Why internet so fast in eastern europe?

why internet so fast in eastern europe?

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the high demand for pirating has probably led them to have fast & cheap fibre internet

This way hackers can spread fake news as fast as possible

Non-meme answer: The internet structure in eastern europe is new, so they installed the newest fibers etc., compared to western europe which has had access to the internet for 25 years now and which still makes use of old cables

No, that's bullshit. We had everything dialup, ADSL, optics that was gradually upgraded.

why do you want to harm westerners' fragile ego?

Didn't the commies invest heavily in everything it related

looks like the stalingrad map from cod2

only thing fragile here is the state of your economy


butthurt as expected from the once relevant

What's the internet like in Russia?
For the others it's because of the population density.
Here in Australia the internet is shit for various reasons, such as but not limited to: corruption, population density, 'muh feels' of rural people and an artificial infrastructure monopoly created when the state owned telecom was sold for fuck all.

cheap, fast, occasional blocks by rkn

Greece wont recover from this, just like their economy

Erm it's like 8$ / month, 60 mbits unlimited I believe. For about $12 you get 100 mbits unlimited.

>The internet structure in eastern europe is new, so they installed the newest fibers etc., compared to western europe which has had access to the internet for 25 years now and which still makes use of old cables
I see no logic at all.

Maybe in russia, not here. No one had internet in the 90's. Then around 99-2000 internet clubs popped up and by 2003 people started getting internet in their homes. Which was like 10-15 umbps which was quite fast back then.

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>why internet so fast in eastern europe?
We deserve it.

because most of us lives in commiebloks so its easier to provide it. also its very cheap. I pay 7 euros for 1gb/s

Because they stay inside most of their lives since it's always freezing cold there, and they need fast internet to be able to entertain themselves.

Cause literally 2 people even know how to use it.

Pretty much, you have like 5 months of nice weather, the rest is combination of cold and gray.

Not only that but there's not really that much money available, you can't go dune bashing in your long travel suspension tacoma so you stay at home living the digital life instead.

Post your internet speed lads

i pay around 10 euros for this + cable TV

Also 10€ just Internet


non meme answer is EU subventions and neoliberalism

>we pay 150$/mo for this shit


only good thing about this country desu. best part is its 500/200 on paper

18 dollars per month for this crap

It's Bucharest

All new infrastructure.

Brainlet american here , how do you guys gets speeds much higher than 50/50 on wifi? Or you guys just using Ethernet cables? Because I have 100/100 speed but on wifi it never reaches it

most of those speeds these autists post here are just ideal speeds and not sustainable since they have shared networks and the real speeds are much slower.

Weak boys, weak. I get 1gb/s for like 15 Euros a month.

This thread is as cringy as dick size threads.
Here is the reality. Notice the difference between "peak speeds" (meme speeds) and average (real) speeds.

Yeah for PC I use an ethernet cable because I got tired of the inconsistency of Wi-fi. But you should be able to get much better results than that with a proper router and a decent wi-fi card.

In Romania we started with dial up networks so it's not like we got super fast internet all of a sudden. Competition between communication companies is high here so each one tries to offer higher speed for a lower price. Also in the beginning we had quite a lot of small local internet providers which forced the larger national ones to reduce the prices and improve the quality of the packages

What's the difference between avg and avg peak? I know there is a technical minimum ISPs need to provide and it's much slower than the peak they advertise. So for like a 500/200 mbps internet its somewhere around 50/20. But no one cares about that though, it only exist to protect them for being sued. At least here, you can trust in the peak numbers. I get more than 200Mbps for free

t. butthurt westerner

Ca 47€
Worth it

>1gb/s for like 15 Euros a month.
Okay, I am jelly

First of all they all live in commieblocks so there's not much distance to cover in the streets, with new cables in one street you can give access to hundreds of people. Secondly EU monies for fiberglass cables. Here we still have to make do with copper.

"the average monthly salary in the economy was MDL 4611 (approx. 210 EUR / 235 USD)"


i can get at least 2x for the same price now so im gonna change soon. 100% uptime for months now and very low pings cuz fiber, also unlimited ofc

8 euro

>monthly salary
>210 EUR
what? how does one even survive on that?

Lmao internet in continental europe must suck ass if eastern europe is faster.

Things are cheaper there, that's my point, don't read a price of something in a different country and then apply it to your own lol

7$ / month

I use wireless internet on a pc that doesn't have a wifi card but a shitty wifi usb stick instead. Three meters away and a wall in between.
100Mb/s package/ 5$ / month

some time ago this was about 10 times slower because the cables were absolutely fucked

>tfw your cunt has worse internet than eastern europe
>and its way more expensive for worse speeds

Do you live in small town or village?

but you earn 1000x more than the average eastern european and also don't have to live in eastern europe

It's closer to the Internet ponds that they extract the internet from

yeah, about 30k people counting the nearby town and all the villages

The fuck are you doing here. Get a dirt bike and hit the trails with friends or whatever.

I'm here only because of shitty concrete jungle all around me.