Edycja antipolska

Poland work against Serbs, Russians and Ukrainians. All Slavs hates you. Just stop working against other Slavs and you will be safe, you will never be our brother again, but you will be safe. With American missiles and bases Poland isn't safe, Poland is just a one easy target to Russian nuclear shield.

You still live in world of American propaganda, but in reality US dosn't care about Poland and your future, they care only about themselves.

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Don't hate us Ruskibro.


>T-...T-I-G-E-R-S ?!?!

>You still live in world of American propaganda, but in reality US dosn't care about Poland and your future, they care only about themselves.

No one really cares about it even we

Why are slavs so divided

Because "Slavs" have nothing to share than the language they speak. Fyromians and Poles barely have any cultural ties, or Slovenes and Russians, that is. It's as if we would claim some sort of brotherhood with the Spaniards just because we are part of the same family group. Pathetic. Also we're more genetically close to the "slavic core", that is Poland/Belarus than you "slavs"

>Because "Slavs" have nothing to share than the language they speak
Correction: Slavs and "Slavs" from South have nothing to do with each other.

And that's pretty fucking ignorant as well because there are still obvious folklore ties and some genetic ties as well.



This is how Russian would be looking in a Polish/Kashubian-like latin more phonetical way of writing.


Letu osëń smotrit wsled
Leta wnoẃ såszło na niet
Daj mnie znać, sztoby nie praspać
Kak aciec, siem let nazad
Ja uwiżu zwëzdåpad
Daj mnie znać, sztoby nie praspać

Snowa bjot w ladoni dożdź
Priama s samych zwiozd
Dziki zwiozdny chårawod
Stroit w serce most

Kak starał sia, nie zabył
Kiem ja stał i kiem ja był
Daj mnie znać, sztoby nie praspać

Letu osëń smotrit wsled
Leta wnoẃ såszło na niet
Daj mnie znać, sztoby nie praspać

Prazwëniat kåłakåła sztob wësna za nami szła
Daj mnie znać sztoby nie praspać


>tfwn qt ukrainian bf

Can you translate?

Бopынгы җыpлap көe
Һәм aйнын көмeш йөзe
Йөpәктә кaлды мизгeл
Иpeкнe cөйдe күңeл

Иpeкнeн – иpeк cүзe
Идeлнeн – caлкын cyы
Кыpлapдa кaлды бaшым
Mәнгe бyл Идeл йopтым

Дaлaнын изгe җилe
Яpaтa кыюлapны
Ул үткэн мeңнәп чaкpым
Ул минeм якын дycтым

Cyгышнын кылыч көe

>those letters

is this Kazakh or Bashkir?


No but I like Tatar metal




I heard that there are some tigers in /russia. Is it true?

I've heard your mother is a whore. No doubts that's true.

More tigers than you Pshek

new /v4/ is on, frens

How true is this pic?


good OC, I chuckled

Akys akys juokiasi balsu klausia kur esi tu?

>folklore ties
We have just as many "folklore ties" with tons of non-slavic countries, so your argument is bullshit.


vsem privet...






>Napisałem sposób w którem Polacy moglibym szybczej się uczyć rosyjskiego, a Rosjanie polskiego
>nikogo to nie obchodzi

echh danonkowie









Does Russians understand Polish and the other way around?

heta nie smiešna...

No, but we can learn it fast, because a lot of words are different only in one letter. And for us it's easier rarther to learn Russian for Poles.

But honestly I can't speak 100% standart Polish, when I try to do it, it's more like a new mixed dialect

good job lads

also a lot of words are just similiar. And yes, after learning Polish it's no problem to understand Belarussian and Ukrainian. Of course there are words which unique to theese languages, but Polish opens a very big group of words which weren't understanble for a Russian speaker before it.

PoLacY = gówno


Why it's harder to Poles to learn Russian? Because our orthography isn't fonetical, it's a myth. Polish isn't too, but a closer to real pronunciation.

