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>1. Your country
>2. Why haven't you talked to her?

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xkcd is a pure cringe


Realistically, what percentage of anons resemble this guy?

Does anyone actually still believe in all that "just talk to her", "just b urself brah"?

Because I'm redpilled on the female menace.

Yes because it's true and it works.
Bad image

Because there is no need, I have never loved anyone or even had a crush

Because its so hard to find her again in a class of over 300 people.

I do, I guess.

because I'm autistic as fuck and never really fell in love

You never wanted to slam some ass either?

Just be yourself, eventually it will work.

After 26 years of observing so many contradictions in real life in terms of dating advice:

>the silent robot in trade school class who literally looked like "Chris" from family guy and never smiled and never spoke, but had a gf since he was 16 - now he's 25 and is living with her in his apartement
>the chad with an 8/10 face who hit on girls when we were in bars or at psytrance festivals but he was still a khv at the age of 21
>the shy 5/10 fellow student of mine who looked like a soy john lennon and who never approached a girl in his life but still managed to get a 6/10 gf at 18, just because she approached him and made all the moves
>that one scrawny manlet in trade school who was bullied troughout his life, even when we were at age 20, but he never gave up trying and got himself several gf's over the years through tinder
>the silent, overweight 5/10 history student who wrote to an absolute 8/10 topcutie from hungary on 9gag and actually managed to aquire her as a gf

I don't know guys, meanwhile I'm convinced that it simply depends on pure coincidence.
There seems to be only one constant - if you are over the age of 23 and never had a gf then it's most likely that you'll never have one

I have, just not in a flirty way
We tease each other about bf/gf and relationships, stuff like that but from our conversation, she's not ready to commit just yet.

She's still young, she wants to travel, fuck around, just have fun while she still can. Hell, I'm not her lover so what gives me the right to stop her. Maybe I'll find another one like her, in the near future. Hell, maybe God willing, we'll both settle down by 30+ and have a childless marriage.

I had my first gf with 26.

I made a terrible first impression and lots of autistic remarks. She probably thinks I'm retarded.

Someone post the other one

i did, but she already had a boyfriend, she even comforted me, worst day of my life

Because the woman didn't give me IOIs

It's too much arrogance thinking you can fuck every girl in the world, is that what you believe in, OP?

Rather, do YOU approach every girl you're interested? Why are you so dishonest?

I do talk to her, practice NoFap and you will become so based that you will actually like being at the center of attention and will not care if she rejects you, you will just move on and hit on another one

she should be the one doing the approaching


>Men tend to be less selective than women when evaluating and pursuing potential romantic partners.
>The present experiment employed speed-dating procedures to test a novel explanation for this sex difference: The mere act of physically approaching a potential romantic partner (vs. being approached), a behavior that is more characteristic of men than of women, increases one's attraction to that partner.
>Rotators were significantly less selective than were sitters, which meant that the tendency for men to be less selective than women at events where men rotated disappeared at events where women rotated.

to sum it up: women are more pickier than men when men approaches then woman. But when women approaches the man the woman is just as open as the man.

conclusion: a society where women approach men could possibly lead to a more equal society in terms of partner count and loneliness

I talked to him
we’re now engaged

good job, how many times a day do you fugg?

maybe %10

although we all know this is never going to happen

Is homomarriage a thing now? I thought itd take time to pass the legislation

we’re heteros

this one?

thanks bros
femdom will save us all

hits a bit too close to home desu
(used to think I could get a gf thru similar means some years ago)

Understanding the romantic relationships of others strikes me as entirely futile. I know a couple, who have been happily married for 30+ years. She met him when she was 25+ and he was 18, they got married, had children, and they both slept around the entire time. Know another couple, man was a poor khv at 29, she was a rich turboslut. They're happily married 30+ years now. The last couple have been together on and off for some two decades. Constantly cheating on eachother, breaking up, then getting back together. Both have children from multiple mutual best friends.

Anyway, my point is that the ideal relationship is merely that, a fantasy, and it has very little bearing on what actually happens in the reality of relationships and sex. The only consistency is that there is none.

>The only consistency is that there is none.

