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Would you spend a month living off of Chinese military rations?


talk shit
get hit

Of all the things Trump could target in the trade war he goes after solar power. What a dope

wtf does he hate the nature

> Darling in the CPC

> A story of young and meek, yet talented Chinese soldier Xiang who has not fully committed to the four-year plan. Despite the promise, he does not seem yet ready to crush the aggressive forces of the rebellious traitor Dalai Lama who attacks the People's Republic of China with his mechanical creatures, given to him by western warlords like Mega Reverent John Oliver, called the "Comedian Fool".

> But the modest han-chinese girl Zero Two who is very modestly and non-sexually attracted to him in a very non-sexual way, pushes him very non-sexually into get into the advanced Chinese tech robots which are driven by proud patriots in very non-sexual ways.

> Will the brave soldiers of the People defend the Republic and get rid of the danger of the dangerous religious airbender monks in the southern Chinese Plateau? Or will the shenigans and corruption break the proud, amazing and very non-sexual Chinese Republic Soldiers?


>年輕,溫順的,但優秀的中國軍人翔的故事誰沒有完全致力於四年計劃。 儘管承諾,他似乎並沒有準備粉碎反叛叛徒達賴喇嘛誰與他的機械生物攻擊中國人民共和國,由西部軍閥像兆豐恭謹約翰·奧利弗給他的侵略勢力,被稱為“搞笑傻瓜“。

>但適度漢的中國姑娘兩個零誰是很謙虛的和非性吸引了他一個非常非性方式,推他非常不性成進入其被驕傲愛國者在推動中國先進技術的機器人 很非性方式。

>對人民的勇敢的戰士保衛共和國和中國南部高原擺脫危險的宗教的氣宗僧侶的危險? 或將shenigans和腐敗打破驕傲的,驚人的,非常非性中國共和國軍人?



Yes to an extent

237 years of culture





that enough culture for me, we aint runnin a carnival over here

When to a New Years event today. It was hell for hapas

How come?

Many WMAF couples

Save the CCP?
Leave it to me!

Does Winston make bad Dr Who jokes when he has sex? As someone who grew up in denial that he is not British, I bet that he has

Dr Hu probably wishes she had a sonic screwdriver to make him disappear




What a fucking mess.

For what purpose get scarred an entire generation?



This caused most Chinese cities to pass good samaritan laws

Don’t ask me about the countryside desu

Clearly 2

Anime can be good for learning Chinese if you know Japanese!



Islam is the religion of peac-

misa got SINO’d

*screams internally*

Just been so busy this Saturday arguing about gun control with so many people, can't even keep up normal posting on Sino.
What will it take for Americans to realize widespread and unrestricted gun ownership is dangerous? Does their own son or daughter have to die before it becomes real to them?


literally who




what's wrong with her she could be easily be getting white dick if she wanted to

werent this many shootings 80 years ago

what are some good literal chink cartoons? something like anne of the green gables, preferably.

good for her

How long does it take approximately to reach such level of chinese proficiency to be able to say simple sentences.
Like good morning. Nice weather isn't it? I like your work and so on?

Chinese grammar is ooga booga shit so it's not hard.

it's hard to change things in Ameriga

How much do hookers cost in first tier cities?
What about second tier cities?

My friend’s mother is a senior Chinese judge in Beijing. Apparently she has no legal training. She got appointed 20 to 30 years ago because at the time they felt that they needed female judges.

Just search rent prices in some of those cities

Help me Cred Forums, I am going ti study engineering in China with a scholarship, got offee from two universities from two providences, but can't help myself to decide between Jiansu or Sichuan. Which one us better? Also does Chinese people like Brown people? Will I get into trouble if I do anything wrong?

>Also does Chinese people like Brown people

Peru? Can you help inform your fellow brown user peru?

Holy shit.

Japan truly embraced the future of Asia now!

Didn’t ask


These Chinese military innovations threaten U.S. superiority, experts say

>1. An electromagnetic railgun
>Earlier this month, pictures emerged showing what some experts believed was an electromagnetic railgun mounted on a ship. A Chinese military analyst, Cheng Shuoren, was quoted by the state media as saying it was an engineering feat of "epoch-making significance."

>2. High-tech warships
>The 12,000-ton stealth guided-missile destroyer, given the code name "Renhai" by NATO, is expected to go into full service this year. It has been built for anti-aircraft, anti-missile, anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare and is expected to play an instrumental role in China’s future aircraft-carrier battle formations.

