no-lewd-talk edition

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please like and subscribe to my youtube channel

>tfw no gf

What are we going to talk if not cocks?


guns and sakurakos

What sort of riveting content can I expect?
This is a big ass and big titz only thread
Pls stop this blasphemy

excellent post

close-ups of the cheeto crumbs on my face while i talk about how girls don't date nice guys like me

But guns scare me

That's why europoors will never be truly free, they're too scared to embrace the price of freedom and accept that their rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED

Why Rin is such a Goddess?

sub 4 sub?

Chinkapoors Europoors
They arr roke the same x)

You shouldn't have brought that now
I remove that practice from my mind

just kidding i don't have a youtube channel

because she's my gf

Rub cocks together...

richer than you muhammed

Me neither, just want to post but didn't have anything interesting to say.

S-shut up

That's some quality content right there, but no need to be down we will get our mommy one day
Tell me about your day then oh so nice knew zeeeeeeeeland

Manlier than you Chun Li

t. lewd, perverted sissi
stop being tsundere silly

gonna take a power nap

strongly doubt that my "man"

>so many NEETs miss their waifus during NS that they have to make this


VERY lazy Sunday, did jack shit.
How was your day?

Thank you for tits

Preparing for winter and really want to get one of these, how would you guys order A, B & C from best to worst?

Because all that white will just get grubby.

Hello everyone!

Okay, I'll get B and A I think then (if I can spare tha dosh)

кaк дeлa?

I'm fine, and you?

It's a sleepy thread at the moment buddy.

ya horasho

annnnnnnnnd that's the extent of my Russian))))
only 945pm on the kooooool side of the pond

>It's a sleepy thread at the moment buddy.
Well, I think when you have the morning (day) I will be able to continue the communication.
>ya horasho

What brings a pesky rooooski to these mean streets anyway?

>to these mean streets anyway?
I think that to talk with you.
Also, our Russians are not so many here.

You're invited lads

Well I'm glad you made the effort just to come talk to little old me!

You're always welcome here Russian qt

>You're always welcome here Russian qt
Thank you!


>woken up again

Just eat pizza, bro

What a cute image
But I dislike pizza as strangely as it seems

>But I dislike pizza
>this post
>this flag

W-well it's true
I prefer to eat meat

That's because THE POWERFUL AMERICAN CHAD PIZZA>Italian virgin cheezy bread

I just dislike t*Rronic food
Aside for arrosticini but that is more central Italy than s*Uth

Yeah, good thing Glorious US of A manages to fix the worst cousines of the world and make something good of it :)

Il distruttore adepto dell'oscurità...
La speranza disillusa...
L'essere immondo...

In italiano, scrivo senza errori?

Sì anche se una versione più corretta sarebbe (yes but a better way to say it would be):
"Scrivo senza errori in italiano?"

Grazie per l'aiuto!


Don't worry


I smell... *nglo langauge...

>Don't worry
Ma non sono preoccupato!

It's because of this


>tfw never watched cowboy bibbity bop but I still like Faye
Reminder that she's 100% white.


Are you ready for your travel? :D:D:D

I missed the cheapest ticket XDDD

And now?

I'm in fucking dilemma XD

Also what the fuck is this video

Do you want to change country? :DxD

>What is this video?
Germanic Satanautism

>Do you want to change country? :DxD
Not really, i'd just like to find a country where i can fly cheaply XDDD

Also i try checking flight to italy, cost like 1000€(´・_・`)

Hey that's pretty cheap

Did your friend find military museums in Irkutsk?

How many times do you guys say "mate" on an average day?

Thailand seemed too cool :(
I am sorry that ypu lost the ticket

I'm a poorfag
Hiya, perchance i recalled it wrongly. It's true ma fren got off the Transsyberian Railway there. Hmm...
5 times
Too bad i wasn't decisive. I felt like the ticket price would go down even more

Good morning gang.

Good morning!

Hows ya day been buddy?
You doing good?

morning :D

And a good morning to you too, you're an early bird.

>Hows ya day been buddy?
Just great
>You doing good?
I think yes

Is that your kot?

>came home from store
>all of sudden want chips
just kill me now desu

*doesn't kill you*
You must suffer in life now, thats your punishment for not getting chips.

>Is that your kot?

wow rude

hello westyyyyyyyyy

did you sleep well?

I want a cute cat of my own, but I'm not allowed pets here!
Can you give it a nice pat for me please?
I'mma rude dude with an attitude I'll tell you that much for free.
What did you get from the shop?
I did, I manged to get some sleep last night.
Hows your day been buddy?

This reminds me I bought chicken burger for midnight snacks 2 days ago but have been falling asleep before midnight and the burger is still in freezer desu

>Hows your day been buddy?
had to do some work related stuff, but otherwise it was okay.

Too excited for uni so I woke up really early :D
You almost woke up at a normal hour today too! good job.

>had to do some work related stuff
After work hours?
Hmm.. whatcha doing now you're home?
Oh and how did your ribs go, I forgot to ask about them before I went to sleep.
Does your uni start today?
>You almost woke up at a normal hour today too!
I had a few hours sleep during the night, so we'll see how long I last.

>Can you give it a nice pat for me please?
These are old photographs, now he is not with me.

>now he is not with me.
i-is.. is he dead?

Or does he live somewhere else?