I will honestly start a new extremist group and start killing every person that is in a relationship, women and men alike, all must die

She was honest at least she told me she loves someone else


90% diet 9% sport 1% dna
You cant outrun shit food. Sport is useless when it comes down to leaving obesity behind. It is all about HOW MUCH (not which) food you eat. Feel free to eat same garbage food as now, but LESS of it.

Guess I'm the 1% genetic, I'm 187 cm tall and 79 kg and still look fat, got fat in my face, chin, belly...

Dear brazil user. You can have healthy bmi range and still look kinda bad. Why? It is the ratio of muscles VS fat. If you have never done any strength training in your life, then your whole weight is composed from bones and fat. /fit has a fitting name for this state of body: skinny fat.

If you want to look like athletes, bodybuildres or like the actors in tv (or homos on beach), you have to actually do a sport in your life. Anything will do as long as you experience DOMS next day.
Tldr you have to push your body for it to look good. You need a lot of muscles and small amount of fat to have the greek sculpture look.

Btw it is entirely possible you have this
Like half of population you can find in any gym have it. They all look super good, but their brain tells them otherwise and that is why they spend unreal amounts of time at gym while they dont even need it.

Do you even lift faggot? Btw having fat in your face is a good thing. Not looking like polish death camp survivor is good.

Fuck i hate all happy people, if you still gobble up this garbage about ''confidence'' and ''jus b uhrself brooooooo'' honestly kill yourself

Samefag here. Dumping some more outlandish relationships I've seen. Man and woman were highschool sweethearts, got married after highschool, and have been happily married ever since. They never had children. A Man was married twice, had children with second wife, now divorced and dating his highschool sweetheart at the age of 60+. A woman chased her oneitis for an astounding two decades, before giving up and adopting children instead. A woman met a man and had a one night stand with him, which resulted in pregnancy. Fast forward 18 years, the daughter is dating an older man she met at a bar. She introduces the man to her mother and discovers she's been happily dating her own father! Man is unemployed and hilariously poor, lives with his two girlfriends who are both breadwinners. They've had children, and the three are supposedly very happy together. A woman who was supermodel tier goodlooks for much of her life. She never got married or had children, and fianlly lost her virginity at the age of 70 to a male prostitute.

It just goes on and on like this. When you start talking to "normies" about their relationships you'll hear all kinds of crazy shit. My favorite is this one church pastor, and his wife regularly has sex with lesbians she meets online. He is aware of it, and basically just ignores it.

Its not their fault

When you were a kid and played videogames all day long, they were playing outside making friends ans asking girls out. They of course suffered if they got rejected but they were just kids, the next day was like another life.

They made all the mistakes when they were little and they encourage to make those mistakes now that you're old ans every single rejection draws you back like hell

yes lol

I-I never implied I was fat though, I just picked the first crying Wojak at hand

(I am a bit (quite) fat though ;__;)

But I am already lifting and keeping count on calories, so I guess that gf will fall into my lap soon :^)))

Sure is r/cuckold in here.

You speak from experience?

Gf is one tinder swipe away from you.

Lifting alone wont summon gf out from thin air for you. /fit is FULL of god looking lifters who has never in their life interacted with female before. Why? Because they act like females in dating game: they are passivelly waiting for somebody to make first step. But guess what? Shit like this never happens. NEVER.

You have higher chance to get shot at non usa school shooting than being asked out by a girl you have never seen before. You have testosterone in your body. That stuff should make you do YOLO stuff like hitting on sexy girls. Do it!

Because she almost certainly doesn't wanna go out with you OP. I know loads of guys in their mid 20s who'd be happy to have a gf and they're not even that picky. All the single women I know at that age are single because they have really high standards, even if they're not that great looking themselves.

Why do women refuse to ask men out anyways?

Because they know the right one will eventually appear

Waiting around for Mr.Perfect is a good way to be alone into your 30s.

They do. But they only ask out people with famos names like justin bieber or trump. If you are as rich / famous / powerful as trump, girls will take your hand and put it inside their pussies themselves so later they can tweet #metoo and claim child support.

Something something evolution something social games something shy weak beta males shouldnt breed anyway.

>implying beta women dont exist as well.

Who is "her"? I'm really picky. Trying to go for looks, personality, intelligence, etc.

I don't smoke, drink, or like tattoos. Drinking is okay but alcoholics are disgusting. Smoking is disgusting. Most female tattoos I've seen are trashy AF.

