Why is China such a shithole?

Why is China such a shithole?
>Too many people
>Nobody gives a shit about anything
>95% of the country falling apart
>Most people live in poverty and shitty conditions
>Most men are unmanly and cuddled for their whole life
>Communist dictatorship government

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China is wonderful, Finland is a shithole though. Your whole post is basically projecting.

you can find all the right answers in your post

>Too many people
you realize how fucking big their country is?

>regards the swede

> >Most men are unmanly and cuddled for their whole life
How's that bad?

china is great, you will see it eventually

>you realize how fucking big their country is?

Yes, but if everyone does not have food to eat and clothes to wear there are too many people. Same with africa.

>Most people live in poverty and shitty conditions
Rough stuff.

China is at least 600 million people over an optimal population level.

No it fucking isn't you dumb ape, China is twice as big as the EU

EU has 500 Million people and is twice as small as China. Holy shit kill yourself Pekka

>Too many people

you have the answer yourself

chinks are the most pathetic asians they always say korea and japan are colonies of usa but they always copy our stuffs with cheap and low quality they have no their own style they just copy k-pop and k-drama/south korean fashion trends and korean make-up etc and they destroyed their own traditions by themselves while koreans and japanese like to wear own traditional costumes they don't give a shit about their traditional costumes what's more pathetic china is filled with koreaboos/japanboos no wonder why is china a 3rd world shithole

If there is an 2000 square meter island that can at maximum capacity provide food and resources for 10 people, does that mean that as many people that can be fitted into the island should live there?

Of course not, the size is irrelevant. The Sahara desert is the size of Europe, so why isn't there 750 million people living there, like in Europe?

Would you please help me out of this pathetic country?


>Finland is a shithole
>Posted by a swede

Is it easy for someone in China to move to a better country like Korea or Japan?

>Thread about China
>No leafs defending it

No if you are not well educated.

More importantly
Why do chinese people name their years after food?

I feel bad for you. Im very lucky to live in a good country.

You praised China in other thread, didn't you?
I remember you.

Hmmmm if this thread was posted yesterday i would have agreed but i met some nice chinese dude today in pubg so i disagree.

The EU and China have the same population density.

So, in a way, both of your nations are shitholes.

hehe the irony is that apartment is probably worth a lot more then the average ameriacns.

I feel bad for him too, but you don't live in a good country?

Most of Europe is inhabitable, same can't be said about China

I wish I was cuddled my whole life desu

t. Huang

China has a massive cultural problem.

It's mostly sand

Not an argument mate. It’s a matter of fact that HK property values are some of the most expensive in the world. Those cubicles are worth more then an average American home.

Everything is inhabitable if you make it so, look at Phoenix

>1.4 billion people never been the election
> all have been censored
> they accept being slave of CCP
because they are killed like Tiananmen Square massacre, if go against the goverment

Why is Finland such a shithole?
>Too many people
>Nobody gives a shit about anything
>95% of the country falling apart
>Most people live in poverty and shitty conditions
>Most men are unmanly and cuddled for their whole life
>Communist dictatorship government

Half of their country only has 6% of the population. In the other half, however, it's practically a human packing center

The chankoros got cucked to the point of no return by the based Manchus.

Ah yes, Xitler's slave state where your organs are harvested for protesting the government or being a member of Falun Gong.

>Communist dictatorship government
yfw you realize that US congress and senate have only 2 parties and chinese congress has coalition of 18 parties.

Even north korea has 4 parties in its parliament

In no way a model worthy of emulation.

The best China is divided China

The best thing for the world would be the dividing of the large countries like Russia, the US and China into smaller states. It would be better for the citizens of the countries and the rest of the world.

Seriously speaking I think the problems mainly come from the centralization of CCP Chinese government. It simply doesn't make sense to apply a single set of rules to 1.3 billion people.

Most Chinese people don’t want democracy, and will never agitate for it if the government continues its reforms. Only retards brainwashed by Western propaganda in Hong Kong and Taiwan fall for the democracy meme

You hit the nail on the head.

Keep on living there

That kind of mindset is why chankoros are an eternal slave race.

The Legion Of Shitholes

At least they know they are slaves. People living in "democracies" are deluded.

They should’ve named it CRIBS

I didn't see you in there, ruski.

