Amerimutt thread

Amerimutt thread

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my favorite




holy kek

>holy kek
kys your's self



jesus fucking christ

These are great. I wish I could wake up and find out America has completely brazilified overnight

>Wanting to be Brazil
>Not wanting to be a proud native of a land full of light devouring abominations that corrupt souls

your genes are flowing to me!

Jokes on everyone else for I am a mestizo goblin living in the united states. No matter who I breed with I will be contributing to the destruction of someone's genotype hehe

The best ones are the ones with Cred Forums posts


can someone post the book titled la cretura by lindon johnson



>i will personally fight any Euros i see in the states


Does anyone have the 100% Prussian one? That's the only one that made me kek IRL

I love how buttblasted Cred Forums gets about this


also post the one of the mutts on the US mexican border with the scared mexican farmer saying dios mio

IRL 56% creatura here. I am fuckin lolin

>17 white souls devoured


here comes the shart again, falling from the mart
dressed in his debt again, he is a stupid mutt




we live in perpetual darkness
not because we live in caves, but because we stole what whiteness there was in our sky

Amerimutt is not just a meme. Its reality

dios mio...

Can someone post the ancestry lines one?



thanks friends, I drew these along with many more. Does anyone have some new mutt ideas?

>that sign


very nice

They're fucking worse than brazilians.

How do you deal with such DPS?
My Aryan Mystic build just can't get past La Creatura.

>trying to fight a creatura with white classes
first mistake, the matchup is basically unwinnable

>They're fucking worse than brazilians.
They actually deleted the video after realizing how grotesque and disgusting the average American looks like.

You can't bypass it with combat. Need to upgrade your speech and charisma skills and charm it by mentioning how 100% it is, or you find the Golden Arches item in the McCaverns and destroy it in front of it, which gives it a heart attack from seeing a religious icon being so desecrated.

Wtf. Source on that? S


What is his name again?

El esperma fallo

Chad Thundercock.

El Abominacion

Juan Tanamoe

El asesino de escuelas

Jamal de cruz

Chavez das cruzes

sminem's evil twin brother


it's another "europeans are utterly obsessed with america" thread


I laughed more than I probably should have.

laugh now, but you will weep hereafter, the stain of your mockery shall be washed out with your blood

dios mio...




Why did you guys build such a bad hate for America

insecurity, what else? americans don't look like their gross image, but they seek to make us feel weakened with abuse

blame autistic american redditor stormfags


at this point I doubt those even exist

this crap is more present than any of that


This whole board seems like reddit fags. Would it really be that different without mericans? :/

It would likely be worse.

Someone got the Amerimutt Ludwig one?

>constant american shitposting about euros about cultural enrichment and gun laws
>everyone laughs and shitposts in return
>amerimutt memes
>wow what's up with all the anti US sentiment on the board!?!?!?!!?



now that's an italian if I ever saw one

I'm American these thinks are hilarious lol

The okay Americans generally seem to.

because its relatable?

el goblino....

dios mio...

>Other countries get made fun of
>Nothing happens
>America gets made fun of
>It suddenly becomes a conspiracy

All of the retarded Americans who moved in after the election didn't leave and they post on here like it's Facebook. These people are incapable of understanding satire and they're by far the most obnoxious posters on the entire website. Americans used to be able to take a joke, but not these fucking people.

I really hope these are teenagers larping as old people because oh my god it's cringe.

fuck you and your excuse

you people just like to shit on americans at any opportunity , you, you are the cancer

This 2016 election put the final nail in this website's coffin by bringing obnoxious Americans who do nothing but shitpost about BASED GODEMPORER TRUMP 24/7


Keep slurping down that high fructose corn syrup, Joe Gomez.


how does one say angry el goblino in fiftysixpercentnican?

hrrk hrrk hrrk

The pronunciation is very important here, ask for someone to vocaroo it for you

its just a meme bro :)
or did it hurt ur feefees

kill yourselves

getting mad doesn't make the situation any better dude
just let the meme get stale. it already is anyway

I don't care, they aren't going away, might as well let them know what I think.

>let them know what I think
Who? anonymous?

those posters in particular, who else

you have to understand... Cred Forums didn't expect Trumpu to win. the election drove them mad. they can no longer separate fact from fiction.

if you like pol so much then go back there you faggot


Because you are insufferable.

[ - ]

I love how salty you faggots get over this shit.

do you now?

would you like to come to philly and tell me in person?


