. No one will ever know your name and you would have used all your time making money for some 20 year old executive.

just got back

>Just a few nights ago my hand was working hard because your mom's yeast infection returned.

I spent over a decade of my best years (late teens to early adulthood) being a freeloader and playing too many video games. Every cool project or hard work ended up being abandoned because I never had the motivation nor energy to do any of it. Now I have a pretty cool job so I'm motivated to do sport, and spent my whole Sunday building my own furniture out of wood. I also have too much money to spend.

I wouldn't even consider going back to the lazy welfare life. Fuck that shit. That being said, I have a job I enjoy with good working conditions.