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burn /dixie/ edotion

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Fuck Drumpf and fuck red states

first for kms

Fuck Clinton and fuck blue states

good edition

Reminder that Red States are the biggest welfare leeches

first anime post itt

i keep forgetting what i was gonna post when i save something for the next general

Nu-South (North Carolina, Virginia) is NOT South

fuck off north carolina is one of the most souythern states

nth for don't bully!

*goes blue*

This is not true

they were red in 2012 and 2016, are you fucking stupid?


Once blue, always blue.


they're not as red as the rest of the south

Once Texas goes blue in 2024 Civil War will commence

Why, are there a bunch of mexicans who moved there for gibs?


Why do you love me? You're driving me crazy


mexicans, blacks, puerto ricans... you name it :3

Yes it is. Literally all of the biblebelt is 30+%, some hitting 40+%

She sounds like trouble

I'd do the same

Some people just can't be helped
thot+kot best combo

Is cute, refined Mexico here


fucking retard lol

In case the bong goes

All niggers
The Midwest is red and does not have high welfare usage

dumb britbonger

Not kots

>let me tell you about your country

Not an argument

Federal aid and welfare are not the same thing.

kys kike shills

wat's a kikek

that /cum/ discord is gay af and if u in there u dumb and not my friend

Go suck on Arab dick Bongotard

if you're not in the /cum/ discord don't even think about replying to this post kiddo

i got banned

federal aid
federal aid
we here it, all the time!
buts its not really federal aid
'cause the money is yours and mine




the gf lol jk I'm a loser soy un pedidor

good, u better off


I hate /cum/ and everyone in it

then go back to /dixie/ cock sucker

I was never a dixie poster, you absolutely retarded piece of shit.

I hope you die.

wow could U be any more retarded I hope you die fucking idiot

lol oregoblin


embarrassing loser

unironically kys

delete this fucking post I dare you

if you got hit by a truck and fucking die it would be the best night of my life
eat shit

i like Mexicans

lol so funneh so edgy wow feelings so hurt

do you actually think I care what you think, faggot?

fuck lain poster

fucking this general is still garbage lmao


cum discord is the only stool to get some

t. garbage collector

I agree with both of these posts.


wow, who molested u?

what an unbelievably boring general

you're welcome, gaylords

>hes still replying
wew how fucking cool do you think you are?
i know where you live fucker i will hang your dog from the ceiling

thought we were friends now ol' clacky


nah fuck off

lol gettem!! woot!

you're fucking pathetic

>lol gottem woot!!
get fucked loser you have nothing to say

fucking dickhead

wow, why are u such an asshole clack?
to think there was a time i thought u were cool

Half of those red states are blue and half of those blue states are red now

weird how when people bring this up they always use sources from over a decade ago

Why are you still replying, you're an embarrassment?

because im cooler than you nigger

we don't tolerate the use of that slur in this general, cuz

Hello my loves

wow so cool nigger haha lol



not a lie


they are gonna die of third degree burnings

nunca me va a dejar de dar asco esa morra


La verguiza que te voa meter si no te calla el perro hocico te va dar más aco.


>waah i cant handle a word :^(
found the faggot

>Mr. Escribo Con Los Pies

Cara is cool

Meaningless post. Desperate to get the last word in to make it look like you won in an internet argument, right?

>projecting this hard
why not use an actual argument next time pal

You are cool too Canada.

There is no argument to be made.

looks like i won the argument

there was no argument



What do you think of Twiggy, /cum/?

rate me


>clack has nothing better to do on a saturday night than this

>fake bobs
uhh no thanks

clack is an autistic loser that stole my gimmicks

there is nothing surprising about him being an spastic

She's cute

what are you doing with your saturday night?

I agree

watched live pd, watching a movie now

twigs looking good, bro

she should be called loggy now


Grimes >>>>>>>>>>>>> Cara > twiggy


I'm sorry for being so mean tonight, /cum/.

lol just kidding fuck you guys

lol no.

ugly fencing

can you imagine how her minge smells like

still kind of a pussy though

fuck grimesfags

Side boobs make me horny

wish i could move to the country where everyone would understand me
where everyone is happy
where i will marry a beautiful woman
where life is just like art

fuck off you are not ryan



for apologizing or for being mean?

I was obviously making fun of him, see the flag

dont make fun of Ryan

Ryan's a faggot. well so are you

Is /cum/ the most humorless general on /int?

hate namefags
why did clack and cara come back at the same time
makes you think

>ruin thread
>wonder why its bad

dios bendito del tobarito, who this?

I was trying to liven things up, but people got angry.

some beaner. dunno

we wuz citybuilderz n sheeit

ban anime


EXCELLENT edition.
Though I wouldn't wish harm on my countrymen, desu.
Or, really anyone.

i feel no connection to other americans

Hey guys check out my post number isn't it funny?

She's such a top qt pie

don't give that f*g any yous

aye i was looking at this thots instagram earlier today


Cara's infinitely better than cl*ck.
At the same time, we've had one truly good namefag.


