Is Finland really divided or is it just an internet thing?

Is Finland really divided or is it just an internet thing?

In 2011 I was mistaken for a western finn and was the victim of a hate crime. I haven't recovered yet and still visit my therapist weekly

it is divided between femboys and creatures like pic related

wow, thats a good sauna, i thought they just sit there like idiots, like they do here

Häme is the only good part of Finland. Everyone outside of Häme is a subhuman. We hämäläiset are the master class and the rulers of this country, always have been.

In Häme, people have much more Turkic (black) genes and more Asian ancestry. We have completely subdued the other tribes. We kicked out the sw*Doids and the r*Ssoids.

Western Finns are just as ugly as the rest(if you think Finns are ugly, that is) but marginally less chinky. Nowhere in Finland are you gonna find the proper white people with Scandinavian facial structure. If it's on the Finnish mainland, people look Finnish.

>Is Finland really divided
>or is it just an internet thing
your pic falls into that category

here is a more accurate, albeit exaggerated representation

in reality you will find all finnish sub-ethnicities everywhere in finland

>autistic NEETs from west get triggered by Mongol memes
>start making elaborate memes about not being actual Finns but Vikings and shit

That's what you get when you go into eastern Finland as a Sc*ndi

Eastern is actually Helsinki and is accurate image

Southern regionally mixed Finns, best Finns. Sisterfucking fags from Satakunta and Kuusamo can not compete.

>is it just an internet thing?


>it just an internet thing?

It is just an internet thing, though in the more rural areas ie. everywhere else than the 10 biggest cities there are generally more less educated people than in the cities. There are no significant ethnic differences between areas.

Generally the further up north you go the more leftist people are

It's very divided indeed

Finland-Swedish girls pussies get shared between eastern and western Finnish guys. no division!

Finland is united

sumerians and finns are related

Why are finns so ugly but estonians not?

>but estonians not?

unfortunately large amount of sw*Doid genes

We have less German in us

>We have less German in us
That's a good thing.

Estonia is a Finn-Latvian interracial breeding ground. Latvians are pretty good looking people because of absence of Semitic and Greek influence in their DNA.

I agree my friend. I can't wait to get revenge on the g*Rmanics and r*Ssoids


Latvians are slavshits
Hitler wanted to exterminate all latgalians
Fuck you too




I was watching Winter Olympics and I couldn't help noticing Latvians look much whiter than Slavs

fuck you that finnish guy with the coffee video is worth more than the whole nation of sweden


He's a fennoswede aswell

he is? Isn't he the one with the wierd haicut on the left here ?


yeah it is, it's marko vanhanen
you lying sw*doid

I like that the horse is worried here

No he isn't you vicious sw*De

>blond race
jesus christ

>German on the outside
Of how highly those mutts thought of themselves.

I wonder if Goebells considered himself to look german

Of course.

No it's just a meme on Cred Forums, you're not supposed to take the bullshit on here actually seriously.

the fuck is he beating himself with

Its a branch with leaves on it. Very commonly used in the sauna in Finland.

finns like to whip eachother with branches like the homos they are

nothing gay about sweating with other naked men and whipping each other

Best sauna game is "sauna-gollum"
>the gollum goes under the planks
>his mission is to stick his finger up someones ass
>the one whos ass gets a finger in it becomes new gollum
One of the best games to play with your bros