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second for ROME

Migrant here.

>tfw other people go out on the weekend and get drunk and fuck
>i stay at home playing rome total war

fifth for ROME

sixth for ROME

"Yo bro. Are you even here legally pussy?"
wat do?

huns/ any nomads >r*mans

so anyways ichigo got sibling zoned.

Shocking no one.

Not unexpected and she brought it on herself.
Hoping for some sort of meaningful romance between 002 and Hiro is wishful thinking, right?

hey my oc

i know i just wanted to post this
yeah she truly did she truly fucked up forever

>no user, I'm not saying she's a bitch, I'm just saying she might have some problems, unstable people will give you trouble, but it's your decision if you want to be with her anyway
well she does not like me so I dont have to worry about that :DDDDDD

kingdom come
dubs rome total war

>tfw I haven't been able to play Kingdom Cum for a couple days since I was helping my brother move

It was fucking 40º too

>tfw playing skyrim at 3-5 fps
good for you user, call it destiny :3

>having emotions for someone

what does it mean if I could easily get a gf, but I'd rather love my 2D waifu?

hope is the last thing to die

mental illness

but i'm not gay

Jesus christ people

Family got drunk and they nearly killed each other, ambulance just left

Fucking hell i need to move out of this house ASAP

What the fuck why?

yes, move out. cant you get a flat for like 6,000 czk/month if split with a roommate?

sorry to hear that anonku, I know the exact feeling tho

Everyone got drunk as fuck and started fighting, uncle slapped my other uncles gf because they fucking hate each other and she fell down the stairs, now everyone is blaming each other, god i hate this fucking family

Yeah, i'll look into it, gonna have to get a job though, at least i have some motivation now

Thank you, living with white trash is wonderful

myeah, based slav whiteness and moral traditional values tho amirite

when I was like 13-15 my father and my late grandpa were beating each other, we closed the door together to the living room so he doesnt get in and held it, the main part was made of glass. he kicked it and made my hand bleed because I got shards in my hand and forehead. other time dad nearly beat him to death/choked him in balcony because they were fighting again. after police came, that view of my grandpa with face all swollen, blue and without a single non bloody spot was horrifying and traumatic, I sitll have shock from it.

run away user, it really didnt stop in my family until he died. nothing's gonna change until you leave.

thirtieth for ROME

Sorry to hear that, sounds like a bunch of terrible experiences, i mostly feel sorry for my 9 year old cousin that was here, he was fucking shaking when i last saw him, i feel so sorry for that kid, growing up in this family is fucking hell, bunch of alcoholics

I'm definitely moving this year, i'm so fucking sick of all this daily drama

Yeah I know that feeling as well. I never felt too bad for myself but I always felt extremely bad for my younger sisters who were like ~5 and 10 at the time. Seeing them scream "no" and shake with tears coming out like it's raining is the worst.

If its that bad you could go to the authorities and they could put your cousin with another family member.

Hi litvin what's up

>Seeing them scream "no" and shake with tears coming out like it's raining

slowly drifting into sleep mode, thankfully didnt fugg up my bio clock even when I went to sleep at 9 am


No, this is more of an isolated incident, but still, he's the only kid in the family, everyone gets blackout drunk and he stays in my room and plays videogames with me because he doesn't want to be with them, he's a good kid but growing up in this enviroment is definitely bad for him

Fucking hell, if I'll ever have a family I'll make sure that they don't have to suffer through shit like this

post a pic of your sisters
preferably crying

I'm having some beers, feeling comfy af atm, I wish more anons were here

I wish I had beer rn


This is proof that alcohol is the juice of the devil. You Czechs need to embrace prohibition.


>You Czechs need to embrace prohibition.
that would probably be the only thing to incite riots in this country 2bh

forty third for ROME

I wish I had a gf

I wish I was Polish


i finished Kingdom Come today
good game but the story is not finished, there will be second game
you don't even get to see that nigga who killed your parents anymore
wtf czechbros? will it be a trilogy?

>tfw everyone talking about kingdom cum and I can't even play it
sup hunanon, how you doing?

I wish she liked me

DLC Paradox style

I answered that before desu

buy yourself an xbox one if you can't afford good pc
i saw xbox one for as low as 150 euro during black friday

Silly Czechs, you don't use DLC to finish the main story. I thought you guys were based.

