ITT: Your country t in one image

ITT: Your country t in one image.

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it's the place to be for chubby wh*Te girls desu



>gulf shores
that's like 20 minutes from where i used to live

dreadful place

why are you always posting this pic



I see where 'jeitinho brasileiro' came from now.


why not the stairs? or do they go from floor to floor by monkey ladder and fire pole?

I didn't know Australia had hills and trees

How's it going? Done being commie yet?

Where do you dropbears live if not in tree caves?

Wtf I love Portugal now


Only in the prime minister's garden.


Nice digits, lucky
How's the swimming at the PM's place?

whats going on here


white people larping as stone age sea chinks

Ain't this America?

What do you think

Alright. Good luck.

No idea. I tried climbing over his fence once but they kicked me out.

Bold move, Davo
He steal something of yours?

girl on the right is a cutie

He lives next door. My girlfriend is always over there visiting. It sounds like they are wrestling and stuff, but they won't let me join in. I didn't even know she was into martial arts.


I'm glad we didn't sign a treaty with our natives now




>Giant spiders
>Australians not even blamed
Well that's just unfair

I see you always posting this. Why?


White being cuckolds and try to appreciate inferior culture of brainlet savages who deserve to be extinct.


text: you will not change anything

Ruth is a boy's name?


Interesting. All the kapa haka groups I've seen were either predominantly or exclusively polynesians though. Is this a southland thing?

Why is Santiago cucked out of shoreline?

Yes very lucky



no idea (santiago is just the city, the whole green zone is called region metropolitana, the map is wrong)


At least they're trying to assimilate

I thought the streets of Europe were very beautiful, but when I saw it in the nearby it looks dirty.

Why can not Canadians catch ants Chinese back to their home countries?

GOOD question

Sure they are beautiful, but a lot of Streets have houses made of stone elements and arent maintained properly. Bet you have places in Japan with houses where the wooden beams are rottening.


You do realize the building next door is nicer then any Japanese suburb will ever even try to be.

The guy using the crutch hahaa

Americans were "USA! USA!" Anytime anywhere




some user was posting about changing the perception of macacos toward sex change and beauty treatments as part of some commercial experiment
turns out he wasn't larping



i love this photo

This can't be real. Is it?

It's a parody of the sensationalist headlines tabloids like that usually print

we put our flag everywhere. it's superabundant. but we're still way behind Japan in this. If we want to catch up, we'll need to start putting our flag on women's' menstrual pads too.





My hometown in one picture.



What are you stu-

>see flag


>inferior culture of brainlet savages who deserve to be extinct
Well liberated, tovarisch )))))

came ITT to post this
It is the perfect image

Thank you. What you see in the distance is the tower of the cathedral of St. Duje. Its basis is the former mausoleum of emperor Diocletian dating from the 4th century (as does the core of the city), which was converted into a church in the 7th century. The tower dates to the 12th century.
What you see near the camera is the place where the youths from all over Split go drinking. It's a favourite pastime, so to speak. This is pretty much the most important spot in Split for young people.

That's neither chubby nor white.



I assume it didn't fit in the stairs, can happen a lot in old buildings


The guy that took this one should've received a Pulitzer


is the well street sign even real?


10/10 pic



016 is a spanish goverment's phone number for Feminist Emergency

In Finland there's a chain of convenience stores called K (Kesko) markets. The amount of K-letters used to indicate the size of the store, so the supermarket was called a KKK-Supermarket.

The event in question is penkinpainajaiset "penkkarit" which is when the seniors leave high school to study for the upcoming matriculation exams at home, and they get on trucks and go around the city throwing candy at people. Most of the time people dress up and have some kind of theme

This guy decided to put 2+2 together.


nation embracing its unique roots and culture

I'd rather want chinks than latino scum

why wouldn't it be




>no one hanging from a tree or jumping off a building

I don’t believe it.

I feel overwhelming pride at the guy reaching for the bottle

It's up there with the Iwo Jima Marines

Seems about right.


This is the first time I hear something cool about Finland, thus I'm sure you finns think it's lame.

WTF Singapoop?

sing is basically gated communities: the country

needs more niggers and gypsies, 7/10


never saw this when i was in slovenia 2bh post some antifa fags too

larpers ;)

I've never seen what the fuss was about the haka
I don't see why people think it's so intimidating

>1% Maori



is this true

anything by Spitzweg

At least it is a gucci wallet


Gucci gang gucci gang

I think this picture might have been taken at Kopparhatten national park in Sweden. Looks 100% like it even the fence is identical

what's so great about the pic

It's a perfect representation of British society

the eternal angle




It's a nice spot and a cool piece of history to be a part of. In your experience, how do Croatians feel about themselves? Is the country optimistic right now? Are people still proud to be Croat? How do you feel?

thats not gonna fit

Please do not set refugees on fire. Tourist area



why do you always post this?

Its pretty

I wish that were me. But seriously tho, how the more traditionalists deal with this shit?


Aoo terrinha :)

Those dudes are fucking ugly too. WTF is wrong with German women?

Fiquei com vontade de morar aí

That you even have to ask is really sad

now in winter


A rich old man and a young woman.
A rich middle-aged man and a young woman.
A lonely young man with low income

get out of your bubble

they are just brainwashed

the Portuguese always find a way

Lula is letting himself go after the impeachment


your mom


honestly this

>no contaban con mi astucia.jpg


damn what is this from? Zelda?

>not actual size
Top kek

your mom

More like California lmao

I always wonder about people who agree with this one. Where do you live that's so full of these kinds of people?

Wow, accurate.

Lmao this is a good one

what is top right about?

I've seen these kinds of people mostly around Orlando and while waiting at some airports.

People take their kids to disneyland alot are usually like this.

someone stops this degeneracy before it spreads more

that's every wealthy country

literally nothing wrong with this desu

which bubble

Fucking kill me.

Right, and for every family I've seen looking like that one, I've seen 9 other families who don't. Those parents look like they get laughed at, and the kids look like they get bullied.




Alberto, what is that?



What the fuck?


The girl with the Yellowstone t-shirt looks like my little cousin wtf



>a human spine


This isn't for the usa, but for my state.

Fuck this liberal bullshit.
At least I can buy weed legally to get my mind off it.

Shit this is pretty accurate.
It seems to be literally a competition here on which race can out dumb the others.

Still better than NZ
For starters 0 obese people in that pic.


How do people find this enjoyable? Going to the beach with like 1000 other people next to them in the sea...



wtf i love portugal now

Well said Dimitry




You have to turn it mid air. They gonna manage I guess.

>chinese diaspora show pride in being canadian


physical representation of clickbait

>Police restraining man
>His slag gf is shouting at him
>Random old drunk man lying down for no reason, reaching for beer
>Slags in the background eating fast food
>Greggs and Superdry in background
>Run down buildings and ugly new buildings
>Random non-whites


me on the top left

I thought working at factories for 250-300k/mo. was kinda decent enough



Fuck it's all there, the rowdy chav and the drunk chav, the bolise, the slags, the pakis and niggers and fucking greggs

It's as if Da Vinci had painted it himself.


high life right there

This, much better than muslims screaming their love for allah in London

>lonely young man

Is that Joji?

why does the new world love simpsons so much


Or hispanic shitters entering illegal just for their kids to talk nonstop shit and end up in jail or on welfare

Shit nigga the new avengers is looking good

On topic pic related

My country is full of weebs