>3. Familiar fighter jets
>China last week announced that the Chengdu J-20, its first homemade stealth jet dubbed Black Eagle, had entered combat service, breaking the stealth fighter monopoly of the U.S. and its allies in the Asia-Pacific region.

>4. A hypersonic glide vehicle
>China carried out the first tests in November of a "hypersonic glide vehicle" named the DF-17, according to The Diplomat, an online magazine covering the Asia-Pacific region.

>5. Artificial Intelligence
>Chinese researchers have revealed plans to upgrade the country's nuclear submarines with artificial intelligence, signaling efforts to tap into military uses for AI.

And new super long range Air-to-Air weapons to kill wh*te scum.



I'm looking more forward to revenge for Nanking than killing whites

Ckfoot has been very generous in his CNY post and packed loads of pics in it with girl on girl action as well as solo shots!!

You should definitely subscribe to him on wechat

But I guess you already have anyway ;—)

literally kys footfag

Wow rude
Foot admiration is ancient Chinese culture

>admiring a body part stinky enough to make people vomit

no thanks

By that logic you shouldn’t be attracted to females at all...
SILLY post!

I’m no expert but I would prefer a coast city, and Jiangsu has decent developed cities.

What degree are you being offered?

>be america
>240 years of culture
>invent transgender bathrooms, mass shootings, transgender politicians, twerking, nigger culture and obesity


are you the guy who's mad about the fact that we created wmaf

I think I will have to start out with the obligatory Taiwan nightmarket food vlog videos to kickstart my channel, later I can start focusing more on C-Milk/SerpentZA like content.

Patreon once I hit 10k subs.

I really want to see your face.
I travel around Asia quite a bit and have pretty good confidence in terms of brawling. I really really want to meet you and turn your face into mush.

Dont you dare to censor it!

Could literally heem tf out of your little fagget ass with one hand in my pocket.


I doubt it, but whatever.

>I doubt it, but whatever.

Anyone who posts feets and pepe cant be a good fighter. Hell bro, do you even lift?

Nonsensical post.

What are you gonna do? Ask China to fight its ""railgun"" on me?

why do you save the same image twice

I just use 4chanX and put a 1px dot on it with that drawing plugin thing before posting

Why should I ask China?

I could skin you alive by myself.

I did some hunting back in Germany with a Jäger friend of mine. We shot deers and then we broke them open afterwards to remove their entrails and shits. It's bloody, but kinda fun, sticking your hands into the warm and wet belly of a living organism (well, it used to live a few minutes before) and pull out his still hot organs. Especially in the winter, it was kinda treat to simply take a cup and drink some warm blood.

I wouldnt want to drink yours tho. And I wouldnt even kill you before to do the rest.

>drinking warm blood

Anyway, could heem you out of your existence with my eyes closed.

First you need to come out of your mom's basement.

Software engineering or mechanical

Literally any place in China is better than Bangladesh.
I have been to Dhaka and it was a shithole of otherworldly proportions.
Go where your cocc tells you to and just hook up with some Chinks, brown is the new white over there.

Whites > Chinese

proven once more


Haha but I'm also trying for universities in Germany, but that's with high tution fees, I could have easily go there as a so called refugee(economical migrant) but won't cause thats bad and illegeal


>China's modernisation of its armed forces is proceeding faster than many analysts expected.

>Now, according to experts at the International Institute for Strategic Studies - the IISS - in London, it is China and no longer Russia, that increasingly provides the benchmark against which Washington judges the capability requirements for its own armed forces.

>This is especially true in terms of air and naval forces - the focus of China's modernisation effort.

China and not Russia is America's peer competitor now. As I predicted years ago, despite all the memes.

So they have working 1980s tech now?

Depends on the field.

Airforce and Navy wise, the Chinese are basically not behind the US in any form anymore. I'd even say in certain fields of disruptive technologies such as hypersonic missiles and directed energy weapons, they have surpassed the US.

The ground forces still are behind, but not 1980s level. But rather a combination of current technologies wielded with US early-mid 90s capability (in terms of training, integration, jointness etc). Which is really not bad in terms of capabilities, if we remember the Gulf War and the Serbian Air War etc.

One thing that the IISS study didnt take account of is space capabilities. Here, China is actually ahead of the US, ever since they put the GaoFen-4 satellite into orbit.

And more outrageous stuff is about to come out in the next few years in terms of weaponization of space...

didn't ask

You did this time, though.