I am a super mutant! I am unstoppable!!!

Los hígados en la oscuridad eterna ... no porque estén en cuevas, sino porque robaron la blancura del cielo


What's your address, bitch? lmao I'll make you regret opening your mouth

does it look like I'm talking to you?

>someone on the same continent as you calls your bluff
>d-does it look like i was talking to you...?

you're not doing that, I literally have zero reason to care about you




What? I'm doing it right now. I'll fuck you until you call me stalin, bitchboy. I'll make you beg for your life like the weak pussy you are. Where in Philly?

I'm not interested in some retard that doesn't matter, I want billie boy england to come over here and tell me how much he likes posting amerimutt memes on Cred Forums to my face

You're a weak faggot, admit it bitch. I'll post amerimutts using your phone after I dab on your body

that's nice, but you're not of any interest to me

You afraid to fight IRL so you pose by threatening people ONLY WHEN YOU ARE CERTAIN THEY LIVE ON ANOTHER CONTINENT

this is the last time I give you a you

hurrgh coming master!

>this thread
So is this why people here become weebs?

It unironically is.
t. used to work at walmart

How soul crushing is it to work at Walmart?

it's just retail, how soul crushing is any retail?

I kinda miss it. Lots of interesting people and fuck all is expected of you.

The super mutant is the next advancement in human evolution. To save the world, we will convert all the worthy individuals. Simple, efficient, glorious.

I stepped foot in a Walmart for the first time last October

anti-euro shitposting is just in good fun, it's the spirit of the board.
but there's something different about anti-american shitposting.
it's not just le funny jokes, there's actual malice in there, divided conquer 101
Like, it's actual, vicious, hateful harassment against American posters
You know we could leave, right?
would you want an Cred Forums without american? no!
so this constsant malicious bullying and harassment has to stop
its not even funny anyways

Do you live in a state with few of them or do you just not trips to the zoo?

Personal favourite

My first job was at K-Mart, which a even worse version of Walmart.
It's bad. You get treated like a piece meat by both customers and managers.

It's funny because of how rectally ruined Cred Forumskiddies like you get over it though. Quit taking the internet so seriously.

Not him, but my own region didn't have one till a few years ago, damned shame it finally got put in, unwashed masses from over the state line coming up through the area, clogging our roads.

please just stop... your making us look bad... also reminder that White americans are whiter then iberians

I live in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC where don't seem to be many. There are plenty elsewhere in VA. There's a Target nearby though

Here is this just another example of what I'm talking about : deliberate Anti-American bullying. It's malicious, and it goes against the spirit of the chanz, okay? So can just please we stop????

>would you want an Cred Forums without american?

Cred Forums without election babbies would be the best thing ever.

I doubt he is that sort of person, you need to stop pretending your favorite board is perused by all of use here.

Do you really think the election brought that many new users? I thought it was just that everyone was on at one time to watch the election.

Considering he dropped the ol divide and conquer line I think it's safe to assume so.

Since the election these people have been accusing anyone they want to discredit as an election newfag, just ignore it, there's no helping them.

I fucking know your a proxy, mate. I refuse to believe my countrymen have this thin skin.

I wasn't aware pol owned that idiom

i don't like pol they are mean and they made fun of me when i went there
all the good whites immigrated from europe to america in the 17th century because they were being oppressed by the king of europe. this means that america is both whiter and better than europe because all the freedom lovers went to america while europe was full of evil nazis and muslims and communists(not white)
Okay, this is just more anti american bias i am talking about, not all americans are here from elections, would you like it if you were oppressed and bullied and assumed because of your flag? ok, think about your actions, do you really want to hurt america? the american marines could destroy you in a weekend

>unsourced infograph
Post sourced or fuck off you LYING AMERICAN PIG

>inb4 american education

>you can't even own guns

you just hate america because you hate freedom and is racist, i bet you are canadian or russian

he could easily be fucking with them, might as well, this meme is shit

page 20

>i will personally fight any Euros i see in the states

>50% blue-eyed
nice science fiction user

le 56% is probably one of the better memes to happen. really puts america in perspective when you realize america will probably be white minority in your lifetime.

closer to 100% blue-eyed

it don't matter if america is white minority as long as they're based latinos, who are basically white anyways

>dismissing clear data because it doesn't align with your made up narrative

now that truly is pol talking

so? we are stronger than euros and your shit country, we could do it anyways, we have the freedom to guns and God what freedom do you have in your commie country that's right nothing. Honestly you should be on your knees right now servicing an AMERICAN for just letting your shit country exist.

