Are they European?

Are they European?

You tell me.


They're Asian. We're friends but don't tell USA, they gon fuck things up.

the urals and the caucasus mountains mark the border between europe and asia, so the answer is that part of russia is european, and part of it is asian.

They are russian



no (yes)

west of Ural mountain range and Suez is European. East is barbarian hordes

lol Russians aren't even human

Belguim you lost your identity.
even before you became African you couldnt work out if you were walloon or flemish

>East is barbarian hordes
Why do you think about us that way?

butthurt minority immigrant

Hell no

As European as America

only the volga germans

They're eurasian.

They're Eurasian, just like you.

Were until 1917

More than turkey.
Btw México are not american.

fucking jap is not a human being