Lincoln and Jackson deliberately kicked out the (((bankers))). At least we had periods of time when we were truly free.

China IS a fucking shithole tho Swen. Don't let your rice fever blind you.

No-one has the yellow fever for chinks

Lot of people do.

No, they fucking aren't you sub-human Chink? US houses are lot more expensive than those smelly, roach infested shitholes.

>Yes, but if everyone does not have food to eat and clothes to wear
That doesn't happen though. Where did you get that from? Do you realize that China has a higher GDP per capita than several European nations?

But that's why we're a Federal system, Finland-san.

Chinks are seriously fucked up. They have no souls.

No, it doesen't? China is a fucking shithole and its a fact.

Yup. Look how they basically fucking ran over that screaming Chong and then nonchalantly walked out of the car. Chink bugmen give me the fucking creeps.

That guy you're talking to is the communist Finn shitposter.

Careful posting those chink webms on int. I got a ban for posting one before.

>china is a shitho-

>haha china suc-


>china is hell for it's peop-


Oh fuck off. NY is 100x more impressive and has superior infrastructure. Only Chink city in China which is NOT a shithole is Honk Kong (western Colony)

>NY is 100x more impr-

Ahh.. the CHINA IS EXAMPLE OF COMMUNIST SUCCES meme again? Chinks are capitalists to the bone. Not that it makes their shithole country any less of a shithole.

>Chinks are capitalists to the bo-

It IS more impressive, you dumb fuck. It has way more skyscrapers than Shanghai, and way less polution as well as higher GDP.

They ARE capitalists, you braindead fucktard. The only reason their shithole even progressed at all was because That Clinton fucktard opened world trade organization for the Chinks bugmen.

Outside the Potemkin Village areas designed to impress foreigners, most of China has Africa standards of living.


>more niggers
>more crime
>subway filled with rats

I suppose these are considered good metrics for the average pole untermensch though

>white people are so pathetic and butthurt that they are now trying to appropriate Chinese culture before islam wipes theirs out

>It IS more imp-
at last I see...

Shut the fuck up, you Britbong autist. Its not even debatable that NY has superior infrastructure to any Chink shithole.

LOLno. China is very far from capitalistic. They're still very much a planned economy where the CCP controls everything and private enterprise exists only as far as the state allows it and it can be confiscated any time with no legal recourse.

Shut the fuck up, you cretin. Your images are not even that impressive.

>it's not even debatable that NY had superior inf-

Ahh. You are that fucktarded ''paki poster'' from Pol/? Get fucked shitskin. You and your ching chong cattle.

Fuck off chankoro mutt rape baby.

Ofc its not debatable, you Chink chong nigger.

>be polack
>litererally get packed up in cattle carts by the Germans
>call other people cattle

>Your images are not even that impr-
oh... damn...


Fuck off.

And you are shitskin living in Britain. Had it not been for poles, England would have been steamrolled by krauts, you dumb fuck.

>Ofc its not deba-
my god...

Its NOT impressive, you dumb fucktard. Western civilization allways had superior cities and inventions.

>massive box like heads

kek chinks are so damn ugly and freaky looking


truly pathetic

This one shows how much of a fucking filthy shithole Shanghai is. The smoog blocks out the sky.

Stupid fucking chinks

>it's NOT impr-

Modern Asian cities are based on Western cities

What is pathetic? Stop cucking to Chinks.


Lmao this one lone american and polack sounds so fucking emotional and butthurt in their posts.

Hey congratulations autists! You got to post from your special China folder that you keep around just for Cred Forums! Wow guess thats another day well spent were you achieved your life goals and don't have to consider suicide!

The fact that you and the American poster wanting attention so much with recycled images from Cred Forums chink hate threads over 1 year ago that's posted at least a million times

Thats what I keep telling those tards. Bunch of stupid fucks with gook fever. I swear, gook fever should be punished by death.

Chink history is such a meme

>a billion chinks living in shit while ONE emperor lives in luxury
>get repeatedly enslaved and raped by foreign conquerors for 2000 years

the only thing chinks are genuinely good at is outbreeding everyone else like roaches

>18 Febuary 2018.
>1 year ago

>China creates technological wonder like this


>one butthurt American comment
>also happens to be a dreadlocked faggot degenerate from California

>china is not develo-

alright mods move this thread to fucking this isn't Cred Forums stuff anymore

I never said they weren't capitalist. Just that you seem to be operating on a completely outdated, unmodern conception of what sort of standard of living and quality of life that people in China have. That they can't afford clothes or food, that kind of nonsense.

