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ya'll posting in a gay thread



homophiles should be castrated



nigger shit fuck


saved for posterity

hey bud

someone could add /dixie/ colored text

psd if someones not as lazy as i am

hmpfh its dead

like this?

yeah, i also though about cropping the text but dunno


not welcome here



hey Singa

pls don't post anime

bumb your own thread, bitch

fuck I wish that were me

>there are anime cons in Huntsville AL and Norfolk VA
anime is part of dixie culture

so fried steak is just piece of meat in breading that was fried on oil right?
this is the same as our kotlet but we use chicken breasts for that

>when it kicks in


also id get a korean stick instead of japanese



They could already read and wright tho. The Spaniards just went and burnt all of it because anything that didn't have a cross or the image of Mary on it was heresy to them.

You're starting to sound like a heretic

Your fire cannot hurt me. I'm immune.

I won't say it again


why do americans burn their meat?



Well done is a job well done

more like going too far


This. Anybody can make tender meat by under cooking it, but it takes an artist to make tender meat with the right amount of char and coloring all the way through.

wait did he cook the meat in a plastic bag?
ugh so fucking disgusting i cant stand anything hot in plastics

decent doc

>clicking a demonology youtube vid that acts as a gateway allowing entities into your home

nice try netherspawn

ill get you next time


just had mexican food for breakfast/brunch

>chicken enchiladas covered in mole sauce
>i ate a lot

wtf mexicans eat moles?

sry molé (pronounced moh-lehy)

its a sauce with a shitload of ingredients in it, chocolate, garlic, onion, cumin, chili powder, and god knows what else

mexicans are weird

Fresh OC. Rate pls.

You haven't lived until you've had Mexican hot chocolate.

not sweetened chocolate, its usually bitter

and its fucking delicious, chocolate and chili go together really well



This is why we need feminism.


>"You are touched by darkness, Ambassador. I see it as a blemish that will grow with time. I could warn you of course, but you would not listen. I could kill you, but someone would take your place. So I do the only thing I can–I go. Oh, I believe it was an endorsement you wanted. A word or two, a picture, to send to the folks back home, confirming that you have a destiny before you."

"Yes, it was just a thought, nothing more."

>"Well, take this for what little it will profit you. As I look at you, Ambassador Mollari, I see a great hand reaching out of the stars. The hand is your hand. And I hear sounds–the sounds of billions of people calling your name."

"My followers?"

>"Your victims."

what if every state was independent would that be a beter world

what if anglos didnt come where they dont belong and wouldnt post anime, would be that be peter word?????????

what if i didnt bang your mum and you werent born haha xx



We fired our guns and the British kept a-comin'
There wasn't nigh as many as there was a while ago
We fired once more and they begin to runnin'
On down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico


my granddad is an irish ira supporter and used to sing that all the time

Your grandad sounds pretty hardcore.


soon ill go sleep and by the time ive awoken dixie is dead again

get home from church already you nerds

the cum thread has finally died - god bless dixie

Why are you concerned with any thread other than this one.

it shows up when i search for dixie, its my bookmark

Oh, you mean the fake /dixie/ made by that guy from yesterday. I thought you were talking about the actual /cum/ thread.

yes they had dixie in the name so it showed up as i searched for it, might be different for someone who is barbaric and not using 4chanx

Barbarians were based and collapsed the Roman empire and also scalped them.

barb barb barb sorry cant understand you


a snake



beware stepping on it

you can step on my snake anytime



ye into BDSM big bwoy?


me in the ropes

that's not what you do with feet

Indians were the only losers of that war


thats not for you to decide


Ever received a footjob? Definetly their intended use


Can’t wait for Dotard Drumpf to be impeached

hey i dont remember writing this message


Explain yourself.

didn't remember what those two pics were

Yes but it definitely didn't involve stepping on me

A likely story.

