You opinion on black women?

You opinion on black women?

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they're too much me, but some mullatos are hot

t. mullato

Not my kind. Although some very few exceptions might exist.


No thanks

Going on a date with one tonight.

why all black girls are fat

t. me

Opinion discarded

Good opinion.

You won't change me.

How the fuck does Cred Forums always manage to give me new fetishes? Cred Forums has given me

>cuckold fetish
>trap fetish
Before I used to laugh at people who like these things

And now I'm slowly starting to like black girls, even though I used to hate them. How is this possible?

I am indifferent. Though I read in one of my college classes that they are more likely to be assertive than other women, so I view that as a plus since I'm into femdom.

your shit tier fetishes betray a weak mind

Black girls are best.

You're my favorite poster on this board. Tsemppiä!

I have never even came across or had a chat with a black woman in my entire life but I guess they are dirty and smelly

no hyi vittu

Some of them are extraordinarily beautiful but most of them are extraordinarily unattractive.

some are incredibly hot
it's a shame that there are no hot nigresses in porn

I've really never seen them in real world

They tend to be headstrong and confident, and the usual mind games don't work on them.

If I were looking for a relationship, that's not a problem. But I'm not dealing with that shit till I'm 30, so...

post more

mama mia

disgusting fat apes that get mad and angry about everything. theyre confident because theyre legit retarded and dont care about what others think about them. thats why they all dont have jobs

I had one black gf. She played soccer so her lower body absolutely out of this world.
Other than fucking I would never seriously consider dating one for marriage

i like to see them sucking white cocks

when it comes to interracial porn i think black women are much more exciting actresses than white women

Who are your favs? My all time fav is Megan Vaughn.

Very thicc.

frankly i mostly stick to amateur stuff so i dont know too many pornstar names

the only professional actress i remember is one girl whos name i dont know who did the most incredible teasing blowjob. it was in some compliation vid i saw where she was the only black girl and she blew the rest of the girls in it out of the water. but i never found out who she was

Wtf Mikko. The only fetishes Cred Forums has given me is a black girl fetish and a fart fetish. They're connected too (big ass).

how can being attracted to hot women even be a fetish desu

They smell kinda weird, are obsessed with coconut oil (?) but they suck dick really well and in general are DTF more often than not.

That's just my two cents.

>When you ask black girl how to use coconut oil and they start sucking your dick

Never seen a hot black girl in real life. They are either too fat or just look ugly.

This. Albeit I have actually seen a pretty one. But they are rare.

They're lovely.

Bad hair

I would like to have children with a black girl. But honestly the only one I met were retards. Like they were a fucking parody of their own racists stereotype. And really fucking dense too. God I wish too meet a somewhat clever black girl.

You spend too much time here. Friends change people all the time.



Hoy, who got hold of my flag?


Unironically thought this in my self-hating days here, Cred Forums's claim of average aesthetics etcetera

Then a few months back after the 2 jobs, the second one was in a very, very rich private hospital, even by arabian standards, the girls were upper-middle class nurses

I would look at them for a fleeting moment, and think - what if those guys in those black girls saw them lol - hypersalivation and manic euphoria requiring emergency admission

99% of black girls are ugly, and the 1% that arent are mixed.



also my question is: is it true that despite of propaganda opinion black girls do want fuck whities assuming that they are more civilized and prosperitive than blacks?

They should stay in Africa but it's for their own wellbeing
Trap and Cuckold are literally normie tier fetishes

>Trap and Cuckold are literally normie tier fetishes
This place has fucked with your mind if you think those are normal fetishes

I mean you'd have to be gay not to fuck that but every black woman I've seen irl is an ugly ape, loud, obnoxious and smelly

the real question is why people get new fetishes from the internet
>cuck fetish
>trap fetish
i mean BRAAAPposting is funny, but it didn't make me suddenly have a fart fetish. i already had one beforehand.

loud, annoying, unattractive

only euros who don't live around them and mixed race mutts are into them


They usually don't look that hot. This isn't even about race, I like hot women from literally any background, but the average black woman is usually an obese ape looking beast.

The educated ones are great, and black girls are great in the sack.

