Your salary per an hour

>my salary per an hour is only 6.95 bux

0.00 dollarinos

Why do you keep spamming ?

Are you canadian?



5 dollars a week

who /zero/ here?

>Your salary per an hour
I don't need money.
I built communism in my apartment

40 dollars 1st year as an engineer.

My is 27€/h


hooker ?

No, IT-Consult.

lol IT-Consultant myself and i earn around 400$ per month. ggwp

hooker is more like 250€

mine is 8

32 euro

Sorry to hear that, try getting in touch with a good company so you can earn more.

not her they aren't

why not respond with another adorable anime pic ? :( you break my heart bro
anyways in georgia 400$ is like more than average monthly salary

9,08€ net

$10 an hour working my ass off in a boatyard, hopefully I get a raise soon though.