Hey Cred Forums I just have a quick question, I've never done coke...

Hey Cred Forums I just have a quick question, I've never done coke, but I am wondering how much would it take for a person to stay up all night, into the next day, one or two bumps? A few lines?? How long do the effects of a bump last?

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get a gram bitch
wtf is one two bumps you little pussy

I have no interest in doing it. I'm asking because someone I care about did it, and I feel like their lying about how much they did. Two bumps apparently kept them up all night till the next day, I feel like it would take a lot more than that?

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Nah he/she is lying. takes about 10 minutes to fully kick in and lasts about an hour (atleast for me)

Thank you

What about you try yourself and you make your own opinion you fucking cunt? We have no interest in helping an insecure little bitch, who is not able to see that the girls he fancy just got buttfucked all night pretending to do coke.

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Take acid instead. Coke is garbage


A line lasts you about 30 minutes. For a full night, get half a gram to a gram for the first time. Speed, ritalin or aderall are way better to stay up a night though


14 year olds could probably stay up all night buzzed on powdered milk.

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If they aren't lying. Then it was meth. Or cut with meth, and they didn't know, or they are lying that they didn't know it was meth since coke is socially acceptable.


>Soak a tampon in tabasco
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Way cheaper, and gueranteed you won't sleep

3 lines and up for 2 days, sounds like meth(tho it only lasts 10-12h insufflated) or pyrovalerones, those are long af.

Btw both of those drugs make ppl super horny and prone to redosing

Must suck to live in the redneck states where meth is the standard

bumping thread

>slow kek

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>I've never done coke
Why? Don't you want to be cool.

Try adderall first

just railed 8/10 of a gram and am still up at almost 9AM. mixing it with alcohol creates a new drug in your body. which I did. Im currently smoking tar and taking hydromorphone to try to go to bed. your body chemistry, height and weight will play a factor In how long it last.

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a gram will last you a good long time

Coke is a shitty drug, do meth

I used to live in a small town where meth was more prevelant but recently moved to a large city and now realize id rather deal with tweakers than niggers on crack. Coke is fine, but crack addicts are the fucking worst. I've never met a functional crackhead. Met many functional meth addicts.

Like others have said in this thread, that person is probably lying and did meth that shit keeps you up better than coffee. I know, I've done meth once, not for me though

Where I'm from people are into weed, MDMA, shrooms and coke for snorting...
Why are foreign drug users, especially Americans and Asians so retarded with what they use?

This heavily depends on individual physiology of the person in question. Have you ever seen someone take a tab of acid and freak out? Smoke a little weed and lose their shit? Even caffein sensitivity. They might be super sensitive to stimulants. All that aside, I assume they did something stronger than coke. Doesn't help that most coke is cut with amphetamines.

But I heard learning was cool!

MDMA is literally psychadelic meth so im not sure what kindof power trip youre on. good luck nigger

Psychological dependency? chance of psychosis? One being normally used to party for a single night, the other to binge for days straight 'to enhance ordinarry life'?

You did answer my question though. People like you are why.

You've very apparently never been around mdma addicts.The chance of psychosis is very real along with psychological dependency. You sound as if your country or immediate social circle has created an echo chamber for you to keep believing your half truths. I greatly encourage you to research mdma addiction. everything is addictive, I know you know this. You just might have not experienced this first hand.

MDMA is much better for what you're after

You're retarded. Regular amphetamine

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If you're lucky and it's good quality you will get a 30-40 min high and feel like Superman (from a 0.2g snort), after that you'll feel your energy fade and you will need another. The more you do it the quicker it will let you go

Bad idea to use coke for staying up studying or whatever. It fades way to quick and the focus is a bit weird, so weird that you might just masturbate.
Use amphetamine or drugs like Adderall and you will pull 48H quite easy