What's on your passport cover?

What's on your passport cover?
Mine has a golden anus.

Mine has 2 golden swords with a palm tree in between.


B-bald eagle desu

garuda or something

An eagle eating an snake over a cactus, as in our coins and everything official.

Mine is green one

Step up faggots, mines got a lion and a goddamn unicorn.

W-we have some buildings and a little plane... wooh...

what's the difference between the green and red?

In many countries, "Official"Passports are for high ranking government officials, and diplomatic passports are for those who work in diplomatic missions such as embassies and UN representatives

Nz coat of arms and A FUCKING LEAF


Have the blue (old) one,I don't think to get the new one soon though,because where I am travelling I won't need it and also because it doubled its valor now...

the southern cross

It is absolutely aesthetic, post pic for me pls


What is that little box symbol and why does my passport not have it

passports of 1st world have that box


That is a very good question

those are some nice looking booklets

desu ours looks a little crowded for my taste

It's a biometric passport

It contains biometric data containing information on the passport holder. Good luck forging that.

It is a called a biometric passport,as
said, it has a chip inside that let's you verify the citizenship of the owner.

>a leaf on it's flag
>three in the coat of arms

That's fleur-de-lis though

Im talking about the maple leaves inside the "shield?"

if you count the ones outside of the shield, our coat of arms is full of leaves
even the little lion at the very top is holding a leaf
it's who we are, even outside of Cred Forums

The bottom right symbol looks like someone spreading their asshole open

we're also big on ethnic symbols
there's the fleur-de-lis for france, unicorn and thistles on the bottom for scotland, harp for ireland
mostly everything else is english/british

oh, didn't spot them lel

You could have gone with fleurs, thistles and shamrocks to make it entirely leaf-based. :^)

but at what cost to our humanity

What do these three things represent?

ok cool but do you like tigers?

This conveys that we like order.

The coat of arms.

Need a golden anal toy for your golden anus?

Green - common passport
Red - passport for high officials(president, prime minister, etc..)
Blue - passport for diplomats


Mine has a big +

Just a bunch of horny lions


The Canadian passport is unironically the best. Outside and inside. Red passports are literally commie/third world tier passports.


You know I thought it was a joke that the American passport has an eagle inside of it but then I saw one and it had a massive eagle. Can anyone confirm?

gothic style. I like it

A Fasce with a laurel branch and an oak branch.
Pretty fucking based if you ask me.

mfw I just renewed my passport for another ten years

Great passport.
Our coat of arms.

Pretty nice design compared to the German one tbqh

Good design.

It looks like a box of first aid kit.

I like it.

Berry nice

i-is this goatse?

Our coat of arms features a shield with the colours of the Dominican flag, there's a catholic bible in the centre with a cross above it, it has a bay laurel on the left and a palm frond on the right.

A blue ribbon with the national motto "Dios, Patria, Libertad" (God, Homeland, Liberty), and below that is a red ribbon with the name of the country.


Two Australian native animals that cannot move backwards and the symbols on the shield represent each of the states

I also have the American passport

The shield and the crown look like atomic bomb.


you cannot fuck it

The crescent moon of ISLAM.

>a fucking toilet cleaner

Never try to call Argentines in that way because we are toilet cleaners!

I think these are my favourite ones. The look so clean and distinct. I like them better than coat of arms or birds.


It is really laspheme that you called "the Imperial crest of the chrysanthemum" asshole.
You will be born as a person in national of a third country in your next life.

if the first thing that comes to your mine when seeing a phrygian cap is a toilet cleaner then you might be an uncultured swine


two columns & a shield in the middel with a crown on it

My one looks something like this.

My old passport


eagle = government / power
snake = liberty / people
cactus = drugs / cartels

You may have a leaf but the design is pretty awesome desu


Some are the fleur-de-lis

The maple leaf has been used to symbolize Canada for longer than Canada has existed. It was used in societal emblems and on papers in the UK registry.

You are talking about this? Our passport is pure kino desu inside and outside.

*Picks up to receive +50 HP"

Current passport

Biometric passport (they are planning to start production later this year)
New one looks shit tbqh. Should've just put that biometric trademark on a current one

>what is a frygian cap
kys gook