Where would you rather live, Brazil or Russia?

Where would you rather live, Brazil or Russia?


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Brazil. It seems like a really fun country to live in. Russia is cold and depression, and it's run by a communist.

I'm not dealing with warm weather. Insects, arachnids, other dark coloured pests.

Brazil is literally the most violent nigger ridden place on the globe. There's nothing good here that you can't find somewhere else on the planet.
Russia has qts and is right next to Yurope, Korea, China and Japan. No niggers. Not even half of the violence.
It's not a fair comparison.

But Russia has so little food even the wolves are hungry.

>it's always a brazilian poster with 'muh niggers' about why his country is shit

Why are brazilians so self hating bros?

Portuguese seems easier for me to learn.

i'd rather kill myself

but you can eat wolves
they're almost same with dogs you chinks eat daily

to a Canadian anything above freezing is hot

Russia, because I can't stand humid heat

>russia: get killed by neo-nazis
>brazil: get killed by 12y old gangsters

I choose to die

Russia, I hate the heat as it is and I'd rather not risk dying everytime I go out.

Are you German? Must be proxy because I can't believe a German be so dumb.

Talvez foi o infame German humor que atacou outravez

I guess I'd be self-hating too if I was best known by the world as favela

NO! Brazil is based! GUSTOSA!

South Brazil. Russia would be cool but everyone seemed angry over there

Only 0.0001% of the female population here looks like this

Você é um corno vira-lata. Ame o seu país, crioulo.

i'd kill myself at the gate of the airport



Take me there and make me impregnate every girl in brazil. I make more females 4 u.

>muh National pride

Russia near the black sea or st petersburg

They grew up without a father.

>Not loving your own nation

It's one thing to hate the state of your nation and the crime in it, it's another to hate it completely and be a cuck who'd prefer to have another identity.

>el vira-lata

I like brown girls more than whitey

I could make a good living for myself in both.

Living in Russia is fucking depressing unless you live in/close to a big city, if you live in some random siberian town or on any of the big city commieblocks your life fucking sucks and the only thing you can really to to scape from that is leave everything behind or get absorbed in internet stuff (reason why there are so many russian hackers, weaboos, camwhores, etc...)
Yeah Brazil is more dangerous and has some really questionable parts, but the quality of life there is relatively the same as russia (close HDI) and Brazil is actually fun and happy(er) to be in, and if I get bored I can just leave, the world is so open for latin americans I can't believe we complain about this, I can go to live anywhere in latam forever and the only thing I need is my ID, a 200$ plane ticket and if I want to work I just need a work permit that I can get in two weeks in every single other place in latam, if I get bored of latam I can just go to Spain and live there for two years and as soon as I finish living there or even day 1 if I can any paper proving at least one of my ancestors was spanish post independence (which pretty much every single south american can) I get my spanish citizenship thanks to the Spain-Latam descent/cofraternity programs and bum I am a citizen of the european nation.
Thanks to the pacific trade I can go anywhere in eastern asia and stay there for up to two years without paying a single fucking tax and asian girls dig latin americans so much its ridiculous how easy it is to get pussy there.

Brazil is not safe enough.

One good thing about Brasil is even If you are a brainlet, you still have a chance to get into public medschool.

Both are literal shithole filled of monkeys subhumans

I'd kill myself if I had to hear brazilian portuguese every day

so they fuck corpses?

South Brazil, basically Europe.


Leave Sminem alone ffs

Russia, cuz I'm white and cold is more tolerable than hot

You can still get beat up by gangs of gopniks just for looking at them

You can still get beat up by gangs of gopniks just by looking at them

How's it going in the 90's?

I know for a fact that Brazil is shit, so i choose Russia.

Brazil. I already few uncomfortable when I think about moving away from my home city, I would probably develop some disorder if I moved to Russia, a place with completely different urban scenery and climate.

in which country do the girls have bigger dicks

We aren't living in tribes anymore. Fucking evolve.

I'm Mulatto and short, will blend in.
Portuguese is a nice language and I love the way women and trannies sound when they speak it. The women and trans are better looking to me.
The climate is warmer
I would be mostly happy with an apartment, a job and a cute gf or gf(male)
I could work at the embassy and not feel like i might lose my job
Biggest downsides are crime and the lack of any organization

Do Doctors make a lot in Brazil?

>Do Doctors make a lot in Brazil?
Depends. My uncle is a urologist and makes something on the house of USD1kk/year, mostly on cirurgies. He works like a dog tho.

>you forgot to elaborate, monkey
Here you go

Brazil. I unironically like it down here.

Russia easily.

>Have you swalloed the LATAM (south american) pill?


What city?