Anyway, this is kinda getting above your head intellectually.
Better go back to your youtube celebs and your reality cam sites. Dont forget to open the window once and a while; I dont want you to die of fungus infection before I get to gut you alive.

did i ask or did you just assume i did because i can't remember i did but you answered

Why do chinese people name their years after food?

I figured it out lads
the way you get a chink fuerdai gf is by showing her your families pool
I'm not even kidding. Hope you guys have pools.

>China: Increased Naval Presence In Indian Ocean Could Be Aimed At Deterring Indian Military Action


>A Chinese surface action group composed of a Type 071 amphibious transport dock, a Type 052D destroyer and a Type 054A frigate, supported by a comprehensive supply ship, has recently entered the eastern Indian Ocean, unconfirmed sources reported via Twitter on Feb. 15, following a Chinese state media CCTV broadcast Feb. 12. The naval force is separate from China's 28th anti-piracy task force already operating in the western Indian Ocean. As the political crisis in the Maldives continues, an increased Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean provides China additional military options in the region and works as a strategic deterrent against possible Indian military action.

Hmmm... I wonder if this might be the PLAN's first trial by fire.
Quite risky doing that so far away in the Indian Ocean, though. But Maldives is currently ruled by a pro-Chinese government and India threatens to overthrow them by direct intervention. If China cannot deter this from happening, it sets a bad precedence for OBOR at large.

If the issue is really as serious as it looks like, I expect the Liaoning Carrier Battle Group to depart to the Indian Ocean soon. China needs all air-cover they can get...


did u slam

should have mentioned it was a picture of it.
no but she latched onto my arm the whole walk home. I think this is good progress since we aren't together yet (I dont think)

try to take some pics of her feet if you can...thanks..



More developed, relatively less pollution, and near the coasts.

Depends. What specific university or city?


Wtf is wrong with Americans?

Europeans are civilized. But we just steal shit every time we are alone.

Negroid intermixing.

You are a good soul

Why do Brazilians behead each other?

I was expecting China to send a task force in case the Indians invaded

Smart. This is basically the “wave my giant cock around” strategy to deter action.

Fucking hilarious.
I can just imagine all the netizens raging at their screens, drawing their fists in anger before realizing they'll get screwed if they damage the net cafe's property (and they don't want to waste the remaining time they've purchased)

But Chinese peepees are really tiny and small?

You are not white, Hans

1. Far bigger than Indians
2. Depends upon height, and Chinese are 10cm taller than Indians on average.
3. This is a military you obsessed autist who posts 24:7

umm i post maybe 21 hours a day so

Let's see what will happen in the next few weeks and month.

PLAN surface task forces from different missions and patrols have been converging on the Maldives.

All together, 11 Destroyers and Frigates, along with 3 supply ships and one 20,000 ton LPD with a PLA Marines Battalion on board. This is a small armada.

Would need the Liaoning CBG tho.

>2. Depends upon height, and Chinese are 10cm taller than Indians on average.
no it doesnt

whats the risk of china balkanizing?

The majority holds like 95% of the territory, while the minorities are dispersed and most do not have any ambitions, aside of two meme ethnicities.

Anyway, balkanization of China was a wet dream of its enemies since the late Qing era. So far, only foreign aggression was successful in violently splitting off Chinese territories, not domestic efforts by ethnicities. Even during warlord era, the KMT was still somehow capable of bringing separatists in line.
If America wants to, they must attack China and balkanize it by hand.

Anyway, お休みなさい!

what is the chinese average height?

ethnic homogeneity doesn't guarantee no balkanization

137cm for men

Then it is not called balkanization, because the balkans were a case of ethnic splitting.

It would be called separatism, which happened a lot of times in Chinese history, albeit mostly short lived and ending up with someone uniting all warring factions again.

Nowadays, this is pretty much impossible. The idea of an unified China as an entity that allows it to remain strong in the world-stage and generate economic growth and betterment of living standards is firmly rooted in the mainland people's mindsets now.
And even if there was some sort of separatist effort, it would be quickly squashed - like in Catalonia, where a democracy like Spain just arrests everyone and stops the movement. China would do it even faster.

Sorry for saying. But you need to stop dreaming.

hey lads is there an equivalent of 'yum-yum' or general sound/character that's supposed to mean that in mandarin?

This is newly leaked footage from inside the CCPs highest ranked member's club meeting.
What are the possible implications of this?


I see cute Chinese girls on the train all the time
usually they are in groups. I wonder if I had a chance if I talked to them
like where else can I meet them? at the uni they always stay in groups and I never see them anywhere else
If said something in Chinese do you think they would be impressed and want a date with me?