You don't feel any connection to anyone.
Lesbi honest.

that is probably true of anyone who regularly posts in a general, right?

Why would people go onto the internet and lie?


I have four good friends faraway that I would die for.
No one here though, so, you kinda got me.

Let me add her Instagram to my collection

Put it together, bud.

The quality of this general has declined in my absence. I have to start posting more frequently starting tomorrow.



>that folder path

Oh, look.
The second-worst, current namefag

the only way to beat the namefag menace is to become namefags ourselves


God is real and he wants me to save /cum/.


good name


Namefagging should be a /cum/ gimmick

Thanks dog
Pic related

Got me there.


We're not brit, my brown """ friend """


u ok freind?

Any of you guys wanna join my discord?

im drunk


>even chimps know better


We're already here.
What are you drinking on?


Hija de la rechingada, que buen culo tiene esta morra.

Looks a bit young


beer, just beer my friend

Carta blanca or Pacifico are only sufficient answers.

I JUST got a gf

That's my second e-gf. I guess I'm officially a chad now.

rape me

i dont like carta blanca and they dont seel pacificio here

so tecate it is

Would be laffin my ass off if mine didn't die
When I was 14

Only your ego is chad.
Get the real thing, you pansy. It ain't rocket science.

Don't know what to say to girls after hello.

Yet you know what to say to guys?

Tecate is honestly a decent third
Extra points for fascist-style labelling
t. barman

never thought of it like that...


somebody play bayo 2 with me

Buy me PUBG instead

You're too drunk to keep up
Nothing personnel


My ideas will be so powerful and ahead of time that they'd be dangerous and I'll be killed for them but they will change the word

sure are a lot of mexicans around here

If society collapsed today and another society later found our remains they would think this was a big monument with deep meaning when most people probably don't even know it exists

Probably not no







Very good singer.
Too bad they're French and his English accent is a bit off (not a stereotypical French-English though).


post moar girl scratching pucci

kind of a niche photo, bud. it's all i got

Can any MeJicano provide me with an AUTHENTIC MeJican chiquitito pequeñito STREET pollo tacito recipe?

you tried your best and i appreciate it! Thanks muttanon.

omw to mosque, have a nice day people.

im back from work early you guys

30 days in rehab done as of today.




when are you going back?

/cum/ in a nutshell


Having a 6/10 nice gf is 10000 times better than a 9/10 thot tbf guys

with any girl you're gonna get sick of her shit

fk is gay

Are you MeJican?



Do angloids really eat this much on breakfast, or it's just a meme?

/brit/ would be a better place for this question

what is the best way to imply that i've interviewed people in my essay without mentioning names when i haven't interviewed anyone and i'm just going to do research and read up on personal experiences?

don't lie, user

too bad I am still trying to find

rather not fail

too bad i sent your prof an email about your planned cheating already

just realized i haven't had a single drop of water to drink since i woke up yesterday

drink some then lmao

just did!!

good! friend :^)



Canada invited

fuck off


>The Midwest is red and does not have high welfare usage
yet the midwestern states have such a shit overall economy that they are subsidized by the blue states in term of federal spending


why is she crying in pain?

she saw black panther with a movie theater full of black people

worry not friends I have arisen

I find it funny how blacks are trying to compare their Black Panther black pride retardation with white Star Wars fans.
I swear 2 god 0,01% of the Niggers watching this shit and wishing Wakanda were real have ever heard of this comic before the movie was announced and now they pretend it's part of black American folklore.

thanks Jesus

whatever. As long as they don't chimpout and act like respectable patrons at the movies, they can have their cape shit film.



going to wendys in a bit.

You want anything?

i really, really, really extremely really much want to eat US fast food from all franchises for a week straight

When are the MeJicans going to wake up

girls are just boys with vaginas

it's Lent. They're probably at church

lent is a meme holiday

>lent is a meme holiday




fucking shit

I'm curious about american black men. Is there any statistics of how prevolent conditions like autism, depression, social anxiety, and so on are among them? Maybe some litterature. I'd like to read about black people who feel like failures, disappointed in themselves, and who feel ashamed for not living up to stereotypes of black masculinity, things like that. Anybody who can help me out?



got a problem with arbys?

Thanks. Can't read the study in full, but the site might be useful.


What a weird fucking bastardized language


gook spanish

Please participate


You have any else?

lol fuck Mexicans man I just need some tacitos

Nah. Just look for meta analyses on black male masculinity and such. I'm sure there are psych/sociological resources out there. But none that I can pull out of my ass on a whim.

going to wendys, negros. Wish me luck



that's not very nice
why would he do that?
but he seems to have slammed the head right off

apparently a ball had hit the duck and injured it. So the golfer (who's finnish btw) decided to put it out of its misery by teeing off on its head


n-n-n-ni-nigger lmao



no u dane bitchboi

you blew up one of the best editions ever with your gook cartoon shit

jesus christ i hope the kid upstairs falls and hits his head and dies one day
and then they all die because holy fuck they are loud as fuck

Blacks? Not a fan

I have an extremely obese couple that apparently like to get up in the middle of the night and walk around creaking the floor boards