There are black women in countries other than america, you know

chocolate doesn't make a good meal but it can be a delicious treat

From the very little interaction i've had with actual black women, very good.
Sad that 99.9% of the immigration to this country is from the middle east

They like white dick

I am jealous

Somalia is in Africa

t. el goblino

wanna motorboat her booty

Plenty of them have good bodies and some have attractive faces.

but does such individuals have an partially white heritage? remember that 25% white is almost certainly black by skin color

African Americans are 28% white on average.

You will submit.

>tfw when I handled ass like dat only a few hours ago

Some do some don't. There are literally 100% black girls who look good out there.

bost dat ass
god i wish i were you

Sorry dude, I didn't take any pics. I was going to but I forgot completely. I can't imagine why.


Brother I love you for making these threads. Finnish men belong to black queens


she's a prostitute

shittsburgh here i come

Well how much does she cost

If you like traps and cuck porn you’re objectively a faggot and probably always were.


Hideous ape niggers

>tfw I live in East TN
>have to go all the way to Memphis to get black escorts


not true. Im american and live around them and I almost exclusively am with black or Indian chicks these days

Hideous Mongol slavshits

Need one in my life

t. mixed race mutt

im white but my kids will be mixed master race

Why dont you date a dominican then? They are basically mulattos which means that you get satisfy your jungle fever but also that if you have kids they will be >75% white so they wont be as mixed and racially confused

Know one, want one

They have half amerindian blood, not white blood. Blacks in the south have high rates of white blood, he should start in New Orleans.

what the fuck are you talking about? there is almost not native American representation in Dominican genetics, almost every single dominican is 50-60% european with 35-40% black and the rest being slight degrees of native american DNA

why are americans so fucking ignorant?

even dark as fuck dominicans are half white

>they wont be as mixed and racially confused

Have you seen the r/hapa or r/mixedrace subreddits? Mixed race people of recent miscegenation all have deep and terrible racial conflicts which hamper their performance inside of relatively heterogeneous societies.
Us Latin Americans have been going through this process for centuries, and from this calvary, we have developed strong cultural identities which overshadow subjugated ethnic compositions to such an extent that only in Latin America first-generation Latinos born to immigrant parents self-identify strongly with their nation despite having small racial ties to them.

If a white dude mixes with a Dominican, their Dominican culture will give them an imperative cultural background, while their main European genetics will allow them to be integrated with more ease into American society.

Then why is Brazil so racist if they are the most multiracial country on the planet?

99% of black girls are ugly af imo
Some are cute tho
Same goes for asians

they are not really, brazilian genetics are like 70% white, even brazilian blacks are like 40% white, its one of the whitest countries in Latam

Positive desu
>tfw no black gf to sit on my face

I want to colonize them

I'm racist because they don't fuck me

Dude r/hapas and the like are full of pure blood Asian guys who just get triggered by mixed race couples if the man is white and the woman is Asian. It's literally Asian Cred Forums.

a very bad opinion

>tfw ywn live in the colonial era

This man speaks the truth


Stop worshipping blacks.

Stop worshiping Arabs

Arabs are better.

but Arabs are m*Slim



Some do some don’t not everyone of any demographic wants the same thing Christ.

They are not allowed to marry non-Muslims

don't say that....

It's ok user maybe you could convert them to a less shit religion

I'm irreligious, they'd probably hate me.

He is a soyboy cuck yet has a gf how?

Become a Muslim like most of the U.K. is

No..I don't want that.

malta-poster submit to the black goddess!

he's the milk to her chocolate

I get VERY aroused by them

dumb as fuck like -men

I may never have one, but I will not turn against Arab women!

who here /thirsty/

Tbh I like med and MENA girls too but I like black goddess more!

Only interested in MENA, and they'd probably hate me.

really want to put my benis in her vageen

It's mulatto you retarded amerigoblin

American blacks are the best.

Why do you have self hate?

Don't generalize there must be at least one girl who will date outside of her group.
Keep bettering yourself and one day you'll get a 10/10 MENA gf

The religion problem..... I don't want her in trouble.

Yeah the famous honour killing, I thought it was a meme but look on Google for "Saana Dafani" a maroccan girl killed for dating a Italian...

