Blue = Western Europe

Blue = Western Europe
Red = Northern Europe
Yellow = Southern Europe
Green = Eastern Europe
Purple = Balkans

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Albanian is NOT Balkan
We are Terrarossa

Nehmen Sie mich aus dem Verteiler raus, sofort!!!

has even the same colours as in my school book
except that romania was also purple

Your map is trash

much better senpai

CZ deserves to be Central Europe


southern romania should belong to the "Balkans" Division
slovenia has nothing to do with the balkans as far as Im concerned

UK and Ireland are very clearly nordic from a cultural, historical, lingustic and genetic perspective. Bulgaria is very clearly eastern euro given their deep connections to Russia. That is all

Slovenia became a part of the Balkans in 1918. There is also a part of the country at the Croatian border where Serbs are the indigenous population (my ancestors came from there).

>ordic from a cultural, historical, lingustic and genetic perspective.
no its not
scandinavia and the british isles have nothing in common except a few raids and colinazation that the vikings brang to a few brittish cities

thats basically how we are taught in school



This would be objectively the best map if only Switzerland belonged to Central Europe.

Why are Poles the scum of the earth? Is it because of their Jewish blood?

In the Netherlands we have cold war east and west borders, so even Italy is West Europe.

And with north and south we also divide Europe in two. So the Netherlands and Germany are also north Europe.

Brits are more mixed with Jews than Poles are.

>The largest Jewish communities in this area were in Poland, with about 3,000,000 Jews (9.5%);
Before the holocaust, 1 in 10 poles were kikes. You're telling me they never mixed with the rest of you lot?


it doesn't matter where you put them since they'll just be neutral anyway

I'm telling you the truth.

In Western Europe it was harder to tell apart Jews from Non-Jews. And Jews were less numerous.

British and French Jews were for the most part secularized, lived dispersed around gentiles, were assimilated into French and British cultures and fluently spoke the languages of their respective host populations. Meanwhile Polish Jews were mostly Orthodox, very religious, dressed traditionally, lived in separate Jewish districts, spoke Polish poorly or with a strong accent, and did not care about mainstream Polish culture. Today in the USA you have both kinds of Jews, assimilated and Orthodox ones. So you should know what differences I'm talking about.

Most of Polish Jews were still very Orthodox and not assimilated with the mainstream culture. Look at Orthodox Jews in Israel or in the USA today: that's the great majority of Polish Jews as of 1939.

We also had secularized and assimilated Jews, those had higher chances of surviving WW2.

But look at the map. The highest IQs are in that north sea triangle from Iceland to Norway to the UK, showing very similar genetics.

Your map is cherrypicked trash to fit your agenda.

Anglos don't look like Scandinavians.
science says otherwise

indians 192+


>Dude Anglos are totally the same as Norwegians and Swedes :)

Proves my point
Yes they do

Mais oui

Ça marche comme ça pierre

Lynn meme maps,are based on amounts of non-sense, literally mixed child results with adult results, bad math and even 40 years gap between samples and join them, it's insane.
The only study done with method on IQ with thousands of samples all over europe is from Buj 1981, where lynn get his results and them make a strange combo with pisa results and kid results.

Btw Kazakhstan gets 94 only because there are many Russians living there, without them it would be around 88-90.


hair colour says nothing, people in MENA do also sometimes have light hair

>Portuguese IQ higher than French
Top kek
The majority of English's latinate words are not actually used. Only Germanic words are used often, like this sentence only has 2 non-nordic words.

No they don't you retard. And if they do, they are in a tiny minority of less than a tenth of a percentage.

>The two westernmost countries in Europe are not Western Europe

calm down achmed



Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Luxemburg are the only true European countries.

There's two sentences there Mehmet. Your language is even more French than ours.

How can you even differentiate words that came from Latin and words that came from French ?

So much salt

Because they have the biggest number of non europeans per km? lel

And we have dagestan ..

Easily. State comes from latin Status, and estate comes from old French, because western vulgar latin put an e in front of words beginning with s. Stuff like that.

What does it have to do with the fact that you look more like Meds than Scandinavians?

By examining when they first showed up in written document and seeing which sound/spelling changes they did or did not undergo.

>Your language is even more french than ours

Actualis majorité sententia uses

Me speako Germanic


No, but because we were the first to be civilized (I refuse to use Britbong spelling; America>Britstain)) by the Romans. We also share a similar food culture (cheese, beer, wine, etc).

actual europe coming through

Northern Ireland is no longer British sweaty

>this is what the eternal kraut believes

Is this supposed to come off like an insult or something? You're lucky to be associated with us, not the other way round.

Your region might well be part of the Balkans but the rest of Slovenia is - I assure you - not!

Britain isn't European and all that

Yeah, we're not, thank fuck.

So what was your fucking point then? If you're not European why would you be assblasted when i exclude you from a map of Europe?

Because you and others always post it expecting to get a reaction. We don't give a shit, it's you riding on our coattails and clinging to some gay 'European' identity not vice versa.

m8, 15% of the country's entire population came from the rest of ex-yu in the last 40 years. The kids in primary school use Arab, Iranian and Turkish slang imported from Serbia. Kebab is a part of the Slovenian national cuisine by now. Serbian/Bosnian kebab restaurants are the most numerous types of restaurants in Ljubljana. We are literally MENA by this point.

You know, posting that is also demeaning to you as well. It says "Our men are so ugly and pathetic that the only way they can get a bride is if they pay for her". It's not a good look for you either.

And you're also the southernmost, so we have to pick one. And since you're more similar to Italy/Greece than to Holland or England, I guess the decision is clear

Correct but french Midi (''Occitania'' ) is southern and balkanic coasts are borderline.

Also some northern italian regions as Sudtirol and Friuli are buffer zones

Ity's funny that an albanian singer (Ermal Meta) won the Italian Song Festival.

A very talented man BTW, the ties between our nations are great

East of Germany and Austria = Eastern Yurop
everything else besides scandinavia = Western Yurop
Scandi = Northern yurop

Austria is literally called Eastern Realm.

...of Bavaria, which is where Austrians came from

Subhuman refugees should return Slavic lands.


The Atlantic + Baltic coast as Nordic is a bit too autistic for my taste