Are there any catholics in /v4/? I know that the Church has many scandals but I believe that there is a God and our life is a path to get to know him

oh sorry, I thought you were a different hun :3
I can't afford even a candy user, forget about any kind of technology....

nah this definitely doesnt look like DLCs are coming
the whole story of this game was kinda long, but it looks like just a beggining for more important events

>the argie still don't recognize you

post ur church

>the whole story of this game was kinda long
Was it? /vg/ is bitching that story was short as fuck

*Watches as Poland annexes part of Chechoslovakia*
*Annexes you all*

Privet, tovarishi! Bpeмя бyхaть вoдкy, cyчки!

a play station 4 costs around 600 euros here
I know there are a few regular huns on /v4/, the ones I recognize are: the permamad weebincel and the one who posts pic related, are you one of these?

I post the pic but I'm on phone now

took me solid 4 days of playing 10 hours daily to finish main story and like half of side quests
not a witcher 3 tier but still longer than many commonly loved rpgs like gothic so i see no reason to be mad
finishing gothic 1 with every single side quest and maxed character takes me less than 30h, doing this every year

How long is it, approximately?

no problemo

It was a Lutheran church when Germans were here (I live in Masuria).

if youre not rushing the game but playing slowly and doing side quests, it's a solid 50h title
the prologue itself is long as fuck

>tfw no v4 gf

good church

thanks, bless good people and God


video about how gothic series influenced witcher series
has subtitles in english, russian, german and more

very interesting
i hope you liked it friends

one of the few polish churches in my city

Catholic rocketship

nice, looks like a church in Rome
BTW Are you of Polish descent?

it does kind of resemble st peters doesnt it?
pic rel is nearby, does everything in latin
>BTW Are you of Polish descent?
no, slovak

is it good.

Yeah, but this church reminds me French churches

The game? Yeah.
The heat? No.

thats alcohol not morals or slavs. also shitty parenting bet they themselves had bad childhoods.

after ignoring the bad performance and bugs it turned out to be a great game
if they fix the bugs in the following weeks and improve performance this could be game of the year easily
well, probably it won't win any awards becausd the main developer of the game is a Cred Forumstard who argues with random people on twitter but for me this is serious candidate for best game of this year
waiting for Metro Exodus too


that dev is weird, on one hands is some kind of poltard but himself is jew, has a colored sjws and anarchists in studio and promotes progressive themes in game - refugees, jewish prosecution, women status in medieval age.

>implying thats bad

Hi ánon

>god is real

coincidentally the head priest is french
but all of the old polish neighborhood surrounding those churches are all mexican now

I don't really know what other kind of shit he's said or whatever but I'd get annoyed too if I was making a game based on a period in history and then got tweeted "Ummmm where are the poc's??? This is problematic you nazi" a bunch.

szia és jóéjszakát

isten áldjon titeket ánon!

wtf i love half life now even more

i really wonder if these questions were serious or just some troll wanted to provoke him
are there people who legitimately believe that europe was always multicultural?
most of eastern europeans never even dreamed of niggers until XX century

there is a diary of some polack soldier fighting in German Empire army during first World War and he described his surprise when he saw a black senegalese soldier when they raided some french trench
funny shit

alright im going to sleep maybe ill die in it

are you waiting for Hunt Down the Freeman?

no thats a shit tier mod that shouldnt be even made just like the cinematic mod which includes alyxs vagina in detail (the inside part) and the episode 3 one that has evil kleiner and just gmod asset rip offs

hmm i think this mod looks interesting and gonna check it out when it releases this week
still waiting for Xen update for Black Mesa too

I don't think even the people who are serious about it believe Europe was always multicultural, I think they just want to be historical revisionists to an extreme extent that involves bullying people for being accurate.

Black Mesa is very good hunt down freeman is laughably shit just look at its demo

it was serious and most prevalent in surprise surprise Germany...
even more surprising is the guy who owns the company Bakala is mega sjw and fuck borders type of guy and only now some people found out his companies are censoring emails and other things

and the most shit thing is officially only ONE guy worked at Warhose so Bakala could save taxes.


what are you dancing to on this fine saturday night /v4/?

