10$ table

In korea

Did your dog find it in the garbage?

That is his dog

I already knew someone would say this

I don't care about the table, how much is the food?

고기 몇조각에 튀김 몇조각인데 저게 어떻게 만원이야

*eats a horse's head*

10€ table in Finland


Looks healthy.

조센이면 충분히 가능

I thought those are fried worms.

Dog is a part of it.

Hey you eat from the same bowls as my dog.

You faggots came in buttblasted.

He said 10$ table in KOREA no 10$ table from IKEA. Chill the fuck down.

We have something oike that called beondegi. It is silkworm pupae. Sometimes it is at restaurants or street food sellers but I don't like it very much. I think the taste is bland and the texture is bad to me.

So what are we looking it here guys? What's the meat? Pork?


No beer no coke just water?
No rice?
No black beans (have no idea what is that but they served them all the time while I was in Korea)

The meat is pork, the sausage-looking things to the right of it is called soon-dae


Water is always free here. I never see coke or cider outside of Western food places or bars. Maybe he doesn't like beer? Korean beer is nothing to write home about. OP probably didn't ask for rice. I always ask for with my meals but some places don't give it automatically.

That's right. Sundae is like Korean blood sausage.

What's that on the lower left bowl? Looks like vomit.

Mate,where is rice?

Salted shrimps.

>Korean beer is nothing to write home about. OP probably didn't ask for rice.

Hite isn't that bad actually, much better than budweiser

It would unironically only take me a few bites to finish this.

Don't underestimate korean food. It can be so spicy you could die unless you have a glass of cold beer. True story, being there done that! :D

Side dishes are unlimited free refills.

Not for long if he's there.

$10 table in NYC

What is it? I want to try it.

looks like french onion soup.