When did you realize the Ukrainians were actually the good guys?

when did you realize the Ukrainians were actually the good guys?

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20th of February 2014

if Russia's fighting anybody except Germany its pretty safe to assume they're the bad guys

The Ukranian cargo cult towards the EU is so fuckin hilarious.

well you were culting Thatcher back then

since the Crimea crisis, or better, invasion

why did you diasporoids absolutely ignore american origins of the problems

It was pretty obvious from the start. I hate how my country just ruins anything it touches.

why do vatniks always ignore the russian origin of the problem?


Ukranians are servile goyim


t. vatnik

Redpill me on the ukraine-russia problem

Ukrainians are the same as Russians, they're just less successful. They would do the same shit if they were in Russia's position.

Redpill me on the Russia/Russia jr. problem

It's Korea 2.0, russia is turning eastern Ukraine into communistic shithole
while US is supporting the western ukraine and will eventually turn it into a prosperous country like South Korea.

Is the country going to be physically divided soon or is this all just a bunch of autist shit? Fucking HATE western Ukraine now TBQH


>and will eventually turn it into a prosperous country like South Korea.

Gay-fascist West set up a coup in Ukraine and replaced the democratic government in Kyiv with a gay-fascist junta that answers directly to the White house. This illegitimate government has shipped all Ukrainian currency reserves to Western banks, destroying Ukrainian economy and dooming an entire generation to Western slavery. The social effects are even worse - from day one, they started holocausting Russian civilians who don't recognise the illegitimate Kiev junta and have now organised themselves into independent Novorossiya. Also Crimea was and is always Russian)))
t. RT


Ever since I joined the pro-NATO, pro-EU, and pro-western NEOLIB GANG.

Commies created Ukraine out of other people's lands (poles, romanians, russians and lithuanians)
Russians are now taking the russian majority lands

It's going to be divided eventually, but right now it's a bunch of russian PMCs fighting in the eastern Ukraine and now they are in control of the local government there.

Pay up.

Keep chugging vodka and voting for putin ivans, na zdorovie!

>turn it into a prosperous country like Georgia


move to such loved by you ukraine nikita
>you can't
even hohols do not need such mentally disabled faggot as you

The US government is not stupid. The reason why the US invested in South Korea is because it worried that South Korea and Japan would be communistized by the Soviet Russia and Red China in Asia. Anyway, I do not think the US government is so interested in countries like Ukraine and Poland. Above all, there are more than 300,000 American residents in South Korea.

Who are you quoting user?
Ukraine's economy is already recovering, they gonna make more than average russian in 5 years from now.
So stay poor vatan.
Nah i have business here that exploits stupid ivans like you user.
But moving to Europe is in my plans.

When I realized Cred Forums supported Russia

>Ukraine's economy is already recovering
Cockhole plz. Hrukaine's economy cannot recover, because pigs cannot count money.

Meet in 5 years

>absolutely disarming arguments of mental patient

>Nah i have business here that exploits stupid ivans like you user.
its rude to talk about your parents like this

It's pretty inevitable, when the frozen conflict actually freezes and borders solidify Russia's influence on the western side will be so limited the US/European aid and trade will stabilize the country without interference.

US is trying to prevent the spread of communism, that's already a good thing.
Keep spewing hate towards Ukrainians while they are quietly rebuilding their country.
>its rude to talk about your parents like this
Good joke ivan, made me smile,

Nice. lets get out of here, shit's gonna get fucked next year.

Just keep your money in dollars, it's going to be the worst year in history of modern Russia.

>they are quietly rebuilding their country.
Why are you in Russia then, cockhole? Or you're using proxy, because your very liberal government forbids you to use internets?

>like they did in georgia right?
this things is not about separation of ukraine at first(and no way its about to make anybody rich here )
main target is russia and all shit yanks did in ex soviet countries its repetition of what they want to do in russia

I already told why, I have business here and i'm not planning to leave before i start something in another country and have enough money to support it.

>US is trying to prevent the spread of communism,

bratan do you know who's also going to get fucked too?

its nikita

Ahh, I understand. His "business" must be trading cigarettes for a blowjob in some mental illness clinic.

this is how he tricks stupid ivans

Stay brainwashed my dumb patriotic ivans.
I don't even know why i'm arguing with you, if you don't want to listen the fuck you
keep suffering and supporting a government that buttfucks you on a daily basis.
fucking slaves

Nikitos, how is your daily dose of krokodil passed?