I gave some Wayfarer in kingdom cum some cloth for his gay feet because I'm such a top bloke, now I have what looks like a debuff involving my coin pouch but it's on the left of my compass and it doesn't show in the inventory screen or the buffs screen. Anyone know what this is?






What's your gamertag? If you don't speak english I can still faintly understand polish because I'm that one czech american
What games do you have?

Also I wanna learn Hungarian, or at least some becuase otherwise I can't really understand many magyaranons, and plus one I go back to living in the Czech Republic, I can understand and sort of communicate with poles and Slovaks.
I feel that Hungarian would serve me well since times are getting bad, and v4 will be stronger than ever

>promotes progressive themes in game - refugees, jewish prosecution, women status in medieval age.

Also wake up dummies

I said fucking wake up.

I think I've broken this quest in King Cum where you take a bath with Hans. When I was stealing the ring from the bathhouse I alerted a bath maid in the process and now I think she's the one who brings wine for Hans and when she sees me she runs away and it fails the quest.

nah i just gave this poor dude a protip
i own a PC

i could feel sexual tension between Henry and Hans on their rabbit hunt in thde forest
if it was Bioware game there would be homosex there

That or he'd reject Henry because he's not a bi tranny.

wake up dummies

>why so early dummy.
downloaded some .pdf that i am gonna read in bed

What pdf.
Lvl 110 soon and I dont feel like playing mage anymore. Mage leveling is pure cancer. Never did I want more to punch hole through my monitor desu

>What pdf.
that's secret :^)
also if you don't enjoy the game why do you play it?

>czechia is basically just the cooler version of slovakia
>poland looks very jewish
>hungary is a horse riding cowboy
Very accurate picture

>tfw I had to clean my room, do the homework, work on the semester project
>tfw played csgo and tf2 all day yesterday
Who /lazy fuck/ here?

Me every day

Tell me.
I dont enjoy leveling endgame will be better I hope

Which part of straya do you live in?

Central Queensland

>Central Queersland
Seems about right

Keep that up and I'll ram your ass.

A lot of low-level SJW types are just useful idiots brainwashed by the media and the education system. They don't think. They simply act on emotion. Those on top are doing it solemnly for money and power though. For bankers refugees are a great investment. They are nothing but a dead weight crippling any treasury forcing governments around the world to rely on loans to survive. Multinational corporations love to outsource labor to India or China when there is no workers rights, work itself is dirt cheap and safety regulations non-existent. A lot of left-leaning politicaly parties rely on Third World electorate to stay in power too. Importing Spics and Negroes simply increases their voting base.

>tfw traveling in an empty train through snow covered woods

Couldn't be more comfy lads

>have only friend
>have to listen to his story how he is getting high with top qt in hotel room and how she went after his dick but he had to friendzoned her, because he has another qt waiting at home
>meanwhile I'm drunk again alone in my room
this is not fair at all

He's not your friend if he didn't invite you.

They are friends, she does not know me. And it was in different city. Also I forgot I can now hear my flatmate cuddling and giggling with his gf in different room, while the other flatmate is probably on the way with his uggo gf. I'll probably just go to walk to forrest :^)

i am awake

>I'll probably just go to walk to forrest :^)

It's a long walk to Japan, m8.

I don't want some blonde murrican Chad faggot sticking his camera to my face in my last moments

so what did you fags think of the new franxx episode?

My friend is from same town as the one in Kingdom Come and he even has same surname as one of the characters.
Thx for reading my /blog/

iktf lad, soon i will get on my train and have a comfy ride through snowy landscapes of central slovakia
also muh 22 tunnels youtu.be/WG1ZsaHCI0c?t=7

i was expecting it to be different with lots of deaths i also kind of feel sorry for ichigo

i was expecting hiro to grow some fucking horns or something
i hope next week they tell us a bit more about the blue cancer

How does it feel knowing that you'll be the same as your family, because you don't know how to actually solve problems and your immediate responses will be shit forever?

