Why do liberals hate America?

Why do liberals hate America?

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Bernie fags


>all the letters are for Èskilo,goddamn it!

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Why do conservatives hate anyone who isn't a wealthy straight, white, middle-aged male?

Why do poor people have kids they can't afford, then demand everyone else pay for them?

Because the government doesn't bend over to legalise every insane demand they have that purely revolves around their own selfish lifestyle.

Kek, Ask the repub poor south

You mean where all the niggers and spics live? Let me guess we're not suppose to pay attention to that part right?

Because liberals are low intelligence

Free (fill in the blank)
The government cannot give to anybody anything the government does not first take from somebody else. ... “What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.”

The poor repub voting nigger and spics in the south? Yea count them too

Is this pre abortion photo?

They do that for the super wealthy and corporations.
A useful metric for judging who the GOP and the DNC truly represent is to look at the policies they vote for.
There is socialism in the U.S., for the super wealthy and corporations. Losses are socialized, profits privatised.

Yea fuck taxes and roads and police and bridges and education fuck paying for that stuff for society.

You're not American are you? I can tell by how retarded you are that you're some dumb foreigner

Yes, the government needs 4 trillion fucking dollars to "fix" roads, you fucking faggot. Do you also need big brother to wipe your ass?

Liberal logic.
A person in the US illegally
Commits a crime and is arrested.
Instead of deportation, let the criminal loose into society
And call it a sanctuary for criminals?

Wait so are you trying to tell me that the south, who you say is full of niggers and spics, doesnt traditionally vote repub?


Imagine being so retarded you ignore all the ways that gov spends your tax dollars that you benefit from.

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Because anyone who's not white are a piece of garbage by fact

Low intelligence confirmed
Police, fire, roads are necessary
Free healthcare for illegal immigrants is not
Forcing me to pay for someone’s college education is not
Forcing me to pay a salary to able bodied people who refuse to work is not.

You said they fix roads you fucking idiot. So they need 4 trillion dollars to fix the roads? That still manage to be fucking terrible every goddamn year, but fags like you say nothing.

You know you would benefit from the healthcare too, you, I and everyone else would be paying for any med cost you, I or anyone else would need. Why is that so bad?

I also said police, education, bridges. Nice try tho. Sorry donny spent all your tax dollars on space force

Why do Trumpericans think it is acceptable for hard-working, tax-paying people to go bankrupt trying to cover healthcare costs?

insurance is a scam. why should i ensure my shitbox just because you spend too much on a vehicle, should be your loss if it gets rekt.

why should i have to pay healthcare if i havent been to a hospital in 10 years?

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>Police, fire, roads are necessary
lol k

Yes, if only he gave it to your pet niggers and spics instead, only for them to demand MORE handouts. Boy what an ass Trump is, not giving more money to your pets. That's why you're upset right?

So it’s ok to pay for educating our children up until high school but the last 4 years are a problem? Fuckin morons. Medicare for all is along the same lines. It’s ok for us to take care of the elderly but not the young people who are actually contributing to society by working the jobs they got by finishing college. The system we are in now is designed to rob us.

How do they go bankrupt exactly? Maybe you should try not working at a fucking burger king all your life?

So old people who worked their whole lives shouldn't be taken care of? Real funny though you're so worried about young people, I wonder why. Because they're voting for your team right?

Are you 12? You only have to have liability insurance for auto insurance, meaning your insurance pays them for fixing if it's you fault, that seems to make sense to me. Also I dont take meds or go to the doctor for anything, but I understand that not everyone, including myself could barely afford to be treated if something happened...and yes I have health insurance

What are you even talking about? Good think your racism shaped your views here too.

I'm talking about facts, you gay bitch. You having a hard time keeping up?

I know that due to your under funded education system you probably lack the ability to read but please try.

Facts that you are racist? Great one, more than niggers and spic recieve welfare, nice try tho

I think you'd hate America too if you realized how behind we are on the shit Europe provides far more easily

Yes facts, raw and uncut for your bitch ass. Why do facts upset you kiddo?

They know whites are the problem

I'm not upset by your childish babbling, nice try tho

>Facts are childish
That's not how it works, faglord. This ain't fucking kikebook.

>guise nigger and spics
>I said facts
K, I heard your facts

Because they were programmed that way.

I bet libs dont even enough where the super bowl champ hometown is...oh wait that was donny

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I like owning guns. If bernie wins, I will be forced by law to forfeit some of my property (total "assault weapons" ownership ban). This despite the fact that true assault weapons are already damn near illegal to own. It's really a ban on scary looking guns.

Freedom of choice is a philosophy that I buy into when it comes to personal decision making. Forced medicare for all does not fit into my philosophy of freedom. Medicare for all who want it (faggot Pete's plan) is something I prefer. I am a physician as well for what that's worth.

I pay so much goddamn tax already that I really don't want to pay more. I pay the max amount from my paycheck every two weeks, and I still broke just barely above even this tax year. This is fucked.

I came from nothing. Uneducated family in the middle of bum fuck nowhere. First person to go to college in my family. First and only to go to med school. Only doctor in my entire extended family on both sides. And the government is fucking me for all the work I've put in.

Voting hard left does nothing for me but fuck me even worse. This is why I'm voting moderate democrat or moderate republican next chance I get.

why do right wingers hate literacy?