>like they did in georgia right?
Georgia is recovering wonderfully, but that's besides the point. Georgia was never an interest to nato or US in the big picture, neither it was considered europe. Ukraine was a european nation that was witheld the chance to continue their own politics due to big bro Russia throwing a fit. The situation was handled horribly by both parties but Russia fucked it up bad creating a conflict which it can't resolve without global imminent and grippling response and the west can't act in the fear it escalates the conflict. The best thing for both parties is just to sit it out and wait till it's forgotten or consolidate their positions and make another stalemate like in Korea.

>mental illness clinic.
Yeah they sure help buddy.
You're trying, i admire. Go make it.

do not mention us on this vietnamese communistic party forum please

>Georgia was never an interest to nato or US in the big picture

>Georgia was never an interest to nato or US in the big picture

>The best thing for both parties
here is a THREE parties user
and american one has their arm in ukrainian guts

anything backed by the e""""u"""" can't be right

>the good guys?
only if they're dead

how do we say georgians about it?


Or maybe you are typical work migrant? Why not make business in your own country? You support aggressor's economy you know?

and by the way putin is a mafia clan leader, russia is a poor shithole, russian sphere of influence is guranteed misery and poverty and russophilies are braindamaged biotrash.

Ukraine is just one in a long list of countries that get fucked because them turning west would undermine the shitbelt Russia likes having around it.
Georgia and Moldova are another two that have problems with the bear.

so i wish all of you join russian mercenaries asap and find your own AC-130 in Syria

Careful there, you gonna summon even more vatniks to this thread with a post like this.

nikita, you refusing to take your pills again?

>when human see cockhole speaking

the chad outspoken ukrainian

take yanukovich back and stop ruin your country

>implying Russia isn't ruled by Jews (from USA/ Britain)

Pretty much


> WiEn HyMeN Sie CaKChoLE sPikiNg

everyone is ruled by russian hackers

>russia is turning eastern Ukraine into communistic shithole
Are you a retard or something?
It's Transnistria 2.0


Well any thread related to Russia-Ukraine relationships becomes a pile of poo because of Russian and Ukrainian shitposters. You will never know the truth from them so better just ignore their posts or at least don't take them seriously.

How i see the problem.
text: keep going, idiots

Ukraine should rename themselves to Kuman Khanate and make russian villages pay tribute.

Well, you can take me seriously. I truly want to have a few cockhole slaves to beat them everyday and a cockhole boy to fuck him in the ass when he's screaming "sala ukraine".


Ironic coming from the nation that is not any less corrupted. The government will have its fun by being a dirty leech scum. No one really wants them to be in EU anyway.

>How i see the problem.

True that, those hohols and russkies are truly a bunch of idiots. Based jews

>pepekistan online
What can be funnier?


Truth is Ukrainians want to become normal European country and for Russia to fuck off.

Looks comfy

they should elect Kadyrov and convert to islam
otherwise here is no forgiveness for them

A russian online? At least we can afford internet

Relatively well nourished porkers. In Russia, China or India, they would be eating corpses laying on the street.

my favorite series of memes

If by islam you mean praising KARA BOGA, then i agree, they are already half BLACK, now they need to get rid of their wh*Te blood

Post some more, I beg you.

But Ukraine isn't European

Those pigs look cute


>we can afford internet

Then why does Russia have a higher internet penetration rate than your country.

>they would be eating corpses laying on the street.

>population of escapists


In Russia there are corpses lying on every street, didn't you know.

Sorry, i don't have the pack. I'm not into this rus-ukr shittalk.

its independent experts from finland actually
they make sure if ukraine if following minsk agreements

Because you were taught to be a hacker since you were a little boy sminem, we all know russian hacking skills

>population of penetrators

>Relatively well nourished porkers.
Rude, that's ukrainians.

Russian immigrant please.



reminds something to you?
we are in russosphere, a deep one

Your mom is an immigrant, ahmed

Кpым Haш!


>russia didn't tried hard to prevent you from fuck up
or you will shamelessly claim that anybody but only a third side is benefits from current situation?

Eggsplane to me why the Russian parts of Ukraine shouldn't be Russian?


Don't even fucking bother opening the link.

let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies hit the floor let the bodies let the bodies let the bodies hit the floor

You're just a joke, a diddle-widdle, a cockhole, a nonsense on a surface of this world.

let my dick cum inside you mom

If there would be more chinese speaking migrants in perth, should it become part of the China? It will though, bogan

That's the proper spelling.

