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Ugly Edition

Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the world! Here autistic sperg losers can meet equally autistic thots from developing nations like Russia(ew) , China(yawn) and India (loos) for relationships so autistic even wouldn't bother with them.
Seriously this shit is more of a bitch than debugging pointers in C using vim with no scripts. Want to discuss argentina? Want to discuss philosophy with an overweight Brazilian who got 0 on Want to get dropped by turks with English so atrocious they make toddlers seem fluent? Want to be given the basic gestalt on boobs and soy by the resident mammary expert titman? Want to talk with/share qts with the Taliban?
Want to banter koreaboos?
GIVE GIRLZ TO a português of autistic inclination

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Website with pastas and scripts:

Mega with the memes all the cool kids use:!QgY0QCaR!w6gTFL2egnqpOgzHeIPXjw

qtcrawler script:
javascript, tampermonkey/greasemonkey extension for the betas


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Where is she from?

Hey :D

Because other members find her cute.
Don't be jealous of her user, hihihi


>hands off
I never steal user's qts

Obrigado lad

Why are there so many cringe messages? Do people think this actually works?

My penis

in her


While she


It works.

My face

Your votes are needed!

Seriously, stop doing this shit

had another dream about her lads

>the virgin poo vs the chadtuguese

Thank you, come again!

I want to make tiny randys with her

>German friend I haven't seen in a year randomly messages me saying he's in my city
>All the boys get together and we have a good time
Feels good.png

Randy, how many internet girls have you fallen in love with?

bros before hoes

What’s Innsbruck like lads?
your votes are required!

So this girl sends me messages constantly, even when I don't reply for weeks. Does she want the D?



Is there any qts for slavs?


Probably, but like only asians.

from my expierence the other user is correct, thais and filipinas are our only choice

and the odd rural american girls from time to time


It's okay lad, thais aren't the worst

A lot. Let me rewind a bit..
More than 10, less than 20

>unplug his computer

God how I wish

>Touch a woman

God how I wish

Yes they are. My first qt was a Thai girl. I didn’t know any better she still messages me telling me she is going to kill herself and to get lewd even though she is getting married

A Thai gave me her profile, and she wouldn't stop calling me on Skype so I had to block her. She said my voice turned her on, and it's was the only thing she wanted to hear.

Ahaha holy shit. Fly there, impregnate here, and laugh at her husband when his kids are white.

But I have scored with southern girls before Irl, I was popular around Spanish and Italian girls but my flag is blocking my online game pretty hard

Change flag.
Problem solved.
Meds won't be able to tell the difference between a German and Polish accent.

Some Thai girl mentioned she had a boyfriend to me about five minutes before sending unsolicited ass pics.

Could work if I was about nudes but I wasn't to switch to Irl and lying would backfire quickly



So the project casanova script is closing instantly whenever I open it, and the specific version of the request file from step 3 isn't at the link, anyone know what's going on?

I'm using windows 7 and I've been following everything in the guide as closely as I can.


A lot of tentacles and cosmic horrors

Feeling sad

Why user?

Only the tampermonkey script works iirc

>tfw you keep going back to interpals every few months since a few years

Tamper monkey has stopped working too

I do wonder whethe Praljak knew how much of a meme he would become kek


Just am

what's everyone been doing today lads

Morning: cutting wood
Afternoon: laying in bed while Cred Forums and IP
What about you?

still kinda half mad that i only slept for 6 hours today for some unknown reason, gonna try and go to bed early today i think

also fuck uni

I wasted my entire day

Guys I finally got a Russian qt. Even got a shit ton of nudes.

Congrats lad.
Thailand is the best

Thanks G. Best of luck to you my man

I'm gonna go there next week.
It's a comfy little city near the Alps, with an annual christmas market with is not big but really nice, other than that idk



Wish the shops wouldn't close so early on a Sunday

Sundays suck ;_;

Le mémé
Randy's asshole rn

>want a russian qt
>no good pics for profile
what do?

no other way than to get some good profile pics my dude

I screenshotted a message from tord

Not liking this polls about me

Want some beers....

whenever I see a post from squid I hear this song play

>want a russian qt
They are all trash

Whenever I see your post I think about this


I fucking hate India - and the quote is so true!

