Is Southern Europe really this shit?

Is Southern Europe really this shit?

It's nigger/spic behavior.

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>whole France
>S. Europe

>what's irony/exaggeration
oh wait, flag

>the whole country is like southern Italy

Americans need to be fucking rangebanned

Believe or not, this is Spanish, Portuguese and Italian culture in a nutshell, except the little part of North Italy.

Only niggers and spics behave like this.

Southern euros are literally African mongrels

Americans need to be fucking rangebanned

Would rather fight alongside this ALPHA male instead of that horrendous mongrel known only as OP

Get out of my country, spic

It is far better than any place in the USA

Said the country who was African tier until romans civilized them.

>Get out of my country, spic

Do you have a job?

Tell us about African tier shitholes

I have never been shot.

Have good relationships with your

I think even Mississippi is better than Southern Europe, honestly.

Safer than you, Mohammed

Is having a good day your islamic neighbourhood?

>I think
lmao good one

Their food is delicious
So they are civilized country obviously

Spain is the safest country in Europe as far as I know. I would rather live in Italy or Spain than burgerland, that's for sure

There is no place in Southern Europe with a high murder rate as any place in the USA

As well as there isnt any place here with a murder, rape and general crime index as high as Sweden has.

Lmao, you are doing God's work

Why do Americans romanticize Germany so much.

Don't you love FREEDOM? Germany is the opposite of anything that is about FREEDOM. They are drones who believe that everyone should be a drone like them and the state should enforce everything.

You shit on other European countries but I don't think you'd find yourself at home in actual Germany.

obviously here it's safer because we have less immigrants, but there's other things to consider

Only Andal*sians are subhuman tier.
Northern Spain and Portugal, France and Northern Italy are perfectly fine (speaking about ethnic people obviously, not niggers).
I have heard bad things about south Italians and south Portuguese, but can't really confirm since i havent been there.


Austria is the safest actually

>mutts can't into simple euro-banter
kek'd at the video tho

It's because no one wants to live in their shitholes, except old people and gypsies

Not to mention they are degenerate leftists. The actual Sweden-meme-men are the Germans.

Hey you shut your cumskin ass up, MED countries are and always will be the heart of Europe. I know you can never be looked at the same way but try not to feel TOO bad

Why are you being so arrogant? Spain and Italy are in many ways better than Sweden.

My favorite Swedish poster :)

>Spain and Italy are in many ways better than Sweden.
Go on then, name them.

you are my friend

He's probably not even Swedish, most of you guys are really nice actually. Let him have his autism

How this is better than Sweden? Are you a proxy or something?

chink food is yummy too but chinks are all subhumans

traditional culture
num of world Heritage

>Go on then, name them.
Italy has women that still cook and aren't complete degenerate whores. You can find a girl there who is actually feminine and bubbly and worth investing time in. They have kept good Christian values in many places, the result being a very strong core family and a generally safe environment.

Spain is not traditional at all but they are a very safe country with warm people and great food and culture. Beautiful architecture and scenery too

So they have nothing but the past, a glorified museum

You're cherry picking. Napoli is arguably one of the worst places in Italy, and Spain does not have many ghetto slums at all.

>Italy has women that still cook and aren't complete degenerate whores


>muh women are whores


>this thread

Not all women. You can stay here and have man-jawed entitled Nordic girls who believe that they are men ( or rather, believe that they are smarter and better in every sense than men). I'm moving to Italy in the future, and I'm taking my degree with me! hahaha


Like I give a shit what you do you loser, you'll be a loser in Italy aswell

Not Swede. Probably a spic or any kind of goblin

They also have the future, considering they aren't drowning themselves in Somalians.

>Is Southern Europe really this shit?
yes, shitaly is shit

>you're a loser because you don't want to stay here
>y-you're not Swedish
I'm probably the most Nordic looking person on Cred Forums. Stay salty lads

You now realize this is a cartoon about Italians made by Italians for laughing purposes.

Still, I'm a bit sad that Bozzetto's studio has been reduced to this.
Here have this one:

>complete degenerate whores
>man-jawed entitled Nordic girls
Entitled to not sleep with you it would seem buddy

Their birth rates are low and they don't cut public spending, if they don't have immigrants it's because they already are shitholes with no future.

What is better about Sweden compared to Italy?

The nominal salary and the larger welfare state (if you consider that a plus). But that's about it.

Everything else is better in Italy. There is a reason that everyone in the shithole cold countries wants to retire in Italy (or Spain or Portugal).

>y-you can't get swedish pussy
it's not that, all I'm saying is that if I ever get married I would prefer it to be with a woman who actually acts like a woman. If you prefer Nordic girls that's fine with me.

I love old animation so damn much. Thank you.

>they don't have immigrants

>Everything else is better in Italy

>Spain and Italy are in many ways better than
If you are a tourist on vacationbux, then yes

>Their birth rates are low
As are Swedish birth rates. They're just not artificially boosting them with hyperfertile Africans.

>don't cut public spending
Have you watched the news in the past half decade? Spain especially has been cutting hard. In fact
both Spain and Italy have a bigger budget surplus than Sweden as of now.

>if they don't have immigrants it's because they already are shitholes with no future
Economics are fickle and can change. Demographics are static and immutable. You can work away a debt, you can't work away 30% of your population.

>You can work away a debt, you can't work away 30% of your population.
True, very true.

Immigrants or end of welfare.

Pic one.

i've heard that italy and spain also portugal are already filled with shitskin immigrants from africa/arab/china/south africa what's differences between welfare heaven nordics and latin europe?

>As are Swedish birth rates
Swedish birthrate is at 1.82 for swedish women, which would make it one of the best in europe

>Swedish birthrate is at 1.82 for swedish women
And how high for white Swedish women, my indoctrinated friend?

