How accurate is this?

How accurate is this?

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Pretty accurate.

Russia is so low because they conquered lot of Asian lands, which still have native people living there,

Very. Will Chilenreich accept European refugees when the darkies take over?

And also because we have a more liberal immigration policy than Sweden, we let in millions of migrants from Central Asia every year

But le based Russia will say the huwite race?

Doesn't seem accurate at all. How are we at 86%? We should be at 0. We're not of european origin

Of course:^)

Well, the source is literally somebody making up guess numbers so it doesn't mean shit. We're probably around that number however


shut up slavshit dograce

can't speak for other countries but we are 89% danes here and 60% of our immigrants are non-western and then there's their children who outnumber children of western immigrants by a lot. i'd say it's fairly accurate but it must have dropped to 94%-something now

How the fuck does 300.000 non Europeans translate to 10% in 8.7 Million?

Asian part of Russia is mostly populated by Russians. Most of non-european peoples in Russia are living in European part, like Tatars, Chechens, etc., also legal and illegal migrants from Central Asia (basically Russian Mexico).

>let in millions of migrants
>every year
Hundreds of thousands, actually.
We let only migrants from ex-USSR countries and have a quite strict policy towards the others.

>Mongols quite literally can walk into Russia
>I have to buy expensive visa and submit to a backround check as a 1st world citizen

I blame Putler.

>I blame Putler
Russia made several proposals on visa-free regime with EU, but EU said "No, thank you", so Russia responded "Fuck you too".

>Source is a wordpress blog

Take it with a grain of salt

if I was to migrate to a european country, would I count as "of european origin" because I'm 100% of spanish descent?
or would I count as non european because I was born and raised in south america?

not accurate at all. europe is probably 30% refugees now

You mean as in visa-free for both sides?
I do not think I have heard about it.
Anyway, I would have liked at least visa-free regime for European tourists in Russia.


There are many steps, you can't have a visa-free regime in a month, but it's strange you never heard about Russia's attempts.
The last real attempt was in 2013.

It's wrong. Our statistics are public. And If you count the migrants and all their (mixed) descendants for several generations then we have 12% non-western migrants.

But some countries also try to hide the real numbers, by only counting first generation migrants. So not every country has the same statistics.

All of these stats probably count second generation non-european immigrants as european

Seems too low for Ireland unless they count Yanks and Australians as non-European. Been a while since I was in Dublin though so maybe not

la abominaciĆ³n..


Then Russia would be 97% European. It's actually based on ethnic groups, they counted all Uralic groups in Russia as non-European.

Estonia probably slightly smaller now. 99.1% maybe. Theres been an influx of chinese and pooinloos in recent years.