What's your cunt equivalent of gun problem?

What's your cunt equivalent of gun problem?

Weird serial murderer

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Alcoholics drinking themselves to death


Privatized healthcare.


alt right

But yours is gun problem

Nigs killing each other in containment zones and withdrawn artists occasionally popping off are not a "problem."

Best healthcare system in the world, faggot.

It's both.

new age cults for rich hippies and poor farmers

Uhmm where are all the leftists protesting about Japanese mental health????

>Be American
>Be number 1 fat
>Be so free that you have the select freedom to be shot at school
>Best healthcare system in your American reality
>Go bankrupt for surviving getting shot
>Forget to tip
>Get shot again
>Everyone around your dances conga to celebrate and later claps when the police shows up
>Police imagines gunfire from all the claping
>Gets everyone to play twister with him
>Shoots them all

Having LITERAL dictator at the helms

Thank you for proving my fellow amerimutt wrong. Your greentext anecdote was over the top but still appropriate. God Bless.

why are asians always wearing face masks?

They wear them when they're sick so they don't get others sick.
It's considerate.

Courtesy, when you have a cough or sickness you wear a mask so others don't catch it.

traffic incidences,Islam people.

Knife crime, niggers, and arabs.

some of y'all jap niggas are weird

Mostly to save our souls from hay fever. But That man is an investigator so it's probably his protocal or something.

some or all?

>What's your cunt equivalent of gun problem?
drugs and organized crime

in high school me and my friends were in a field, clapping, and the police came by because they got reports of gunshots, i'm not even memeing

Turkestan independence, when?

Why aren't non-asians wearing face masks?

Pakis smuggling drugs in Al Bat7a and maid abuse.


>Japanese are so nice even serial killers excuse themselves by commit voluntary sudokku

Traffic accidents.

Rural idiots who vote labour and pay a tenth of everything to a "church".

Well, we have drunk bydlo killing each other, but I don't know if you can consider that a problem.

>Well, we have drunk bydlo killing each other,
That's 80% of population so yea it's a problem.
We can't even meme about our main criminals being minorities.


Random people snapping out and killing/raping children


Pakis aren't human.


only retards take that shit, let them kill themselves off.

Horny autists around backpacking destinations

Second generation immigrants


nah senpai, gotta see it to believe it

soulcrushing poverty


Rape, and brown people.

Did you know that Sweden has a clearance rate of around 25% for all murders? Detroit has around 30%.


Also, this is true for the US and every western nation.

Way many more people die due to alcohol than guns/terrorism/whatever else the media panics about each year.

Not saying alcohol should be further restricted or banned, but most europeans are fucking retarded when they go all "hurr, durr, the americans should get rid of their guns", before going on a drinking spree that same weekend.

But getting drunk is fun, so we keep doing it. I just wished people started to realize it's the same with guns. Guns are fun, therefore, fucking accept that sometimes, a couple of kids will eat it once in a while.

The US averages around 40 dead each year due to mass shootings. More people will die due to alcohol related incidents in my small country in less than a month.

But it sure is fun being drunk though, so I hope it's not going away anytime soon.


I don't know desu

>brown people
so tell me, mr. racist, what do you mean with brown people?


I actually think drug overdoses is more relevant. We've had problems since the 80's, and compared to population size we have one of the highest drug-related death statistics in Europe. Though it's obviously not as visible and flashy as american schoolshooters and japanese serial killers.

I remember this travel show where this lady visits these rural Finnish women. It stuck with me because the Finnish women were very drunk and it wasn't even past morning yet. Supposedly, they did this everyday, because there was nothing else to do.

sounds about right


Poor judgement. Top four causes of death among 15-45 year olds in my country are accidents, suicide, cancer, and then homicide. Three of these are very often mitigated by common fucking sense, but apparently it's not common anymore.

but drugs are illegal.

Alcohol isn't.

Many more people enjoy alcohol, and many more people die due to it.

What's life in Boland like for low income people?

I'm guessing a vodka induced blur.

Soulcrushing poverty in Poland affects everyone, not only the demographics with the lowest income.
Even Polish rich are poor compared to literally everyone else.

Conservashits, christians and corrupt politicians

t. petista


did you miss the "corrupt politicians" part, you illiterate monkey?

>Best healthcare system in the world
only for the richest 0.1%
ok-tier for the top 20%, if you accept fucking up your future, no college for your kids if you need major surgery etc

for the rest it's literally a turd world country, go to hospital only when you're about to die, receive $100k bill, go broke, eat noodles spiced with rat's assholes for the rest of your life, lose your home, lose everything

god bless america

We liked our cyberpunk fiction, and by God, we're going to make it happen.

Rockets, mortars, IED, stabbers, explosive belts.

Fat people are worse than gun murder. Shootings are at least exciting and a rare event. You can fantasize about operating during one. Fatties are everywhere and are simply disgusting and cringy. If it's regarding crime, car crashes are worse. Everyone drives all the time, so the streets are not safe. Many pedestrians and cyclists get hit.

Whenever I see videos of walking around Japan's streets, a solid 10% of people are in face masks. You guys are sick all the time or something? Immune systems of little babby? I don't get it. I never get sick. Which is great because I have no health insurance.

people taking drugs and dying. not really a problem that will last at this rate. thanks fentanyl.

the pleb answer

There is no gun problem though, what are you talking about? Not a single gun has ever intentionally killed someone.


The entire country is the problem.

Do I even need to spell it out?

Highest number of traffic deaths in the world

You mean rape right? Poo in the loo is not a comparable problem.

Domestic abuse. And it's not even close to the rates of abuse in Eastern and Northern European countries.

leftists who want to turn us into venezuela

Where I am in the u.s, horrible driving there's like 8 or so different crashes every morning I lost my dad to these retarded fucks awful driving, god I wish they'd just permanently revoked people's driving licences after enough crashes, and stop giving the stupid fucks licenses after they fail the exam 3 times for fucks

guns is the problem. healthcare is best in the world and not a problem at all.

I'm so angry I could barely finish my post

sake is disgusting

Multimillionaire corrupt politicians laundering money like no one is noticing (and we really aren't). Most of your politicians are rich btw, around 75%.

Not so fast Brazil


A single guy, Carlos Slim, literally has like 7% of our entire GDP. How is this even possible?


Even the richest often travel aboard to visit specialists that are best of their field.


Air in Asia is THICK with pollutants.

And there are more people, so more vectors for infections.

Capitalism is one hell of a production system.

Very interesting.

i agreu wit this gemtelmen

Yes, yes, we know Russia is the biggest shithole on earth, but no one cares about Russia, you guys are just prostitute and pornstar factory.

They put that shit in everything, like Frank's Hot Sauce.

>and pornstar factory.

Most talent comes from Czech or Scandanavia, nowadays. desu the only things russians are good for is streaming said porn.

The problem is a lot of street drugs are mixed with fentanyl.

Won't the drops with the viruses just escape from the mask?

You got to tell why to wear them in the first place