Me want metal songs from Northern Europe

All songs will be added to my glorious list

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Check out Tuomas band, Wolfheart (ex Before the Dawn, Dawn of Solace, RoutaSielu). They are awesome!

Wolfheart - Boneyard,
Before the Dawn - Throne of Ice,
RoutaSielu - Soturi,
Black Sun Aeon - Brothers.

Also check out Insomnium band, truly they rock.

Insomnium - Ephemeral, Unsung, While we sleep.
Wolfheart - Boneyard,

Finnish death metal for the win!

Excellent taste Japbro.

Fun fact, the guitarist of rippikoulu was my arts teacher in middle school.

All added, ma fren. Finnish metal isn't a big deal in Japan, so it's quite hard to see what to listen to.
Angelclaw in Burning Bridges is also nice desyu, guitar solo part is silberwing tier

>the guitarist of rippikoulu was my arts teacher in middle school.
Lmao, was he a nice guy?

Wouldn't guess he played in a band no less in a such band.

My art teacher got arrested for child porn while your teacher is playing the guitar XDDD

And some more

You are my Tzar desu

> mfw going to see them live next Friday with Korpiklaani and Heidevolk

I have some albums of Korpi but dunno what to listen to, recommendations?
Added ma fren, couldn't be more Finnish lol

The songs I like best are Sahti, Vodka, Tequila.

If you like korpiklaani try this

Cromlech is cool and from Sweden. The album Vulture Tones is a good place to start

All added mi amigo, i'm about to listen to it
Man that's marvelous, have listened to it already 3 times
Taiwan... can you recommend me your favorite song from the album?

Does Germany count?

SODOM and Tankard are pretty neat.

What is japanese metal?

Marty Friedman is technically Japanese metal.

Galneryus is from Japan.

I'm relieved that someone finally posted Moonsorrow.
Dream Theater isn't quite nordic. Good stuff, but all of the band members are burgers. There's another DT that is Nordic, though.

Here's couple of bangers
personal favorite -

>listening to metal
are you literally 16

are you literally gay

Northern France.

you guys taste are all like edgy puberty boy's metal collection.
which is disgusting. makes me feel extrem cringe.

there was no any metal band that valuable more than Judas Priest

>old school """"""""""metal""""""""""

Sorry, but i fell asleep while listening to that

Boris are great jap metal band

noice thread lads

Everything from Moonsorrow buddy
Metal is for gays

Here are some of my black metal favourites. Mostly Swedish and some Norwegian.


Cardinal Sin






And here's some Polish because fuck you they're awesome.





DT were good back then, starting form their Project and Heaven albums. The latest album is sub par. Wolfheart > current DT.

Glad you enjoyed it (I hope)

BTW can you translate what's written on the pic?


what the fuck did I read

Thx everyone, added literally all

Berserk. A really fucking good manga.



Seems to be happening to most metal bands desu

Added, ma fren!
Also where did you know a band whose song has been played only less than 200 times? No offense

here's the official one
but i dont like the music video that much

I see

have you checked ?

Of course ma fren, i literally added all the songs


cool, hope you like it

I'm just listening to it actually, thx pola~

metal noir quebeqois is better
shitty album covers but good music (second album cover was kinda cool i guess)

Thx m8, added.
>black metal in Quebec
>can't watch the video

artillery is one the old thrash metal legends,good taste there,i actually have the upcoming terror on vinyl

I love this album. One of the first albums that got me into thrash

quebeq black metal bands are way better than european ones nowadays

>can't watch the video try this one?

some random favorites from me:
>Necrophobic - The Nocturnal Silence
>Dissection - The Somberlain
>Marduk - Frontschwein
>Satanic Warmaster - Fimbulwinter
>Enslaved- Eld
>Gehenna - The First Spell
>Celestial Bloodshed - Cursed, Scarred And Forever Possessed

really, not the krauts? t. wasnt around back then

lol I'm retarded
you asked for songs and not albums...well whatever

They've overtaken cunts like Germany and Norway? can you name another 2 or 3 songs if possible?
I could successfully watched it. Thanks. The song Added ma fren
Hiya Tsukubanon

I wasn't around "back then" either, it's just that I really got into it when I heard this album.
Krauts do have some top tier thrash though
also meh, power/thrash isnt my favorite. guys like flotsam and jetsam dont have the melodicism of power nor the energy of thrash

here, the same list but now with proper songs instead of albums

What about Coroner then?

Added thx
Wew song from each album above? ご苦労様です... ありがとう ma fren!
Added thx

>Wew song from each album above?
yes, one from each

I'm enjoying it rn
such a long build but it's so good