China threatens US military technological superiority

How is the US/West going to psychologically deal with the fact that they cannot reign supreme anymore?
I mean, I know how much spoiled kids scream and beat around when one threatens to takes away their favorite toy... For the US, it would be akin to a fanatic Christian getting shown conclusively that God doesnt exist. He would have a mental breakdown or bang his head against the wall to drown the truth with self-inflicted pain.

>These Chinese military innovations threaten U.S. superiority, experts say

>1. An electromagnetic railgun
>Earlier this month, pictures emerged showing what some experts believed was an electromagnetic railgun mounted on a ship. A Chinese military analyst, Cheng Shuoren, was quoted by the state media as saying it was an engineering feat of "epoch-making significance."

>2. High-tech warships
>The 12,000-ton stealth guided-missile destroyer, given the code name "Renhai" by NATO, is expected to go into full service this year. It has been built for anti-aircraft, anti-missile, anti-ship and anti-submarine warfare and is expected to play an instrumental role in China’s future aircraft-carrier battle formations.

>3. Familiar fighter jets
>China last week announced that the Chengdu J-20, its first homemade stealth jet dubbed Black Eagle, had entered combat service, breaking the stealth fighter monopoly of the U.S. and its allies in the Asia-Pacific region.

>4. A hypersonic glide vehicle
>China carried out the first tests in November of a "hypersonic glide vehicle" named the DF-17, according to The Diplomat, an online magazine covering the Asia-Pacific region.

>5. Artificial Intelligence
>Chinese researchers have revealed plans to upgrade the country's nuclear submarines with artificial intelligence, signaling efforts to tap into military uses for AI.

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As for Japan:

>Japanese regional banks to join yuan payment network

>SHANGHAI -- Hiroshima Bank and 13 other Japanese regional banks will connect to an interbank payment network that enables direct yuan wiring to mainland China -- a move that will lower transaction fees and boost convenience for customers.

>Joining the China International Payments System will reduce fees and processing days. Juroku Bank and Joyo Bank are also among the Japanese banks taking advantage of the system introduced by the People's Bank of China. They will be connected one by one after the end of the Chinese New Year holidays via the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, which connected to the system last year.

We will join the Chinese empire!

China is literally surrounded by no less than three major powers that would love for the US to remove the leash (ie withdraw from the region) and let them take Chinese clay.

I'm not worried desu

The chinks will always have one flaw keeping them from gaining the edge. They have to wait for somebody to create something before they can copy it.

China will collapse again in our lifetime

China is fucking pathetic. They're no major threat.

Problem is that none of those 'major powers' can stand up to China because they either depend too much on the huge Chinese market and/or China would literally wipe them clean when it comes to war simply by the fact that their shipping lanes run along China's coast and in the South China Sea.

Japan is maybe better off here, since we can just trade directly with the US across the Pacific - but our shipping lanes to Europe, Mid East and Africa would be broken as they run close to China's coast.
South Korea, on the other hand, will be totally destroyed. Their shipping lanes are in the Taiwan Strait, not even 50km off China's coast.

I'd say Sydney-Auckland-Vancouver uprising but in a generation or two the chinks who are raised here would fight for Australia instead and I'd assume the same for you two as well.

And IISS article about China's new air-to-air weapons that challenges the US air power in vital areas.

Doesnt look good for the US/West.

China, Russia, and Japan all have fairly robust internal economies that are not easily disruptable by China. In fact, quite the opposite - concerted effort by India and Japan could cut off China from gulf oil and thus severely restrict its industrial and military capabilities.

Nice try though, wumao.

Why Russia, though?
Still believing in that meme of Russia helping the US to contain China (for what reason, actually?) Putin isnt so friendly with the US after losing his mercs in Syria...

Also, Japan and South Korea depend on Gulf Energy even more than China - and their shipping lanes are all potentially cut off in an event of war. China, on the other hand, still has huge reserves in Xinjiang and central asia, not to mention Russia who is still supplying energy to China.