I'm not Russian, don't have relatives there, and never been there.

Russophone from Lugansk.

>implying there are russian migrants in Crimea

A, вoт пoчeмy y тeбя oчкo гopит. Эх, жaлкo дядькa Moтopoлa тeбя и твoю ceмью нe выpeзaл, жaлкo.

дядькa Moтopoлa yжe ничeгo нe выpeжeт :)

>Russian parts of Ukraine
like a whole ukraine?
because only people who doesn't speak russian here is only hungarian and romanian gypsies

in a shitty chat app i talked to girls from russia and ukraine who did not hate each other's countries and both were pretty naive and innocent unlike Cred Forums say

polshit is a male-centric content if we doesn't mention feminism

Зaтo cкoлькo хoхлocкoтa oн выpeзaл.

Ha eгo мecтo дpyгиe пpидyт, нe пepeживaй. Кoгдa Caлoинy oт пaдaли ocвoбoждaть бyдeм.

let me reveal you a secret - the average russian irl doesnt really hate ukranians

Well, you're right. How can anyone hate something what is not human? Do you hate pig when you're eating its bacon? No. Same with cockholes.

Only braindead poltards support Russia in this conflict. I have massive respect for Ukrainians for rejecting Russian tyranny.

The amount of vatniks and putinbots in this thread is mindblowing.

That's not even close to being the case

>for rejecting Russian tyranny.
and accepting jewish tyranny

t. probably ukrainian living in Bulgaria

t.nato shill bulgo

This is just funny at this point, look at them go.

Why can't your country and the USA stop policing the world ffs

ask usa and your beloved nato

I would rather have US policing the world than russia.

Both US and Russia is about to be blown the fuck out in near future. Whoever says otherwise is ignorant. You'll see.

you have it

>If Germany won WWII
t.man in the high castle


>murrican talking about millions of deaths

what an irony...

>Or millions of deaths attributed to Communist genocides.
>after WW2
Mutt education is really something. I first thought that it is some meme, but they're really dumbfucks, most of them.

>ATO warlord

make a stream when you'll starting from yourself

If you go full Westfalian and let different nations sort their shit out independently, you will end up with dozens of Rwandas and South Sudans where people that have been hating each other for generations now have access to genocide technology. Like it or not, the modern world needs big scary imperialists to keep stability.

>вoт Epoхин тo нaчaл c ceбя и ccaмoгeнoцидилcя, a ты вce cидишь кaк cыч пpo хoхлoв пишeшь


Don't be mad at them friend, they're just jealous because Ukraine is a free country now.

Umm, never? Novorussians are fighting for their freedom, and no jewish kiev oligarch will stop them, sweetie.

After WWII there was Mao who got the communist high score. That wouldn't have happened if the good guys had won WWII; China would have been some Japanese colony and a lot fewer chinks would have been killed under imperial japs than under commie chinks.


Never said I sided with Nazis. Just that America should have invaded the USSR and put an end to that shit.

You're the one defending the rape and murder of your people. Or do you like Russian cock more than German?

>and replaced the democratic government in Kyiv with a gay-fascist junta that answers directly to the White house.
No that's wrong.
Gay-commie junta that answers to Kremlin was replaced by gay-fascist junta that answers to the white house.
Let's stop fucking pretending pre-conflict ukraine was somehow not a corrupt shithole like it is post-conflict just because it was alligned with another jew-owned superpower.

>democratic elections anywhere in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine ever

>You're the one defending the rape and murder of your people.
Fuck me you're retarded.

I would fuck you but I'm not Russian/German. Sorry to dissapoint you.

Ukraine people ale africa tier eurpeans. They are so messed up that there is no hope for them ir their country. Just build a wall.

>not really just take back land stolen from Germany and maybe a proxy war with Israel since they didn't shy away from training Muslims.

Israel wouldn't exist if Nazi Germany won.

Hitler wanted Lebensroom and Weltkrieg, that meant taking over the world.

The Japanese would exterminate every single person in china, the Three All policy is a thing you retard.

It's idiots like you who make us look bad. Please move to Russia and drink lead, you'll fit in with the Vatniks.

So much this.

I didn't

Sry, mongoloid, but I don't count chinks as humans, so they're not worth mentioning.

Never. Crimea is ours and locals are supporting us, because most of them are Russians.

Yeah. Those commies din du nuffin hunh? It's the lack of historical education here that produces ignorant people like you. I'm not angry at you, because you wouldn't stop and think of how the world would be different if the USSE didn't exist.