>imagine living in that snowy cold depressive shithole
nah, brazil all the way

>and asian girls dig latin americans so much its ridiculous how easy it is to get pussy there.
Is this true?, I thought they hated us everywhere, or at least that's the common feel here. I want an asian pussy so bad c: they're so strange here

Brazil but only if I had opportunity to claim citizenship of Italy or some other European country.
Brazilians have it too easy.

In Russia you will not be shot by policeman %%But in russia policeman cat give oyu as drugs and then impison you%%

>%%But in russia policeman cat give oyu as drugs and then impison you%%
sosache-kid, please

Ex Brazilian gf loved Floriananoplis. There are problems in Brazil but there are problems in every country.

>>russia: get killed by neo-nazis
WUT? Last neo-nazi i see hear in 2006, unlike Ukraine

t. people who don't know what they're talking about

Cold sucks more. At least you can go outside during heat and there is sunshine

Brazil has hotter guys and is more homophile. Probably a better cuisine too.

>Where would you rather live
i want to be dead

Brazil of course

Does Russia or Brazil have weekly school shootings?

Russian kids prefer knives to guns.

Does Azerbaijan has a thug culture? I think you guys would make good drug dealers.

Yay we live in imperialist tax farming oligarchy

hollow point rounds hurt more than being stabbed

People there hardly have any education. In Br there's no much school, kids stay on the streets working as drug dealers or hookers

Can't be imperialist when your species is stuck on a shitty blue ball.

American kids get 12 years of education and are still stupid as shit.

For the peasants.

There's a imperialists vs commies election comming

I'm upper middle class.

>For the peasants.
Based Br elite

>social democrats

Oh wow, a manager of other peasants.

US still own his ass

Is Donald Trump a peasant in your eyes?

Russia has tigers

Dont bully sminem,he single handedly saved the crypto market

But you are his peasant that manages other peasants

That's not how it works.

You mean faveldos? Surely there is some sort of public education system for poor kids or no?

>but the president
Local noble.

Sorry but a brazilian elite is nothing but a peasant in his beloved mother US

Then who is the Elite?

Yes, but is the worst. And kids quit school

Multinational business dynasties.

What if they don't drop out? Can they feasibly graduate high school and go to college? Kinda curious about social mobility in Brazil.

>being in the fortune 500 makes you an elite
>still eat the same food and shit the same shit

This is not Cuba, theres no college for poor graduates on shitty public schools. Theres public colleges but they got heavy exams to get in and only rich students can afford any education to pass.

Brazil obviously

All of the best things in the world.
All the cutting edge things we don't even know.
All the fucked up shit that is a sin for normal people.
The certainty that your lineage and dreams will go forever.

The elite here that usually lives on boulervards got easy money and are able to "pay" 3 slave maids to work 24/7, something that not even the richest burger can afford.

>what are quotas for miserable poorfags that studied on public schools?

I thought college was basically free in Brazil? Surely there are subsidies/grants for the poor?

Then why are US elite much more powerful than Brazil elite?

The free college is meant for people who had payed education.

My cousin worked as a maid for wealthy Americans in Los Angeles, she cleaned the mansion and took care of the children and she is German-Brazilian by the way.

What's your point?

By the way how is Trump a "noble elite" when he is a CEO of an international company AND his family goes way back to the middle ages?

you have to take a test first
>Surely there are subsidies/grants for the poor?
yes, there are

Military and economy power yes, but sorry richer life style no

both are shitholes but russia has the smarter people and much safer

no, there are quotas for brown poor people like you

>richer life style
Isn't this subjective?

My point is that she got payed 10 times how much she would get here. Even brazilians graduate lawyers would love to be a maid in a american mansion.


Drumpf comes from a rich family, got way richer, but is still non-influential within the rest of rich people, and is actually very ostracized specially now.

>being someone else's slave for a living
The worst choice

You can't be serious. How much do middle class and upper middle class workers make in Brazil? I mean you have to make a mortgage payment and have a car and kids right?

Drumpf's family has been wealthy before Brazil even existed.
And he's still president of the United States.


They make enough to buy things in their own country, same as a upper class chinese. Their money is worth less in rich countries.

>she is German-Brazilian by the way
is she a typical aryan looking woman?

>tfw I'm upper middle class in America
>tfw if I went to Brazil I'd be able to buy a mansion
Should I do it bros?

>Brazil’s Secretariat of Strategic Affairs last defined “middle class” in 2012 as anyone living in a household with per capita income of R$291-R$1,019 ($99-$347) per month, although definitions vary slightly across the country’s institutions.

>One friend of mine, from a favela in Rio, complains bitterly that she and her family are now considered ‘middle class’ while they face exclusion, hardship, and even open prejudice and racism every single day. The government is right to include her in the demographic middle class. But she’s also very right.

>The document, produced by the Presidential Office of Strategic Affairs, sets a per capita monthly income of 291 reais ($75) as the threshold for middle class status.

