Airbus A350 edition

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fuck u i was about to make one
suck my dick

What was your pic going to be?

Why is SP so obsess with Airports and Airplanes seriously?

I'm not SP.

Which way to Sunway Pyramid?

Tagalogs never change.
Still dirty pigs after several generations.

So the bisayabutthurt saga begins again

SP is such a tigger words lmfao

Is tagalog easy to learn?

Depends. Grammar can be easy (Tagalog is both VSO or SVO depending on the context), but conjugations can get very tricky. Even native speakers can have trouble with conjugations. I haven't studied Malay much yet, but so far it seems to be somewhat easier for newcomers than Tagalog.



lol bisaya lives matter

always the crying victim

Its always easy if you have someone you can talk to
Learing the root word first makes it easier to learn the conjunctions

>A350 edition

The A350-1000 went on tour here the other day, PAL is thinking of ordering some. It already ordered A350-900s that are due to arrive this year.

my wife chino is so cute

Nice. I'm following Guillaume Laffon on Instagram, a pilot.

Man this Kimi no Na wa Tagalog dub is cringeworthy.


Tagalog cuisine


good morning

We are back to cuisines again lmao

Its done by ABS so the quality is not there

>it happens again
lmao, who is in charge of this shit

I want to be a NEET again!

How do we save our neighbor from degeneracy

It's still on user

I've heard worse dubs than this

>"Ano ang pangalan mo?"

>"Ano ang pangalan mo?"
Sasuga ABS

I was going to make the general and have it be big booty Tamil girls edition. In Malacca boys, going back to China tomorrow. You will be missed

Good question

Alright boys time to ask the heavy hitter: Ang mo genocide when?

Stop taking in Malaysian Chinese into Toronto. Let them in first as tourists but when they ask for """"'"political"""" asylum, kick them out. We'll cancel their passports so they become stateless.

Also I've been staying here for 4 days and holy shit this cunt is boring af

Would smoking make me cool?

At least he's not an idiot, like you.

Of course not. Smoking is bad for the health and will kill you.

Where you from? Try going around and eating food, or going to the tourist attractions.

If you smoke near other people they might call you an asshole

>Where you from?

Dude, your food tastes like poison and the tap water is colored piss. I don't know if the whole cunt is like this or maybe just in Bullacan. The only decent place here is Malolos and the rest is just jungle shit.

Of course

as much as I generally hate "tagalog" dubbed shows, the translation is pretty much spot on.

>go to a 3rd world cunt
>expect the whole place to be wakanda ooga booga wee wuuzz ultra hyper technologically advanced city and shieeeeeet tier
i-is this the famous le 56% IQ?

Go drink beer or something.

So progressive~

No, all the cool kids do fruit flavoured vape.

wow so this is Lee Kuan Yew's legacy

amos was the trigger all along

>mfw marcos turns out to be innocent
>mfw liberal was really the one who was corrupt
>mfw yellowtard is still incompetent
>mfw duterte did more than the incompetent nonoy
HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE SO WRONG /asean/ swagfags

the perfect gift for /asean/

Before /pinoy/ migrated here and flips election happened, flips on /asean/ were having good opinions on marcos though.

>16 year old feel

how did they know how 16 year old feels like?

My stomach is fucking full.

I went to 2 kenduri today. My body is 50% nasi minyak and 20% orange juice

16 is legal in Japan or something.

Dutertards be damage controlling the
>All the killings.
>Marcos lackey, trying to block PCGG from getting back the stolen wealth
>Released NPA leaders from prison.
>Appoint incompetent corruptlackeys in government positions (Uson, Nieto, Badoy, Dutertes as Mayor and Vice Mayor, another Duterte as Nayong Filipino exec, etc.
>Relies on fake bought social media accounts to spread fake news and propaganda.
>Incompetent Marawi operations and recovery has to rely on martial law and use it to further support corruption in Mindanao.
>leave WPS, Benham rise, etc. to China's abuse.
>Kiss China's ass. Praise Chinese weapons in Marawi siege when they were never really used there.
>Destroy foreign relations with all his P*tang inas.
>Destroy foreign trade.
>Giant deficit for the Philippines.
>His lackeys in the senate and congress doing bullsh!t like CHR P1k budget, federalism attempt (term extension), etc.Remove P15 billion from the calamity fund and add it to HIS OFFICE (intelligence fund, difficult to audit).
>Fake news - Best president in the solar system, buntis si Leni, etc. etc. There's a new one ever few days (check Memebuster.net and VeraFiles).
>Planting evidence against opposition (fake sex video, etc.).
>There's more. It's a long list.

HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE SO WRONG /asean/ swagfags

NO we weren't
macros shill came the same time as the elections

ok nevermind 16 is legal here as well

Like I said, it was before the elections and before /pinoy/ decided to migrate here.


Add the Duterte corrupt bank accounts they already confirmed it basically

it means we dont have any good opinions about marcos ever until the marcos shills came and spread this brainwashed bullshit

Why is Bisayaball pro-Marcos? I thought Visayans hate Marcos, hence why BBM lost there aside from Leyte and Samar.

/asean/ has existed long before the elections, though.

that wasn't what he meant

/asean/ in a nutshell

>pinoy talking shit about phillipines
>malaysian being weaboo
>indonesian being weaboo
>stealthy brunei

we're mr lim's slave

>nu-/asean/ in a nutshell

You two seem mad about this.
I remember discussing something good about him with flip, and it was when /pinoy/ general thread was still exist. I don't fucking give a fuck about your politic bullshit, but when all of you migrated here and flips election came, things became worse.

I regret for popularising animeme and cute posting for sure. Not that I was the only one who did that.

Not really mad just saying

thats probably just SP

Oops my bad, yeah I know. For me weekly /asean/ thread was fun.

Why would anyone be mad about it
We all know the pro marcos forced shit here is bullshit.

Yeah its fun
Until SP starts going apeshit again with his image spammer.

>malaysian being normie trash

siesta? church?
siesta at church?

>tfw siesta at the mosque every friday

>Bisaya scum behind several shady English-language vanity book publishers
>missed by our mainstream media

Why is Rizal such a shithole? There's so much traffic and squatters all around
Please fix your disgusting province ffs

You need to larp as a "tourist" better

You a using terms that only flips use even if its an english word

Its so obvious even the province you are using is giving you away

Philippines is the Wakanda of South East Asia.

Is the movie any good?

Yes. The plot got me excited as opposed to brain conditioning Cred Forums gave me.
It’s great albeit the cringe of meme infused script.

My reaction is based on what I've observed so far during my time here though. And why did you assume that I was pretending to be a tourist? I'm a local much like everyone else in this country.

Well, ironically. Most of my rich friends is from Rizal. They got exclusive villages there more affordable than some of friends in Las Piñas or South.

Are they from lower or upper Rizal? I hope they're not living in Taytay or some flood-prone area near Marikina or Pasig.

that's because /asean/ have really gone to new level of low for a while now, nothing can be done about it.

I miss the meme nose chan days
where we have three simultaneous threads on the top page

Even the fix part is so flip

You have SP to fill that void now lol

What the fuck is SP
I stopped browsing /asean/ since last year
I still have my memenose collectiong though

Its like half UN poltics half Tribal poltics with a sprinkle Western history slave politics the movie

if you can stand that then you'll have a great time
The women are mary sues as expected and the best action sequence for me was the one in korea.

>karaoke at this time

up you go


I almost laughed my Ass off

>big booty Tamil girls
good post

Yes but even then certain brands

>INB4 Bagani comparisons to BP

I think the comparisons would be to Amaya instead.

That first cig of the day feel

>lunch break cig
oh yes, especially after eating lunch

SP is amongst them

Michlan the one with the fedora

As for SP and his shill gang

>reason why tagalogs are akways tired and angry

SlumPoster(anti manila,pro dutdut/marcos)

He only really targets one particular thing
There I said it fuck it whatever

>real reason why bisayans are always butthurt and going apeshit not to mention dumb as fuck

And playing the victim


The rest of the country cannot progress because of the fucktard tagalogs.
Seriously, China can nuke that shithole and the rest of country would celebrate.

Here comes the ball memes

Bisaya = Slave has been thrown in the mix

I still don't understand why Bisayaball is pro-Marcos despite Visayans not particularly liking Marcos.


Funny that tagalogs have to hard carry thier bisayan slave asses

Which ASEAN country do I have to visit to find a girl with a perfect body like this?


They got sold

SP is #18 LARPing hard as a foriegner

Every ASEAN cunt has girls with that kind of body, take your pick my friend

>current state of Manila

This made Erap butthurt

The non fictional one thanks Duterte and Marcos for this current state

Everything associated with Marcos and duts are corrupt and sleezy as fuck

just compare how these 2 pics were edited and you'd know how sad and pathetic this samefag shitposter's life is.

Look at how dirty Manila river are.
No wonder they always get flooded.
Even rats are cleaner than tagalogs.

Try again, iho.

Why are the Philippines such a shithole?

>mix hot water with oil
>weaponize immediately against a small gang of pirates

Maybe cargo ships should add more grease guns.

are you white?