New game plan: delete and redownload all my pictures with weird names so that they all turn normal after like 900 posts

>get 4chanX
>click randomize filenames


>Highway just closed
>Arctic windchills


no anime

footfags btfo

What an uggo, at least she won't run away

really fires up the neurons





this is art


They have a built in circle gate which I would suck with, and I don't even know how to kbd which I think is the point of the korean stick

>thing on the radio comes on about the civil war
>the panelists are bloggers and other soy-laden professions and not actual historians
>turn it off
stop injecting modern politics into history, and vice versa please

>he doesn't think history is an opportunity to mold minds for the future

truth is irrelevant in the modern age virginia, give in

the problem is that the average retard thinks that historians are scientists, whose profession deals in objective fact. They're not, they're people who give you their opinions for a living, the same as Sean Hannity, Keith Olbermann, or Stefan Molyneux. So people take any historian agreeing with their preconceived notions they may hold and take that as reassurance that they're right about everything, despite the fact that a whole other group of historians may completely disagree with their historian.

Shelby Foote was an objective man sent by God himself to sort this shit out

10/10 post




Hello fellow children

Who /Hillary/ here?


I'm with Her. =====>




Incomprehensible angry jew noises


>cajun tilapia fillets with roasted garlic mashed potatos for dinner

watching some anime now

fight me you bitchmade onionhat faggot imam

Watch out! He'll write a poem about you and ruin your image for centuries!

roses are red
violets are blue
the imam is a faggot
onions arent hats theyre food






>only have so much room for spicy fried fish

why can't i eat it until it kills me

how much seafood do you eat per week in metric tonnage?

i usually have some at least once a week, frozen tilapia is cheap and tasty, ive got some frozen cod too but it tends to thaw out pretty soggy

this week i made some crawfish ettouffee too so a bit more tasty watercritters than normal

>can't go out tonight either
fuck's sake

gonna make some honey sriracha chicken tomorrow lads

sounds tasty

get some ginger too imo

already got some

thought about using five spice in the marinade for the chicken and trying to come up with some other sauce but decided against it


five spice is good but its pretty strong stuff, its got such a unique flavor that ive got a hard time balancing it with other things personally

i pretty much just use it as told to in recipes

if you go to the korean mart on salem they have whole szechuan peppercorns, you gotta grind or mortar n pestle them tho

yeah, I got some of those the last time I went

been putting the thai chilis in chili, it's bretty gud

Andrew Jackson did nothing wrong. A lot of Indians were for the trail of tears. they got free, mineral rich, free, casino land for free so they were totally cool with it. they love the woods so walk was actually enjoyed by most of the according to people familiar with their thinking.

sorry for the rudeness inthe last thread

sorry for what

oh fuck off



var is pure neutral good, please don't bully him. I can see him going chaotic slowly before my eyes

>mother 3 was a good game


how does France get all these FUCKING troops

I've bankrupted your shitty country 3 fucking times and you still have more troops than I do

have you tried bombing them from orbit with asteroids

why is the south so fucking shitty?
>fat, stupid, inbred people
>welfare whores
>shitty accent
>poor as fuck

if the south disappeared tomorrow, the world would be a better place


>Drive to work, nearly get ditched twice because of 60mph arctic winds
>Get there
>Dead af
>Maybe three customers the whole day
>Management says we have to stay the whole shift
>Police show up and tell them to close down
>Get out
>Blizzard is so bad I can see maybe fifty feet in front of me
>Roads aren't visible, only the sidewalls of the snow from the plows
>People still don't turn off their brights except now you actually can't see anything so you either play chicken or have to stop
>Get home
>Driveway is a drift
>Shoveled my way to my front door
>Get inside
>Out of hot chocolate


make hot tea

or be a boss and make some hot chocolate with cocoa powder and sugar

Nevermind it was just in the wrong spot




w-where did you get this pic

where did you get this pic of me


Hey /Dixie/, this is my first time posting here. I've been lurking for a while now, so I kind of have an idea how things work. This is the only good America related thread desu.

>I kind of have an idea how things work
>no extra flags


>I kind of have an idea of how things work

no anime

What do you guys mean? I've never seen anyone bring up or mention anything about extra flags.

supremely low effort post

>thread is full of people using states and counties as nicknames for each other
did you think we were just guessing or something?


what's your state


I'm so confused.

we call people flaglett in damn near every thread

why does flaglett have two t's?