Why eurocuck care about Chinese?

You’re a pussy

Worst Korea has a gdp per capita of 30k and its still a shithole.

No, its not developed you nigger. Stop posting pics from Shanghai. NY is superior.

Better question is: Why Eurocucks have gook fever and cuck to Chinese?

Parts of America and Poland is a shithole too.
Not many places in the world that arent shitholes.

I came to Cred Forums not because I want to see edgy retards throw weak bants at each other

Cred Forums getting attention from normies really ruined Cred Forums

China is much bigger shithole, and will run out of drinking water in 15 years.

No water, no China.

>NY is sup-
well shit...

So what in india there are literal human shit and bodies flowing out of their rivers.

Yes it is.

Then fucking exit out of this thread dumbass. Just close your eyes nigga it aint hard nigga just turn around nigga

New york is literally the biggest rat nest in the world.

And Yet India will be much more of a power than Chink land, because India's population will surpass those of China in 10 years.

China is literally dying from pollution.

Not as big as Shanghai.

>Had it not been for poles, England would have been steamrolled by krauts
Oh wow.

You never spent time riding in the jew york subway. You never know true shithole unless you been to brooklyn.

>Yes it i-

Yeah yeah we all know. Hurr durr, Rusia stronk, Russia saves Europe from Nazis alone, even though LL supplied over 70% of its most essential war meterials.

NY is superior to Shanghai, and thats a fact.

>china isn't first w-


>that's a fac-
On second thought...

It isn't first world, you autistic fuck. Stop cherrypicking images from google search. American housing is much better.

>posting nip propaganda from a shill in the 1930s

It is a fact, you dumb nigger.


Everything he said in his book was 100% true, you dumb fuck.

>It's a fac-
well then...


I don't get what you're trying to prove. That Usa is superior to China? That doesn't mean that China is a hellhole, or third world.

If you wanna prove that China is a bad place to live, find some demonstrably bad places to live, like in Africa, and prove that China is the same. Don't just keep comparing New York to Shanghai.


You are literally an autistic fuckstain. It is a fact, that Chink land is inferior to United states in terms of living standards.

a pole sucking mutt's dick, not surprising

Tell that to this autistic piece of shit who keeps spamming me with google photos of cherry picked Shanghai locations.

>Russia saves Europe from Nazis alone
But not Poland. It was USSR, UK and USA.

Fuck off.

>Chink land is inf-
As it turns out...

Yes, it is inferior.



so you autists are comparing google image search now?


>let me tell you about your country

>when white devils discuss about matters they have no clues about

Can't argue with, you won.

He started it.

There are no Chinese on Cred Forums so what else do we have left?


i... oh...

There are no Chinese here, but they will soon be in Siberia taking your resources.


Almost no diasporas considering average overseas chinese fluency in English

Most are LARPers

Shut the fuck up, you autistic cretin.

>Shut th-

Chinks live in shitholes, its a fact.

Fuck off with your SJW bullshit chankoro. That book is 100x more reliable than modern SJW bullshit

>its a f-

Dude. The fuck were you trying to prove with that pic? That house looks like its going to fall apart in a sec.

Can't see how is this realisticly possible in the near future.

>The house looks like it's going to fall ap-

I hope that you have the balls to unlease your 8000 nukes on them, otherwise I can't see how you can defeat them in conventional war when they have more soliders than you have citizens. I don't want Russia to fall to China, if it does the world is fucked.

This one is even shittier.

Diaspora fags aren't real Chinese living in China, would be better to hear some first hand experience.
China is very underrepresented here.

>This one is even shi-

communism make them higher iq

Modern warfares aren't troops killing troops by rifles.
Anyway, China has no intentions right now to conquer Siberia. Why do they need that frozen wasteland? We're already selling our resources to them for cheap.

Fuck off gook.

they were a lot worse a few decades ago. just give them some time mate.

Russia shouls Stop trading resources with Chinks, that is only making them stronger.

>haha china is poor as fu-

because it's still a developing country

Fuck off fucktard.

yes, china is absolutely awful. everyone STAY OUT

It's mostly USA and EU that make them stronger, Russia isn't the biggest China's trade partner. And with all those sanctions we have no other options left.