>The very notion of middle class in Brazil is quite different from the standards of North America and Western Europe.
>Instead, the term is used broadly to include almost anyone able to pay rent, put food on the table and perhaps pay a monthly installment on the refrigerator, microwave or television that Brazil's government often touts as a sign of their emergence. The so-called "Classe C," the bottom rung of Brazil's middle class, earns as little as 1730 reais a month, about $430, and, unlike the much-smaller upper middle class, relies largely on public transportation, health services and schools.

Less than 20% of Brazilians earn 2000-3000R$(600-900 USD) and earning this much still isn't enough to live a "very good life" by first world standards.

>some bordel owner
>then a cheap housing contractor
>then an actual billionaire, hated by half of the world
Very little influence/power. A local noble.

>Very little influence/power
>President of a superpower
Nice logic

You can but you cant make money here so easy. You would have to retire with the money you already have. Lots of foreigners do that, and live happy here.

Do South American women work as nannies in US? I have been told that Poland, Hungary and Russian women are working as nannies in UK. There are many Chinese and Thailander, Filipino nannies here in South Korea.

Not really. She just has white skin. The average white American girl looks more "Aryan".

He can't do shit.
His base are spineless ignorants that will dicksuck every concession he is forced to make.
Everything will be the same as if he never existed.


At least it's warm, and if the academia is as shite as it is in Venezuela I can probably get a decent lecturer's job in archaeology.

Yet he's still very influential in the United States and I've heard his name since I was a child.

Both have hot girls but one has shit weather.

I'd go for brazil if I could live in the southern part where there are less favelas. If not, I'd marry my traditional slav russian and cuddle with her until I freeze to death.

How about disposable income? Do most Brazilians have money left over after bills are paid? I was also wondering how long does it take for a middle class Brazilian to pay down a mortgage.

Difficult not to when he plasters his name on everything or pay to appear on movies/TV shows.

have you ever heard le 56% face?

>I'm not dealing with warm weather. Insects, arachnids, other dark coloured pests.
This, shit is disgusting and scary.

Still makes him very influential and he knows how to get attention.

Theres another German Brazilian in US and she's rich enough to own her own mansion.

Brazil of course. Both are poor corrupted crime-ridden shitholes but at least Brazil has nice, warm climate with lots of sunny years whole year.

Of course. But white Americans are white as fuck. The standard white American is basically what we call "German" here, which is a term that basically refers to a white northern European looking person.

And she sucks American dick and takes American sperm. I wonder why.

These are german and russian they both live in Brazil and has a youtube channel to celebrate youtube.com/watch?v=xDC_tuFz07c

Because she's brazilian, and that's how people get successful here

The Russian is already living in Russia again because he said Brazil is too expensive and the German recently sperged out because he criticized some Anita video and Brazilians got mad at him.

Yes, i follow these two retards.

brazil is white af


That's why said that Brazil is beautiful but is hard to make money

Brazil is 1/3 white and 1/20 asian

Brazilians who can get all the way to South Korea are obviously our successful white ones who come from wealthy families.

Because they can afford expensive education.

As an English speaker? Brazil. I think I could pick up Portuguese easier too
If I magically picked up the language when I got there maybe Russia because it fascinates me as a nation

We got the same warm weather but here we get rain.

Was gonna say brazil but u made a persuasive arguement

Yes, private school is important. My father didn't want to pay private school to me and now i'm fucked.

Bullshit...mist of ur hotties are in the south.
Brazil is top 5 hottest people

You should open borders to refugees

It would save Japan's birth rate.

Same as me, you probably learned from payed english courses separated from school, because public school fail to teach english.

If you are a typical Cred Forumstard racist yes

South Brazil is worshiped by Brazilians because they think everyone here is German and Brazilians considers Germanics to be the most attractive phenotype. The bad news is that Germanics are a minority here actually and are less than 1/3 of the population, not to mention many are actually mixed with Italian or non-white.

If you're not a brown person who worships Germanic people, South Brazil will be very disappointing since our purest German-Brazilians don't look any different from a white Canadian.

I Wish I was born in Brazil.

Why would you ever wish such a thing?

Italians in Brazil are whiter then the ones in US because they came from north Italy. There are some Italian naturally blonds too. Most brazilians germans got mixed with whites like americans did.

I wish my son was concieved inside her belly

Well, then don't come to Pelotas or Porto Alegre then, lots of brown people with German surnames here.

The naturally brazilian blondes are scattered in Santa Catarina, they look whiter than the average american.

The brown pigment you see on Brazilians Germans is called "brazilian tan" only red heads fail to get this tan here. But many aryan blond ladies have turned brown after one year living by the beach.

Brazil because it's so safe and prosperous. :^)

Russia is better in that

btw lots of white americans get the same tan in Florida but not as much as Brazil

Easy choice, it's Brasil for me
The biggest downsides is drag cartels and corruption

Russia. At least in Russia i won't get shot by random gangster in the middle of downtown, and also russian climate is nicer and average wages are higher.

