Is it transphobic to on principle not date transgender people...

is it transphobic to on principle not date transgender people? is it a matter of preference like being gay or straight or is it prejudice? what about race? is it sexist to be gay then? its all so fucked

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Phobia words have started with hatred/fear against something and now the definitins have changed to even having a single negative thought.
No it is not fucking transphobic to not date transgender people.

yes its transphobic to not date transgender people

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Trannys are not human anymore. They are monsters and should be treated as such. They should be shunned and cast out of society. They think they are smarter and better than mother nature. But let me tell you, mother nature always wins

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I am heterosexual and pangenderal.
I am sexually attracted to certain biological females.
I am not sexually attracted to biological males.
Sex does not equal gender.
I have not yet seen a transwoman that I would have sex with.
I have seen a few transmen that I would have sex with.
So I guess that makes me a gay heterosexual.
Anyone who disagrees with my sexuality is clearly homophobic.

On principal? yes. Because you are not attracted to male bone structure, dicks, or literal axe wounds? no.

It’s called natural dickcheese. If you aren’t attracted to mutilated and insane people, then you’re naturally inclined to be sane. Just because a dude dresses up as a girl and has his dick cut off doesn’t mean I’m suddenly going to fuck it.

I wouldnt date u but would blow u in public

If it transphobic or not, doesn't matter. Choice is yours and you're definitely not hurting anyone directly.

My tip is, since nowadays people are cunts, if you ever see yourself in a position where a transgirl is asking to have a relationship with you or the likes, you say no, and they ask why that is, just say that you are not romantically or sexually attracted to them. Don't mention their gender identity.

That way no-one can try to ruin your life for being a whateverphobe.

And I'm bisexual by the way, love femboys and transgirls, but your struggle is understandable.

>Choice is yours
yeah to either be a bigot or suck a shemale feminine penis

If that is true or not, choice is still his and no-one can do shit about it.

Yes, but that's okay

Fuck what you want to fuck.
Dont let others tell you what to fuck
If you do you're already cucked

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if you don't like dick you don't like dick. if you can't respect one's sexual preferences you're a rapist

Fucking the mentally ill is a bit like fucking a pet, you're probably not all together yourself if you're doing it.

>is it transphobic to on principle not date transgender people?
No, but trannies love to screech and wail about everyone being a bigot for not fucking them, as if somehow consent doesn't matter if your target is a straight male.

It's heterophobic to be transgender.

it has nothing to do with dating. transphobia means you hate/fear trans people on principle and treat them differently than other people.

it's not phobic to not want to fuck someone. but you should give them basic amount of respect and not be a cunt just because they're freaks

good post

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it is transphobic.

lots of retards are trying to say it's about "fear" or explicit "hate" when it's more just the expression of bigotry in any form. not dating trans people "on principle" IS transphobic.

if you want the most charity, however, phrase it as that you haven't necessarily met a transgender person you've meshed well with.

The person who told you that crap is fucking retarded. If you don't date a dude that consider himself a girl it's not 'hurr durr transphobic' it's a matter of preferences and that's not racist nor sexist nor all that libtard shit.

You are fucking retarded or a simp troll

Gay people got fucked hormones
discord gg 9vEbrk

how is this a retarded position? please enlighten me as to how I'm wrong.


no its just a prefference.


If your "reason" not to date them because they are "mentally ill" yes it is.

yes it's transphobic to not suck a girls penis.
She is a girl with a penis.
If you turn her down when you realize she's trans that makes you a bigot.

simply really

I'd fuck the shit outta whatever that is. Name?

no. you have your own standards & preferences and if some THING comes along and doesn't appeal to you, then that's on them, not you.

but if a trans person says you won't go out with it because your transphobic, then that person is a scumbag who is trying to guilt trip you into doing something you don't want to. it's along the same lines where say, a black guy wants to date a white girl but the girl says no, and the black guy claims she's racist to guilt trip her into dating him.

tl;dr, it's a manipulation tactic.

>Sex does not equal gender.
Yes it does retard

The same dickbag who started the other thread asking about trans and autism? Keep it all to one thread douche

I bet you spend most of your time in FB threads

Imagine using mentally ill in quotations when %40 of the people who transition kill themselves and not thinking it's not a mental issue

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>I dont wanna have to force myself to deal with someone I dont love only to have them fall in love with me and have their heart destroyed when I tell them it was a lie because some moron told me I couldn't tell them no from the get go.
How is this not your first thought?

It's not transphobic to not date trans, no.

>post op the number is closer to 60%
God I love my country.

No, it's not. By that reasoning anyone who is exclusively straight or gay is -phobic.

I like YLYL threads. I especially can't wait for that true story inbound. It makes my nipples hard

At least your state isn't transition capital of the world plz nuke us

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>not getting the sarcasm.