New Jersey.


we all use extraflags to recognize eachother, id recommend it

This is my first time posting in a /Dixie/ thread, user.

>I've lurked for a while
>This is my first time posting in a /dixie/ thread

yes but you said you've been lurking for a while

it's fine, just get the extension

>it will never return

i promise you

another will spring up

its like knocking over an anthill, they just rebuild it stronger and bigger

>modern ideas of sanitation

Motherfucker, European cities were pig stys. People threw their shit into the gutter, and it would accrete until the next rainy day. They would bathe once or twice a month, if that.

Mexican cities at the time were squeaky clean in comparison.

just tenochtitlan because it was surrounded by water

the rest were comparable to any other stone age injuns in the new world

because they didn't have domesticated animals you fucking tard

that's also why the Americas were so depopulated

still better than having literal shit everywhere

There's just one itsy, bitsy, problem, I'm a phoneposter at the moment.

>still better than having literal shit everywhere
except every civilization that formed besides the Aztecs had open sewers

get it on your pc or something when you get the chance desu

what state are you from?

except if they didn't have access to an aqueduct or running water they did have literal shit everywhere

The point was the Spaniards didn't teach anyone jack fucking shit about "modern sanitation" because they didn't practice it themselves.

except they brought the medical techniques developed in Italy to the New World you massive fucking faggot

Except they did because at the timeframe that this occurred it would be modern and it was significantly better than almost the entirety of the Americas' standards of sanitation

You fucking ape

>sanitation is just how you handle your sewage and nothing else

>people who throw their shit into the streets and bathe once a year know about sanitation

the only people in the americas that had a decent sanitation system were the inca

aztecs, no

*europeans who throw their shit into the streets and bathe once a year know more about sanitation than savages

>I believe memes about european bathing habits and pretend to know anything about history

reminder that the Inca's beer was piss, spit, and corn fermented together

so it's Bud

tfw no injun gf


I can just imagine the first Mexican to meet the disgusting white pigs that have been stewing in the hold of a ship for nearly a year. The smell wafting off their unwashed ass cracks and pits is eye-watering as they open their mouth and tell him, "I'm here to teach you how to keep clean, okay? First, you have to get rid of the public toilets. Poo does not go in the loo, it goes in the street."

Imagine being such a stupid piece of shit that you think that medieval Europeans just shit in streets in the middle of winter

>I can just imagine the first Mexican to meet the disgusting white pigs that have been stewing in the hold of a ship for nearly a year. The smell wafting off their unwashed ass cracks and pits is eye-watering as they open their mouth and tell him, "I'm here to teach you how to keep clean, okay? First, you have to get rid of the public toilets. Poo does not go in the loo, it goes in the street."

I'm from the midwest... Am I welcome?


this is the most autistic shit i've seen in months

they shit in chamber pots then threw them out a window


the streets were already full of horse shit anyway, what difference does it make?

I was born in New York, but I am currently living in New Jersey.

human shit stinks a lot worse than horse shit for one

well, you have a point anyway

>I smell shit on a regular basis
t. Flaglette

>human shit stinks a lot worse than horse shit for one

Nah, my family owns a few horses. They don't smell too bad, especially if they eat hay

>I sniff my horses' shit



Fine die then


you didn't say anything lmao, you just typed

you = btfo

How would it make you feel if your sisters told you it was my child they were carrying and not yours?

jealous, wish I had a Canadian bf

I don't understand. Are you saying you would enjoy being cucked?

>he doesnt know


I've made like 3 anime related threads on Cred Forums and they all get deleted by mods. idk whats even allowed there at this point

I hope macon had a good birthday

shouldnt you be fast asleep at this hour

its not even midnight yet


huh there was a monkey here?

only moeshit is allowed

dixie is asleep post anime


omw to post anime

Hello my american friends.