Soon Ameri-lets

sit next to them and just ask one out
casually slip her a note with your wechat QR code on it on the lap and leave with a wink

Only if I could hang out with Steve and go shooting

won't work because i'm not handsome

doesn't matter, are you white?
just don't use deodorant
your white pheromones will do their magic on the chinese brain

not in Germany where they're sorrounded by whiteys

i'm pretty sure this happens at just about every university. there's always throngs of chinese people at my uni, but they only stick with other chinese people so it's hard to make friends with them

if they were alone I could maybe talk to one of them but 4 really hot Chinese girls?
that wouldn't end well

The Chinese navy is dramatically behind the US navy. Their aircraft carrier is worse than what the US had in the 80s

had a date with another chinky slut that claimed she doesn’t like guys licking her feet. she only likes getting her twat licked. she also said she tolerates SM. unfortunately I couldn’t fuck her tonight, but hopefully there’s a 2nd date in the future. I managed to make out and tongue kiss her.

needless to say if I get another date I’m gonna tie her up and succ dem toez

btw, she also said some creepy Italian guy asked to drink her piss and she was totally grossed out. wtf is with you some of you eurocucks

also, where is peru?


I guess he saw one too many WMAF couples in Vietnam and it drove him to the edge, RIP peru, you were too good for this world

6 is clearly the correct answer



I live in a white neighborhood that's upper middle class and plan to send my kids to a private school or leave the USA completely.
What personal reason do I have to ban guns at all? Muslims strike randomly and with trucks or bombs. My city has a lower murder rate than China.

why’d you do it peru? why?

what is this again

The Chinese are 1980s tier in regards to navy dude.
Also 1/100th the size.
It would take over 30 years of build up (and maintaining everything built prior) to even have 75% of the USN power.

remind me how many active carriers the UK have compared to china


Take pics of her feet brudda


just now leaving to HK, have spend great time with my ladyboy gf.


also this country is simply GREAT. I love it totally.

The only scientifically proven correlation between penis size and any other trait is (potential) male height.

Realized male height is actually not as correlated since some people starve/get hurt at a young age. But the penis continues growing.

Don’t ask me why I know this

of course peru, that's a brown country

I believe the 2016 research showed about 169cm. India was 163.

You are a manlet sisdom cuck

It's not ethnic homogeneity, it's literature
You'll need to 1984 off the Chinese literature and history to stop them from attempting to reunify as any autist reading them will have a chance of entering reunification mode, there's just so many references to it

Go visit Mindanao

b a s e d peru

now going back to HK.


I mean in a few hours Im gonna be posting under the HK flag.
: )

Nonsensical post

what about you never been abroad and all that non-sense?

Drop the Proxy little man
I have seen through your foolish games

what about your life and that all non-sense?


the two larpers are fighting again


whatcha doing guys?

Not using proxies lmao buuuurn

trading bitcoins

Xi knows how to look like someone with actual power instead of a beta doofus like Hu or Jiang.

looking at this pic makes me feel like china is a rich country
then I remember its still hell on earth if you're an average local




>Xi knows how to look like someone with actual power instead of a beta doofus like Trump

ching chong bing bong

Can someone recommend me some good Chinese music? I'm pretty flexible on genre. I don't really know any good artists/groups that sing in mandarin, and would like to start listening to some. I've done some looking on spottily and the only Chinese artists I've found are making really generic/shitty pop.

ho ho

Hello老外!I'm here to evaluate your progress..
What do you mean?
Aren't you using that /sino/ place I recommended you to learn the peoples' language?Who is Peru?
The classes cost money go back to study

Happy Birthday!

Every country is hell if you are poor

Poor in Aus means gov hands me $240 a week (plus $70 for 'rent assistance') while my parents pay for pay for my living expenses while I study anyway.
Pretty sure I have things a lot better than any middle class mainlander.

Chinese democracy

Yeah except they’ll not be an autistic depressed cuckold posting 24/7 on a Mongolian fingerpainting image board.

The Chinese Dream Team



why is india so high

Bros help out please.

how do you read this name 黄可欣?

why not just keep it simple? just "fuck you" or "reeee" would get your argument across in fewer words
>journos who express anti gov sentiment start disappearing
>less people openly state anti gov sentiment
really jogs the nog huh?

I wonder what's in the black bag
Nuke control? Classified documents? Spare suit?

>The U.S. of A

literally use google translate

I don't know if I can trust Google translate for a language like Chinese, because I know for a fact you can't trust it for Japanese, which is why I asked, I thought that was obvious....