Why would they hate you you whiny whingebag?

Yeah. I don't want that, I don't want that at all.

Recently I realized that black girls make brilliant baby factories if you find a self-hating one that is VERY ok with using white woman eggs to make babby.
Then I'd have both lots of sex, and Finnish/white kids.

There are Christian Arabs, such as in Lebanon.

I am an infidel.

If you want Christian Arabs, go to Sweden.
They have hundreds of thousands of Assyrians from first Gulf War


kek, going to Sweden for Arabs.

Because whites are not only smarter but more aesthetic compared to blacks.

You can thank us for that. :)

it was complicated.
things escalating for the worse and they were moving in slowly for 15 years before your part in the conflict

>You opinion on black women?
Have on for on/off stuff.
They are way more feminine then white girls here, hourglas figure, big titts and booty but thin waistline

Are you a mulatto saying this? Calm down mate did you have a negative experience with the black parent? There must be a reason for this feel?


Don't worry brother. There are plenty of Lebanese Christians.

He is a chad. Handsome young man. He bleached her and is a cool dude. :)

Would they like an atheist?

>He is a chad
Nothing about him looks remotely like a chad, he is skinny and has a receding hairline.

reeeeeeeeeeeeeee bbc strikes again

We must claim all the Somali thots for the Finnish race until Somali bois cease to exist desu yo

No. Why can't you just pretend to be a Christian? Don't be a faggot atheist. I don't believe in God either but every genius agrees that if God does not exist we must invent him.

He is Aussie... Aussie = Chad

Black girls belong to us

I have no faith and I wouldn't lie.

Then you'll have to go for a second generation refugee. They are often atheist.

Getting one will be very very difficult however, because they are secretly atheist because they fear their parents. Their parents will also try to set them up with a Muslim.

I'm telling you, become Christian or give up on finding an Arab gf

post real african goddesses

I'm not going to lie to myself, or anyone else. No gf it is......



that's the best looking as i've seen on a black lady, post MORE 0_o

There are two Somali thot engineering students in my grade, I will charm one of them with my Fingol charms

>So I wasn't born because you were too scared to lie, daddy? I hate you!

Good luck, brother. Spread the Finnish genes, let them conquer the whole world

can't lie, i want to knock up black girls and leave before the baby is born

so... you are saying that you're black

Why not raise the baby?

Now you're just being cruel.

my soul has been niggerized
because then i repeat the same thing with a different girl. i want to spread my seed far and wide

then i can't*

>You will never get to do this

That's ok. I'm more saddened by your previous, cruel remark.

It doesn't have to be cruel. Pic related could be your daugher, all you have to do is pretend to be Christian. It is all up to you.

I don't want to live a life of pretending.

im sure you could find some arab girl who doesnt care that youre an atheist. stop being so melodramatic lol

but live pretending is what everyone does

It really doesn't take that much. Just go to church every now and then and teach your kids to be Christian. Not a big deal.

Are you me?

She might not, but her family might.

I want out then.

No. It won't happen. That's it.

I dated a DR one long time ago, never again, i'm too white (cold) and she was too black (warm)




>tfw Sudanese neighbor's wife and 3 daughters will sunbathe naked during the summer
>even if im doing garden work
>they're not brown, onyx fucking black
>the wife has tribal scarring on her back and face
S-so this is the power of the jungle drums

This image with that filename legit made me fucking upset. Damn it I hope you're just being cruel.

i don't have self hate - i just wish i wasn't american. like i went to canada, met brits and euros there, and now white americans are their own category to me - a lot of them are afraid of everything and obsessed with image, and money, to an extent i've never really seen anywhere else. black people also are responsible for four niggatry

and i rarely meet white guys here, at least in WA state, who aren't image obsessed

no this isn't fucking me, he's retarded, and i have recently had negative experiences with my white mother, who i am going to block contact with once my freeloading step brother is out

like i was saying,black girls tend to get as argumentative as I do and some act too dominant. i've had to stop one of my black friends from attacking some white dude she liked at a party

i don't like when white girls act like that either because it's usually an act and they aren't able to handle real shit like black girls

>i've had to stop one of my black friends from attacking some white dude she liked at a party
why would she attack a guy she liked

Black women? I think you mean Black Godesses

he made out with some korean thot and she flipped out

just to warn you
christian girls will withold sex or shun you to get you to do what they want, at least here in the US

what about my opinion

You're fucked matey. Your condition can now only be treated, never cured.