Just in manila where tagalogs mainly resides.


do you want to fuck my 19 yr old gf?

Lmfao I was wondering when will SP post this

This is Binondo btw the chinese majority area
Read before you shill

sure why not, got some pics of her?
feet too if possible


just when I thought you've already hit the bottom of the trench

Go to bisayaball
Seriously not even kidding everything SP is butthurt posting here is from there

I wonder if the anti Manila/Tagalog SP is okay with this.

You cant see her feet but you can see her tiddys
If you want her come here at Manila and call 5238231

Looks like some mindanao costume serisouly wtf

Though I wouldnt be suprise if its a loli


Couldn't post while I was in Thailand (the wifi ip was banned by Cred Forums). Unironically more Malays there than where I live. Saw a guy nonchanantly dumping rice sacks from his bike and smuggled them through a hole in the fence right in front of Thai immigration check point.


>not using stronger barbed wires
They had one job.

Easier for retaking later.

Nobody cares here. You can just cross illegally using boat if you don't want to queue. Left is Malaysia, right is Thailand.

When will Cebu secede

Jesus fucking Christ that I dont even believe in!
It is from there.

Looking at the timeline it was a 2 week or so ordeal.
SP is spreading himself too thin.

Lauk apa malam ni? Shemale? Jantan?

Ish ish ish... Tak main la lauk-lauk haram ni


we need solid concrete wall with ditch filled with crocs

>land borders

Anyone know where I can find a job with regular work hours, something like 9 to 5 here in Malaysia?

Francis Manalo? The relative of the INC leader?

Jollibee like malay-chan

Does Malaysia even have Jollibee?

Office work usually, bank clerks or whatever lol
Or just you know, wagecuck

NO! There's my family on the other side. The wall needs to be removed and moved further to the Kra.

But I don't have any experience to be qualified for office work and same goes for being a wagie

just head to your local IED factory and tell sweatshop warlord Ahmed that you're motivated to make kaffir lives miserable.


how can i contribute i just lurk

B-But I am a kaffir

whats your qualifications, my dude?
if nothing else, try ah culinary
lots of good schools and can also try apprenticeship, working your way up in any hotel

I only finished SPM last year, other than being fluent in English I have no other skill to speak of

Take JPA scholarship program, welding certificate or Ministry of education special ed scholarship.

not anymore, brother. inshallah

laaa lek ah result tak keluar lagi
what have you been doing the past 2-3 months?

Learning how to drive and looking for a part-time job near my area

SPM leavers usually get shit wages since they know you'll fly after some time
Ikut ah either help mom&da with housework, neet sekejap, or work wagecuck

But what if I failed my SPM, what then? And how does being a wagecuck work?

Were the questions really that hard?

I suck HARD at Bahasa and other subjects involving Malay due to me attending a Chinese Primary School

Subhanallah. Stop helping this guy get work. Party is over. Go back to your country friend

Delete this, Flips and Indons are going to make fun of us again.

At least we're not rape babies of the Spaniards or slaves to the Dutch

>attending a Chinese Primary School

I am a Malaysian, El Goblino. Learn to follow the thread

They better be

Hey, I am a Chink afterall, and how do you expect a seven year-old child to choose the school he'll go to?

>non Muslim
>can't speak Malay

你是傻子. Just poking fun friend. I am just bored on the bus

You can still take July paper. For the time being go la work at 7E or Speedmart. Don't worry about SPM.

don't worry,we only bully chinese and indian
we are blood brothers

interview, dapat dapat, tak dapat cari chain lain, if you get, clock in, clock out, do the same thing 6 hours a day, 6 days a week until you die

Y-yeah, H-haha that's F-funny dude

Imagine an American whose family have been there for at least 5 generations but still can't speak English, that is our reality.

In keeping to the topic, what does a wagecuck really do in his time?


Relax chink, you can be our friends. Just put your head in the hole and we're cool

>went to chinese school

as a malay i envy you, i get jealous with malay people who can speaks chinese

Hey, that doesn't mean I am incapable of understanding Malay, it's just that I didn't invest in a lot of time studying the language and thus my knowledge of the language is only in a conversational level
I rather do this than suffer everyday tbqhfamalam

tuly south east asia has been utterly destroyed when they argue on which foreign influence was better

Speaking the language is easy, writing the language is when the tears start rolling.


I want to learn Mandarin but the private class near I live costs RM250/month. Might join when I have stable income.

>What is Hong Kong
>What is Meiji-era Japan

Why do Malaysians all look like Indians? I kept thinking I was just seeing a lot of Muslim Indians but now I realize they are mostly Malay.