Mostly I work and stay at home to play vidya. Not sure where to find grills. I don't go to school. Haven't seen someone that caught mqy eye at work and it's not that big a company. My hobbies are shit girls don't like and I'm not a partier, drinker, or whatever.

25, virgin, never had a GF. Feels okay man. I've been told that I'm not fat or hideous, people are surprised I don't have a GF or EVER had one.

>Lifting alone wont summon gf out from thin air for you. /fit is FULL of god looking lifters who has never in their life interacted with female before.
I don't lift for looks, I do it to gain functional strength desu. I will never look good anyway lmao, but at least I can be thin, strong and ugly with some work instead of being fat and ugly. :^)

>I don't drink
>Drinking is okay but alcoholics are disgusting
Found you a major issue right here 2bh

I like more this version

Ever been outside? Even the most ugly dudes are married to reasonably looking women and have shitton of babies. She has to look good. He? He doesnt need fashion, face or looks to secure in order to date. He needs balls of steel and shitton of confidence. Thats it.

Obligatory link again.
>all people with BD claims they dont have it. Why would you be any different?

You assume an awful lot about me from my posts, you know.

>It is all about HOW MUCH (not which) food you eat

Literally lie. Obese people usually have deficiencies.

I don't drink because I have a condition:

That being said, something like having wine or a beer with food or every once in a while is okay. Alcoholics truly are miserable though.

>The only consistency is that there is none

The laws of relationships just seem purely chaotic and deprived of any logic.
Either you find someone or you don't, regardless of how hard you try and what kind of technique you use.

I never said anything about health or deficiencies. It was all about stopping being morbidly obese and getting slim enough so you can actually see your own genitals without mirror.

I talked to a girl in my Japanese class and turns out she is lesbian. Then talked to another girl and she is a 22 yrs old single mother.

That kind of shit always happens to me.

She is not Lesbian she just lied to you because you are unattractive.

>Why haven't you talked to her.

In general German girls don't value unsolicited cold approaches. In fact it even is considered downright rude to bother Germans of every gender in public without a serious reason like a medical emergency or something, the way it is completely ok and to a degree even expected like in the US.

The club and party scenes are also way less about hook-ups the way it's often the case in the US.

Yes, in Germany, people actually go there to listen to the music. In bars they prefer to stick to people they already know instead of aiming to get to know new people as well. The only real point in time when approaching becomes acceptable at some festive event is around midnight when everyone is already at least a bit intoxicated.

Most Germans form couples the way they make new friends. Either through their extended(and already existing) social circle, i.e. a friend of a friend or by meeting people at some shared activity. In order to enter an existing social circle you have to be good friends with at least one person or you will constantly regarded an acquaintance at best or an outsiders at worst.

Sure, exceptions apply and you shouldn't generalize too much but insinuating that cultural and social differences(especially in this area) don't exist would be a bold-faced lie to anyone who's experienced and lived in two cultures.

. Why haven't you talked to her?

Because I learned the hard way that if she isn't making huge efforts to be with you all the time, then she's not into you, no matter how much of a fantasy you have built in your mind about her.

Only Chads can basically assume that every girl is going to either be into them or give them a chance. Men like me don't get a chance very often.

I did, but it was once and 4,5 years ago. I know her profiles in social media, but think, how can I write not looking as a inadequate..

>Hey cute netb-
>I have a boyfriend.

She is lesbian. Sometimes her GF picks her up and they hug and French kiss each other.

how many incels are in here rn?

Fair enough.

Drinking alcohol isn't just
>ocassionally with food
>full blown alcoholism
though. When I hang out with my friend(s) we down quite a lot of spirits and liquors and that's just normal partying 2bh.

It's when you find yourself pouring a glass of whisky at 10 AM on a weekday that you might have developed some issues.

neurotypicals FUCK OFF

You all just sound like white trash to me.

I only know of one family who got divorced and none who outright cheated. Your reality is not the norm everywhere.

Alemannic autism in a nutshell.
It's really the same in all of the 3 german speaking countries.

I'm like this. The few girls I met who fit my standards, are all above my league in looks. I try to compromise on looks, but in general good girls are also physically attractive and trash is ugly so it is hard to find what I want.

