*makes nonwhite men go crazy*

*makes nonwhite men go crazy*
Can somebody explain this phenomenon?

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Guess I'm white

Why don't you?

Guess I'm white

Not me. It's mainly just an african american thing, they're the ones who chase after white women no matter what.


Not blonde by itself (blonde doesn't look good on brown people imo)
It's the combo of pale skin + blonde that match well

chinks are far worse for this shit than blacks

I'm talking about blonde hair specifically.
My nonwhite friends I've noticed will always rate a woman at least 7/10 if she's blonde, 8/10 if pic related.

Guess I'm

It's because, despite what all the memes on here may lead you to believe, caucasians are the race with the highest rate of biodiversity in the world. Coloured hair and coloured eyes is a predominantly 'white feature' and it only really exists in caucasians or people with caucasian admixture in them (like east africans). So, exoticness plays a big role in it.

Plus, you have the beauty industry generally holding up blonde blue eyed women as the standard for beauty everywhere, people look up to these models and they think that's what they have to look like to be considered beautiful.

For me personally, I'm not black and I don't like pale white women. I'm mainly into brown women with a caramel skin tone. Girls like this make me go crazy.

USA is unironically one of the countries that fetishize the most blonde women

Caucasian isnt a race, you are araboid race with a different skull and skeleton, european is a seperate race, Semitic race is unrelated to Aryan race.

I only prefer blonde hair on men

no homo

>caucasians are the race with the highest rate of biodiversity in the world.
Ayo hol up
That's actually Africa desu. I remember a study talking about how they have the largest variety of skin tones in the world. From red to black to brown to golden etc


I'm the exact opposite
I'm white but I prefer darker hair colours on women

but pajeets love blonde wimmin

>caucasians are the race with the highest rate of biodiversity in the world.

Completely wrong

I didnt like blondes until I saw a monroe's porn video

Okay, rape you next week, faggot.

Most blond girls look really bland

Aren't blondes like 2% of the worlds population? Iguess more rare = more desirable
t. into black haired grills(only european though)