Let's look at a check list.
For starters 85-100 million people wouldn't die. (Equivalent to 1.4% of the world's population today).

No North Korea

No Vietnam

No Kosovo/Bosnian Genocide

No Afghanistan War(s)

No Cuban Missile Crisis

South America would be marginally better without all the communist rebels and US funding the counter rebels.

No Lee Harvey Oswald as he was inspired by Russia and was a communist.

Finally, not having to worry about the world ending for 40+ years.

Does that make me a damn Nazi for wanting an outcome of WWII where the USSR is dissolved? We could contain Germany, Japan was going to fall to us anyways.

But yes I am a Nazi for wanting those things above to not happen. Sorry for telling you the facts.

>No Afghanistan War(s)
What an annoying mutt. Wish you were dead in 9 11, well deserved.

>, Amerimutts and Ruski's are both equally retarded when it comes to international politics in terms of the general population
sorry, can we met on belorusian shores so you'll be able to explain me your views deeper

use "cis scum"- tier insult
>It's idiots like you who make us look bad

Come here brat. Ya lebio ti ruski (oo menya est ne-bolshoi ruski yezik).

Sorry for the Stinger missiles. We got what we deserved when they used the weapons we gave them against us. We reaped what we sowed. Ti shivyosh v moi kvatire? :3

yall mad as hell

I just simply refuse to believe that murrcians are really that brainwshed believeing in cold war era propaganda.

Your post is literally "we ignited all those wars in order to fight commies 'cause commies are ebil".

I bet, the reverse logic isnt applied in your case.

>he thinks that nazis wouldn't be asspain

Right away. After all, they demonstrated for freedom and democracy, while the “separatists” are Russian soldiers, mercenaries and unironical fascists.

>lee harvey oswald killed JFK

c'mon dude, just like holocaust itself, we knew LHO didn't killed JFK

Look. Germany is going to lose in every conflict because it is surrounded. It would only be a matter of time before it would collapse on it's own racist government.

Italians will always be useless in modern warfare.

America won against Japan by itself.

Japan wouldn't be able to take over China if there weren't Communist rebels there.

Even if the aim were to fuck up russian regime, the means to do that is making Ukraine prosper. That’s why it’s in strategic interest of not as much Russia as that of putin and his circlejerk club to do anything they can to make Ukrainians suffer and keep that prosperity from happening.

Foumd the Nazi. Go bother him you fucking stupid Russians.

Why the fuck do you need 6 Noun Cases? That shit is retarded especially because one is for machines or some other dumb shit. Another is depends on inanimate/animate objects.

Coffee is a Neutor noun. Not feminine or masculine. Ukrainian is just Polish and Russian but more complicated

Evil is a relative concept, as moral values themselves. If something is considered evil for you, not necessarily evil for others.

embarrasingly when watching Molyneux

>it creates more of an oppurtunity for evil people
soros and al capone is impossible in communist society
in soviet period our government consisted from kids of workers and peasants we had no circlejerk of rich boys + commies rigged off mafia , masonry and other alike stuff

>tfw Americans understand Russian literature better than Russians
Ever read Crime and Punishment? The whole point was that objective evil exists.

Your Warsaw brainwashing is showing. Not as bad as Macedonians but it's up there.

*teleports a nuke behind you*

I'm going to your doma and fucking you with my freedom cock you dense motherfucker.

>Germany is going to lose in every conflict
with soviet resources and endless millions in labor camps?

or what kind of scenario you're talking about?

WOW you’re one naive mofo. And ignorant.

>Ever read Crime and Punishment?
It's just a book, why would I take any ideas from it srsly?

Here is my understanding of the conflict:

>United States started the whole shit, destabilized the region, people already forgot multiple CIA agents caught in the field bribing and murdering in the region
>USA promises to Ukraine it will stop, if they get EVEN MORE nato bases that are even closer to Russia
>Russia counters with a quasi war

If Russians didnt intervene, NATO bases would pop like mushrooms after the rain all over Ukraine.

Preferably one where you don't rape Berlin.

I noticed the Fetal-Alcohol Syndrome produces gigantic tits. Maybe sending Germany an offering of all your big tittes women would end the war swiftly.

Peter Hitchens is a massive Russiaboo.
He defends you guys.
enjoy this.