I thought Cred Forums hated racemixing?

That's just smoke and mirrors. Consider South Africa, a former bastion of segregation. Why do you think the government needed to come up with the Immorality Act? Certainly not to keep black women from running after white men. Take a trip down here and prepare to be amazed when you mosey through any mall.

Looked her up. Fucking hell.... I got genuinely upset.

It doesn't matter.

>I thought Cred Forums hated racemixing?
I guess most people who hate it are concerned with white woman + nonwhite man cases.


Are you the same poster from the other jungle fever threads. If so what got you into black girls and have you ever dated one


search for Harley Dean desu senpai

My god. How does one get an ass like this? Superior black genetics?

good thread.

I just want a cute gf. Any race will do.

Why did they come up with it then?

What happens in the malls?

you will get an australian abo gfreind

Are you white? If so what is your reasoning for specifically wanting mullato children?

I agree with you mate it seems odd to care so much about the specifics of what your future child looks like.

But they aren't cute. I'll even take a cute Eesti girl (male) if I have no other choice.

Aren’t the Finnish really autistic when it comes to speaking to women?

Finns are autistic in general.


Yeah. When I first found out it was on Twitter. Trump supporters and anti Trump people were using her death as ammo.

They were saying "Trump killed her" and then Trump fans pointed out that during Obama her brother had also been killed in an airstrike.

Of course, no one thought that maybe they (Americans) should stop bombing the Middle East, it was simply republican v democrat debate without any real compassion for the kids.

To try and stop Johannes Lodewikus Christoffel van Rensburg et al from boning black chicks but it didn't work because the urge was always too strong.

You will see many middle aged white dudes and now a growing number of younger ones with black chix after being burned so terribly by the evil that is the local white woman that they will never touch another.

How easy is it to get a black chick in South Africa?

I thought that South Africans of all races were too racist to accept inter racial relations am I wrong?

Politicizing tragedy, I'm well too familiar with that.

What’s wrong with white South African women?

Not hard at all.

Most people don't give a shit really because blanda upp has been the order of the day since, well, day one.

Huge sense of entitlement and notorious gold diggers. They will dump you at a moment's notice and take most of your shit with the ensuing divorce. Then they will hassle you for the rest of time with maintenance issues. This one bloke I know had his ex wife hit him with a monthly order that was nearly his entire salary. How she achieved that I don't know. What I do know is that he had to go through a lot of trouble get it reduced to a reasonable figure. This is why you often have a guy wiping out his entire family then blasting himself when divorce is in the air.

I didn’t even realise blacks and whites hung out in the same place in South Africa.
Is it just the Afrikaans women who are like that or the English South Africans also?

It seems to be largely an English trait. Another chap knew was diagnosed with a brain tumour, huge fucking thing, inoperable. Went for chemotherapy. The wife tossed him immediately once it was known that it didn't work and his number was up, took him to the cleaners and let him die on his own after hooking up someone else a few months down the line.

Fucking hell im glad the actual English here in England aren’t like that.

My dick would break with SO MUCH THICC

Are you Afrikaans?

Nope, coloured. Which causes most people to incorrectly assume Afrikaans is my first language.


What’s life like as a coloured in South Africa?

I have none.

almost non existent here, we'll have much more mulatto mutts in the future so ask me in like 10-20 years time


they smell like shit though not as terribly as the male specimen

Solid idea.

On one hand it largely depends on where you live. If you're stuck in a place like Delft you're basically fucked for live, there's little hope of improvement. On the other, this being South Africa, you run into other issues. In the workplace when a white dude gives orders to those who aren't white they jump to it. When you give orders there's much dragging of the feet. So for the most part your non-white brethren make your life difficult because "white man = BAAS" is lodged firmly in their minds. And of course there's the old too white/not black enough when it comes to jobs. So on the whole it's a bit of a buttache.