Pakistan is essentially India you meme

Its false. India was at its cultural peak before aryans arrived with the indigenous IVC.

Even today the parts of poondia that are most developed are the less aryan parts

t. paki

Whiter than you Pajeet.

Phenomenal retort

India will be Pakistan soon

Tfw your qt tells you she’s masturbating to you right at this exact moment

Im here to steal qts and turn anons gay. And i am all out of qts to steal!

You better have gotten proof of that




Your qt will be wet for you soon too, user!

I found this weird video on the YouTube about Irish ppl

what nationality is she

inb4 roach or slav



Why is that?

I am so happy with my 100% anglo qt girlfriend, it feels so good to be a pure blooded Anglo with a high iq.
I am going to have five or more children to contribute to the anglo race.

What country is she from?



She doesn't do drugs, she's not a whore, and she loves me for my high iq self. It's a fantastic arrangement and I hope we can have a happy family with many Elizabeths, Williams, and Johns, and contribute to anglo culture.
Perhaps we can retire or move to New Zealand to avoid the degenerates.
She has blond hair and blue eyes, I have green eyes and had blond hair has a child, perhaps they will be of an aryan phenotype, maybe we even have a bit of scandinavian in us!

No u

When are you going to meet?

We've already met, she's a devout Anglican and so I'm a devout Lutheran so it's a good fit.

Oh that’s cool. When’s the next time you plan to meet?)

Squid's gf is a beautiful 100% hobbit phenotype and Tord is a dwarf mutt


What happens when she finds out you're a Cred Forums-visiting degenerate?

wtf? not gonna read tl dr plz

>no drugs
>not a whore

kekimus maximus

Very rich

She's still in America, but when she leaves probably this summer, I'm going to visit England to see my relatives.
I think you are sad Argentina. Perhaps you can find yourself a pure Spanish wife, if you yourself are 100% Spanish. Failing that, you could raise a mestizo family with traditional values. I wish you the best.

I believe the only English women who would romantically associate a Brazilian, or be inclined to Portuguese, would happen to be drug addicts and or whores. That's likely why your perception of my beautiful homeland is tainted.

>top tier of anything
kill yourself

Dont worry about me 56%er, I'm neither of spanish descent nor a mutt and I already have a pure nord gf I didnt have to meet through IP. Good luck with your qt though, distance is a bitch.

>keep joking to belarus frend she has to work tomorrow and can't avoid it no matter what
>sends me this

s-shes given this too much thought

Why do you hate the British? Should I hate every American because 33% of them are Hispanic 'whites'? 12% are African?

Have you been to any areas of Britain like Yorkshire or Northern Scotland?

99.8% to you Pedro.

That’s good lad

>american """"latinos""""




Woah a whole 94 people? I can see the high anglo IQ at work there.

Still whiter than you ;)

Argentinian definition of white is very loose though, the again so is the American.

I wish a girl would treat me like a slave

>tfw once go and view interpals after seeing one of these threads
>dont even make an account and leave it forever after thinking it through
>browser still recommends it to me as a site before int
wtf i fucking hate this shit

So how do I keep a conversation going?

Just be yourself

if I saw a british person in real life I would probably rip his loose crooked teeth out and embed them in his ass

Send benis

Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire!

Have you been?

>he uses cookies

Who tf /Sealbee

Pls help, I just got her line but I don't know what to send anymore

She my qt don't touch her!

Your has an international chat and she offered me to join it, kinda creepy.

Like I said, send benis

Kinda want to join one of those to see what they're like

Jk she is not my qt.
She must be collecting beta-orbiters, who knows?

I used to be in one of the Cred Forums whatsapp groups, met great people there but most were autismos and thirsty guys.

About who

I’m meeting up with an user this week :D

haven't dreamt about her in months but i think about her every day

am i gonna make it?

Is he qt?

It’s a girl and we’re just friends (:

Fucking telegram is down and she hasn't seen my message on whatsapp

>tfw adorable shut in Danish girl

She's so adorable I want to adopt her

((: Good luck with your ((friend))


>user stop w-we are j-just ((((f-friends))))!


