What do Europeans do on Sunday when all the shops are closed?

What do Europeans do on Sunday when all the shops are closed?

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I would unironically die in a place that shuts down on Sunday
I have no idea how to cook for myself and eat out every single day


Whre I live old people and young believers go to mass on the morning, then there's a big family meal (parents, siblings, grandparents,uncle and aunts and cousins if they live nearby) that starts around 12 only to end around 4, then people go for a family walk, and then we have coffee with cake and then we'll do nothing.

Go to the smaller sunday open sections most stores have.

We cure our hangovers or do shit with family.

Restaurants and what not are always open, since people have time to eat out.

>literally everything is closed on sundays

Speaking of, how do Jews manage to get Israel up and running on Saturdays?

You're allowed to break shabbat for any work that is life saving(or potentially life saving) such as police or army patrol and guard duties, and more obvious ones such as driving an ambulance or using electrical devices to save someone.

Make bbq/launch
Visit your family
Football match


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>The only valid way to pass time is to consume
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for years the little grocery store that's literally 2 minutes by foot from me has been open on sundays from 8 in the morning until noon

the bastards stopped opening on sundays, so now i have to go to a store that's 15 minutes by foot but the prices there are way cheaper

this is terrible

Food places are open on sundays

In france most of them close on mondays because of that

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Only lazy southerners have closed stores and restaurants on sundays

I can't think of a single store here that has closed on sundays. Hell, I work every other sunday and I even worked on christmas.


do you mean southern europe or southern sweden?

except bakeries I found that it's not the case, unless it's in the middle of nowhere

Attend church

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southern europe obviously, southern sweden is best sweden

you have to give the wageslaves a rest. that's why you have school shootings, in your society there's no social cohesion

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i've never went to "the shop"
i repair my own car, use my own concrete press and cement mixer for constructions (building shit is my hobby, cement, sand and water are cheap too), built my own furniture (grandpa is a carpenter), and I worked on farms AND also have gardens for food...

only bought a pc so far, the fuck am I supposed to go to the shop every sunday for? no for real, what do you buy every single fucking sunday????

creating gives you more positive feels than consuming anyway, i wouldnt go to the store every sunday, or every decade even, EVEN if I was an ultra rich trillionaire

Watch movies.

same here