1.82, like I just told you

Mmmm nope

>Foreign-born population
> Spain

Here we have tons of Latin Americans, Moroccans and Romanians

Quality of life is higher in the south.

I'm the Svenanon who argued against Sweden being better than med countries ( because we are worse, it's the truth) but he is right about this. The population of Swedes are growing, in 2016 96% of Swedish women had Swedish men as partners and birthrates are at about 1.80 per woman

>Here we have tons of Latin Americans, Moroccans and Romanians

Are you taking your relatives back? It's so cute.

thats still below displacement level

south america*
it seems fairly stupid for europeans to complain about immigrants because they are all cucks

projecting much?

Projecting? Latin Americans and Moroccans are part of your family. Don't be selfhater.

yeah, you are right
whatever makes you sleep at night

Mississippi has shit tons of jobs.

In law enforcement?

>The population of Swedes are growing
>Swedish men as partners and birthrates are at about 1.80 per woman
Pick one. 1.80 is still below replacement level (2.11).

Sweden has literally nothing to show for it except economic measures which we have sacrificed our self-worth for.

The average Swede can't prepare a decent healthy meal, let alone prepare a dinner table properly - if the family even eats together. The average Swede think it's fine that his clothes is made of plastic and paper mache - if he even notices.

Yes, indeed. But compared to other Europeans it's still a high birth rate.

Why is this Swede so fucking butthurt towards Southern Europe?

he's probably just jealous

Most swedes are friendly guys and awesome people in my experience. This guy is probably a nigger or a danish falseflagger that got pissed that he can't even get pussy here, let alone in scandinavia

he is The HaitiAN

Almost 1M of them are brittish, 300k germans, 100-200k for french and the same for italians.

We have about 1,5-2M of muslism, and we had about 1M of latinos before the crysis. We also have 200k of romanians.

At least they are christians, speak our language, are good workers, many of them have university degrees and dont make terrorist attacks

>We also have 200k of romanians.
The number should be around 500,000 at least

True, a mistake, they are about 800k

It doesn't matter who's shrinking faster than whom when you have hyperfertile third world migrants who are the only ones growing in numbers.

It's like Japan vs America. Japan's population will have, which is a trend that can be reversed. In America whites will become a minority, a trend which is irreversible. By the end of the story there will be less Japanese but Japan will still be Japan. The Sweden vs Spain scenario is comparable, albeit with less radical differences.

>are good workers, many of them have university degrees
what a joke, anyways Spain doesnt need those pseudo"engineers" when we have like 20% unemployemt rate

Most unemployment is on Andal*cia and Extremadura wastelands though.
On civilized Spain, things are not that bad, at least on qualified jobs, not part-time shit

At the end of the day most of them would end up l assimilating because of the cultural similarities (moroccans can go fuck themselves) or leaving because they're countries are not as shitty.
Yours are completely the opposite of what you are and will never leave nor contribute to you

He is a butthurt haitiANO, when you see a swedish butthurt about Spain it's him.

live is shit here i will kms tonight.

Nigga, you live on tutorial mode

Fuck off stupid mutt we aren't south

Degenerate barbarians cant compete

>nigger spic behavior
So American behavior.

Why are Barbarian animals allowed to exist?

Left is spain righr usa

British posters are embarrassing

Oh my God. You Swedes are even more Ameriboo than people here.


Nooiiice projection abdul.


gotta love these statistics


ayy caramba

wtf happens in ireland?

at least i have source

>tfw terrone

Nobody steal anyone in Lisbon because all young Portuguese live abroad and there are only old people there

>yeah well 2000 years ago we were the best!1!1
Meds, every fucking tine

Nice delusion chimp, now go back to the top of the tree


where's my gabagool

Yes it is, stay away from here

explain the speeding part

Why every nordcuck always ''muh Napoli'' for representing a country of 61 million people with the greatest european economical internal difference?

Here a map about the comparison of single regions with foreigner states about quality of life and gdp/head

Half continent have our genes, man.

>We wuz Romans n sheeeeit!!
Why do they do this?

We weren't, actually here in my valley we spoke occitan until 1960 -1980. So we wuz gaulz n sheet at least.

Shittalian, need some spain to post polanball with shittaly from italian wars.

When germans get in Italy they forget all rules and order and act like only the worst italians could

el chicANO signore e signori.

Andalusians and estemenos fucked hard nahua wimmenz and ... behold the results!

Well Latin itself is pretty much an Occitan dialect

Frenchies (and italian government here in our side of the Alpes) did a pretty successful job in eradicating the language because ''muh patois speak properly you montagnards''.

The same you did with Welsh and Cornish




LMfao only swedcucks can have a muslim zigano as their best player

>Amerimutt lecturing other countries about nigger behavior

There are many delicious food in Southern Europe.
I like them. :333

See you at the world cup

>Ameriniggers calling anyone savage
You know that Spain is one of the safest country in the world?

Call me when you will win your 4th world title

keep on living in the past buddy

I know that for your historyless countries even 12 years seem another epoch

Everyone want to fuck our girls

>Napoli region equivalent to the Greek GDP in Italy

Magna Graecia never ceased to exist, Hellenic brothers 4 lyfe

You can have them if you want. They're totally identical to you as way of life, food, culture, etc.

I genuinely believe that the Italian culture has similarities with the Greek one, from north to south. Given, the south is almost identical, sure. That being said, I do not see why there should be such a huge split between north and south although it is more historical than economical.

For sure the south is genetically Western Greece; even greek dialects were the main languages there up to middle ages

(here one of the last speaker of apulian greek)

I think that even Veneto has a strong greek influence due to venetian republic (and you had a lot of venetian influence: do you know that your word for ''fork'' is derived from venetian pirĂ¹?