>i hope next week they tell us a bit more about the blue cancer
When it literally evaporated because of the power of love my eyes rolled out the back of my fucking head I wanted to drop the show on the spot.

sounds like you know him quite well

Stop spoiling ya shits

>watching animu
also, it is somehow controversial? On Czechoslovak IMDB it has 4x all five stars, 2x three stars and 2x zero stars/trash

we dont really know what happened tho

what the fuck do you mean? it came out YESTERDAY

I still haven't watched it

>we dont really know what happened tho

With the motif of one winged birds finding a mate to take flight and pairs in general it's pretty bloody obvious what happened though, they can maybe address it as some genetic or chemical reaction but at the end of the day it'd be nothing but a label to cover up the fact that he's not dead because the story demands that love conquers death.

Post your best chilli recipe pls

1. Take chili
2. Put it in instant noodles
3. Die

1. Take chili
2. Put it in blender
3. Snort it
4. Die

>not erős pista
just put this in everything and you are set

ikrtf i expected him to fucking mutate into somekind of a stronger better thing

>love conquers death
jesus christ how can humans be so retarded this is like that
>make love not war

god damn it I hate waking up so late

>Kindom Come
>People take cover during rain

saw this in a store a few days ago, is it good?

>Step 1

put mask on

>Step 2
mix the chilli with tomato sauce

>Step 3
enjoy chilli

slept 6 hours, how to go back to sleep

people took cover from rain in first witcher

after 6 hours?

you can't

good morning then

physically broken

I drank too much last night
now I have diarrhea and insane hangover
great use of money, I should have bought new pants instead, I need new pants


say no to alcohol

I need new pants badly rn

what's up friendo

I'll be starting an antidepressant treatment so I will have to. thats one of the reasons I drank so much, my dumbass brain said "it's one of the last occasions to get drunk in a long time, lets take it" and I listened.

I played kingdom come deliverance, its ok

nothing i just had enough of everything

work on project due monday noon
play tf2

well, seems like I have no choice, but to procrastinate

I think you dont really want to work

brofist :D

that's a correct analysis


why are all of those threads have such retarded statements in the op?

pregnancy is fucking disgusting desu.
I feel sorry for you femvak and argie

You were born that way, Tomasek

I saw that thread before with the exact same OP. Something feels fishy here.

I didnt wrekt my mom like this desu

People consecutively post the same threads every day? I don't believe you, not on Cred Forums.

>the virgin birthing
>the Chad C-section

azt a kurva
is this normal?

after our next general election we'll join with Austria

it happens when you are unlucky

keep dreaming tót

Combat in Skyrim is better than in Kingdom Cum desu

when I was a little kid I thought that every person in USA is black


If only it were so simple.

I hope this player had Rock Band™ hit sounds modded in at least.

check the flag, silly Maďar

I still dont understand how does the fucking blocking work

It's just Q and it's not directional.
You can hold it to be casual, press it when the green shield appears in the center to block with no stamina loss and press is at the instant the green shield appears by reading the wind up animation to do a parry/counter attack.

we call the slovens tót too. Even the horváts were called tóts long ago. Basically every slav were called tót. Silly tót

thank you aussie, youre a nice guy

my bad, had no idea magyar language is so grug-like

Tell me about Magyar. Why does he wear the mask?

don't bother, it's incredibly useless outside of the country, and despite the meming most hi variants can speak conversational English or German. Also, it's stupid hard to learn unless you grew up with it or are surrounded by it, otherwise your grammar will always seem off. I've been away from my family for about three years, and I already have regressed in my ability to speak correctly.

Honestly, learning a slavic language will get you farther, knowing Czech would help you better in that regard


Is planeanon still coming here?

Found a game for you desu


I found a guy in a sick suit of armour who wanted a duel but I fucking accidentally sold the hammer I was keeping handy and he kicked my ass.

So then I shot him in the gut twice and now I have a sick suit of armour :^)

I did it lads
>tfw gf after 25 years of no gf

why are russians so evil?