China has enough domestic oil production for military purposes. It's actually the world's fourth largest producer; it's just that it consumes so much more than that

>what's Russia

I would vote in favor of my country hosting a Chinese military base :)

Russia has every reason to seek to limit China's influence in Central Asia. The US doesn't even enter into the reasons why the two countries might be at odds.

And Japan always has the option of deep sea routes which are not easily disrupted by China (since the PLN has difficulty operating beyond the first island chain). Plus, Japan can always buy energy from the US.

This is not wrong, but shortfalls in oil will immediately result in cuts to manufacturing capacity which will generate structural unemployment that the CCP is wholly incapable of dealing with politically. This is a recipe for popular discontent.

What about Russia? Current pipeline capacity can't move enough oil quickly enough to immediately satisfy demand from a shortfall in supplies from the gulf. Even if Russia was willing to become a Chinese gas station, there'd still be a short-to-medium term supply shock in oil that'd sap the Chinese economy of vitality.


>Russia has every reason to seek to limit China's influence in Central Asia. The US doesn't even enter into the reasons why the two countries might be at odds.

Except this is not the case. China's central asian interests and Russia's closely align - keep out any US or Western influence there. For China, it is because of resources and energy, while for Russia, it is their legacy of the USSR. Both sides are in agreement here, which is why OBOR and Russia's Eurasian Union are actually cooperating.

Based Chyna

didn't ask

Not with their shitty Third World military they're not. They can't even build a high performance jet engine, those have to be imported from Russia.

¿Con qué propósito? China es una dictadura miserable y México no tiene nada en común con ellos culturalmente.

All it would take is a couple of button presses to turn their entire coastal belt into glowing green waste.


What is MAD

>Russia has every reason to seek to limit China's influence in Central Asia. The US doesn't even enter into the reasons why the two countries might be at odds.
Reasons that date back to the 19th century, one being that China has never gotten over how the tsar conned them out of Eastern Manchuria.

china can defeat the anglosphere they are already occupied canada and australia

Me, about you! :)

Revenge for Opium War soon. With the help of KARA BOGA allies the wh*toids shall be eradicated.

Not him but they only have about 300 nuclear warheads on liquid fueled missiles like it was the 1960s, their estimated response time is about 30 minutes.

This is my biggest fear, that US would make preemptive strike while it still has technological and financial superiority.

Superpower in decline in most dangerous superpower.

Para devolverle el favor al país desde donde escribes.
I'm in favor of doing something similar but, I'n my case, I prefer to let Russians in since I dislike chinks.

Yeah because I am sure their response won’t annihilate the West Coast.

>inb4 HHURDURUR millions of dead Americans is okay because they have slightly different opinions

who can this stop nukes?


let's be for reals here. China doesn't have any nuclear disclosure agreements with any of the other powers. nobody knows how many and what kind of nukes they have. everything is just a guess at this point.

>china super-secedes western technological superiority by copying said technology
>can no longer copy, can't go very far ahead

DF-31 and DF-41 are solid fueled ones

>chinks who are raised here would fight for Australia instead and I'd assume the same for you two as well.
Why do you think so?

No matter how busy the Chinese are copying other nations' technology the US navy will stand unchallenged for another 50 years at least.

Plus they're stored unfueled without the warheads mounted on them and without crews having access to launch codes to prevent a rouge army officer from getting control of one and they have to go through a lengthy chain of command to get authorization to fire an ICBM.

Actually they don't even have all the capabilities of the Soviet military of the 1980s particularly in areas like noiseless submarines.

>increasingly nervous wh*Tes

They're actually still relying on clones of Russian aircraft for both civilian and military use since the US and EU have banned sales of arms and aerospace hardware to China since 1989.

>pasty white neckbeard pretending to be Chinese

good posts

yeah but so did America

Didn't they fight a war where they 20,000 guys to a couple of Vietnamese border guards and farmers with pitchforks? Not even Vietnam's regular army at that. Doesn't say much for China's martial prowess.