Can you at least have the decency to tell me if that's correct?

Yes that is bloody fucking correct


>Chinese burglars

Yeah probably military stuff. Launch codes and a direct secure line to his generals.

I ask the same about China

It makes the poll more credible though. India and China both rate their government highly even though they have different political systems. China isn’t forcing their people to respond a certain way.
The real question is Ind*nesia

>journos who express anti gov sentiment start disappearing

This has been going on ad infinitum in China you dumbass. Censorship is not new in China.

Do people not get that there was no private news media in China before 2003? It was literally illegal.


>tfw too scared to not be a neet

Thanks Manuka :3


What kind of animal protection group? No. 1 Thai Buffet?

Rate my band

Is Trump outplaying Xi so far in 2018?




Ancap US when

nothing much in 2018 yet


What even has happened in 2018?

The FBI is cucking Trump
Xi is on vacation with the rest of China

Wow literal alpha males can fuck whomever they want? Shocking



those aren't alpha they're average
they're no more than 15cm taller than the girls which is the average difference
one of them is even bald..

perU!? is it really you peru!? where are YOU peru!?

what happened in Vietnam peru!? tell us peru! we MUST know peRU!

True. Trump has TERRIBLE posture. He's so hunched over and looks like he's trying to fart in most photo ops.

Trump can't outplay a rooster at Connect 4 for Christ's sake.

he's adding tariffs and blocking chinese acquisitions with zero retaliation. Seems like winning to me.

Wow you have such great foresight, nobody else in the last handful of decades has even fathomed China as a rising power economically and technologically.

I dont know if you are ironic or not.

Most wh*tes literally believed in their 'democracy is superior' and 'china will crash' meme like a gospel, and thought that 'insectoid yellow little men' can never even overtake Russia in terms of military power and technology.

They were the same people who believed in Fukuyama and his End of History bullshit, literally masturbating to the idea that no country that is not democratic or a friend of the West can ever rise to power. That's the geopolitical equivalent of believing in a flat-earth.

But lucky for China, people dont want to face the hard facts and rather stay in their dream-world. Hence China had like 20 years of relative peace and only encountered half-assed containment attempts, which was enough time to generally catch up and even overtake the West in certain areas.

The next 20 years will be interesting. The West is slowly waking up to China's power and containment attempts and actual destabilization attacks will be escalated. Maybe the US or even Japan will try to stage a false flag or provoke a military incidence to strike first as long as the West still has military superiority and China still hasnt woken up in terms of realizing how hostile the West is and how the US would literally sacrifice every single of their pawns and 'allies' to keep a competitor down.

>they’re average


>adding tariffs

No decision yet.

>block acquisitions
Obama blocked some. Bush blocked some. China blocks US acquisitions. Where’s the US bank in China? Notice all the Chinese banks in the USA.

Overall investment flows are 1000% higher than in 2007. There are more blocked acquisitions. But far more that are not blocked.

Can you not comprehend this?

They are white, not fat, younger than 40, and groomed.

That is not “average” among US males...

>this whole post



>no retaliation

Hard mode: watch this and keep your eyes dry for 4 minutes


>inb4 edgy german claims it didn’t happen


My ancestors :^)

looks like egiptians

If you are weak, things like these will happen to you.

I think the japanese atrocities in WWII (and those before), along with the western imperialist aggressions were necessary wake-up calls for the Chinese people, who have for a long time deluded themselves into thinking that there is a certain transcendent 'heavenly' order or 'justice' in the world, where the good guys get rewarded and bad guys will suffer bad karma.
If Chinese history of the last 200 years showed, it was the bad guys who are alive, enjoy their wealth and reign over a system they have built by piling up skulls upon which they build their thrones.

This was a good lesson. The great sociologist of the late 19th century Max Weber would call this 'the disenchantment of the world'. For the West, it was the decline of the catholic church, the rise of rationality, bureaucracy and the age of enlightenment which propelled it to modernity - in China, it was the century of massacres and atrocities that ended all belief in heavenly, transcendent justice.

The result: The Chinese are now firm believers in hard power and shit on anything and everything that just reeks of morals/feelings/justice based logic.
And they are right. If they dont want to end up on the receiving end of attempted genocide again, they should plan to genocide others (i.e. the wh*tes) themselves. The world is a dark, ugly place and you better burn the bodies of your enemies to keep your warming bonfire lit.

