post slags edition

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*watches with a grim expression as you all scuttle into this thread, fleeing the previous like rats from a sinking ship*


post the waifus lads


classic slag line up


In the future, white people will be so rare, that people will go to the zoo to see them.


on the verge of death

you were doing an impression of the alt-right? what do they have to do with cannabis legalisation? I don't think they care 2bh.

lol i know the girl on the far right

love grimy sophie pics

what emotion is that facial expression trying to convey



do you think it's taboo to shag a 16 year old past the age of about 20 even though it's legal?

*crabs into the thread*




4 2 5 1 3

I can't explain the granny panties

REALLY need a Winter Olympics girlfriend

imagine unzipping one of those slags' speed suits

i'm 30 and anyone under 25 is off limits

fantabulous edition

Sat up all last night texting a bird and she was giving me all "omg I've literally never done that before like how we click so well to talk all the way to 8 in the morning? Have you ever done that before?" and I said no even though I've stayed up later just wanking and getting nudes from a bird haha

what's a computer?


Ex gf looked identical with the same arse. She used to cum fucking loads during sex and her green eyes would roll back when she was convulsing.. got the image stuck in my head

It's noncey on the face of it, but I think it's sort of acceptable if she's a slag into older lads, and he's a shy virgin. She could be taking advantage of him. I wouldn't brag about it though.

hate myself I'm a freak

yeah. borderline noncing. 16 year old girls don't have a fucking clue, and a man in his 20s has nothing in common with her.



no and if you have the opportunity to shag a 16 year old and don't take it quite frankly you're at least partially bent

woah... powerful...

why do you all have so many pictures of women saved on your hard drives?

bit weird innit

slags keep me alive

some jayposts urgently needed

I'l take number 3 please

very interesting post
going to be contemplating this for a while

queen of slags



dunno about this, bit fat

REAL queen of slags

shagged a 15 year old when i was 18
was i a crypto-nonce?

>pierced nipples

ruddy nora


fucking hate duckface pouty cunts

slay the queen

one of these is a man

that is actual, legitamate noncery
expect a knock on the door from GCHQ any moment



the tall one

If I'd made different decisions in my life, that could be me behind the camera, about to have sex with those two gorgeous women.

Instead, I'm sitting in a flat I haven't left in a week, stewing in my own 3-day old bollock sweat, posting in a Manganese dot-to-dot appreciation society forum. And you know what? I regret nothing.

fridge body

one on the right?

such meaning

In awe at the size of this lad

Mall was too crowded. I'll see the matinee tomorrow :(


the one that looks like a man (right)



literal brick shithouse

>be me
>at work meeting with Anglo (NZ) coworker and Irish vendor talking about high level engineering equipment
>they have known each other for a while and they're talking about some faggot named zinzan
>"who is zinzan?"
>irish faggot says "he's like your guys' Tom Brady tee-hee"
>I browse Brit/pol/ all the time, I know the culture.
>blurt out: "I understand Britain"
>he laughs and tells me he's from Ireland
>tell him Ireland is basically Britain
>continues on with the story, turns out the zimzam guy was a rugby player
>why couldn't you just say this in the first place.png
>final chance to get back at this guy
>interrupt them and say I'm surprised him and my coworker get along because the Brits hate the IRA
>he shuts up an laughs it off, not trying to make it awkward
>basically went DJT on that Irish faggot

God I fucking hate Irish. How was everyone else's day?

good lad x

If you and your mates kidnapped, tortured and gang raped her, then that's apparently okay if you're a muslim.

Otherwise, it's prison for you, pedo monster.




>fridge body

stop spamming




I'm now at the game

It was stressful getting my ticket, got pushed from point to point and I kept looking like an idiot due to not being aware of my surroundings

I'm sitting down now, loud music and it's clear that this is the type of place with lots of standing (I moved along 2 seats so some older guys could stand with their friends (worried that the seat in in now isn't actually either of theirs

They're currently shouting the players names

Good view




why do british slags make my peepee go so doki doki


good thread


stick to one tripcode you paki ponce

>Being blue is better than being over it
How? Absolutely furious about the nonsensical decor.



they should get a permit before leaving the house like that

Did someone say Olympfu?

Panic at the disco song

yes yes that is a very nice figure but one or two images would suffice

go so wot m8?

>The Indian artist challenging 'dirty taboos' on Instagram

true journalism

any fucking weirdo freaks in


if they think Zinzan Brooke was the GOAT rugby player then they're shitters anyway

just saw you on bbc one

that better be her hand


wtf r u gay or sumfing lol

back from tuning my gran's telly

went alright in the end; tried manual tuning but it didn't work so I had to use the Auto Tune feature which worked perfectly and found all the freeview channels easily


the modern american girl

terror has no religion

/britfeel/ is this way:



chav slags

of course it is?

