How are you preparing for the Thai century?


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By screwing ladyboys

By coming to terms with the fact that traps aren't gay

who /hype/ here?

>your country will always be associated with 60 year old anglos giving your 14 year old ladyboys AIDS
feel bad for Thais desu

and even this

By jerking off to tranny porn

Could you not think of anything more original? :(

Alan and his gf

Is that the Jeffrey video?

are traps gay?

Post video
Just being honest

maybe a little bit

Learning muay thai

I fucking hate all of you

There are no chicks with dicks. Only guys with tits.

That's nice, now suck my cock, sissy.

I go on everyday

>tfw practicing clinches with girl in muay thai practice

touched her boobies desu

he's a good lad

I'd rather prepare for the thigh century

absolute legend.