Why so much hate for poland...

Why so much hate for poland? Especially today and yesterday there were literally dozens of threads making fun of Poland and its people? Wtf is wrong with you, why are you bullying a young republic with a difficult past, that are now on thenaay of betterment. Poles are good people, please dont bully them, especially Brits, Germans and Nords are smug and don't want to see Poland prosper. With this attitude you are indirectly feeding Russia's imperial fantasies

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Nobody hates Poles. What's even the point of hating such a nation?
People laugh at Poles and especially how they invariably get triggered to the point of violent homicide even if you only say a particular Polish food does not not look particularly tasty.

Poland must die for our sins

>poles are so delusional they think the fact that no one wants to come to their country is a good thing

Don't challenge me wh*Te subhuman.

1. Poland has a less independent judicial system than Pakistan and Nigeria (reports.weforum.org/global-competitiveness-index-2017-2018/competitiveness-rankings/#series=EOSQ144)
2. Poland is more corrupt than Bhutan (transparency.org/news/feature/corruption_perceptions_index_2016#table)
3. Poland has less press freedom than Haiti and Papua New Guinea (rsf.org/en/ranking)
4. Poland has a worse system of higher education than Rwanda, Jamaica and Jordan (reports.weforum.org/global-competitiveness-index-2017-2018/competitiveness-rankings/#series=GCI.B.05.02)
5. Poland is less innovative than Mexico, Ghana and Tajikistan (reports.weforum.org/global-competitiveness-index-2017-2018/competitiveness-rankings/#series=GCI.C.12)

I could go on and on, Poles are generally just as bad as brown people.

poles are trash

Dont bully them voila problem solved

Sure honey. :)
You're that Ukrainian, aren't you?

Muslim diaspora jelly dont listen to them
Poles are good people

>You're that Ukrainian, aren't you?
Russian tier posting, you are not better than ivans

> foreign citizens Swiss 22.8%

Why is Swiss such high rate?
Dual nationality?

There is one butthurt Ukrainian and North African piece of shit posting under Dutch flag, they're butthurt about Poland 24/7.

Propaganda machine has started against us. You will see more hate threads against us more often from now.

Shit good luck, but polish death camos were real amd gleiwitz too

Yes, we killed millions of our own citizens, not you.

You killed 6million jews

Your post is all cherrypicking. Just to discuss the corruption issue, you obviously chose Bhutan for comparison because it's the most third-world-sounding of the countries that are ranked better than Poland, and so you create the implication that Poland is really corrupt and horrible. But it's ranked the 29th least-corrupt country in the world (out of 175). It also has a lower level of perceived corruption than all other former eastern bloc countries.

Fuck pooland

no one wanting to come to your country is a good thing. foreigners are filth.

>catholic countries


>m-muh evil Russia
Poland is a mentally ill nation 2bh. Seriously, the whole nation is collectively afflicted by some mass mental disease. I'm surprised that there aren't whole international teams of psychologists, psychiatrists and sociologists studying this phenomenon.

jealousy breeds hatred

especially when they tried to kill you off for so long and failed

>freedom of the press is a good thi—

i was just baiting rashka

jews are mad at us, so i expect some propaganda targeted at us

the clowns of europe

t. soros

Based independent thinker

I thought this is a fake picture made by some Cred Forumstards, but it’s actually real: thoughtcatalog.com/emily-goldstein/2015/05/get-rid-of-white-people/. Goldstein even claims she is a fellow white, lmao

I wonder who could be behind this post.

It's just ppinion so it okay.