>Or does he live somewhere else?

ribs where delicous.
and i had to do the stuff with taxes and some papers desu.
im still fucking writing that stuff and too distracted to do anythjing at the pc desu

i bought 24 pack of vanilla coke zero and a new micro usb cable only to find out the plug doesnt want to go all the way in my phone

Yes, and i have my first seminar style lecture in the new building that was opened on Thursday.

Hopefully you will last a while, you have a buggered sleeping pattern m80
That sucks
Can you return the cable if it isnt functioning as intended?

Phew.. thats good to hear.
Ahhh I see, I hate paperwork, shit sucks.
>ribs where delicous.
What did ya do with them and what did ya have with them?
Thats sucks buddy, how far away is the shops from you?
Might need to revisit them if you got the plug wrong.

Just had breakfast and have found a new word, 'promulgate'. I can never foresee me actually using that in a sentence though.

>good to hear.
Why are you so worried about my kot?

One day your time will come when you can use your new word and you will fudge it up.
I just really like kots.

>I just really like kots.
Oh, okay.
>but I'm not allowed pets here
And what is the reason?

The landlords just doesn't allow them for some reason.

Good morning lads

Goodmorning buddy.
Sleep well?

Good morning!
Well.... I think it's sad


Remind me of who the woman is?

I think so, how about you?
Hey hey hey, how's it going?
I feel like I should but I can't remembered who that is

Come again?
You want to know who is in the pic?
>Well.... I think it's sad
So do i!

>Hey hey hey, how's it going?


That's good to hear!

think it might rain later so I can't go out

hiya conway

No, no! I want to know who the woman is around here!

It's me.

please post tummy


dont judge another mans words

hey, how's your day going

I'm not the girl user, I'm sorry, I've tricked you.
I hope you don't hate me now.

ok goodbye

What's cracking lads. I'm back once again from a binge. Kinda just happened. 10 days or so. I think I dropped in here earlier in the binge, but I don't quite remember.

Smoked shitloads of hash for the most part, some MDMA, shitloads of booze, some amphetamines, and some obscure tryptamines.

I did however manage to turn in an assignment I had due. Very nice.

How is everyone?

Hey matey, sounds like you've been having a blast.
I actually was starting to wonder where you ran off to.

westie you are the cutest girl

>Hey matey, sounds like you've been having a blast.
ah yeah mate fuckloads
>I actually was starting to wonder where you ran off to.
it happens sometimes

you become so social you don't really have time for shitposting because you literally (and I'm using literally literally here) are having friends over 24/7

its good. i go back to uni today :DD

tfw i'll never be as cute as westy

today is good, ive managed to do a lot so far
hows yours? are you finally feeling better from your heart problems?

>tfw i get a (you)

You know it.
>are having friends over 24/7
That would do my heckin' head in to be honest.
I need my alone time and people over 24/7 would drive me crazy.
Whatcha talking about? you're cute as HECK

somewhat but I think they're going to send me to a cardiologist

I've been with my bf for a year today but it's supposed to rain so we can't really do anything. might go out and eat but idk

thanks westy


>That would do my heckin' head in to be honest.
it did
alcohol helps
and weed
>I need my alone time and people over 24/7 would drive me crazy.
yes had the best wank ever after they left

But how can a HECK be cute?


pls give tips for being cute
hopefully its nothing.

happy anniversary


yeah I hope so

wtf where are my glasses

Just doing some light reading here!

It's your anniversary?
Happy anniversary buddy!
Hope you have a good day!
You want another one?
I bet...
Hope you ate well during your bingeing.
You've got me there.
I don't know...
Being a kind and positive person greatly improves your cute stats.
Whatcha doing in there buddy?

Kind and positive you say? i think i can give that a try!
thank you c:

y..yes please

thanks desu

I stole them.
I wanted to look smart.
Here (You) go.

But glasses are dumb

>I bet...
>Hope you ate well during your bingeing.
Does kebab and strawberry milk count?




but I look cute in my glasses


Do you wear glasses??
Whats got you swearing!?


I don't like my glasses
Eee everything

well I'm wearing contacts now but sometimes I wear glasses

I bet they look qt desu

These threads seem really comfy. Can I stay?


No, they look dumb
Depends, what van you bring to the thread?


Power Armor.


at least he isn't an ultrasmurf



Power armour makes you too slow, light armor is best





Nice quads Dimitri

Russia! Russia!


See, without your glasses you're no longer smart.

It's not my name.

Can I pretend I did that on purpose?

whoa vladimir are you one of those russian bots who conspired with le drumph xDD

Are you one of those American bots that conspired to end net neutrality?

Good morning girls (male) and girls (female)

Good morning my little military man

G-Good morning...

good morning singa

I'll allow it.
Good morning Singa.

>Russia! Russia!
>this post
>this flag

Herro desu

Damn Wh*te dogs

Hope you enjoyed your small break.
Back to the grind.

I think this week will be better than last week, just lectures and shit. There's even online lessons and shit.

No clue what's happening today though. I know tomorrow I'll be receiving a gun with which I can shoot up a school


Sounds good, sometimes I wish I had a firearm, usually when someone annoys me
Okay not Dimitri


>Okay not Dimitri
Why didn't you believe me at once?







Well that is lewd...




me on the right


Yay, we hit the image limit

i'll hit USA (with a hug)


New Please don't mess it up with low quality back and forth image posting