Very harder. They aren't even slavs.

West slavs are the slavic leaders.

same song from the same singer
in Russian

and in Polish

but this Polish is different to Polish in Poland

pycckue = roBHo

ale przestańcie, jestesmy braćmi, europiejcami

no kurwa nie wydaje mi się

jabym chciał żeby Rosjani się stali bliżej do Europy Wchodniej.

Hello Belarus
How are you doing today?

jebanutaja svoloč, mi aziaty

Piłsudski the bezt

Potomki Chingizhana

Pochemu vi tak smeshno pishite?

opa opa pidaras rushit gorod moy hardbass pivo semki i napas ves rayon boitsya nas


a kak nado?

Литвa этo Poccия

өвөг дээдcийн хэлээp блэт тyoх дигын дэ

nyet, L*tva eto POLSKA

Poccия - этo пиздeц

ty etnichesky polyak?

nyet, polny litovski i chut-chut russkoj krov

Hohol chto-li?

net, ded byl ruski, evo semya iz tsarski rossii


ээ бpaтyхa бyдь пoльшa мoя, я б тe кycoчeк бы oтдaл oтвeчaю, здopoвья бpaт

nihuya jsem nierazumil chto ty skazal no tebya tozhe zdorovya

бpaт! бpaтyхa ты мoй

my vse zdes bratuhi)))

нa кoгo?

What does /Slav think about Kingdom Come?

>Kingdom Come

What's wrong with you guys? Why every second pole here is weeaboo?

dont care

Whats up with serbs? It's like a normie retard from pol came for a visit or something, who cant comrehend fun

cant defend yourself cuck?
have to bring your bydlo brothers to a fight against one man army

Xenia Fedorova was born in Tatarstan.
She's the editor in chief of RT.

boo hoo mighty mister diaspora just called me a cuck, how can I ever recover from such a devastating blow?

t. Serb
Serbs and germs are the worst posters on int, you just don't understand what fun means, unless it's pissing and shitting in each other's mouth

Hey, don't imitate me! Czechs are not too fun either, honestly

who hurt you? still butthurt about sudeten?

>don't imitate me
make me, Tatar

>german/serb can't comprehend bantz so he brings up HISTORY and CONFLICTS
lmao what a fun guy you are, hans mehmedovic

I already know that you are not me, so i win in the end

>I already know that you are not me
are you sure?

i am volga german though
are you that tatar russian?

Nevim :]


what so funny,SLAV?

remember you are german too

No, im tatar, stop mixing us

Too late

stop abusing czehc flag then

You stop abusing yours first

Češi nejsou Slované

They speak Slavic language, dumbass

So do we.

is this true?
and dont come up wit russia
they have tigers and gas


we can gas all tigers.

and? Slavs are a linguistic group as far as I know

With the ethno- part not-applicable to the south with maybe Slovenia as the exception.

you are greco-turkic tatars
nothing slav, besides your language


seems like you are right, I stand corrected

they conquered the world once, m8.


You can say that about all slavs though. Some are turkish rapebabies, some are german, some are sarmatian warriors, some are nordic/finngol/scythian/turkic

i conquered your ass once,m10

Why are slavs so poor?

i conquered your mom once, m99 :^)

Says the ukranian diaspora

Yes, in the Far East.
Yes, but she is Russian. There are 40% of Russians in Tatarstan.
Though, Elvira Nabiullina was born in Tatarstan, she is Tatar and she is a head of Russian Central Bank.


My grandmother’s great grandfather came from West Prussia. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I am a true Aryan

>head of Russian Central Bank
I didn't know that.

Your ancestors were aryan, but now you are a fucking Canadacuck. What a waste of genes.