Well, hello ‘Cuban-American’ aka half- Japanese hapa. Forget which personality you are? ;)

Why don’t you post your face if you’re not afraid? :-)

Because I'm not a camwhore or shitty youtube vlogger wannabe who talks 24/7 about how many chinese girls he plans to fuck from within his basement.

That doesn’t matter. You claim you are a strong guy who can physically handle most anyone, and openly call for the genocide of entire races. You should stand by your posts and be a real man. Show your face and let the world know your views. Or are you a coward? :-)

I will do that after I have seen Germanflag's face and killed him. It is my war-strategy and why should I let him see my face so that he can run away once I meet him in "Taiwan" (though I dont believe that he will ever leave his mom's basement anyway)?

I can assure you. Once I killed him, I will post a picture of my face (and in my hand; his severed head with his genitals in his own mouth) on Cred Forums first before BBC gets to report it!

Um user, no tariffs yet. And actually the Chinese government itself is blocking acquisitions by Chinese companies overseas.

Cuban American only posts under USA flag. I would know, since he is me.

damn the edge

this has gotta be one of the slowest and shittest generals on Cred Forums

Probably because I haven't been posting so much recently.

What do you expect of Cred Forums's equivalent to r/China?

I keep away from that cancerous place, but If was was there, I would drop so many truthbombs there until every single sexpat and "taiwanese"/"self-hating chink" leaves that place due to hurt feelings.

Blocking takeover of Chicago Stock Exchange, MoneyGram, Lattice Semiconductor Corp were all done on the american side

/sino/ on /int is unironically 100x better than /r/china, and might be the best English-language China discussion on the entire Internet.

I think it's due to how truly international it is here, so white supremacist sexpats are easily drowned out.

Just peer reviewed a paper from china and I gave it good reviews. You're welcome commies.

Thank you for your cervix!

What we know of ‘Cuban-American’/Jap hapa/Jap flag:

>was/still is in the US military
>claims to reside in Washington DC
>claims to be a professor or works in the public sector
>either way likely works for the US government

Now, what’s to stop me from reporting you to the FBI for treason and actively undermining the US government? I already have your half-face picture. ;-)

British truly are the most loyal dogs in the world. Want to eat you all!

>>claims to reside in Washington DC
This is the only correct thing about me, the Cuban. Those other attributes belong to other anons.
I'm not a spook that works for the American imperialist leviathan.

BTW accidentally found Woodrow Wilson's sarcophagus the other day

Is this cute?
a) yes
b) no

>might be the best English-language China discussion on the entire Internet.

>Endless posts about genocide


Hi :-)

To be fair, peru brings our average quality way up.

In case you didnt realize, the usual discussion about sexpating (I presume that this is the original reason why you entered this thread in the first place) is also merely a discourse on genocide, but in another form.

Sexpating indicates sexual conquest of an indigenous population by male members of a population with higher material standing - be it economic, political and/or military in nature, real or imagined. This is basically the same modus operanti used in conquest between different populations on each other throughout history, and more often than not, either the result or prelude of a genocide or large size displacement of population.

A direct and unfettered discourse on genocide is a good way to cut away the fat and all the unimportant things that obstructs the view on the underlying dynamics behind every single human interaction on macro-societal level.

You may criticize this approach for reductionism, but human existence in general operate under a very basic and primitive dynamism:

>Grug wants fugg
>Grug dont get fugg
>Grug realize that Grug belong to Wh*te Tribe who used to successfully kill, rape and steal from others and hence Grug is entitled to fugg when going to territory of Yellow Tribe
>Grug go to obscure cave carving wall and asks other Wh*te Grugs if they think that Yellow Tribe female members would throw themselves on Grug because Grug is from Wh*te Tribe and Wh*te Tribe used to dominate all other Tribes on the great plains.
>Grug gets angry when Yellow Tribe member responds that the Wh*te Tribe's dominance is over, because Yellow Tribe now has discovered bronze and makes killing tools out of it, while Wh*te Tribe still is fighting over whether Grug Hunters should be armed with flint-stones on stick or normal stones on bone-club.
>Wh*te Grug now claims that Yellow Tribe stole bronze making technique from Wh*te Tribe, even though Wh*te Tribe didnt have it themselves.
>Grug gets angry and shows crude paintings of feet and tribal cave paintings of other Grug with Yellow Tribe female members.
>Grug thinks that this sure showed his Wh*te Tribe's superiority.
>Meanwhile, Yellow Tribe entered the Iron Age and invented advanced agricultural technologies under the guidance of a superior system of governance.