She is Russian, I don't think she's on instagram and everything I can find on her is in Russian unfortunately.

Other pics aren't as great either.

I've been duped then. She looks alright.

Just got back from my first racemixed boning anons.

Holy Christ it was good.

The first time a woman was willing to readily try weird shit. 10/10 it should be an aspiration that every man lay at least one black woman. KARA BOGA BE PRAISED.

>white man = BAAS
What is BAAS.

Afrikaans for boss, capitalised to accentuate the idea.

Baas just means Boss in Afrikaans.

Greentext + a pic of look a like plox

Do most the blacks and coloureds hate the whites for apartheid?

Based childhood cartoons

Ah, that's a bit of funny story. The most vociferous bunch on the matter are those who are politically involved and either climbing the ranks or trying to, in other words sucking the ANC's knob. The average man in the street is a different story altogether. While you may have mumblings of "fucking boer" during discussions it will often be said that while apartheid made life tough it had its advantages, and this is said by black men who are old enough to have experienced it. Primary and high school was free, books and all. Crime was low because people were shit scared of the police who had great powers. Things were cheap in relation to salaries the and now, and so on. Outright hatred is few and far between.

>be depressed after having a particularly shitty day at work work as a limo driver; recently had a fight where I got attacked by the coked up Persian stalker of a passenger, had to baton, tase and mace him to get him to fuck off after he rammed and totaled my car, whiched was gifted to me by the former owner before he died
>temporarily suspended from work, while insurance company and police investigate ordeal and extra enraged and edgy
>have another management job lined up so I can fuck off from limo drone job; supposed to start in a few days; right after this occurs I get a message from the owner of said business that some dipshit quit on them so now they need to rehire a replacement for them before I come onboard meaning I have another 4 weeks to wait
>in a fit of rage buy a 750ml bottle of Canadian whiskey, down the whole thing in 5 hours
>hop on tinder
>1,000+ matches piled up over a few months
>talk to a few while drinking their all vapid stupid money grubbing whores
>come across based Kara Bogette
>bicochem and filmography dual major and former army vet
>scroll through pics
>looks like a legit 10/10
>appears to have legit 40/25/60 measurements
>I assume her pics are just very good photoshop or she has implants but she has similar interests so message her anyway
>we start joking about trump, bad memes, dogs and how people in Los Angeles are garbage
>agree we should meetup
>holy fuck she's only 2 miles away immediately shave, shower, put on nice boots, fancy leather jacket and most bulge shower pants possible
>lyft driver picks me up and it's some 8/10 milf so I already start getting hard in the car
>get to the place
>text her and hear a voice from the front door calling for me
>head in, but can only see her outline wrapped in sheet
>follow her into her room
>her outline is only illuminated by the paused Netflix screen in background, takes off sheet


>Outright hatred is few and far between.
Another thing Cred Forums was wrong about then.

Do the coloureds mainly come from Afrikaner and Khoisan mixing or Afrikaner and bantu?

Moar please

What’s the general view of Europeans?

>Outright hatred is few and far between.
Except for the farm murders and xenophobic lynchings yeah?


Will you genocide the whites in the comming years ?

Post your fav black pornstar

Mine right now is Kendall Woods.

Just ugly, nothing else to report

My only knowledge of South Africa is that
1. It's pronounced Seth Africa
2. Houses I see on Google maps have ridiculously tall fences and people live in those or gated compounds
3. There's a lot of crime

How true is this.

It’s probably massively different depending on where you live and if you live in the cities.

Yeah the difference is in the cities we have armed private security. That still isn't quick enough to stop the rapes and murders that go along with most break-ins though.

Kek. The kind of retards on Cred Forums are the same kind of retards who went stocked up on tins and water in 1994 in anticipation of rampaging hordes. Kinda like this...

Probably Afrikaner/Bantu more than anything else.

Set that figure against the entire population corrected for frequency in relation to all other murders and see what sort of percentage you arrive at.

>seth uh-frrrrika

>the entire population
Ah yes, everything's fine since we have one of the highest murder rates in the world. I wonder what percentage of all murders involve children being raped and tortured to death lad?