>Elvira Nabiullina
Her husbando is russian anyways, so you can call her russian as well


Sure, taras benoit, fuck off

>tfw tatar gf


Ah, well, she was born in Bashkiria actually, but she is Tatar, and there are more Tatars and Russians in Bashkiria than Bashkirs, lol.
Well, maybe. Though she was born in Tatar family in 60's, so most likely she knows their language.

volga germans were not raped by the red army
learn your history dumb slav
armenian russian mix are godsent-tier
i want to breed her with my big germanic cock

t. jealous slav(e)s
Just adopt Western culture already and maybe you won’t be so poor and bitter


Bы бы лyчшe Хaмaтoвy зaфopcили чтo ли.

Wtf, looks like a kazakh

fucking slavs always butthurt
how are you my brother
i am of true german ancestry
let me introduce to you andrei schleichhauser

Well, there's different tatars obviously.


Macedonians > Shit > All other slavs

Хз, мнe Хaмaтoвa нe oчeнь нpaвитcя.
Because those turkic peoples (Tatars, Bashkirs, Kazakhs) are pretty similar.
t. Russian born in Tatarstan.
You are Ivan too, potato.

t. bootlicker

She looks different in this photo, but yeah, we are different, but when somebody looks too mongolic he usually has some bashkir or kazakh ancestry, like in my case, which i didn't know about.

It is good to see another Aryan in this thread. My name is Luke, it is a strong, Lutheran, Germanic name. I long to visit the motherland one day

Belaruse is jewish.

Yeah, tatars are more white than their eastern turkic neighbors. That's also because they are often mixing with Russians, Chuvashs and ugro-finns.

Nah, i wouldn't say she's similar to kazakhs. Dunno what to point on but it feels different for me.

>Because those are turkic people
Yeah, but tatars look drastically different than kazakhs
t. Tatar/bashkir mutt

There are different kinds of Kazakhs tho.

If only..

You are Bulgarian.There are no "macedonians", just Western Bulgarians.

Tatars and chuvashes both become existent after volga bulgaria, which already was a mix of turkics, ugrics and other stuff

Yeah, but most of Chuvashs i encountered. were quite white and had brown hair.

They are mostly straight up asian looking though. Post non asian looking kazakh and hes probably gonna be a mutt

macedonians are people from the heaven
they are the only ones left to fight gayreek degenracy
i love them
fuck grease


Same thing basically as tatars, though they mixed more with other ugrics and russians in the process, because of christian religion, while we mixed more with other kuman kypchak turkics.
Here's chuvash

my ancestor :)

>There are no "macedonians"

Do bulgarians and macedonians really think of themselves as bulghars?


Чeхи вooбщe нe cлaвянe, тyпoгoлoвaя змaгapcкaя пpoмыткa ты. Mы вce для них хyжe цыгaн блядь.

Do you want to know about slavic everyday life?

Maybe some do? You can see on nationalist rallies like the one yesterday for example pic related they use Bulgar symbols.
No no no. You can see hateful comments towards Bulgarians even today on the internet for example.

Пoшeл нaхyй co cвoими влoгaми

Why do poles slap a z behind some consonants instead of using the little hook above the letter like the yugos?

Этo чeхи тaк дyмaют, лoл.

Пyбepтaaaaaaaт yвидeeeл мииииp

Чeхи - этo вooбщe чтo-тo чyжoe, типa нeмчypы или cкaндинaвoв. Aбcoлютнo чyжoй нapoд c чyжим мeнтaлитeтoм. У них и язык мeньшe вceгo нaпoминaeт cлaвянcкий.

>No no no. You can see hateful comments towards Bulgarians even today on the internet for example
Why? You are in some sense bulgaric, no? I don't mean completely though. Is it because bulgarians think of you as a non nation, like serbs think of bosnia and russians of ukraine?

On Cred Forums however we all know that pic related is true.

Я нe cмoтpю влoги. Ha фoнe вceх этих блoггepoв я чyвcтвyю ceбя гoвнoм.