About time they tackled this issue. But again shows that the CPC is clearly aware of the issues at hand. It only needs a good leader like Xi Jinping who has the power to initiate all these necessary programs.

You reckon a white guy stole Japan flag's girl?

Didn’t ask

>literally Grug resorting to fugg-posting when no other arguments

Damn, I cant believe how right I am and how primitive and easy to read the wh*te posters here are.

Work on your youtube channel pls.

2019 once I moved to Taiwan
Still need to think of a good channel name


famous chinese quote from philosopher De Rui Yi Sheng

Your tiny cock is showing. Show your face already, you gigantic pussy.

He's targeting us, not china. Make no mistake on that, Trump wants to destroy and Annex Canada.

Remember, Zhang, your pathetic country would either be scorched Earth or Japanese lebensraum right now if it wasn’t for whitey saving you ungrateful monkeys.

Honestly we should’ve let them kill off most of your population. Perhaps a Japanese soldier would have done us the pleasure of bayoneting your grandfather and preventing your existence

As said, I will once I see Germanfags face.

>Grug resorts to talk about reproductive organs when in distress

Interesting specimen... Anglo-saxons sure share their German brethren's genes in terms of being predictable and not very intelligent.

How are half chinese people seen in China?
I'm dating a chinese girl and will probably pump out a few Elliot Rodgers eventually, will they be horribly discriminated against if they go to china?

>Grug resorts to showing crude paintings about how Wh*te Tribe used to be so superior and dominating

Will you ever get civilized and advance to modernity?


Sorry, all I hear is: tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock tiny cock

>Grug has lost it and is obsessed with his father's reproductive organ

poor soul...

Give me your cave's address and I will send help in the form of some of the brown tribe's hairy men over to you.
These fine hunter-gatherer's from the desert/arid regions are already fairly plentiful in your hunting grounds from what I heard. And I heard their reproductive organs are not so bad and you will surely relive the pleasure of receiving your father's sexual attention as child.

Can you keep them out of mine, thanks.

the wonders of living on the american continent is that your neighbor can bomb brown-tribe's home to dust and never suffer the migration of refugees himself because two oceans protect you from them.

This doesnt apply to Grug's small island, tho.

So, no worry.

Sadly the leader of leaf-tribe has decided he would rather have brown-tribe come here than rice-tribe.

I like rice-tribe.
I don't like brown-tribe.

t-that's sad to hear...

cant leaf-tribe send a new Ombudsmann to talk chieftain out of it? Send more of brown-tribe to Grug, because he is in want for the rectal attention of biological father.

>More people killed by fists than rifles in the US
>Cities with strictest gun control have the highest violent crime and gun crime
>More people die from accidental poisoning than all firearm homicides
Probably never, because people realise that throwing away the rights of the people because a few fucks die in a gun free zone even after the FBI was warned multiple times about the attack is retarded.

What's wrong with footkraut

Depends, will they be able to speak chinese?
If you look Chinese but can't speak Chinese, you better come up with a good excuse
>i'm from finland

End of anarcho-communist China

After phases of breakneck growth, there is always a move to more quality growth.
Happened the same here. Back in the 60s, we were DIRTY as FUCK. My father always used to describe about how the traffic police in Tokyo crossings used to wear actual gas-masks.
One thing was sure; the Olympics 1964 helped a lot.

Nothing, why are you concerned?

I mean can't they say they are Canadian?

I do want to get them to learn mandarin but getting them in a school that teaches that here is $$$ and as you probably know Vancouver is not cheap as is.

>Airforce and Navy wise, the Chinese are basically not behind the US in any form anymore.
Absolute fucking delusion. The US has more nuclear aircraft carriers than the average man has spermcells. The is Navy literally has working railguns that shoot down hypersonic missiles. The fucking airforce has access to more nukes than any other country on the planet. They were pumping out research about fucking plasma weapons until the tests became so successful it was classified. I'm not joking, Google search project MARAUDER.

>More people killed by fists than rifles in the US
Then there's still people killed by rifles

>Cities with strictest gun control have the highest violent crime and gun crime
fixed for you: Cities with the highest violent crime and gun crime are forced to enact strictest gun control

>More people die from accidental poisoning than all firearm homicides
And? This has absolutely nothing to do with the gun control issue.

I don't expect you to come up with better points since you are an American though.

China is an ethnic nation, if they look Chinese they will be assumed to be Chinese and

Tibet and Xinjiang shouldn't be considered as a part of China.

They might as well not be, they're second class citizens and have no rights outside of xinjiang.