It's all good in the rainbow nation though hey? Our private security, electric fences, trellidoors and access control aren't so bad. Who needs to walk around town anyway, we have cars!

How's varsity by the way? Where are you, Stellies or UCT?

Sums it up.

any videos of hot blondes getting raped by niggers?

Oh man I forgot necklacing! How silly of me. That's grand isn't it, it must also be statistically insignificant.

The Germans didn't kill enough of you lot desu

that's not the answer to my question lad

1) Classic straw man. I was referring directly to the farm murders you mentioned. On the other point, summon the spirit of Gert van Rooyen. I'm sure he has the exact current figures available.
2) You lazy bum. Walk more, especially when going to your local McD's.
3) Neither because I'm forced to do it part-time with (drum roll) Unisa. Applied mathematics, halfway there.

So you did. Hardly surprising considering that for some years now it only rears its head when a mob gets hold of some perp in a township.

>sheet comes down and holy fuck
>pics weren't photo shopped; 10/10 statuesque face; lesbo style undercut, slanted eyes, prominent cheeks, cute wide mouth with thick lips; fat perky tits the size of fucking volleyballs, narrow waist and Sir Mix-a-lot tier ass
>all in just black bike shorts with a fluorescent highlighter green stripe down the side and a 90s bright pink sweater
>exactly the type of shirt i jerked off to in the 90s
>dick is now the hardest it's been in months despite massive amounts of whiskey ingested
>we lay on bed and continue conversation about retarded republicans, memes and all the like while watching Trailer Park Boys
>remark about how much of a meme country Canada is and say i just had some of their shit whiskey
>she says it's crap and goes to the kitchen
>comes back with yuge gallon sized bottle of Jagermeister
>we start drinking
>she talks about being in the military and how she's now in school to work in filmography
>I tell her of my bullshit dealing with middle eastern cancer
>she puts her hand over my shoulder and i put my arm over hers
>I tell her how my dad and sister are in cinematography and argue about whether or not 2049 was a good movie
>discussion turns to Black Panther; I'm racist so assume she'll be gushing for cringey reasons but she instead says it's good because it was written as though it was divergent from other Marvel films and feels it was only bad in the sense that it went out of it's way to appeal to Black Nationalists the same way most films appeal to the the White lowest common denominator
>this makes my dick more diamond than her body
>she sees this and looks at my crotch
>I notice and remark that we're literally Netflix and chilling and I've just not made a move because I didn't want to be a creep and be "toxically masculine" she legit says that "cute and hot at the same time"
>moves her hand up my leg to my crotch and starts rubbing my bulge

doppleganger pic to left


The farm murders and lynchings are examples of the "outright hatred" that you claim to be so uncommon.

And mate, I live in a poorer part of Gauteng, not some estate or Cape Town suburb like you. I know a guy a few houses down who doesn't own a car right. He's black and grew up around here like me. He's been mugged three times in the last year and now recently joined a gang.

Two old ladies were raped and murdered up the road from me last year. In their 70s and 80s. A mate of mine was stabbed about a dozen times defending his father from home invaders and I know an older lady who's been raped in her home TWICE.

This is the norm for the white middle class lad. It's even worse for people in the townships.

Oh God even worse, you're a shut-in. Please tell me more about the world man.

Ah yeah all good then of course.

I think they're cool and interesting and many of them are pretty too
too bad they don't like me, I get a decent amount of matches from white girls on tinder but never blacks


>Mitchells Plain a nice suburb with beautiful estates
That's where I grew up boyo. and all I can say is kek. The legions of feral junkies and gangsters on the prowl there dwarf anything you've experienced. Take a stroll down Park Avenue at night to go and buy booze from one of the smokkies if you have the balls for it.



No opinion, can count the number I've spoken to on one hand.

>Except for the farm murders and xenophobic lynchings yeah?
aren't most farm murders black-on-black?

>Finns and Croats managed to single-handedly infect Cred Forums with jungle fever

Jungle fever has been going strong in Cred Forums too

They smell but I'd smash

I often think to go to Africa and take some cute afro girl.

That’s probably more due to the fact Switzerland is almost all white.

Can you not get pussy at home?

Ukrainian girls are for Turkic (black) men