No you cant you ignorant bolsonaro fuck

that could happen anywhere
teenagers are always thugs

i mean, if you are not envolved with gangs and crime you won't end up like this

That dumb bolso fag think we have free med college like in Cuba

but we do have tho

Many regular people are shot by robbers, they are most of the victims.

no they are not.
only if they are dumb enough to resist, which is not the case most times


Than why so many Brazilians are going to Paraguay to have a cheaper medical education.

because is diffucult to pass in a public one.

Russia. Because cool language and mysterious Russian soul

and the private ones are expensive

And only a rich fag have the expensive education to pass. Therefore is harder to get than some payed college.

3rd world tropical climate warzone or 3rd world barren cold future warzone

hard question op (russia its colder)

>And only a rich fag have the expensive education to pass
No, there are quotas for poor brown people like you

You've been calling me brown all along and I am not African descent, I'm mestizo, even if I was Black there would be hard to get in because the quota gives only a few scholarships. And btw my great grand parent came from Italy so I would rater use this to study for free in Euro instead.

This desu.

Got window meshed up against mosquitos, a big fan and air conditione. I am still happy so far.

but brazil san
you're brown as well

Bolsonaro fags also conunt as underdog complex cancer

50% of the Brazilian population is white, but is heavily concentrated on the south and southwest part. To be honest, if you get only the center-east, south and southwest area this is a pretty good country.

russia by far brazillians mistake monkeys for people and end up killing them not even memeing

Russia. Id fit in and look for ways to buy land in Siberia to grow old and die there.
Id like to see the Caucasus mountains, the Caspian, id love to see the far east as well, the most eastern shore.
Id like to scavenge trough scrapyards full of old soviet time vehicles, diggers, trucks and everything.
Id love to see Karelia as well and all the small towns with buildings from the royal era.

Moscow, Russia

t.lived there in childhood

My God, what a fucking cuck.
It's not our fault you live in nordeste/rio de janeiro, crioulo.

Only sissies choose Russia. High test warriors choose Brazil to survive naked in the jungle for 1 year

No wonder you pick Russia, Helsinki is just 3 hours away from St.Petersburg and has the same climate.
>look for ways to buy land in Siberia
You can get it for free in the Far East if you're a citizen of Russia.

>same climate
We have +30 at the same time they have +15 in the summer. They have it much colder there for some reason

Cities like Toronto have the same climate as St.Petersburg or at least close to it, with relatively mild winters and cold summers.
Places like Manitoba have the same continental climate like most of Russia with harsh winters and hot summers.

I don't know about Toronto, just compare Helsinki and SPB during almost all months, the latter is usually much warmer

Oh, shit, it was about Finland, not Canada, sorry.
Well, does Helsinki really have much colder summers than St.Petersburg? I thought it's almost the same.

I'd choose my country first, but if I had to pick, Brazil, mainly because I'm used to the humidity and heat and am not prepared for -40 Winters. Don't want to be in Rio and other cities though, heard a lot of crime happens there. Plus, Portuguese is easier to learn for an English speaker than Russian.

Yeah, I'm telling you, at the same time we're melting at +30, they can have +15 or less. In fact, temperatures there never go past 20

Are you from SPb?

Probably russia, cause it would be easier to learn the language

Temps here never go bellow 10C

Fucking this

My cousin went on a tour to Scandinavia and Saint Petersburg with her husband a few months ago and she said people looked miserable in Russia.

she was taking the d

There are probably more neo nazis in NZ than in Russia.

Amo o Brasil, só não amo morar nele.

Honestly, medschool is the only "hard" one we have. If you want to do anything else with your life, there are plenty of public colleges to choose. Hell, most engineers altely are unemployeds since there are too much of them. Being a medic is just the average brazilian dream, but you can make a living of other things too.

>he's a beachfag

Both are great places which I love. Brazil wins for weather and language, though.

If you are a native Brazilian, Portuguese citizenship is guaranteed.

Seeing a white work under another in such humilating conditions disgusts me, we need a European Union a fair, just union of Europeans for collective adcanvements and establishing the rights.

No European should serve another in a humilating form, no European shall ever serve another.

>brazil is full of scary insects
You don't know shit

>brazil is full of scary insects
You don't know shit, leaffaggot.


Actually any place without bugs sucking me 24/7 while i work in cold/hot and rain knowing that i will never own anything.


Amazonia rainforest, not every single piece of Brazilian land.

Do you need to a residency as well?

here in the US doctors must do 3-7 year residency after med school for what is the equivalent of less than minimum wage

(Not him) Yes. Most residencies last 2-3 years. If I recall correctly, the longest one is neurosurgery, which lasts 5 years (assuming you don't have any problems during your studies)