Less than 1 out of 6 (~17%) people have blue eyes in the US. If 50% of the white people there had blue eyes it would mean the US is

>Amerimutt thread

Ethno states are going to be a reality in america soon. First it will be ethno states for minorities and for the sake of fairness they will make a white one.

fuck off commie, you will never hurt AMERICA, us MAGApedes will make sure of that ;)


apparently not strong enough to tell US corporations to betray "your people" in favor of his.

truly powerful grassroots stuff here.

they already exist. pretty much what the whole American obsession with suburbs is all about.

Calm down fellow mutt. Once we hit 0% we'll get our revenge!

El ningen

this, then we can WE WUZ and at least be truthful about it.

I read the entire paper and it said nothing about eye color. It's about the average persons ancestral make up in the united states. mind pointing out where you saw that it said that 50% of whites have blue eyes?

That flag better not be a proxy senpai

fuck off commie, the corporation have rights too, because we live in a free countrie unlike europe
i am white

El goblino emputado

The triggered Cred Forumstards posts on last thread in Cred Forums were meme potential desu.


>The king of europe.

Las creaturas en el hábitat natural...

Can anyone translate?

El goblin cincuentaporcientero.

This but unironically.

I don't speak americano.

No puedo entender nada

Keep telling yourself this Tyrone

Señores, necesito la traducción a español comprhensible. No entiendo nada ahora porque las creaturas simplemente gritan. Por favor, amigos, me lo ayuda. Dios mio...

The funding of the discovery of the western indias was a mistake.
1492 worst year of my life.

Hey heh, I'm not gonna tell you what they are saying either you spic, go drink some more coronas you damn Mexican. Come back when you're white as me

>The pot just called the kettle black

>mfw white genocide is happening

>That's the joke

don't worry, an Englishman would have done it better

Im sorry, but you've seen the posts. Its getting hard to tell what is banter and what its actual salt . Have a flag . sorry my dude.

Cool it now, the goblin meme is not just about non white "white" americans, it's also about all of you being a disgusting mongrel mix of the scum of europe (irish, italians, germans, polish)

>these people are here
>these people are posting on this board if not other boards as we speak
Now I understand the source of your hate. Go ahead, post the memes. I never knew it was this bad.



Europe has been the scene of a million different ethnic groups invading and settling the same regions for thousands of years

We aren't so different than Europeans like to believe. In reality, Europe has been a mixing pot of numerous European ethnic groups for centuries; This concept of a pure European ethnicity is null and void. You're as pure as your cultural difference from the next European group makes you.

You're making fun of the mutt, when in reality, you too are a mutt.




the absolute state of AMERIPUSSIES

>A Pole and a Czech mixing together is the same as an Irish immigrant mixing with an Ethiopian immigrant.
American concept of purity is really fucking weird.


man, I feel bad for that lad



>fuck you dumb euro dick love me
>fuck you, i hate you yuropoor
Fuck you too fat fuck


>getting this assblasted by satire


>We aren't so different than Europeans like to believe


los abominaciones



>divide and concur
makes you think, doesn't it

la luz extinguido.....

>willingly goes into a general thread devoted to it
>"they aren't going away"

>anti-euro shitposting is just in good fun, it's the spirit of the board.
>but there's something different about anti-american shitposting.
>it's not just le funny jokes, there's actual malice in there, divided conquer 101
I really hope you're joking and not actually this oblivious.


La Cosa Que No Debería Ser...

El goblino de otro mundo... Dios mio

In lieu of all of this, I want to fix the problem of interracial breeding. How do I fix this? How do I start fixing this and at what point is it fixed?

Yes. Americans going to scandinavia.

>im 20% norwegian etc

El diablo del mar profundo

>virgin trying to fix breeding

Do I kill them? Do I have to kill them? Is there to fix the real issue that these images point to? I don't want to be a mutt. I don't like mutts. I hate them. I probably am one and will likely kill myself if that means solving this problem.


Its too late. As the mexican drug baby insinuated.

Just hope for ww3 before everything goes mutt.

Why did god abandon me

Just a bit a banter innit.




have 10 kids within your race and create cultural memes so that others will follow your example


la luz extinguido