Why do arabs, pakis and afghanis love expensive cars so much?

Why do arabs, pakis and afghanis love expensive cars so much?

Me and my sister inherited an old and shitty apartment block from my uncle. We used to rent out to students, but after the refugee crisis, we have been renting out to refugees instead. They are totally okay with three or four young men sharing a two bedroom apartment and then they use like 80% of their welfare benefits to pay for a new bmw or audi

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1. You can't afford an expensive car with welfare
2. To spot a lie you can look into the details, how come you aren't sure about the brand of the car.
3. How come you can be so supid into try to make us believe in your lies.

they probs rent a lot of the time
chinks do this too, it's some innate need for 'status' posturing or something. even though most people don't give a shit about what car you drive.

>To spot a lie you can look into the details, how come you aren't sure about the brand of the car.
Are you stupid? Can't you read english?

u mad ?
well some ppl like cars some ppl like guns like me

Isn't he supposed to be renting out to them?, how come he doesn't know the brand of the car?
Are you stupid?

So op is an idiot for assuming they bought the car instead of renting it.

why are you sir so mad and roasting everyone ? did you get death warrant from cartels or smthing ?

different people have a BMW or Audi

>Calling out bs is being mad
Does that make you mad?

Still, how come he doesn't know the brand of the car, is he supposed to be renting out the place.?

Dick waving contests are at the heart of many third world cultures.

>Op hiding like a cunt after being exposed lying
>random anons trying to defend his bs, and only showing their arrogance and stupidity
This thread shows how some people doesn't care lying just to fit their narrative even if what they wrote lacks of sense and the worst part is others follow them.

who touched you today spic?

Ur mom, lol

In Caucasus our churkas do the same.
It's some kind of shitskin mentality. They love luxury very much, think it can show their status or how SERIOUS DUDES they are.

Because arabs and brown people in general are car and football fanatics. You have no idea how obsessed brown people are with those two things, once you get a mercedes here in Qatar, it's like you've become a god among men.

This. White people always make up ridiculous shit to justify their racism.

Fake news. Varg said that only White men like cool cars.

Even if his post is total bullshit, he still didn't exactly say anything wrong. Brown people, arabs specifically, are actually pretty obsessed with cars.

I think the point is these are not real refugees but economic migrants. If they were really refugees they would be sending money back to Syria and Afghanistan to support their family, and working to bring those people over. A refugee buying a BMW is a joke and a disservice to people really in need. To be honest, we don't see this crap in America, even with economic migrants from Mexico.

report racists

It's easy. To get laid you don't need to have an apartment. However, to impress your potential mating material you need to have a CAR and some NOKs for alcohol / restaurants etc. If you have it, you can start reproducing in your future waifu's house like a good refugee insallah.

>mexican education

You've never been with a woman, have you?

This is how it works in Western Europe.

It's true that alot of arabs buy expensive cars as a status symbol. I don't expect a Mexican to understand it though, because nobody drives expensive cars over there

Most of the times it's not welfare money though because you can't buy a nice car with welfare money.
But many arabs live at home with their parents until very late, and so if they work a normal shitty job they easily earn ~$2300 a month they can get a semi-nice car in a year

Having expensive cars is a sign you're absolutely loaded with shekels. Women love shekels.

no, this is how it works with sluts and idiots with too much money. I have an expensive sports car but I never bought it with the intention of attracting women. Know why? I bought it for myself. Women don' care about slick sports cars, men do.

You're right, women are retards when it comes to cars, but it's not the car itself that attracts women, it's what it implies.

it's funny because girls in eastern europe are 10 times more materialistic than girl in the west lol

in china they will buy an expensive fast car but live in 3rd world housing

Hey, are you the same guy who used to pretend to be a girl and post your girlfriend's ass from time to time?

It's a working class immigrant thing in general

It's not his girlfriend, it's just an instagram whore that did porn and cam shows. Google kat leya.

and some think they'll find their tradiotional waifu in some russian of ukrainian field kek

Lol. You were here that time?

I've always been here freind :). I just used to lurk mostly. A lot of other flags lurk too, but rarely post. There's a nigerian, ghanian, mongolian and papua new guinea flag here, but they all mostly lurk and rarely ever post.

Since you live in Mexico and no refugee would ever go to Mexico I assume you don't know a whole lot about them.
"Refugees" work with money under the table/moonlighting, use "goal keepers" to be the legal owners of their cars and then also take the benefits. So they have well enough money but if they go legal they couldn't afford it.
Worked in a migrant-house as security for these lowlives for a while. One "refugee" had 3 cars in the parking lot.

