Do you have any prejudice view or question about South Korea?


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Do you and the people you know often worry about being nuked by north korea or do you not think about it at all?

normies don't give much attention about it at all
people who are deeply interested in politics & are right-wings get mad whenever that topic comes up

날 키스 할래요 ? >.

Is the new president good at dealing with North Korea?

문 대통령에 대해 어떻게 생각해요 ?


people work all day long without joy
people get drunk on hard alcohol and curse their enemies with great anger
it's misty and gray, but at least it isn't as cold and poor as North Korea

he is a retard
at the end of his regime, he will have done nothing but further empower the communist pigs

So you prefere to be colonized by american pigs, having to pay for weapons while america make sure that you are always on the verge of war to pay more and more money to them even if it means getting fucked on chinese market because china gets scared of the amerian taad and shit like that ? ㅋㅋ

trust me
american hegemony is light years better than the chinese counterpart

also, there's no reason for china to be afraid of THAAD
it's a defensive weapon

Is there any music from there that isn't k-pop shite.


Yeah sure, why not
Americans liberated Korea from Japan and fought for us at korean war and helped us building our economy from literally nothing only dust.
(mostly done by the greatest leader Park but still) and we paid back in Vietnam
i know Americans does some fucked up shits all over the world but atleast they never did to my country.

It is a song about a cup of tea so.. :p

I used to think K-Pop would be omnipresent in Korea but when I went to Seoul I was hard pressed to find anything.
Only little souvenir shops in those underground malls and they were all flocked by overweight South East Asian Muslim girls.
Also I was surprised at how Chinese South Korea feels.
It's just not quite developed yet.

I agree with you but don't you think China is taking advantage of the division of Korea?

They have reasons to be afraid of THAAD because it counters their missile that's why they boycott chaebols. China is the first economical partner of SK if they hit you in the pocket it hurts a lot.

Yes America helped a lot, but now their presence cost a lot to Korea, the situation is difficult to be honest I don't have a strong opinion on the matter.
What do people think of the great leader Park ? I was told old people love him like a god and young people think that he is a dictator ?

Yeah not a lot of kpop goodies shop it's funny... I wonder why, I got brainwashed by twice songs playing on every shops tho

>they were all flocked by overweight South East Asian Muslim girls

>old people love him like a god and young people think that he is a dictator ?

Not him but answer is simple
some people focus on his economical success
and some people focus on he is dictator
young people tend to love democracy, human right etc. But old generation is so poor that make them more focus on their hunger

>Do you have any prejudice view about South Korea?
yeah i do
your wives/mothers suck, always barking and domineering
it's what i saw from the immigrants here

Interesting, I heard that sacrificing oneself for the development of SK made sense for older generations because the growth was so fast, but now that it's slowing down people don't want to live like that anymore. It makes sense with what you say.

Obviously Park was a dictator and thats why YGs don't like him but they do realize that Park did a great job and unlike other corrupt dictactors(pretty much all dictactors) he never been greedy so i'd say it's 50/50

He was full of Heroic ambition and never used his political power to be personally wealthy but used for his country when he was assassinated the whole country was fell in deeeeep sadness unlike Kim Jung-il's funeral, the sadness was truly from the heart.

Miss me?

I see, thank you
I guess Napoleon or De Gaulle are the French equivalent but there are many differences

Beautiful and classy people

반갑다 이기야

아 일베였네;

나 아녀 ㅋㅋ

You are doing a very good job hosting the Olympics.

Gyopos BTFO. Ur not a real korean lmao


위에 다 너가대답한거야??


박정희만 내가씀 사진들어간거

ㅇㅎ..이거 올린사람인데
대신 대답해줘서 ㄱㅅ


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>t. former Samsung employee

Except its radar can see their missile tests and that enables us to shoot them down easier.

This is confirmed.

Overworked people wanting money for status. So like most of the world but borderline insane since people kill themselfs by jumping off bridges.

Will the social pressure of succes be broken? It would make Korea even beter than it already is.

WOW, where did you get that soju?

I'm asking you one more time, why the hell do you grab other males asses?

PS Dog soup is overrated

When i was in Harbin(China) i met a Syrian at the Uni there and he gave me this bottle that he got from some North-Koreans who studied there. Still have it in the liquor closet here.

All south koreans are ugly as shit women and men included that is why the get plastic surgery.

>missile defence system
How'd your country managed to make one beats me.

Shithole full of dwarfs who love being slaves

Does South Korea have a single masculine role model?

I don't have a grudge against South Korea or Koreans. However, I have been recently seeing a rising trend of Koreaboos in Indonesia, who are no better and sometimes more obnoxious than the Weaboos in America.

I guess I have a stereotype of Koreans, that they all wear glasses. I've read that young koreans by incredibly high percentages have poor eyesight, myopia, and need to wear glasses. 90% of 19 year olds, as high as 95% in Seoul.

Also I might think of them as very americanized and right wing.

only because you are subhuman dog eaters

It says Pyeongyang-soju on the label so i wondered where you got it from.

So how does it taste like? I heard the north korean soju has generally higher alchol content than ours

What are some interesting tourist sites in Korea, other than the fucking subway?

We are the tallest in east asia >:(

It tastes ok i guess. Its the only soju ive drank so far.

I currently think of korea as a discount Japan with uglier cities. Please change my mind. Only thing I currently think is superior is traditional dress (korean dresses are poofy and therefore cuter than kimono.)

Remeber Not all Koreans eat dogs. only a few eat them. I also agree that brutal butchering is subhuman and it must be stopped.
But it is contradiction that only eating dogs is subhuman. you also eat other animals like pork or beef which were burchered cruelly.
Koreans eat dog as a livestock and only eat edible dog. Not a pet going out for a walk with you

When you take the subway in Seoul, you can visit most of historical and cutural places

Omg ; (
There are lots of beautiful cities in korea.
Night view is wonderful too..

>Do you have any prejudice view or question about South Korea?

I've seen you post with that pic at least 5 times for the past week. Is that your autism?

None-meme answer: Korean emplyees in the statistics are mostly full-timers. Not to mention the data refer to 54 hrs and over only for Korea. It would actually be 12-14%. Of course still higher than most countries but it's going to be 10% or less in a few years.

Yeah koreaboos are as shit as weebs

rare soju !

Koreans often go out with their employer to drink soju and that's conssidered overtime.