Why are Slavic women so boring to talk to you?

I just want a qt wife. Why does it have to feel like I'm banging my head against a wall?

Shallow like the west and dumb like the east

Cause their English sucks. Discuss in their language and see what happens.

But I found one who's got all the same interests as me, and still I'm bored as fuck.

Slavic women are trash its the mixed woman that spice up europe

I've been trying to learn Russian but it's bloody hard.
>race mixing

What interests?

You are disgusting

Nerdy shit like doctor who. But we never seem to actually talk about it?

I only preach truth, bruder

Go fuck you slags then

Fuck off g*Rmanic subhuman.

Because women are sub human. There is no interests or hobbies in the pretty empty head of hers, just greed, jealousy and hate.

Ewww they're disgusting
Your women are mine.

You quoted the wrong one slavshit

The only thing that's yours is your fucking hand that you rape daily.

Do you actually try to initiate conversation with her?

Aw, did I strike a nerve Aleksy?

Today I love anglos :)))

Nah, you're not very inteligent so nothing you say can make me itch even. On top of that you're so patethic that you can't talk to women.

I speak to her everyday, it's just that she spends 90% of her time sleeping like a NEET. So conversions boil down to
>what are you doing
>lying in bed
>lol you're always doing that

Aww, I love how you project!


You will only get laid with fucking money, because you're an absolute retard when it comes to women.

I'm glad that your women are so cheap then :D

Be careful to not get ED, you incel.

Aw thanks for the advice! I'm sure you're speaking from experience?

>he thinks women want anything other than money

I never had a problem like you You can't speak with women for shit and then you wonder why they're boring.
In his case, not much.

Talking to girls online is a waste of time lad just tell them a few funny jokes/memes then go meet them, in person you can take them to do fun stuff and use natural charisma

>my Polish ass is on FIRE

woha, Polish girls look like THAT?

If they did, do you really think they'd be selling themselves to randos from the west?


or just because they know they're pretty, they might as well get some coin from it

Zhenya is a princess.