Honestly I think the linguistic situation is better in Malaysia than in the US. Everyone retains their ethnicity's language and most people (seem to at least) use English as the lingua franca. In America, the second generation is fluent in both languages but the third maybe understands the second language but can only speak English. So Americans are notoriously bad with language because we all tend to monolingualism.

How is it getting around without Malay? In my experience it seems not too difficult.

It helps not being white for speaking. In my experience mainland Chinese won't even try to understand a white person half the time

Getting around without Malay is generally a breeze in the Capital but if you encounter any elderly Malays or Indians for the matter then the difficulties show, that said, you being white might help tremendously as in Malaysia we assume all Caucasian people speak English to some degree.

If you are talking about the Chinese in China then yes, they usually (in my experience) never uses English in their everyday conversations. The reason we have English here in Malaysia is due to the British colonization of the country and as to why Singapore's official(?) language is English and not Malay despite once being a part of the Malay Federation

I'm Mexican (American). I prefer being treated like a human and not a zoo animal so blending in abroad is great. Exotic when I want to be, under the radar when I want. Many try speaking to me in Malay but get I'm foreign when they hear my American English. One Indian woman was confused and asked me. The level of English in China sucks other than Shanghai.

Travelling in the western provinces was quite interesting for me. My Mandarin is passable for ordering food and other necessities. If I ever get into a longer conversation with someone they either have to be patient or know English. In west China with all the minorities (Uyghur, Tibetan etc.) people really tried hard to grade their Chinese instead of giving up or switching to English. I have gotten really used to people speaking to me in other languages that I don't know at all.

Either way, you'll do fine just speaking English in your time here.

Este es el fin, mi amigo mehicano.


My writing in Spanish is atrocious. I can read pretty well though. I think I write in Arabic better than Spanish.

I leave tomorrow morning

Good luck on your flight and in advance, Welcome to Malaysia Mexicanon

i only know how to speak hokkien word ' Kam Sia Lu"

No I am leaving Malaysia. I have been here a week. Beautiful country, good food, thick women. You will be missed

Oh, well have a nice flight back home

I'm not going back home. I am going to China to end my year long contract (two weeks left) then I'm going to do the trans Mongolian

will I get bullied in mexico?

No you'll fit in. Mexicans are nice. We're basically the same people. Just don't expect many English speakers. My neighbors back home (in the US) are Filipinos.

The west coast of peninsular Malaysia is well known for being mutt. Plus, if you stayed only in KL for the past week the locals are almost negligible. Most already went back for CNY holiday. Petronas Tower, Bukit Bintang and all tourist areas are filled with foreign workers and it's almost like an annual thing to send reporters to KL to document this phenomenon.

Faught off a succubus.

how did it goes?

Did it ripped off your dick?

but aren't most mexicans mestizo or something?

Never had one.

I stayed in KL and went to Malacca for a day. Actually didn't get to see the towers but oh well.

Yeah but we still look the same.

because some fag posted a link on reddit and the cancer just wont go away.

/reddit/ kills anything on its path.

>current state of Asian Games Main Venue

That kind if sacrifice is necessary to make sure our President get a lot of camera shot so we know he cares about sport.

We didnt even know duterte existed back then when his paid shills came lol

And marcos fake followers started shilling as well since he was runing for VP

After that I think he moved on to the anti manila/tagalog spam cancer post

I wonder if SP bisayaball will ever go away

goodnight malaysia and indonesia

Poor Jobe
What a mess


The prevelance of stupid and uneducated people and bandwagoning

Your kind came after the election


It's so degrading that they use taglish on abs-cbn dramas. It's an insult to my people's proud history as maharlika warriors to hear those awful loanwords in my language! Yuck vinegar! Everyone should remove all western influences to satisfy my autism! BISAYABALL SP GTFO

t. /u/blueminderz our eternal reddit migrant SP

No Viet posters? What does /asean/ think of their diaspora overseas?

T. Nguyen

3 am in the morning non commie nguyen
if you wanna chat with us just look at your clock and switch that a.m to p.m

Nonsense, the world runs on USA time.

Shut the fuck up you dirty little lazy bumi

wakey wakey fellow wage cuckey

I wish, the night shift is really draining my soul.

I like pie

Me too. Day shift wagecucks had it better tbqh.

SHSfag here. How hard is it to get into a university in burgerland/leafland/yurop? Don't wan't to go to UP if I had the choice

I met a qt malaysian girl online
we've been chatting for months now and I'm kind of in love
however i'm a really insecure beta. although she invited me to meet her i'm scared to go
I don't want to appear as a sex tourist or yellow fever pig
i'm really not like that. we just both share the same interests and I really like her
Will people look at me/us or maybe even confront us?

