Hey, Cred Forums, let's post photos of nature from our countries that we took ourselves...

Hey, Cred Forums, let's post photos of nature from our countries that we took ourselves. Let's show the real beauty of our countries to each other. I'll start.

Omg a field, so cool, never seen that before XD


I bet you never did you basement dwelling neet


Looks comfy


where is this from? what particular area of russia? looks very beautiful.



Looks like very typical central russian nature.



Looks like any average place in Sweden

Is this Hokkaido?

Yup, it's Suzdal

No it's Nagano.

I thought there are very little snow in central Japan. Interesting.

looks 100% like bolish countryside, if I got lost there I would assume I'm still home

It's almost like nature looks exactly the same across borders...

exactly. amazing



This clouds



Thanks. It's my home.



in a place called Vinkeveen, very comfy

Reminds me of that animated movie with Van Gogh, he used to hang out near a similar lake with a boat


Can you get this in E*rope?

Why would we want to? Deserts are the most boring type of landscapes.

Such is life in maine.

or this?

chu say? They are not boring.


do you mean Loving Vincent? I've been wanting to watch it
>photos [...] that we took ourselves
you're a retard
Cred Forums is this way

I guess you disagree, but for me deserts are extremely boring and also ugly. Sure you can take nice photos of a sunset and red-orange waves of sand. But no, deserts are ugly and boring.


What, sheep? Why, yes.

>Cred Forums is this way What's wrong with you? Why are you so mad? I did take the first one. I just transferred it from my phone to my PC and renamed it.

Also, not everyone who is retarded is in Cred Forums. Chill.



Wow! Looks creepy. Didn't know Australia has European looking forests


Can you explain this , or this to me then?


What happens if you get close to them?

My favorite style of forest in Australia is that found in the Dandenong Ranges, I don't know if it is very European or not though.

(This one isn't my own photo though)

You know you can expose longer and/or bump up the ISO?


Where I work in the summer.


>I don't know if it is very European or not though.
it looks more like a californian redwood forest


do you need an explanation to realize they're also taken off the interwebs or...?
I'm not some magical being that passes judgement upon Cred Forums posters m8, you just don't need to be a complete dick about whatever landscape your country has
so instead of adding to the cancer you could, oh I don't know, post an actual picture that you took, if any, and contribute to quality posting

hereby promoting Scotland too because it's just so pretty over there desu

nothing special


Looks like warm temperate rainforest, some pockets in Northern Spain are probably similar

Already training for your migration to Ausland?

I've heard that China is not like the other world, but never know that so literally.

If you get too close the females bounce, but the alpha male usually stands his ground, and sometimes will try to fight but rarely.
Yeah these were just quick shots really

It's my family's farmland.

Lake Kawaguchi


last friday was the first time I ate kangaroo meat, it was surprisingly tasteful

looks a bit sterile and lifeless

Lake Hamana

good mushroom spot

>looks a bit sterile and lifeless
Not sure what you mean by that. What's lifeless about that?

What kind of mushrooms?

Middle Rhine

Kangaroo is better than beef I think, less fatty and a more fragrant flavour


Woah, is this real? These trees look gigantic, would love to see it with my own eyes


tasted like venison just more intensive.


I did post a picture I took, the first one with the sheep.

Tatarstan, lots of oil in those hills.

Or wait, are you irritated that I said "E*rope"? I was just joking. My bad.

various kinds

treeless mountains, vegetations looks washed out, small trees, adapted to the cold

Mt Shirane, just erupted in the last month.

and this one is really delicious when fried in butter and salt. real meaty. im sure it grown in russia too.

I guess quads don't lie we cool :3
just d-don't flaunt comfy warm deserts at us again a-alright

I'll end with a lazy llama from the Stuttgart zoo

Behind our house

>im sure it grown in russia too.
But of course))

Alcalá del Jucar

Deserts are mega trash at day but they are super comfy and cold at night.

And yeah, again sorry about that.

Yeah they are called Mountain Ash Gum trees, and they are quite cool because they have adapted to the bushfires that happen there every summer, so the seedlings they release can only be opened from their woody capsules by high levels of heat and light (i.e. a fire).
Anyways if you ever visit Australia I highly recommend the Dandenong ranges it is so beautiful there and you can find tons of secret gardens and european style cottages hidden away behind dense ferns and trees, it is all so cozy and quite underrated. Also it is only like 40 minutes away from a major city.

Since they haven't posted yet, here some on behalf of Austria, went hiking there early September











Thank you. N-no digging please or else you'll chase away the turtles.
>tfw cant post panorama pic.

Looks like decorations to some Rammstein video.


Yeah, was weird, after being 5 days above the treeline you start to miss the vegetation



>cries internally

nigga learn to handle a high contrast in pictures

The beach from and Always wanted something like these,
looks comfy, like those in paintings.


Gone higher. Perhaps its Laputa?


Hakuba village





my country is perfect for cruising while listening to GY!BE or any other dystopian soundtrack.

Northern Alps from Ogawa village

How do you tell them apart from other undesirable mushrooms?

Togakushi mountains from Ogawa village


Togakushi mountains and Kagami-ike (Mirror lake)

Shamanic sense.

that one is great, the green hills look like mini mountains.

How to become a shaman?

Comfy. Why I cant have this kind of living?
>earn daily bread from field
>kiss husband
>milk cows
>prepare meal
>barter extra produce at the local market
>prays to god
>dont really have the need to worry the world around, carefree.

Autumn looks much better though

Heres one from my hometown

absolutely disgusting

sorry but no



I am sure it looks good but your photo composition needs improvement






You need another shaman to initiate you.





Velika Planina




Looks like Windows XP default wallpaper.


Wow, what a nice and tiny lake. Would love to visit.


Please visit Greece

I need more pictures of my home



My backyard.


last one from this set
God I love the Mediterranean countryside
comfy as fuck

Mt Norikura


Cute pupper

I got cold just looking at this

This is nice. Shame you didn't have a better camera.

What state is this?

Shiga Kogen in summer (Heavily edited on Lightroom)

I have, like 12 times or so.

Berry nice! :DD

come over Malayanon
we can have comfy picnics on the grass :3
>it's 5 deg C at the moment tho

I would so want to take a few weeks off and retreat by myself to one of these comfy cozy cabins in the middle of a forest
>even has a doggo
death by comfy



Reminds me of Michigan.

Lovely. What are the forests there like?



here's one with my doggo

I have like 200+ pics that I took all around Croatia but they are mostly larger then 4MB


I love the look of it


Lake Bled

god damn... I just have a big crush on north american forrest landscapes

you fuckers won on life lottery

Wyoming but it's a very small corner of the Black Hills which are mostly in South Dakota

it doesn’t look yuro at all

VERY nice.