>tuning a telly
how old is it? christ

Yeah it does mate, Islam. Obviously.

NZ guy said he was top 15 NZ player..other guy said top 5

can't handle these slags being posted lads


*mic drop*

struct group_infogroups = { .usage = ATOMIC_INIT(2) };

struckt group_info *groups_alloc(int gidsetsize){


pooing a do

samcam on the right


Rubbish lyrics. Hot garbage.

I wonder how many people itt are jerking off rn

Slag Manager 2018

Islam is bigotry. It doesn't tolerate non-muslims.


top 5 is definitely wrong, 15 could be if you're talking just kiwis
he was very good but played in a weak era

yeah you were in a red coat

the man who owns the corner shop begs to differ

whats the chinese government's position on slags

I hope I won't get chastised for posting an asian


Please can you address the naked picture of you with your arsehole spread on your bed. What were you thinking? Where did you originally post it? Can you not see how it will come back and haunt you?

Plan A:

10 hours of playing 7 Days To Die

why did you stop posting slags

If only we had someone willing to call in a bomb threat to the Rochdale stadium and describe pole

these pics are incredibly mundane and cater to precisely zero of my paticular tastes

>returning a pointer to a struct
asking for trouble

Oh yeah, that guy. Got some bad news about him mate, he was too tolerant.

I don't think that was him

just saw poley on bbc one sat next to and old white couple with his hood up

anything as of late?
didn't think so



It very clearly was


haven't been able to fart without fear for ages and its becoming distressing

>wanking to still pictures

no clue
porn is banned here but (apparently) some streaming sites are worse than Twitch with the slags

i have that skirt (male)

*looks back at you*


no it wasn't
the glasses were the wrong shape
the skin was the wrong colour
and the tshirt was the wrong shade




hate this bird

most people do that unless you're addicted to porn
and if you have a source of pussy you don't need to jerk off at all

Monica is posting in here lads. Hopefully some fat bald football thugs grope her

haha yes so random and quirky

is this the ting from stranger things

imagine letting your daughter leave the house like this



Someone is going to have to post it again so I can have another closer look. It was the face, it is clearly his face with his big nose.


That girl is named Amy Elrad and she’s on instagram




gonna need pics lad

when will they learn lads

will the lecturer be mad if I miss two tutorials in a row

who wore is better

first time doing mandy since june on friday, proper gassed

Oh did Islam undergo a massive reformation in the last couple of years? Papers should've reported that.



why are australians and canadians and all that crap allowed to vote here

>incel shaming


clearly the muslims did
don't make me bring up the crusades

redundant statement

>watching footy to snag a pic of poley
god this is fucking boring, why do so many people like this inane sport

most muslims in western nations aren't too strict about the whole religion thing

daft cunt


i am but not to the gremlins you people are posting

not much discussion here just spamming
it'll be time for a new thread and what will you have learnt?

brit slags

ad hominem
we're done here

can't pretend it isn't coming

are you still a virgin?
you had a yank gf but maybe...

*throws some sausages in the halal section*
go on then

You just called him out for posting an instance of Muslims chimping out two years ago. Now you want to draw comparisons to Christians from more than 500 years ago.

Does it ever frustrate you being so incomprehensibly stupid?

>mates realised I look like Mauricio Pochettino
>text me whenever Spurs are on saying "good luck today mate"
>more and more people join in each time
>got 47 messages today wishing me good luck for the FA Cup tie
>half of them are just random people I go to the same uni as who I've never even met


>but whatabout that time europeans defended themselves from a muslim invasion? see? it's not just muslims that use force
Islam brings nothing but misery and should be stamped out. It has no place in a modern civilised world.


>tfw no gf who could overpower me

welsh one is only one who is actually pretty


the past is the past
move on, educate yourself on the here and now

In the United Kingdom, full voting rights and rights to stand as a candidate are given to citizens of Ireland and to "qualifying" citizens of Commonwealth countries; this is because they are not regarded in law as foreigners. This is a legacy of the situation that existed before 1983 where they had the status of British subjects.

They're all inbred as fuck mate, that why they look and act the way they do.


We all watching the game lads

that pictures of attractive females annoy mentally ill benders.

how weak are you




why? I don't chimp out when someone puts mayo on their chips instead of ketchup

Nah not a virgin.

