10/10 bodies

10/10 bodies

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This is a 10/10 for you, OP? God.

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What about her isn't perfect then?

Does she have a dick or something why cover it

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Ah I see, I believe this is more to your liking?

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Not answering huh? That's what I thought.

Yah, OP! God!! Why don't you like what he likes!

Good lawd

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This one's a keeper. 11.

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My idea of perfection right here....

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>You call that a 10/10?
>Doesn't post a picture or say what's wrong with her

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This bod

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more of her?

what do you think of hers?

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lotta clowns in this thread

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love these 2

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My girl

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she's looking super familiar. is she from Germany?

This one's a 10+10!

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