I got a gf by asking a close female friend for sex since I was a virgin

I was tricked basically

Why do people still believe in being yourself and "talking to her"?
Chances are she's already rejected you mentally. Women will NOT date you if you don't cover certain physical standards, facial aesthetics are the most important.
They don't give a shit about your personality or humor. Women want a worthy mate, not a fucking jester.Plus, if she's attracted to you physically she will laugh at any retarded drivel you throw her way.
Don't "talk to her", you will make an ass of yourself if you're not at least a solid 6-7.

Same here. If you are friendless. You have Tinder as a last option. Mostly just for sex. If you are ugly and friendless you are fucked beyond help.

I'm ugly and autistic

I did
She rejected me
I said "b-but Cred Forums told me to do this"
She said "why didn't you tell me"
Now we are married

yeah most women will reject you but if you stop asking out women you like completely you will miss the few ones who ARE absolutely willing to love you for who you are

This is objectively true. Unless you are very physically attractive both face + body, then sure, asking out a woman might work out but it's still not guaranteed.
If you're below average looking you will never find a girlfriend, period point blank

But that is not normal at all. I have 7 or 8 good friends. None of them, got rejected, even once. That is not how shit works in real life, mate. That is American TV bullshit.

You don't just go around asking strangers and getting rejected.

Aight, seems like it worked out for someone atleast

>you will miss the few ones who ARE absolutely willing to love you for who you are
But they don't exist to begin with.

i wish i did. at least i would have an explanation

That‘s because your friends are experienced (or neurotypical...), they can pick up on the little cues and target girls who they know will not reject them

most people here are either really young or have slight mental impairments. They are destined to make fools of themselves. But that‘s no reason to give up

>met almost perfect match
>lives in the US
>too far away
>ask her where to find women like her
>she says she doesn't go out, except for shopping and work

Maybe that is it boys? Maybe we do have perfect matches who are just like us. But they are at home as well, on their version of Cred Forums complaining about no bfs?


how do you know you lovable oaf

>most people here are either really young
I'd wager most people here are 18-25 so not really young

I don’t know a single person who started browsing Cred Forums after turning 18

except they don't post their thoughts or we are not aware of such a place.

Yes, but most people who are here are probably adults

fair enough, but they are still hilariously inexperienced

I mean I'm definitely not fat but I'm very hideous

>not aware of such a place

It's called Facebook/Whatspp whatever. Women tend to have friends, so they don't need to seek comfort in strangers on the Internet.

I don't lift, never did it, but at this weight I should just not look so fat in my face

the ideal is having a chiseled lean face my friend

I'll give a try to lifting again soon, I just don't know what to do at it

Im fat and my Chad friend probaly have fucked her already.
I don't wanna be a cuck.

If you are not physically flawed, women will approach you. I've seen it happen to the shyest of guys.

You honestly need to actively reject women if you are attractive.

>If you are not physically flawed, women will approach you.
t. Chiseled Jawline & Mister Olympia winner Chaddimus Maximus


>submissive men in relationship with dominant women have more children

>homegoing men married to breadwinning wifes have the least chance of being cheated on

You over estimate what it takes to be attractive.

>be significantly taller than average
>be white
>be mildly successful in something

Is that AND or OR


AND of course.

bullshit, you could be 6'3 and rich, if your face is hideous it won't change a thing. Imagine an ugly dutch going to Spain, you think he's gonna get any attention?

kek this

lol at him projecting his chaddism at us

Height and attractiveness are correlated though. What you are talking about is a very rare exception.

DESU, I cannot even imagine an ugly tall guy. I saw plenty of ugly short guys though.

height doesn't matter much, as long as you're not an actual midget

>22 yrs old single mother
>that flag
Man, the stereotypes really *are* true

you'll have to back that up with data my friend because I've seen plenty of tall guy that look like they're inbred

They are. I dunno how old you are but if you have female friends into your late 20s, you'll start noticing them complaining about the lack of men constantly.

Once you hit 30, the dating scene is completely inverted and it's the women who become r9k-tier. You have to be a complete autismo to end up alone at this point.

but i talk to my gf every day

who wants to date 30 yo women?

No one, that's why it becomes inverted. 30 year old men still have a pretty good shot with women in their 20s though.