Better yet, learn Russian instead to get the full shitposting experiance. Participate in ebin threads when Ukies and Russians fling shit at each other nonstop. Moreover, Russian is a perfect starting point for mastering other slavic languages (Polish excluded). Serbian and Bulgarian are quite close to Russian actually.

gratz user
>tfw no crazy gf

gfs are for fags, just get a waifu instead

already have one

gsf are for fags, just get a bf instead

how was church today everyone?


no u

Had my first kiss today lads

The date was a success and she wants to see me again

but did you put benis in vagina? :DDDDD

This, I'm happy I know hungarian but it's useless outside of hungary. Learn Russian, it's your best option

helo /v4/adians
lublinek? :DDDD

aww what a romantic day today :3

dubs and I fucking move to French Polynesia

fuck this weather

desu, that woman is very obese as well, probably doesn't help withe the skin stretching

two hundred and nineteenth for ROME

>post number 218


b*rbarian spotted


t. the mongrel from budapest
i will fucking rip your filty atheist anus off


it is started...

>get armor in Talmberg
>escape the castle on my horse Olena
>reach the mining camp halfway towards Rovná
>quest completed, find your parents
>wtf I didn't even reach Skalitz yet
>after short cutscene I realized game fast traveled me to Skalitz automatically
>I'm without my horse, don't have any idea where she is now
>supposed to travel all these distances on foot now

praise TENGRI
wh*Tes watch out!

thnaks lad
not yet, just tongueu in mauth for now :DDD :-DDDD
'Tis I!

WTF basically the same here but yesterday
cheers lad

this game is so good and so shit at the same time, how did pepiks even manage that

playing it makes me want to play some mountain blade again

gratulacje!, is she a lublinka?, how old is she? how did you ask her? tell us errythin! :3

when are the Czechs going to step up and mediate the disagreement towards their two greatest allies?

>this game is so good and so shit at the same time
so just like like gothic and stalker?

excellent work

there is nothing shit about gothic though

>Cheering someone for sticking their body part into another person like its important or some sort of accomplishment


it's important and some sort of acomplishment when you've expected to do it for a long time, don't be a dummy

>he doesn't clap while watching porn

except ladders

When is it culturally acceptable to clap in the USA?

How can i be more white? (american)

I don't really see any difference between here and Europe in terms of clapping, so I don't really get the meme, desu
I've heard of people clapping at the end of movies, when a plane lands, or other inappropriate times which seem like they're from a greentext story on Cred Forums, but I've never experienced it myself. Maybe it's a regional thing.

gnight lads

wake up dummy, it's too early

fug sleebing

tóts are weaklings and all of them should die while working 20 hours a day on paprika fields. Their body should be left on the fields to decompose

kosher food is disgusting. Letting the jews live was a mistake

Damn so all that was just a prologue, that's bretty gud

this, fuck ladders

>tfw saw a top tier qt
>did nothing
every single time. it hurts more and more

who needs qts, just get a waifu lmao

I had literally 0 expirience with women so even my waifu wouldnt ever love me

if you want experience then get experience, just talk to some girl


what are you, a faggot?

lad just talk to ugly girls first to get ego boost

no just a failure

how old are you? you're probably too young to be one

some women dig unexperienced young lads

im in my 20s but that doesnt matter

dont steal kids

commas, are, very, important

Where's your god now?

idk lol

you shouldn't really steal other things either, but yes, don't steal kids
maybe steal hearts, but only in the metaphorical way of course

Shit, Poles used to clap like crazy after every plane landing. I wonder why we aren't doing it anymore.

I clap while reading good posts. I'm not sure if other huns do this too.

You don't clap in belarus cause you can be arrested

no that is not right

>claping after a plane landing

I consider myself a cultural Catholic, but I postironically flirt with Lechitic paganism and Zoroastrianism/Iranic fire cults and I like to see them as pieces of the same, ever-evolving religious organism.

I was around 10 when I saw people clapping after a landing

no I don't, I sometimes nod my head if I read something amusing, but that's all

only you are this retarded

hello Somogy
How do you read -gy?



I have this major malfunction. I can talk to ugly girls no problem. That's probably because I don't feel any sexual attraction to them. I can be witty, charming, funny, etc. However, the moment I have to interact with girls that are actually pretty I drop spaghetti immediately. How should I try to combat this? Is this my brain telling me such girls are way out of my league, and I shouldn't even bother talking to them?

like in french adieu or english due

just fap in the morning

it does wonders

greentext it

It's true. It used to be a common practice when I was a kid. Somehow around the early two thousands we stopped doing that.