>the past is the past
So why are you on about the crusades?

good luck today pal

not that weak desu but I wish I had a gf to wrestle with ngl lad

because it's irrevelant as 2016
do I need to teach you how time works?

And we are expected to learn nothing from history?

sick of thots, wish modern women were more modest

I am assuming because they are mentally ill.

@everyone arguing about muslims

slavery is bad, it has been stopped
muslims murdering was bad, it has been stopped

Mashallah brother

>straightoids freak out

>benders go absolutely spare

who here /bisexual master race/

>its another bully muslims thread
ah yes

>muslims murdering was bad, it has been stopped

>it's irrevelant as 2016
No it's not. 2016 is modern, the killer involved is still around, as are the conditions that led to him murdering someone.

The world has changed massively since the crusades, it hasn't changed massively since 2016. Please, if you're not trolling, teach me how time works.

weekend and afaik it was half term last week. brit hours when the school and college kids are occupied is much better. less angry children.

why do kids watch the same movies over and over

they killed 700+ people in Europe in the last 6 years
what the fuck are you on about

not trolling per say, just devils advocate
it's getting hard so I think I'll stop now

can't wait to top myself with heroin

good lad

yeah why hasn't this been revoked exactly

fuck off mentally ill freak


>muslims murdering was bad, it has been stopped
Until the next time it happens. It is a modern, ongoing phenomenon that is actually getting worse, not better, as the proportion of muslims to non-muslims increases.

*throws you into the mental asylum where you belong*

the middle east is a living hell because of islam

>700 out of 500 million people
oh noes!



babylon prevails

>muslims murdering was bad, it has been stopped
You mean they have taken a short break

There 23,000 suspected terrorists still living here. I don't think they changed their ideals in the last couple of years.

>straightoids and bentoids screeching at the bi master race

did the ball kick the man

RIP to the victims of these islamist attacks
terrorism has no religion x


Benders OUT

kendrick and kanye are shite

Just to be clear. You're justifying the deaths of over 700 people at the hands of islamic extremists. Because there was only 700?


>frog posting
underage spotted

>why yes I do INDEED limit myself to shagging people of one sex
>yes I most certainly am also a virgin

>muslims murdering was bad, it has been stopped



anyone got this in a higher res:


know I can find it from the reddit account on the watermark but cannot be arsed going through all her posts

>Daniel Lancashire
good questions, you'll find all the answers in the quran
islam sees death as paradise, and life is a gateway to death
better to send the nonbelievers early to save their souls, it's compassion you see


>slavery is bad, it has been stopped
Muslims still enslave people in their countries.
>muslims murdering was bad, it has been stopped
Muslims still promote the killing of non-muslims all over the world and will not stop.

We are ALL muslims, except ISIS that is ha

Post more slags in those "clothes"



Creepshots are illegal now

British women all look like hambeasts. Not slender and pretty.

me desu


this is your brain on islam

it's like mohammed was dropped on his head and it just carried on throughout history

Where's the girls clothing though?

That's an awfully puffy pussy...

Not all women are northern lower class

Southerners/Londoners exist

just type in festival sluts/slags on google


*blocks your path*


>they only murdered 700 innocent people
How many would you consider unacceptable? 1000? A million? How many should people accept before they take action?

would like to see what his dad looks like

mum's having a domestic with some fella in the car outside
wish my dad was still about - hate this slag


I look like this

You sure they’re not having a quick shag?

It's literally the inbreeding. The religion promotes the marriage of first cousins.

>Not all women are northern lower class
>Southerners/Londoners exist


Nice, but do they really dress like that or is that some kind of a party? Anywaya post more friend :)

why are they all so ugly

ridiculous how girls develop such thicc juicy bodies naturally

meanwhile I am 25 and look like a fucking skeleton

genuinely not masculine enough to have sex with these women even if I wasn't a horrid autismo

post hand skeletor

You'll start gaining weight around 30. And it won't be good weight if you're not exercising.

that's how girls look without makeup

The London Experience

give me a name lad


baldy lol

>Grows up in a Muslim country
>Attends a mosque every day
>Listens to various teachings from Islamic Scholars
>Studies the Quran in scrupulous detail
>Carries out a terrorist attack on non-Muslims (Kaffir) to secure his place in paradise as he has been taught while immersed in Islam for the entirety of his life
>Leaves a note detailing the passages of the Quran that inspired him to carry out such an attack
>"I did this in the name of Islam for the one true god allah and his messenger the prophet muhammad. Peace be upon him"



love lads


lmaoing at ur life


Gonna need a time this happened


impossible to speak to them
their brains are distorted from 300 years of inbreeding

get fucking cunt


Have some slag