Thats not true libtard

It's easier to hate what you cant read then read

The bots have been busy today with the "Libural" posts today on Cred Forums

Because every republican administration since Nixon has been trying to claw back the protections labor gained in the New Deal, and after 60 years of that the richest country in the world has been transformed into a backwater shithole with third-world statistics for poverty, literacy, life expectancy, socioeconomic mobility, maternal death, homelessness, etc. I hesitate to call America a "developed" country.

Money + Politics = exploited working class.

Geeze read a book dumb Americans you're all cancer

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Have you noticed that young americans aren't having kids nearly as much as the older generations? That's because they're too poor to pay back loans they were coerced into taking or afford a mortgage. They're not having kids because while corporate wealth has been increasing for decades and the cost of living has been soaring with it, wages have stagnated for 30 years

Are you saying the Democrats are turning the USA into a third world country?

you got owned my man..shut it!!

Niggers and spics are having tons of kids they can't afford, but nice try. Are you another smelly foreigner like that other faggot?

the retard spin here

the retard spin here

Why do Conservatives want to GoFundMe their own funeral after 2 bad months?

Because of people like you.

Exactly, but this is called clown world for liberals. The same retards who screamed no one is above the law during Trump's impeachment, when really they meant to say they're not above the law unless they're one of my pets.

dis word salad

Same reason you make.this thread eleven times a day

>anyone that speaks in complete sentences must be a foreigner.

It's funny that people in this thread are complaining about immigrants and about poor people having children.

One major factor in a country's economy is simply how many people are working, and the American population is in decline because people don't want to have kids when they're struggling to feed themselves and pay rent.

If people aren't having kids, the alternative to save our economy is to invite immigrants into the country to work and make money for their employers, but conservatives don't want that either because brown people are scary.

Conservatives policy efforts to exacerbate poverty and shut out all non-rich immigrants will eventually result in the American economy going down the shitter just as China and India are establishing their superpower status.

Because people like Mitch McConnell exist.

Except once again, niggers and spics are having kids that everyone who works for a fucking living is expected to pay for. Why do you refuse to address this? Can you stop dancing like a faggot for a few seconds to address that?

>guise only niggers and spics are breeding and are on gov monies

Go back to stormfront, stormfag.

Fuck your bullshit Raygun fantasy. 1980 was 40 fuckin years ago and you faggots never get tired of dumping this bullshit everywhere. Mexicans can't be simultaneously too lazy to work and stealing your job, and muh jinerashinal welfair was ended 25 years ago by a piece of shit conservative Democrat no less.
You shitheads think you're so persecuted because you have a job. We all have jobs, they all suck.

why do yall faggots keep making up the same oversaturated pseudo-political threads? Shit gets fucking boring after a while, just go on ffs

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So you have no argument, got it. Are you even American?

>Why do you refuse to address this?

lol poor whites are having kids at the same rates and are just as lazy. Driving outside the suburbs around any city in America feels like driving into a third world country. And you may as well be: all the stats for hunger, homelessness, life expectancy, etc. are similar.

Republicans paint cities as hotbeds for liberal elitism. No shit. What you see as "real america" is a shithole.

>Are you even American?

Yes. Are you even employed? Do you even live on your own? Have you even graduated high school?

I waiting for your argument beyond "niggers and spics cause all my problems"

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>Have you even graduated high school?
TBF, most 13 year olds haven't

Are you really trying to say your pets aren't collecting welfare? You're joking right? And if they're all such great people, why are their own countries so terrible?

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And where your pets live isn't 3rd world? Any other PC, boo hoo my pets are such great people but everywhere they live is a dump, bullshit rehetioic while you're here?

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>And if they're all such great people, why are their own countries so terrible?
Because in their own countries, nobody is allowed to have money except whites. Mass poverty is the natural outcome of your pathetic neocolonial race ideology.

How were those beans?

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As opposed to the porch monkey sitting on the porch HE DOES NOT OWN, all day while selling drugs and NOT raising his own fucking children. Interesting though this faggot has nothing to say about that.

>And if they're all such great people, why are their own countries so terrible?

Well in a lot of cases, it's because America fucked them over after WWII because Communism. In others it's because America established a banana republic because some corporation wanted to ensure that they could continue exploiting the native population for cheap cacao or coffee or whatever. In others it's because the War On Drugs made manufacturing and smuggling drugs into the US an extremely lucrative business. It's easy to believe these guys deserve it until you start reading about all the CIA operations and regime changes we effected in South America. You know how Iran is a shithole? You know that all happened because we deposed their democratically elected government to protect the company that is now British Petroleum?

America is a shithole and a force for evil on the world stage.

Because drug dealers don't vote, shithead

>And where your pets live...

What the fuck are you going on about now?

>"If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you."

Fun to see it in action. Thanks LBJ.

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So they can't be successful without America holding your monkeys hand? Why can't they figure it out for themselves? Every excuse in the fucking book for your pets. But they come here and move in, recreate the same fucking dump they just came from and fags like you say nothing. Instead parading around making bullshit excuses saying boo hoo don't pay attention to my pets.

Cite your sources dingus

The hate boner that liberals have for everything that isn't degenerate (excepting the hatred they have for themselves) is just a symptom of the libtard mental disease where we must love everyone - and hate those who don't.

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