>this is why putin offered 19 billion credit to ukraine (which they denied and didn't get even half of it from western friends till these days)

Well communism is about restricting morality. Become a capitalist if morals are subjective, you nerd

i've simplified but such problems were notably smaller

he's right about so much but he is a leftist trotskyite.

he is based

here's tl;dr version

I've come to realize something.
I hate Russia so much I've actually started feel sorry and indentify the problems you have in America.

I mean come on we are similar.
>Russia has a krokadil problem
>America had a heroin problem
>Russian women are whores that cheat
>American women are whores that cheat
>Russia puts cameras on cars
>America puts cameras on cops
>we both have several ethnicities that we view as one of us
>we both have bad politicians that are corrupt

I could go on. But first I gotta ask. Why are you such an idiot.

Why so butthurt?

Actually, I formulated my thoughts a bit incorrectly. I meant there is no and cant be universal moral. Moral in different sovieties and times varies significantly, so we cant say that objective evil ever exists.

>Well communism is about restricting morality

That's why we need to bring back Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact. USA needs to stopped

>Russia has a krokadil problem
It's a meme, it doesn't have krokodil problem now.
>Russian women are whores that cheat
Agree with the rest.

>>Russia has a krokadil problem
You know, the funny thing here is that I never heard about krokodil at all before Cred Forums

What has Warsaw to do with anything?

It's about the same in America with heroin. No one I know has ever used heroin. But it's still a bad issue.
I would rather be angry than depressed like you.

There is an Objective reality, we corrupt it with certain ideologies, other religions, and selfish leaders. Think of the Canaanites that sacrificed their children. In no way is that acceptable in whatever you believe in (evolution or creationism). They had to be told it was the right thing to do.

We have a word for people who think morality is subjective. Psychopaths.

alll those thing wouldn't have happened if america hadn't existed, too.

>the same in America with heroin
Surely, mate. I've heard you prefer cocaine instead of heroin.

In early 2014

I was so uninformed that my reaction to fears of Russian aggression on the news in 2014 was
>What? The Russians would never hurt Ukraine, they're like their biggest allies!

I thought too well of the eternal Ruski

Tell me, are you Christian? If you are, then, of course, our conversation is pointless since you believe there is universal moral principles given by god.

Calm down, zhmud, and give Russian territory back.

That's europe. Oxycontin and opiate derived drugs leading to heroin addiction is USA

never, there is a serbian guy fighting on the russian side as a sniper, his name is Dejan Beric, i follow him on youtube and he is BASED

you must admit communism was retarded for white Europeans, that means you too. Territory aside tens of millions died because you adopted a flawed regime. what was left suffered several generations of cruelty and hardship.
do you understand that?

le ebil communists also created fake nations like estonians and ukrainians, gave you grammars and dictionaries, and drew the borders for your futurue countries.

>white Europeans
nazi sympathizer detected

Christ, Russo-Ukrainian turbo runglish argument threads are the funniest shit

Pretty much

Neither side is good or bad. They simply fight for the benefit and survival of thier own nation, like any organism in nature.

And i'mm not saying animals have nations before you jump on that,the state is the organism

>white Europeans
What you have to do with that? You're just f*nnoid, so not indo-european and barely white.

hey Cred Forums, did you know Russia has Tigers?

Fuck off, only we can bully żmudzins. You have Czeczens

Good point. Does Ukraine have tigers?

No. Checkmate!

looks like you finally managed to get off the power lines you fucking carcass of a pig

this a serb right here

>Confederate flag
wait what

looks nothing like the flag of the Confederacy...

>biggest Russian ally
Top kek, you were really uninformed.

what the fuck i love russia now

If the axis had won it would have been the same story but with Japan and germany.

stop proving my post

is the plan turning Ukraine into a landlocked shithole like Chile did to Bolivia in the 1800s?

destroy and divide obviously

Ukraine is unsaveable shithole. It's understandable that people want to seprate from it, and that it needs to be wiped off the map. Unfortunetly, (((they))) are doing everything to preserve the neokhazaria known as the ukraine.

I'm sorry for having russian style authorities, no oil reserves or eu fundings

Does Belarus have oil reserves or EU fundings?

Ukrainfag reporting in

Cлaвa Укpaїнi!

Some statistics.

>russian style authorities
It's your fault you can't govern yourselves
>no oil reserves
Your country has slightly less oil, yet you still live on a "granary of Europe".The fact that you don't know how to utilise it jus shows that you have to be partitioned
>no eu fundings
Despite Poland recieves EU fundings, it is still a less profitable for it. You think we recieve money from pure charity? Western corporations have dominated Polish market, and supressed local companies, pumping millions of dollars out of Poland.
Also, did you forget that Ukraine recieved several billion Euro of aid from Poland, ungrateful hohol?

