Why are Americans so polarized and tribalistic?

Why are Americans so polarized and tribalistic?

The many 10/10 ratings are higher than normal but that many 1/10 ratings are extremely atypical.

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Cred Forumstards review bombed Black Panther.

you think that's bad, look at this movie about the armenian genocide

don't pretend people aren't like that here

Because diversity is our greatest strength, duh.

But why? It was a decent movie that showed African culture without getting into total Wewuz. If anything they should be shilling it.

>This movie based on unrealistic history. The movie doesn't answer this question: Why Turkish killed Armanians? There is unreasonable. Because, over 600 years, Turkish people lived together Armanians in peace. There were a lot of Armanian pascha and governer. They trusted each other. What happened and everything changed? Why Turks didn't kill Christian Greeks and Jews? The movie didn't say anything about motives. In real history, Armanians revolt at freedom. They set gangs and killed innocent Muslim civillian villagers. So, Turkish goverment replaced civillian Armanians and fight back to gangs. This is not a genocide.
>t. Hasan Sahin

Oh no no no no no no no no

Diversity has destroyed every nation that embraced it.

Los estados unidos are a disgrace to humanity

>rating marvel capeshite a ten

>Diversity has destroyed every nation that embraced it.

he was being sarcastiic morON

>bombing reviews in only an american thing
wtf is wrong with you guys

Italians brought crime to the United States.

The Promise could have been a good movie if they had forsaken the weird fake accents and the "Türkiye" word in bloody 1915.

> Why Turks didn't kill Christian Greeks?
Made me think.

>so polarized and tribalistic?
this is not unique to americans nor is it unique to movies

>Italians brought crime to the United States.
you stupid fucks got help from the mafia during ww2
all the heroin you had came from there

But Cred Forumstards unironically think that kind of diversity works because they're all white.

Ipse dixit

Every capeshit should get 0/10 2bh

i agree, superhero films are fucking gay

*watches anime*
agree but still

It's not, all russian "comedies" get 1 rating on kinopoisk(russian IMDB), tho you can argue it's not bombing because movies are that bad.

Income inequality leads to higher polarization and lower social cohesion


i wanna see this movie

It’s pretty much an established scientific fact, saying this doesn’t make you a communist