Would rather bang a 4/10 chink than a 9/10 Shitgur desu
(Its a joke because 9/10 shitgurs do not exist)

Actually that was the Dutch

Other brit ITT has gone off on one

Korea getting KANG'D


>download Tantan and set my location to Shenzhen
>start right-swiping for a couple minutes
>literally only one match


Why are bowl cuts so popular for men in China?

Their peepees are so tiny they have to compensate by making themselves look like one huge cock

what does ethnic nation mean?
China is huge and you've got a lot of ethnic minorities and religions

That means modern China has a excessively expanded territory

Why do chinky girls play pool barefoot, and put their bare feet on the table

Why can't Chinese women migrate to Europe isntead pf Muslims? We can take them in anytime and I'm even willing to learn the way of Mao.

who would willingly go to Poland?

So far mostly refugees from Ukraine

What Chinese dialect do people from Taiwan speak?
I have a date with a Chinese girl and I lied and said I speak a little Chinese

They speak Nanjing dialect.


is it mandarin?

Say to her "Taiwan shi jong gwar de"

That's Taiwanese for "You look nice"


Check this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiwanese_Hokkien

no way. not going to let you ruin it

He can’t be stopped

One was Obama
The other was a minor $150 million acqusition
Moneygram was initially stopped by Obama in 2016 and confirmed in 2017.

Blocking some acquisitions is standard practice. Chinese investment in the USA was $100 billion in 2017. Not sure how a couple deals gettng blocked is meaningful compared to the total.

In 2012, there were only $20 billion in deals. Trump quite literally approved 5 times more deals than Obama in his first term.

ah thanks. but if i learned basic mandarin sentences to impress her would she understand it?

I correct my words - China is a civilization state, Chinese are civilizational-nationalist, not ethnic nation/ethnic nationalist and certainly not civic nationalists.

It means that Xinjiangren are called laowai and the Chinese mind collectively can't comprehend how someone has yellow skin but can't hold chopsticks.

Minorities are a meme.

She's cute

Blame your ancestors

She isn't going to be impressed by your broken Chinese. You have to be able to speak fluently if you want to peak her interest

2047 =^]

That’s my ex

I already have a date with her
I just lied and said I speak Chinese and maybe she wants to test me

I don't blame anyone. IMO this has to be corrected sooner or later. Chinese government shouldn't force Xinjian, Tibet or other minorities to be part of China.

Just tell her anal sex is called Chinese in Germany if she asks and laugh it off.
Later you can have anal sex with her.

Taiwan shouldn’t force Penghu to be part of Taiwan.

wo wohnst du?

Japan should not force Okinawa to remain part of it.

Yea, you told us this already. But you're probably not the only one she's dating.

Look at her. She's hot. She has options.

The US should not force California to be part of it.

fuck you
you are jelly
i'm the only german friend she has
burger btfo

>she’s hot
You can’t even see her face
FOr all we know she could have rotten teeth and a potato nose

We need pics of her toez to further evaluate this situation


That's my ex..

>She isn't going to be impressed by your broken Chinese.

incorrect. Chinese dish out the compliments for the most broken of chinese.

she lived in Taiwan for her whole life and moved to Germany last year

we had an online relationship. Believe me I have plenty of nudes.
I even know about her special tattoo..

Keep on dreaming

You mean the tattoo of my name right above her private parts? Yeah, I remember her getting that one.

She's a freak.

good thing she told me she never dated anyone before
have fun in your loser thread
with your kleenex and folders full of pictures

Ask her about her German ex

lemme guess, she also told you that she's a virgin?


>she told me she never dated anyone before
She isn't even a virgin IMO. Girls in Taiwan always claim themselves as pure.

every Asian girl is a virgin with each new relationship

what a bunch of jealous virgins

this is her right before she got penetrated by my big fat cock

>He doesn't know Asian girls date and have several "boyfriends"

She's not yours till you put a ring on it.

It's very common that a girl has multiple boyfriends here

I wouldn't say that it's very common, but that it's not uncommon for an attractive girl to have multiple boyfriends

I wonder if Winston had to pay a settlement fee for divorcing that HK girl.

I heard that sometimes families demand payment from guys who waste their daughters time because she's never going to get those years back she wasted with the guy.

this is my ex

boyfriend? what are you talking about?
she's not straight

You are underestimating the whorerism of Taiwanese girls

>He's still bragging about his insectoid abo gf

no one cares dude

Asian girls often want to declare you bf and gf on the first date. They do that because to them the term is meaningless.

Umm that wasn’t me sweaty

Migrate here