Russia will obviously but not USA.

>oh no, Ukraine has zero natural resources

>Ukraine so poor

>open a Ukraine-related thread
>it's full of degenerate rusniggers
It's not like I expected anything different anyway.

the detail that makes this graph the sweeter is the fact that both Ukraine and Russia had a much better footing when the soviet union fell apart.

why is norway attacking ukrain in that pic?

>thread about breakaway region of Russia
>full of Russians
I wonder why


is it successful?

There no saints, but I will standing with Russia. Putin did nothing wrong!

Better than this shithole or yours combined thats for sure
Its awesome there but they wont let anyone in, or talk to anyone outside of they dont have to.
They seem to like being incognito and dont seem to like attention on them

Twice as much, while you have more resources and had a better developed industry.

What propaganda? You foreign cunts complain about us being uneducated when it is required by law for American kids to receive 12 years of education, 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, 180 days out of the year. Why not see your nation's inferior IQ to us on this graph? Look at it.

Because they are a Russian puppet state with massive corruption and secret police

don't forget to post haplomemes. I'm sure it also proves something, idiot.

okay i get it you like red immersion heaters up your ass

So sad to see a person who supposedly went to a good and efficient school in an industrialized and rich country doing such kind of disconnected and pointless sophism.

America wouldn't exist if great shitstain won the revolutionary war.

So, Russian influence isn't that bad after all?

And, by the way, Belarus is way less corrupted than Ukraine.

Is it good by European standarts? It's not. I'm okay with 150 euro with perspectives, than 300 euro without.

What do you think they teach us in American schools? Philosophy? Fucking no. We are more self-aware than that.

У двaчepcкий дeтeй шлюх пoпoбoль.

>so we cant say that objective evil ever exists.
People who hurt kids(ie future)

Do you really believe Ukraine has a real chance to become more developed than Belarus in the next 10 years? How so?
4 years since Maidan and it's getting worse.


When will they carry out the Nato referendum? I think the situation will become much worse if they decide to join


Nice argument, Nikita, but I wasn't talking to you.

It's not, but only because there are no strong and powerful enough / interested in reforms people

When they started calling Ukrainians "nazis"

Хyя тyт хyecocы c двaчa пoнaбeжaли.

When I realized the Russians killed S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Я c тoбoй и нe гoвopил, дayнeнoк)


>150 euro with perspectives, than 300 euro without
Then what perspectives are you talking about?

What about National Corps though (Azov)?

Nationalising industries that were privatized after the independence seems to be what really needs to happen in Ukraine (and Russia for that matter), but it doesn't matter if you have a corrupt government anyway.

Why do Russians mess with Moldova and Georgia?

That's not objective moron, no matter if you, me, and everyone else on earth agrees, it's still inherently an opinion. There seems to be a common belief that you can only enforce values if they are somehow 'objective', which is absurd, values cannot be objective and all of morality is subjective. If nobody had subjective feelings, emotions, no one would care about anything, no matter how great or horrible it would seem to us, who do have emotions.


Doubt far right wing extremist dictatorship will benefit for Ukraine

Poles (and other Eastern Europeans) started from the much worse situtation. The question only in right people which hohols can't elect for last 27 years.

>Commie Poland was more developed than current Ukraine 30 years later

It's even worse than 1990s Ukraine t bh

>and Russia for that matter
It's already happening here. Now state companies have 70% share compared with 35% in 2005.

I don't even know which country should I support. Both Ukraine and Russia are based anti-r*SSian

>(and Russia for that matter)
What? Russia need more privatization everything is owned by fucking government and is inefficient and corrupt as fuck.

Just ask "based" Poland to rule you.

Hard choices

translation/summary, plox?

theyre both "bad"

russian fetish for slavery

>I treated you like slave do you love me?
>Yes, Master!
>And Russia who treated you like brother and whom you betrayed?
>Hang all moskals!


After seeing what the "rebels" we're doing. I also had a friend from Russia who lived near the Uki border who said the "rebels" we're the people committing the atrocities.

Altough it's debatable if hohols were happier under Russian rather then Polish boot, since we didn't do any holodomor stuff, I can assure we will go full Bolton on them after we reclaim our lands.
These fucks deserve all the worst pain for what they did in Vohlynia.


Have you also seen what the regular Ukrainian army was doing there?