Can you guys tell me if over in the US people really think that the death camps were run by poles ?
And what are your guys opinions on the whole shitstorm we currently have with israel? Ive seen some media coverage about it in the US and its soo far all been jewish propaganda.
Id like to know what regular americans think about this issue

why do you care what americans think

Because they're your lapdogs

I'm not even sure the average American knows that Poland exists desu. They just know that the Nazis killed 6 trillion Jews

>what are your guys opinions on the shitstorm we currently have with israel
from what I've heard, this is about a Polish law that would penalize people who say Polish death camps rather than Nazi death camps or something like that. If that's the case, then it's just as retarded and illiberal as Holocaust denial laws. I don't even know why you care about it that much

also this

I like your country. I've considered an english teaching job over there

>chi teaching english to foreigners
this is it. This is peak mutt

Its pretty important law for us because we got decimated as well as our jewish bretheren and we're getting unusual amounts of hate for passing a law that would penalise false historical revisionist statements which imply that the camps were a polish creation, run by us, ect. While in fact they were created by germans, run by the SS and their sole purpose was the elimination of poles, jews, gypsies, communists, russians and other the germans seemed unfit for their new world order.

>for passing a law that would penalise false historical revisionist statements
and the law is just as illiberal as holocaust denial laws. fining people for speech is autistic


You're welcome to come here, there will always be a market for english teachers here since most schools do a poor job at teaching english.
Most people know english from listening to songs/playing games/ect

will poles hate me if I'm brown

la chitura....

its a tool to fight anti-polish slandering that implies that we were responsible for the holocaust ect.

"A lie told a million times, becomes the truth" jfyi

or you could just correct them

what was the latest thing your pm said that pissed israel off? something about jew criminals

he made the mistake of naming the enemy

say it with me: JEWISH DEATH CAMPS


Here you go, you might get some shit from bydło but regular people wont give a fuck

I just don't wanna be mistaken for a moslim

Poland seems comfy and the girls are cute, but I wonder how much money I'd make

Doesnt work, we've tried it already.
He stated the fact that there were people of diffrent nationalities during the war who were scum of the earth. In that specific case it was a question related to selling out where jews were hiding. And he stated that there were polish/jewish/ukrainian/russian ect "szmalcownicy" - people who would harrass jews and blackmail that they would rat them out unless they got bribed. People like this would get executed by the AK and other underground movements during the war. But truth be told, there were jews who did this to their own kin.
Not to mention the ones which ended up in the USSR occupation region and started colaborating with the soviets and would sell out their inteligentsia neighbours or soldier neighbours to the NKVD...

so you decided to restrict people's rights

goddamn Europeans are some weird people

The law is mainly targeted towards german media operating in Poland and abroad which on a regular basis would spew out shit like this. Like Der Spiegel.

Even Obama used the phrase polish death camps...

so you lot gonna sentance obama to 3 years of prison?

> He shouldnt go to prison for destabilising syria, libia and the arab spring...

being asshurt at some retards falling for shitty memes isn't a good enough justification for setting a precedent for punishing free speech

this is going to bite you in the ass

page eight, huh, well too bad you get a sage

wilhelm please

you'll go to bed eventually

fuck I wish this were me

how the fuck does katawa shoujo still have its own general on vg, its like a million years old and has like 10 hours of content

gn dixie

fug. This thread is nice. Meanwhile /brit/ posters are brain dead and /ausnz/ is full of weebs.

autistic fanbase

wakey wakey wagies

isint it presidents day or something

What is that



>Waking up at any hour with A.M on it
Feel sorry for ya

but i don't

Now you're starting to act like an honorary med, where were you originally from ?

>Now you're starting to act like an honorary med,
no one uses the 12 hour clock on the whole continent, what are you talking about


hes drunk, like always

drunk at 14 on a monday ?

>anime con in Huntsville
Yes, this is good news

time does not matter to him

Shiet, meant P.M

>Max limit of image replies has been reached.

Just an innocuous, inoffensive and recreational beer

>No travel advisory is over
>Snow is light compared to last night
>Plows are here
N-no comfy day off

can i invite the japs to the next thread


ok no objections