The dutertards and marcos shills definetly

Even Maloloschan wasnt so facebook and pro marcos before the election
It was very weeby as hell

how did you meet?


just kidding. on a music forum (last.fm)

the culture here is non-confrontational
people will think you are sex tourist but will keep it to themselves

Worse agruments we had was about cock fighting, remember lawrence?
Ah the "good" old days
But that was in /pinoy/

/asean/ 2011-2013 was full malaysians and singaporeans that bullied flips and calls them maids.
It got better when Indonesians came they balanced off the banter, all went to shit when facebook cancer posters came around late 2015 with thier pro duterte and marcos bullshit, I kid you not maybe around feb or march 2016 the muh davao is like singapore meme was even pushed here around the same time the slum posting spam happened, it all connects to the election rehtoric.
It was between posting edited picture of Mar Roxas and Slumposting I remember it all ;)

good morning minimum wage-chan

that sucks

Hello /asean/

I have a trade deal give you can't refuse

In exchange gibe south china sea clay

>"take a seat"

morning guys

According to the news, his rating keeps stagnant ever since he's elected (SBY's rating was increasing for the note). But I doubt it's true desu, I think it's decreasing since a lot of people who voted for him before decides to not vote him in the next election.


wage boys good luck out there

h-how much are we talking about

How is Jokowow doin'?

His aides keep making him loses his face. He tries to appeal to the poorfags, but now he looks like a barbarian rather than a classy man.
But as a leader, he's kinda decent as a lot of projects from his predecessor is continued under him.

hail satan

>"""Dominos""" giving out RM525 worth of vouchers but first, you have to pay RM20

>orgy olympic village
>yfw there will be asian games orgy

it's not fair guys

a hug orgie

i'm 22 and i haven't voted

i'm 20 and i haven't kissed a girl

is it inside dominos shop?
outside can be scam
i was scammed by burger king "promoter" saying this rm100 voucher on sale for 30 only. When i tried to redeem they said theres no promotion whatsoever

vote for the lesser evil

most of the time its soft and tender.. If the girl have nice breath and wear lip balm its x10000 better

so its a group hug?

I'm 21 and I've kissed a guy but not a girl

uncle touchy touchy your wee wee?

it was a dare with a classmate during primary

bet you have an erection everytime you see him nowadays

what's kissing like?
is it the same as licking your lips?

I haven't seen him since I left primary, I don't even remember his name, we were in the same class for only a year

[spoiler]the only thing giving me erection is the (you)'s you're giving me[/spoiler]

that's like saying getting handjob is the same as jerking yourself off

same thing nigga
at least compare it with a blowjob

Pls cum in me daddy

cummies please

Why are you guys so dirty?

But I thought Manila was supposed to be where all the rich people live and all the provinces are slum dwelling shits. Really makes you think...


Is it time of the year already?

stop burning trees indon

My imotou is in PhiSci too. If you want to go to a US uni or abroad for that matter. Start researching now and see if they have scholarships and requirements.

Jakarta (may Allah forgive me for uttering this word) is a shithole


Is there any newer data?

kau jangan, kang kene lagi pesta asap tahunan menangis tak berlagu kau

are they burning other tribes

For air quality duh it makes sense for cities to have poor air quality

They can afford to by cars


Looks like another source of cancer
It seems dead tho



why don't you guys just nuke your forests and create nuclear winter so it's won't be so hot here anymore

>mfw indons gave malays cancers literally

Mindanao will be cancer'd as well if they go 1997 holocaust again.

Because it will be boring.

That 105 looks like from a city further up north, maybe they just have more factories up there

Literal DDS-tier posts. Are they expanding to image boards now?

Can't find it since dummy farmers curbed from open burning

What a way to go, drowning due to cockfighting.

should just go back to spider fighting

Abundance of fireworks factories


How do I become whiter without using clorox or without getting skin disease afterwards?

Is this accurate, /asean/?

Be a hiki

be a loser and just stay indoors for 2 years

gluta shots

have white ancestor

Live in Hokkaido wilderness.
Filipinos are Spanish.

Why is CFNM so good bros?

>that humidity
>that wind chill

Papaya soaps works.


fuck me and my mental disease

Do Malays/Indons we wuz as hard as Flips when they say they have British/Dutch Blood?

which one?

i am whining and procrastinates, dont mind me?

Kristang people are WE WUZ ALBERTO BARBOSSA.

just bee yourself user

No such thing. We wuz Majapahit instead.

And don’t forget to do your beest

Quick indons make a new thread!

ii want to fuck a slim girl, just a normal bland face is fine


>meanwhile in penang