Middle easterners only care about surface and appearances. That's why these filthy fucks can kill their own family members for "honor"

PNG is actually Ausfag working there. Cambodia, Ethiopia, Sudan, all the /carib/bean flags are natives and legit. Central African Republic is also a French expat.

>If they were really refugees they would be sending money back to Syria and Afghanistan to support their family, and working to bring those people over.

You think they aren't?

It's the same with black culture in America.
They invest in the cars before they invest in their housing. Housing can be very good investment that will grow. Cars only go down in value generally.

When you go to the bank for a house loan they're going to see that you valued a car over a home. So they know that if you get financial troubles you're not only not going to have savings, your going to bail on your home loan and prioritize your car. So why would you get a home loan? middle to upper class White people invest in property first.

We have haitians they are our immigrants and some south americans.
Are you making me believe a refugee, who doesn't speak the native language can earn a lot of money and have, like you wrote, 3 cars, and laugh about it? He doesn't look like a refugee to me. Those are scammers.
I can't believe a refugee who doesn't speak the language can do that, at least here in Mexico some speak english, but there, impossible.

Lowrider subculture isn't anything like some low class immigrant buying modern luxury cars to flaunt wealth they don't actually have

So you guys are willing to import refugees that don't contribute to your society and happily give handouts, but for some reason I was kept getting denied a visa to work there?


Add Iranians and Armenians. All eastern people are the same they all have the same shitty haircut, cheap cologne, shitty fashion, etc.

Bro, you don't know how much they are coddled here. It's disgusting. Arabs exploit weakness like it's nobody's business. They think it's your fault for being soft.
Then they sit around all day being lazy, smoking and force their women to cook for them. And if the men arrived solo (they only send men, never girls) they just buy microwave-food because they think it's beneath them to cook.

1. refugees get like 1000 USD + free housing, but the government doesn't literally pay the housing, they just give them what's reasonable in the city they are living.
2. the apartment block has two 2 bedroom apartments and one studio in the basement. I have in total 7 male refugees living in the two large apartments and I have an alcoholised ethnical norwegian living in the basement. outside in the street, they have parked two brand new BMWs, one audi and one slightly older mercedes

i'm renting the two apartments out for 1200 USD/month, so each individual is only using like 300 USD/month in rent, and if they use like 300 USD/month on food etc they have like 1000-1200 USD/month left they can use on a car. you can easily get a car loan for a new car if you have that amount of money

>make a big pile of drug money
>can't launder it
>buy a fancy car with cash

wtf you should be the one that knows this

I'm sure as hell am not. It's only the people who apply the right way that get fucked.
There are about 10000 people in sweden living undocumented that have been denied asylum but then they disappear because they are supposed to leave voluntarily or some shit.
Check this shit out. An immigrant in Southern Sweden co-founded a biotech startup with some Swedes. Things were hard at first so they all waved their pay full pay at the start to get the company off the ground. But now, right as he's set to take over as CEO, they want to deport him because the company he owns payed him less than it was agreed upon.
Good guys building the future gets deported while trash from the Syrian countryside steal our hard earned tax money

>If they were really refugees they would be sending money back to Syria and Afghanistan to support their family, and working to bring those people over.
Do you think that doesn't happen? Either way, being a refugee doesn't automatically make you a decent person, it's completely irrelevant. Likewise, being an economic migrant doesn't make you a selfish prick.

W. Europe is unironically the least materialistic place on earth.

>And if the men arrived solo (they only send men, never girls) they just buy microwave-food because they think it's beneath them to cook.
The rest of the shit was believable but this is how I know you're bullshitting and you've probably never spoken with an Arab except when ordering a kebab.

Let me paint you a story. a few weeks ago, Immigrant home where the ones who got asylum gets to stay for two years while they find their footing.
At first they were given catered food everyday, swedish food but halal I assume. They refused this, said they wanted to cook themselves.
So the municipality builds an entire new kitchen for them, they fucking steal everything that's not nailed down and they have to hire security guards to make sure nothing gets stolen again. I was working as one of those. They were forbidden to cook in their rooms, the place was an old hotel.
It's almost dinner time, a teenage boy, probably around 15-16 comes up to us and asks if he can take cooking gear to their room because his mother just gave birth prematurely and is with the baby so she can't come down.
We of course refuse, they've tried this shit before, fire code won't allow it.
We ask why he can't watch the baby
"It cries all the time"
So the fuck what? Be there for your family. Why can't you cook then? Just something simple?
"I don't want to and can't"
Arab men are fucking worthless, they can do whatever they want, get treated like gods while the girls have to do all the hard work.
It's a war in Syria, so who gets sent away? Women and Children? No, abled bodied men who are to coward to fight for their family. Women and children get to stay because they don't matter in the culture.
My views are my views because of what I've seen and who I've talked to,