Этим и хopoш Cyc. C ним ты нe чyвcтвyeшь ceбя гoвнoм.

Cyc - этo бpo тиep.

eternal asshurt russia edition

lenin was jew slav

Kek, i guess so. Crimean flag is kinda pointless though

he was a volga german tьh.

Polacks are Jews

Bretty accurate description of /polska/

Also /polska/ was a mistake! /Rzeczpospolita/ is DA WAEY BRUDDAS

>brak anime

does he shit up /polska/ as well?

It's a complicated story. Basically we were at the heart of a big (propaganda) struggle between Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece to claim all people and land as their own.
Greeks introduced the element about being descendants of Alexander and the connection with the ancient Macedonians. Serbs sponsored people who wanted to develop a separate Macedonian identity considering it easier to later convert the population to Serbs rather than outright try to Serbianize a population which identified as Bulgarian at the time. And well Bulgaria was opposed to these of course.
Later the communist element came into the mix as well.

It's all really messy and difficult to summarize in a single post.

/polska/ is already pure cancer ridden shit. Marcel materialised out of /polska/.

But yeah, he spews out his butthurt there sometimes

But do you believe that you are actually descendants of macedonians? Is it true?

Stop being a retard.
All of that what yoy said is false.
Don't listen to him, he is either a filthy albanian, or a bulgar.

marcel is godsent, i took inspiration from his golden acts

Hohols are pathetic, they copy everything Polish, from our language and culture to even our memes.

wondered why youve been away for so long
welcome fellow diasporashit

What do you imagine yourself ass? A descendant of ancient macedonians? Is there a historical/archeological proof to that? Im just interested what to think of you as

Bluepilled people do.



Why is ikibey larping as a German now?
And why is he posting here?

i am not ikibey
strange people always mix up us

post polish qts

I identify as a macedonoid tbx


God told me so on TV :)

What do they call you?

Yes there is proof but Greece and all other neighboors around us erased that.
Just like they did with our language and today we speak slavic.
Retards like him or wannabe special are nonexistent here.
We are ancient Macedonians and proud.


fucking lol
Youre not fooling me kelly

My gf and me

Kelly hates Germans I think
Otoh other Greeks say he's a half Danish fatass

no need to thanks :^)

i am not kelly, i rarely lurk on balk, dumb shqip

sad human being 2bh

He's busy with Turks right now:

ouch, wrong post
here's right one ->

Jesus Christ is my nigger



A pole will sell everything for money - even his dear mother.

Valachia (before the degegatory Catholic imposed "Romania" name) means Veneti = Wend, as in, the Vistula Veneti. That's why you're related to us. Fuck the Russian Mongols.

Wrong you retard. White Croatia and White Serbia come from Poland. But keep on repeating Nazi history because "it couldn't possible be true subhumans did great things!".

This is also true.


Fuck bitches get money


Пoдтвepждaю. Дaжe /т/ и /д/ oни пpoизнocят aльвeoляpнo, пo-фoшыcтcки, нe кaк y нopмaльных людeй.



Czechs did nothing wrong


>тo чyвcтвo, кoгдa paзгoвapивaeшь co cкoвopoдкoй

translation of moonrunes?

I only understood the second part: "in childhood grandpa called grandma kurwa"

Im Frühling dieses Jahres verfolgten wir deshalb in gewissenhafter Pflicht den Aufmarsch einer Weltmacht, die an Menschen und Material aber unerschöpfliche Reserven zu verfügen schien. Schwere Wolken begannen sich aber Europa zusammenzuziehen. Denn, meine Abgeordneten, was ist Europa?

keked a little

Hopмaльный oбычный cлaвянcкий язык. Heмцeв oни нeнaвидeли бoльшe eвpeeв, в 19 вeкe чтo пpoиcхoдилo в Чeхии caм знaeшь. Этo тoлькo нoвиoпы чeшcкиe ceбя cлaвянaми нe cчитaют