OMG, that Portuguese guy, randy is soo cute :3

Why? I met her from /soc/ and been good friends

Omg yes! If I was to talk to him I would be like. Um you’re under arrest sir. You have the right to remain CUTE. Aaaah melting ~

*no words found*

i miss old /cp/
i miss my old friends
why does everything have to change


Jawbrah would never say this.

>tfw want to visit my white, big titty Mexican qt but I don't want to get beheaded

I've been here since 2014, instead of being a mutt, can I be a friend swede bro?

Pretty sure qtcreeper isnt working as it should, running it used to get me like 500+ views pretty fast, now its been like 15.

Russians can be so cute sometimes. Kept calling me all night her demon tempter

My russian qt calls me fox and calls herself bunny.

G-d help me

Looks like the average interpals experience.

Now that the scripts arent working I'm back to mostly getting asian messages as well.

>bunch of 17 year old girls view my profile

legal age is 16 innit?

ackshully, its 17 for my state but im almost 22 sooooo


its not just a little creepy?
I'm so fuggin happy I don't get any messages or views from asians.


t. you know who

Got my first job interview

17-18 gud age don't be scared, that your cousin's stepborther might think that you are creepy just because you text 17 years old girl -_-

ik dat feel bro :(

You won't get the job.



why you can be so sure ? he might get accepted, i mean i was got accepted in my first job interview


Thanks user

getting pm spammed by frenchies is worse, because they are all black and i am not attracted to black women

Being portuguese is my superpower

>he uses a dating site

Go outside, randy. Breathe in some fresh air; you'll feel better.

Actually in awe how some of these people have pursued full degrees in English and still can hardly speak a word

Really makes you think, doesn't it?

have you seen the train girl recently?

i miss coordinated trollings too :(

We need to find a good SJW to troll together. Like Kate_1993

Uhhhh lucky cats and dogs...

I hate women. This girl at the gym won’t SHUT THE FUCK UP. Every time she’s here with her husband- talk talk talk talk talk


>No men who really think deeply about women retain a high opinion of them; men either despise women or they have never thought seriously about them. - Otto Weininger

She. Won’t. Shut. Up.

Tell her to shut up then lad

She’s older than me and she’s with her (husband?)

It’s weird. I heard her address him as “babe”. But they sure don’t talk like a couple. Like he straight up asked her “are you going to be going back up to Canada soon?” And talk as if they are friends. It’s weird. They are both probably in their 40s

It hurts every time


Respond with “well this nerd makes 150,000£ a year ;)”

No stop while you still can
I would, but I'm poor as shit and it's obvious

You can lie?

Watchu mean?

Go on the internet and lie? Who would do such a heinous thing?

Kay. I'll stop it :(
Don't tell me the bf is from here.

It’s possible. That girl you posted before with the cat in her profile, I’m pretty sure she messaged me before

Oh same here.

sly fox

She doesn't call herself bunny though


The cat one was from Netherlands.

:3 i‘m still waiting for you to visit my profile

Why is it always the cute ones who say shit like this?

Jesus fucking Christ

Although I've not posted in these threads before, I found one of these threads one day and was very curious, now a year later my qt Russian gf will soon be coming to live with me :) so thank you, and know we can all make it someday!

It nice that we help everyone.
But we all know that non anglos won't get anything sadly

Lol I know this; she blocked me when I sent her the Rick Morty copy pasta.

You stole my plan kek

Sorry :D

It's cool

What should I do tonight lads, read or watch a movie?

Well we are both still young (20) so that could probably be more of a factor more than my location I don't know

How do I get a spanish qt?

Get a Hispanic one instead, they're easier


Gib milkies

You'll never get them. Stop posting lmao.


i haven't seen her in 9 months ago
down for this desu

You should read a movie

Does anyone have a portuguese qt with a name that starts with C.?

read a book*

That's oddly specific...

I've been cucked I'm afraid...

There's a lot with C.
I'm speaking with 2


Is she 20?

Yes, there's one with 20.
Everyone talked with her dude

yeah we all know Claudia desu, she seems great but i guess thats why tons of /cp/ guys end up writing her

Sounds like a roastie. What's her name?