>china is third w-

It seems that some mutts seem to be too stupid to realize that if the country has a few good cities, but 99% of the area is completely 3rd world level, that means the country is a shithole. And that does not even take into account the culture or the government which both push China towards shithole-tier.

China is shithole.

because he's probably a burger on vacation. can some polish user check to make sure?

Tell that to the autistic guy.

and yet the western world considers china it's #1 threat. embarrassing desu

>China trying to impress Westerners with buildings created by western architects

because they're superficial like that. next question

>China is a shit-
holy shit...

>>China trying to impress Westerners with buildings created by western architects

Yeah, so fuck off.


Sorry, western countries are for somlians and pakis only. Chinese refugees are not welcome. You best options are fake marriage or political asylum in USA/Canada tho.

>Yeah, so fuck o-

and by they i mean amerimutts


t. 56%

Fuck off Chong.

No it's not you dumb fuck, you've never seen the subways have you?
Fucking pollacks just stare out their balconies all day with their geriatric grandmas.
Sauce: I went to college in NYC.

NY IS superior, and you are prolly a Chang living in US.

>Fuck off Ch-
oh... woah...

How would you know? Your experience of NYC is looking at google images. Mine is living there for college.
God, how did you morons survive the Germans?

t chang. Now fuck off, NY is much better than Shanghai.


NY has: more blacks, more latinos, more Poles (gross).
Jews are meh.

dixiemutt calling me mutt


Shanghai has more Chinks, so that alone classifies it as a shithole.


Nothing's worse than Jew-killing Nazi puppets that are the bastard children of Russians.
Also everyone in this thread has been posting photoshop bloomed image.
Me: Lives in NYC for college
You: N-no NY is better cause I say so.

Shut the fuck up you mongrel piece of shit. You are the bastard children of 60 IQ spics. Stupud fuck.

Drop your motherfucking act, you fucktard. You did NOT went to colleage, and you are a lying sack of shit.


Can you guys stop posting in this thread? Nobody is interested in it anymore.

Chankoros are street shitting dog eating cannibal rape babies

Am I a chang or a spic? Make up your mind you pseudo-Russian.
I don't think any latino or chink has done anything worse than help angry Germans kill millions of Jews. At least the Krauts apologized.

More like shitty. Slums next to buisness districts.

Poles did not helped krauts do anything, you fucktarded autistic imbecile.

Henry Ford singlehandly build German warmachine though. From late 30's right up to Dec of 1941. So yeah, you dumb fuck. Yanks helped Krauts kill your precious ''Joooos''.

>More like shitty. Sl-

Shut the fuck up, you fucktard.

Holocaust denial is for not Cred Forums. Perfect for a Cred Forumslack like yourself. I can see why you guys pretend you're not related to Russians, seeing how they liberated Jews while you slaughtered them since you were too pussy to say no to Germans tanks with your little cavalries.

Poles did not kill any jews, you mongrelized fucking autist. Americans did, by funding German war industries in 30's. You created the fucking Nazism, you stupid fuck. And Poles did not charged with cavlary against tanks, you fucking autist.

You pionierred anti-semitism, before it was even a thing in Weimar Germany.

>Shut the fuck up, you fuckta-

Shut the fuck up.

So am I a Burger, a Chinaman, or a Latino? Make up your fucking mind.
At least take responsibility for killing Jews like the Germans do. Or at least openly admit you treated Jews like shit like your ancestor Russians do.

Oyyy Veeey we treated jews like equals while rest of Europe was slaughtering them in 17th century.

And you slaughtered Jews in the 20th century while the rest of Europe was fighting Germans and Japanazis.

>Shut the f-

No, we did not you fucktarded piece of shit. You murdered jews, by bombing German transport infrastructure, therefore starving 1 million of them.

Shut up fucktard.

>N-nyc is better than Shanghai because I have lots of Photoshop bloomed pictures.
>W-we didn't kill Jews because I say so.
Holy shit, how does citation work in Cred Forumsand?

We did not killed the jews, and that is a fact.




It looks like shit, and inferior to NY city.

>It's looks like sh-

It does look like shithole, you Chang.

Fuck off, Zhang. Don't pretend Korean. Anyway, China is Shame of Asia.

>It does look like a shi-