Fucks up half of the world

>fucks up half of the world
>now everyone perceives them as "le ebin gentlemen of the world"

Uncultured swine. I bet you are an oriental gentlemen.

>now everyone perceives them as "le ebin gentlemen of the world"

Yea, if you're fucking American. Here we think of drunk football hooligans ruining Spain during the summer.

Yeah this

that's their reputation in japan as well

>>fucks up half of the world

I think you mean "improves half of the world"

Every cloud a silver lining.

no, they are just heroin peddlers

>I'll way-ger me mum's lef' kidney yor an oreent'al innit

This. People who believe in the phlegmatic gentleman stereotype are only those who have never met Brits.


It is true if you meet one of the upper classes. My cousin is married to the daughter of a lecturer at Oxford and her parents live up to the rich and well mannered stereotype.

Their upper class behaved like gentlemen while fucking up the world.

i heard queen elizabeth was a slut who had orgies with pirates


>fucks up shitty people who fight with sticks and rocks*

you mean
>*sets the world into motion*
if it wasn't for our existence you'd still be banging stones together while dancing around a campfire

Love being a native english speaker, life on easy mode

You two should get a room.

pretty much

>we fight with sticks and rocks and yet, we have a better military history than those clowns

Yea we really fucked up the world by building cities in America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore.

Get fucked pooskin

you're just mad your women love us, envy isn't attractive boys ;)

nothen personnel kid

this, or chav savages (aka "the lads on holiday") rampaging in the inner city at night

that half of the world was already fucked up

Brits are literally niggers in pale skin. You'd know what I mean if you ever actually met one.



lol how did the french manage to lose with that perfect concave formation

t. chink

they did so with class.

This is true.

Please, we're just here to finish what God started