>at train station
>train is leaving in 5 minutes
>"you gonna kiss me or what?"
>sticks her tongue in my mouth
>I panic and pull out immediately
>she laughs and kisses me on the lips
>we say bye to each other and leave

little awkward, but alright

damn, and who is she, how you got to meet her? I assume it's not just a stranger in train station

I met her on Tinder 2 weeks ago, today we met for the first time

imagine how many dicks she may have sucked before kissing you

3 dicks, I asked

I can very much relate to this and my advice is as follows: don't look for hot, outgoing girls, but for cute, nice girls. The kind you will find attractive, but an average Chad would probably ignore.
There really are diamonds in the mud out there, and shy girls tend to be the kinkiest. Cicha woda brzegi rwie, zuchu


magyar cigany



hello lublin
you dont know how to say magyar?

>women are being whores
no one suprised

how comfy is hungary?

well, at least she doesn't hide it

I wonder how many other guys she met that day.

None, because I was with her the entire day

Sounds like you have trust issues my mongol friend

Do you really like her user or you just took the first one that looked interested?

My mom is very religious but my pops was a die-hard commie for most of his life. He even was a political commissar in the army during the martial law period in the 80s. I really don't know how I ended up being a ultra-nationalist. I see Christ as a warrior figure. As someone akin to a righteous knight defending the weak and punishing the wicked. I believe Poland should cut all ties with the Vatican. Papacy is a relict of the past. Moreover, clergy was always corrupt as fuck. Their power needs to destroyed for the good of the nation. Ideally, the King of Poland should be the head of the Church here. Purgin the unnecessary bits from the Bible and filling the blanks with Slavic Paganism could be a good idea as well.

>heh the slut was with me all day along you might even fuck her but in the end i was with her for a day


>trusting women

you need to do x15 to get a real number

dubs of truth

She's alright, I like spending time with her

Sorry, I'll stop seeing her and continue posting >tfw no gf posts here and drink until i don't feel anything anymore

yes good

You can get a better one, she'll leave you broken-hearted

You are both right. However, very low self esteem takes a hold of me every chance there is. Everytime I expect the worst case scenario to happen. Combine that with trust issues and I may be fucked beyond repair.

I'm happy for you user, go and escape this hellhole

>you can get a better one
and she's automatically a bad pick because she had partners before me because i was too autistic to get a partner before i met her? Virgin doesn't eaual perfect woman

I feel like I managed to bee my awkward self and simultaneously release my inner Chad at the same time
>had a neat whole day date in the Old Town part of the city
>by the end of the day walked her to her gommieblock's door (she rents a room there)
>tell her I want to give her something, but it might turn out awkward and ruin our evening if she doesn't like it
>she seems a bit confused, but rolls with it
>I tell her to close her eyes because it's a surprise
>she closes her eyes
>I french kiss her right away
>she responds with the same
>we keep kissing for a minute or so and she mumbles (still kissing) that she likes this surprise
>we run up to her place giggling like kids for the "tea"
>cuddle and make out like crazy till 4 AM
High risk high reward lads

please come back, horo deserves you more.

Ah, so it's our dzi
I thought it might sound different as a suffix


>things that dont exist

qt but I kind of expected some fugging

you only fug for kids, bad goy.

>not your waifu
I think I might order a bodypillow to go full failure

>He even was a political commissar in the army during the martial law period in the 80s.
>I really don't know how I ended up being a ultra-nationalist.
I believe the term you're looking for is a rebound

go ahead, thats the purest form of masturbation.

How old are you?

damn user that's fuggin hot good job with the courage to do that

24, six more years and I'm going to ascend to wizardhood.

All in due time
I want to savour this relationship like a true romantic gentleman *tips kapelusz*

never go full anything, especially failure

I'm 25 and just found the one, so you're still far from lost

I'm happy for you my man. However I'm not so enthusiastic about myself. All the king's horses and all the king's men won't be able to fix me I'm affraid. I'm at peace though. I accept my place on the food chain.

>romantic gentleman takes his time
>csanád rushes in and fucks her brains out and she allows this because she couldnt wait no more
why not?

well im 23 and I already geniunley feel like im an 80 yo cripple who has done everything in life and just wants his last years to fly away

same, but I'm only 20

tandem suicide when?