I thought I found the perfect autistic qt ;(

The fuck is this?

how many views do you guys get per day? without using any scripts

Anyone want to play csgo, quake live, or starcraft 2?

we all did chinkanon, we all did ;_;

She likes me :^)

Well, I'm with 27 views right now.

48 views today.
See you later virgins

Around 10 consistently, best mid 50s being active

they sag like hell tbqh

She was really interesting and nice to talk to ;_;
>tfw no Cláudia gf

Delet dis!


Do you have Squad?

>live really close to her
>never responded to my message
Fat bitch

Can't delete what's true.
You'll find a good girl lad. Trust me.
Are you the Asian Italian?

Well thanks. Yes I am...
If she really likes you than congrats randy! You found your soulmate :3

I was just kidding about she liking me. We just talk
But t b h, I wouldn't mind to be with her

>qt (local) messages me out of the blue asking how I'm doing
>tell her I'm good
>she says the same
>conversation dies right there
What do they want and why do they do this

So there is still hope for me heheh
Jk she is a nice person ask her out lmao

For you to make conversation?

What am I supposed to say after not seeing this woman for months?

Ask her what she's done in the last few months

And then she'll respond with either
>work/school/anything else that makes a person really busy
And if the former, I won't have anything to add and if the latter I can only bitch about problems for so long

Eh, It's just how girls talk. They're pretty boring desu

I get messaged by a different ex or an old (girl) friend from HS every 2-3 weeks or so. I think women in general find it harder to burn bridges and like to keep up a link so they drop a line with people now and then.

Unfortunately no, my pc is kinda shit. I have rainbow six though.

-3 wievs
-0 message

For real, is this a joke? I've been non-stop getting hit up by women (and a few men) from all over. Are they all just bots? I'm thoroughly confused at the attention.

americans and britbongs have it on easy mode there

What about Insurgency?

Also I'm pretty sure they prioritise newer accounts in search stuff and so on. Whenever I remake an account I get a SHITLOAD of traffic for a while. I think they do it to hook in the new users.

This is why you get people on /cp/ who recently joined always bragging about their ammount of messages and asking if its normal after seeing many others say they have noviews

Cool, I'm glad there's some reason. I'm always wary of the "too good to be true" stuff.

vote guise

Voted when will my Kashmiri qt be delivered?

Soon brother, soon.



Do you mastarbeet to her?

Pls, that's giving me weird memories.
I remember the cringe of masterbeet from a dutch 2 years ago


absolutely, multiple times

Do girls write to you first?


And what do they say?

Literally- “Hello Mr Pilot :)”


Updating your profile bumps you up a bit too.. even if it's just adding a space or a word

Well, used to do that a while ago, perhaps they tweaked it a bit

guys i don't have to upload a picture if i sign up for this site right?

Not necessarily but everyone will avoid you if you don't

It's better if you do. I wouldn't talk to people that don't have pictures

o-oh that's what i feared. then do you guys have any recommendations for something like interpals but anonymous?

yeah, i got just the site for you

Cred Forums

ok i'll take it does anyone here want to be my bff

r u a qtp2t??

not at all why do you think i don't wanna upload a picture ;_;


guys on interpals will hit on you even if you are ugly af


You're beautiful

You look beautiful :)

a bit gay
thanks mom

You look beautiful :3

its true my nigger, just look around on ip

insurgency is so fucking shitty, people just camp behind corners outside your spawn

ok so i think i get that you don't necessarily have to upload a picture of yourself. i'm gonna make an account and see if i can make some f-friends

Bost brofil

For research purposes

ok is this it
let's be friends

>comments on the page of some Jewess
10/10 damage control

REALLY exciting profile so far

Are you a grill?

Left a pic comment :3

yeah thanks i don't know how to navigate the site :( i think a lot of things aren't showing up correctly
sorry if you want you can close your eyes and pretend i'm a boy
o-ok i'll try to find it

The fuck is this? It's ruining my carpet bombing strategy.

yeah the site is trash, try opening it on another browser or something

New thread when?

When muttfriend bosts bic

download Squad pls

Just grow a beard, it seems like a lot of Asians don't like guys with beards in my experience.

looks good
/cp/ gaming sessions when